Friday, August 14, 2015

Daily Misfortune Friday August 14, 2015

Daily Misfortune Friday, August 14, 2015 ---
Month Misfortune August 2015 ---




  1. August 14, 2015 Thirteen pilgrims are killed and 11 injured in a road accident near the Indian city of Jamshedpur in Jharkand state. (IBN Live)
  2. August 14, 2015 Masked gunmen kill 19 people and wound seven others at multiple locations of São Paulo's suburbs Thursday night. (BBC) (ABC) Brazil: Overnight shooting spree kills 18 in Sao Paulo BBC News Gunmen have killed at least 18 people on the outskirts of Brazil's largest city, Sao Paulo, in a series of overnight attacks.
  3. August 14, 2015 Bomb threats at 7 schools across Tennessee The Tennessean Schools in seven Tennessee counties were evacuated Friday morning due to bomb threats. No explosives were found at any of the schools, said Lt.
  4. August 14, 2015 Gang leader after luring ambush suicide shooting attack on firefighter at Staten Island NY home: 'Today I die' New York Post  A gangbanger was killed by police after he set off a smoke bomb, shot an FDNY lieutenant - and wrote, “Today I die,” in an online post - during a desperate bid to evade capture at his Staten Island home on Friday.
      1. July 16, 2015   Authorities seed clouds to douse giant chemical tank ... Dalian: A giant explosion of a chemical tank at Rizhao Port today saw local authorities seed the clouds in the area to make it rain and help ... Chemical tank with liquid hydrogen exploded in Port of Rizhao Jul 16, 2015 - Chemical tank with liquid hydrogen caught fire and exploded at Port ofRizhao, China. Into the fire fighting of the giant explosion were engaged ...
        The Big Wobble - A giant explosion of a chemical tank  A giant explosion of a chemical tank at Rizhao Port today saw local authorities seed the clouds in the area to make it rain and help douse the dangerous...


      Two days after explosion, fires, worry rules in Tianjin
      CNN - ‎8 hours ago‎
      Tianjin, China (CNN) While flames are largely extinguished, residents are worried about lingering contamination after explosive fires at a chemical warehouse devastated part of the port city of Tianjin.

      What China's Huge Tianjin Explosion Looked Like From Space
      Wired - ‎17 hours ago‎
      The explosion is shown by the black and grey pixels that appear in the middle of each image. The top is from the Himawari-8, a Japanese orbiter that just came on line in early July and has the best weather sensors in orbit.

      Tianjin, China Explosions Like 'Nuclear Bomb': Californian Witness - ‎Aug 14, 2015‎ TIANJIN, China - A Californian who captured spectacular footage of the massive explosions that devastated the Chinese city of Tianjin described the blast as akin to "a small nuclear bomb." Daniel van Duren, 40, told NBC ... he recalled. advertisement ...

      Bomb Claimed by ISIS Kills Dozens in Baghdad
      New York Times - ‎Aug 13, 2015‎
      On my way over, I heard the sound of a very big explosion, and then I managed to drive there and when I arrived, it was a horrible scene of bodies and dead people lying everywhere,” he said.

      2 youngsters killed by falling tree limb while camping in Yosemite
      Los Angeles Times - ‎13 hours ago‎
      Two young people were killed early Friday after a limb from an oak tree fell on their tent as they slept at a popular campground in Yosemite National Park.

      Who Killed Kayla Mueller?
      The New Yorker - ‎13 hours ago‎
      The revelation that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph of the Islamic State, was repeatedly raping an American hostage, Kayla Mueller, comes just after the Times released a devastating story about the use of rape as a form of religious ...

      Charlotte Officer Says He Had No Choice in 2013 Shooting of Unarmed Black Man
      New York Times - ‎14 hours ago‎
      CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The police officer said he had no choice but to shoot the unarmed man. But prosecutors pushed back hard on Friday as the officer, Randall Kerrick, took the witness stand, challenging his credibility and account of the night he killed ...

      One dead, two injured in Paladin Drive stabbing, according to authorities
      WITN - ‎Aug 14, 2015‎
      At a morning news conference, Interim Police Chief Ted Sauls confirmed that Liyahsha "LeLee" Jones died of stab wounds. The 20-year-old was a former student at the University of Mount Olive.

      Three killed, two injured in overnight shootings
      Baltimore Sun - ‎20 hours ago‎
      Officers on patrol in the area of York Road and Willow Avenue, just south of East Cold Spring Lane, heard gunshots at about 10:40 p.m.

      Tianjin port explosion short-circuits electronics industry
      Fortune - ‎16 hours ago‎
      With flames still flickering following a devastating explosion in the Chinese port of Tianjin, global enterprises are scrambling to assess and respond to the disaster's impacts on their operations.

      aug 14  Missionary mother killed by runaway truck after driver charged homicide after forgets to set brake WXIA-TV  The mother, 31-year-old Kyra Karr, was killed on impact; the father, 36-year-old Reed Karr, who was driving, was taken to WellStar Kennestone Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. truck driver who police say killed a missionary worker and injured her husband and two children has been charged with vehicular homicide. The crash between a pickup truck and a semi truck happened Thursday evening on Highway 41 in Emerson. City Police Chief Stan Bradley said a truck driver was doing a safety inspection on his big rig, which was hauling corrosive cleaning chemicals, in the driveway of Zep Inc. Investigators said the driver, Ivan Delgado, 53, a contract driver from Rome, New York,  forgot to put on the truck's parking brake, causing the vehicle to roll into the road's northbound lane. He was not inside the truck at the time.

      No suspects identified in fatal shooting late Thursday inside an Aurora ...
      The Denver Post - ‎3 hours ago‎
      Police blocked off an apartment where a man was fatally shot in Aurora, Aug. 14, 2015. (Kirk Mitchell, The Denver Post). AURORA - Police are investigating a homicide in which a man was shot in the abdomen inside his third-floor apartment late Thursday.

      Man killed in officer-involved shooting in Boerne
      KSAT San Antonio - ‎8 hours ago‎

      Aug 13 Update: Dispute in ticket line leads to Colonie Center shooting
      Albany Times Union - ‎15 hours ago‎ police esponded to a shooting scene outside Colonie Center shopping mall in Colonie, N.Y.on Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015. (Cindy Schultz / Times Union).

      Police investigate explosion at MI5 headquarters in Northern Ireland
      The Guardian - ‎19 hours ago‎
      Police investigate explosion at MI5 headquarters in Northern Ireland. Royal Mail van fire at Palace ... The Police Service of Northern Ireland said one line of inquiry they are pursuing is that the Royal Mail van fire was caused by a small bomb ...

      Shocking aftermath of blasts in busy Chinese port of Tianjin ... almost 10,000 cars destroyed RT URGENT: Huge explosion rocks #Tianjin, northeastern China .... It isn't a wild guess that sabotage was responsible for this tragedy in China, just as .... Jack Oliver says the explosion was caused by an attack from the West and ...
       first of the explosions was equivalent to 3 tons of TNT, and the second equivalent to 21 tons, according to the National Earthquake Bureau.
      Iron Horseman
      conspiracy?? It isn't a wild guess that sabotage was responsible for this tragedy in China, just as sabotage in Russia was
      no accident when stockpiles in Murmansk exploded. Laugh if you must, but I am not laughing and it would have been easy for US Navy SEALS or British Special Boat Service Operatives to have committed sabotage with the help of Russian citizens.

      Tianjin Explosion - Conspiracy Theories | Metabunk › Forums › Metabunk › Conspiracy Theories
       massive explosion in a dangerous materials storage area of ...and insane of the U.S. to preemptively attack another nuclear power with a ... I wonder if it's some kind of sabotage or insurance job, but I guess we'll never ...

      4 Incredibly large explosions in China and Russia and other ...
      Incredibly large explosions in China and Russia and other disturbing coincidences smacks of sabotage and mirrors the days leading up to .
      4 Incredibly large explosions in China and Russia and other disturbing coincidences smacks of sabotage and mirrors the days leading up to WWI

      As new technology brings new weapons such as 'cyber attacks', the much feared 'dirty bomb' and other nasty ways to kill or disrupt our lives are we witnessing sabotage on a global scale mirroring the days leading up to the first world war?
      In April the capitol cities of Holland, Turkey, Philippines and Washington DC and The White House all lost power in just over a week....Coincidence? Full story
      Last September a strange streak of light in the San Francisco Bay Area sky was thought to be Russia or China testing a vulnerable and unsure US administration with a mock missile attack, more here

      Now in the space of one month, four enormous explosions have happened in Russia and China, one of the explosions in China was so huge the Chinese government had to seed the clouds to put the fire out!
      Just today an apparent crack in an underwater pipeline in Moscow created a massive fire which sent a pillar of smoke hundreds of meters into the air.
      A massive fire erupted on the Moscow River in southeastern Moscow, not far from the site of an oil refinery on Tuesday, creating a gigantic column of smoke seen as far as Red Square, some 15 kilometers away.
      Rescue workers battled the flame for over an hour, a source in Moscow's emergency services told RIA Novosti.
      It is not clear what exactly caused the fire, although a representative of the Transneft oil pipeline company told RIA Novosti that an accident on its pipeline had occurred and it stopped pumping oil products through it.
      According to rescue workers, the oil fire began after a nearby grass fire reached the site of the spill. Some residents reported hearing an explosion prior to the fire, and rescue services told residents to stay indoors.

      Chinese authorities "seed the clouds" to make rain to help put out massive chemical fire!
      A giant explosion of a chemical tank at Rizhao Port last month saw local authorities seed the clouds in the area to make it rain and help douse the dangerous inferno.

      The tank, containing liquid hydrogen, caught fire in the Lanbei part of the port.
      The city sent more than 50 fire engines and about 300 firemen to put out the fire.
      As of 4.30pm local time, the fire had still not been put out.
      Citizens living near the explosion site have been evacuated while Rizhao Steel, which is also near the site, has suspended operation and evacuated workers.

      China: Massive Explosion Rocks Chinese Port city of Tianjin: Many feared dead
      At least 44 people are now known to have died, and more than 500 injured, following two major explosions in China's northern city of Tianjin.
      Twelve firefighters were among the dead, China's official Xinhua news agency said as it reported a doubling of the death toll.
      Two blasts happened in a warehouse storing "dangerous and chemical goods" in the port city of the area.
      A huge fireball lit up the sky, and nearby buildings have collapsed. President Xi Jinping has urged "all-out efforts" to rescue victims and contain the fire, Xinhua state news agency said.
      The first explosion at about 23:30 local time (15:30 GMT) on Wednesday was followed by another, more powerful blast, seconds later.
      Shockwaves were felt several kilometres away.
      The China Earthquake Networks Centre said the magnitude of the first explosion was the equivalent of detonating three tonnes of TNT, while the second was the equivalent of 21 tonnes.
      Further blasts were subsequently triggered nearby, Xinhua said.

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       Anonymous said...
      Industrial accidents are nothing new, and a brief search will reveal some years have seen far more and worse than this.Paranoid much?
      13 August 2015 at 17:40
       Anonymous said...
      I am a retired professional firefighter in the US. Chinese firefighters get far less training, poor equipment and little respect for the job they do. Most (like 90%) are military and are between 18-21 years old, working 3 years on and scant holidays off. Not your typical USA firefighter.

      My heart goes out to those 12 (or who knows how many more) firefighters that lost their lives trying to put out fires that they sure don't have enough water to put out. Likewise, the death toll for all involved will go up much higher after they count all the bodies not previously reported.

      13 August 2015 at 20:53
       Anonymous said...
      the question is how did the firefighters lose their lives AFTER the explosion happened? the reaction time would have been several minutes AFTER the explosion, unless there was a fire in that zone BEFORE the explosion. the Chinese government is not telling the entire story. Was there any radiation found at the site?
      14 August 2015 at 03:36

      Aug 14,Houston Texas DrillChem Conroe plant explosion  Shelter lifted, Loop 336 reopen
      KHOU‎ - 9 hours agoA series of explosions triggered a huge 3-alarm fire at theDrillChem plant in Conroe Friday ...
      Large fire at DrillChem in Conroe after explosion
      USA Today‎ - 14 hours ago
      Fire at DrillChem plant north of Houston, no injuries: police
      Reuters‎ - 11 hours agoMore news for drillchem fire
      Large fire at DrillChem in Conroe after explosion - USA Today
      USA Today14 hours ago - A shelter in place has been issued in east Conroe after an explosion caused a huge fire at a DrillChem plant.