Friday, August 7, 2015

Billy Woodward Declares War, Shoots 3 Kills 2 Neighbors On Their Own Ground

Billy Woodward Declares War, Shoots 3 Kills 2 Neighbors On Their Own Ground ---
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Labor Day September 3, 2012  Aug 7 TV show 31 shots fired 2 killed 1 injured suspect arrested Billy Woodward Declares War, Shoots 3 Kills 2 Neighbors On Their Own Ground  Billy Woodward had been feuding with his neighbors across the street for months, starting with accusing them of stealing a birthday present left for his daughter. On Labor Day of 2012, he would later tell policed that he had declared a war, and carrying multiple clips of ammunition, he crawled and walked across the street, surprising his neighbors, and shot 3 of them multiple times, and finishing off neighbors Gary Hembree and Roger Picior with shots to the head, sparing the third Bruce Blake who had been shot 11 times only because he ran out of bullets. He later claimed he was "standing his ground" in response to verbal threats in self -defense.



 Why This Florida Man Who Walked Across Street Killed Two Unarmed Neighbors Multiple Chest Head Shots, Let the Third One Live
ABC News -Billy Woodward described the moment he sneaked across his front lawn wearing camouflage and shot three neighbors he had been feuding with in Titusville, Florida. “I kept low crawling. I was on a military mission. I was going to end this war,”  for months, Woodward and his family had been feuding with Hembree and Picior, who lived across the street, and Blake’s family. The dispute began when Woodward and his family accused Hembree’s daughter of stealing a birthday present left for Woodward’s daughter,... By Labor Day weekend in 2012, the last straw came when Woodward told police he left his home with a gun to spy on his neighbors... walked across the street to find neighbors wrestling and shot them... shot Blake 11 times... reloaded his gun with 15 more rounds and shot at Hembree, who was walking out his front door.. “I had a clean shot at his chest, and I put one dead center of his chest. He slumped to the ground,” Woodward said during his interrogation. “I shot Gary Hembree twice in the head,"... Woodward returned to Picior and shot him twice in the head.. ran out of bullets before he could finish Blake...Later Woodward says the shootings were in self defense, and invoked Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. comment: Stand your Neighbors ground? Don't think you can walk across the street onto their ground (or crawl) shoot 3 people and claim Self Defence... Wife of shooting victim denied plot to hurt neighbor Billy ... WESH Apr 29, 2015 - The wife of a man shot by Billy Woodward, who is attempting to useFlorida's "stand your ground" law in his defense, testified in court ... claiming he stood his ground when he allegedly shot three unarmed men on their own property in 2012.... his client shot the three men because of alleged verbal abuse and threats.  recording proves that, because the three are heard saying all together, 'all three of us, we're going to end this.'  Blake testified in court that the group said something different. Neighbors testify in Billy Woodward's defense at stand your ... WESHApr 28, 2015 - A Brevard County man charged in a 2012 Labor Day shooting rampage is aiming to convince a ... Billy Woodward's neighbors testified that they too felt as if their lives were threatened by the three ... Florida mug shots: April 28. How This Florida Neighborhood Dispute Ended With Two People Dead ABC News‎ Billy Woodward shot three of his neighbors, and only one survived.  Billy Woodward's 'Stand Your Ground' Claim Shot Down