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Norman Hsu Clinton Fundraiser Scandal

Norman Hsu Clinton Fundraiser Scandal ---
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Another forgotten Hillary scandal...

A top fund-raiser for the Democrats, Norman Hsu, today, convicted of corruption. A New York jury found Hsu guilty of breaking laws that restrict the amount of money an individual or group can donate to a political party. Hsu raised more than $800,000 for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, money that she later returned. - See more at:

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  • Dishwashers: Newsbusters Olbermann Slams Malkin for Daring to Question Clinton Straw Donors Olbermann attacked conservative blogger Michelle Malkin for "ethnic profiling" of Chinese restaurant dishwashers in New York City who donated to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign... suspicious when low-wage earners pony up a few thousand to give a political candidate.  big money, reported the not-so-right-wing Los Angeles Times
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  • Time Norman Hsu - Top 10 Swindlers - TIME Mar 7, 2012 - Former Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu was charged with operating a $60 million Ponzi scheme in 2009. According to the New York Times, ... . When Hsu's outstanding warrant came to light, politicians who received contributions from Hsu like Hillary Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Andrew Cuomo, Barack Obama and Al Franken, all donated the money to charity. Hsu is now serving 24 years in prison.
  • Wall Street Journal Former Top Clinton Fundraiser Says 'I Was Greedy' Convicted in a Ponzi scheme, Norman Hsu speaks in his first prison interview about his ... What Made Norman Hsu Run? - WSJ Sep 8, 2007 - Much about Norman Hsu remains a mystery, most notably the source of the money for his political donations. He charmed friends, investors ...

Hillary Clinton, Norman Hsu, connections with Chinese ...
Daily KosAug 30, 2007 - Hillary Clinton,Bernard L. Schwartz, Norman Hsu, and the chinese ...did the chinese government give him soft money to launder and ...... The FBI obtained some evidence that China had a plan to try to influence congressional
Hillary Clinton,Bernard L. Schwartz, Norman Hsu, and the chinese military.
the connections are made:
edit: update, it turns out that Norman Hsu has known connections to the chinese nationals who were involved in the clinton scandal of 96. He also has been found by the NY and LA times to have several shell companys that do not exist. On top of this. He had dealings with the Chinese mafia. read below for my update.
there are actually far reaching implications to this indivudual than simple soft -money donations.
mr hsu has ties to the individuals who were responsible for the 96 clinton scandal, where several chinese nationals, with ties to the communist government of china, donated over a million dollars of soft money through various shell companys, then, were reimbursed later on, after the clinton's re-election, with ballistic missle technology that the chinese obtained through these companys.
most of those individuals fled back to china, after warrants were issued, some of the company's remained, and this individual has ties through boards that he sit's on in NY with these companys.
the qustions have to be asked, where did he get the money to donate to hillary clinton?
his various companys that he ran all went bankrupt.
did the chinese government give him soft money to launder and donate to the clinton campaign?
remember, this individual was considered a "hillraiser" by the clinton campaign, he was pledged to give her a large amount. It wasn't simply the 23,000.
he had given through fronts like this paw family in california, hundreds of thousands of dollars to the clinton campaign.
he was considered among the "elite" of hillary's fundraisers, and even had several fundraisers with hillary lined up next month.
the secret service almost had to have run a check on him.
also remember, the same exact people who ran the clinton campaign in 96, in terms of fundraising, when the chinese missle technology scandal happened. Are running this campaign, so i doubt that they were innocent of the knowledge of who mr Hsu exactly was
The s case of Bill Clinton and the Chinese Military
On 9/13/1995, President Clinton met with John Huang and James Riady. During the meeting, Huang expressed an interest in becoming a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee.
In this position at the DNC, Huang raised $3.4 million. The DNC was later forced to return nearly $2 million when a Congressional investigation revealed "problems" with the source of the funds.
Huang was later convicted of crimes related to illegally reimbursing campaign contributions with Asian funds. Riady was also convicted of related campaign finance crimes. A U.S. Senate campaign finance report stated that Riady had a, "long-term relationship with... Chinese intelligence."
You can read the rest here:
But the Republican National Committee has been pushing this angle pretty hard, and apparently attempting to revive the — never proven — allegations of a Chinese "spy ring" buying its way into the 1996 Clinton campaign. ...This morning, [the RNC] e-mailed [a] transcript of an interview between the Wall Street Journal's John Fund and Alan Colmes:

Fund: "But I think we need to learn more. And I think we need to have Mr. Hsu found. [ed.- I've seen nothing to suggest he's hiding.] After all, there's a warrant out for his arrest on grand theft. And he should be brought in and should be asked a lot of questions about a lot of things." ...

Colmes: "But you want to pin this on Hillary Clinton because of his behavior?"

Fund: "No. No, no. The only concern with the Clinton campaign is we have seen strange campaign contribution scandals before. The 1996 campaign saw 120 people connected to the Clinton fundraising efforts either flee the country to avoid questioning or plead the Fifth Amendment. ... I'm simply saying the Clintonites should have learned from that 1996 thing."

Colmes: "First of all, you don't know that they didn't. You don't know they didn't. You want to go back John Huang. You want to go back to what happened in 1996 with Bill Clinton ... And then you want to use that to overlay that on Hillary Clinton, and presume that there's some malfeasance here because of what might have happened 10 years ago." ...

Fund: "[T]he same finance people who worked in the Clinton campaign in 1996 are running Hillary's campaign. The same people, Alan. Terry McAuliffe."

Nothing conclusive came out of those 1990s investigations.

Oh, really, Ben? May I remind you of... (cue the ominous music)

The strange case of Bill Clinton and the Chinese Military

On 9/13/1995, President Clinton met with John Huang and James Riady (pictured below). During the meeting, Huang expressed an interest in becoming a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee.

In this position at the DNC, Huang raised $3.4 million. The DNC was later forced to return nearly $2 million when a Congressional investigation revealed "problems" with the source of the funds. Huang was later convicted of crimes related to illegally reimbursing campaign contributions with Asian funds. Riady was also convicted of related campaign finance crimes. A U.S. Senate campaign finance report stated that Riady had a, "long-term relationship with... Chinese intelligence."

On 3/14/1996, President Clinton signed an order transferring license-granting authority for military/industrial technology from the State Department to the Commerce Department. This order made it easier for the Chinese military (the PLA) to launch American satellites, over objections from the Pentagon and the State Department. During the Clinton administration, focused Chinese espionage efforts made significant headway in the theft of U.S. military/industrial secrets including those concerning nuclear weaponry.

On 5/25/1999, the U.S. House of Representatives released the Cox Report ("Report of the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China"), which detailed publicly for the first time China's espionage campaign against the United States. The report was a redacted version of a still-classified report. Approximately 30% of the original report, the unanimous product of a bi-partisan committee, remains classified.

Those are the facts, Ben. Oh, and by the way, if you're so convinced of the Clintons' innocence in these matters, why not demand the full disclosure of the Cox Report and the Barrett Report? The latter is reputed to be chock-full of interesting disclosures and was censored by the Clintons' law firm. But I'm sure it's "nothing conclusive."
Loral chairmain Bernard L. Schwartz, who worked for the chinese shell company that the clintons gave the ballisitc missle technology to after bill clintons re-election put Norman Hsu on the Board of Trustees of the New School in N.Y

By Ruth Marcus and John Mintz 
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, May 25, 1998; Page A1
In June 1994, Bernard L. Schwartz, the chairman of Loral Corp., wrote his first six-figure check to the Democratic Party, donating $100,000 to the Democratic National Committee.
Around the same time, Schwartz asked to be included on a trade mission being organized by then-Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown to China Clinton approved the company's request to launch a commercial telecommunications satellite aboard a Chinese rocket, choosing to side with the State Department's assessment of the launch as "in the national interest" rather than with Justice Department concerns that approval would interfere with an ongoing criminal investigation. Justice was – and still is – looking into whether Loral and another company provided unauthorized assistance to China's ballistic missile program after an unsuccessful previous launch. Republicans have seized on Schwartz and Loral to accuse the administration of essentially selling out U.S. national security for big bucks to the Democratic party

When Sen. Arlen Specter recently obtained the internal Justice Department memo of former campaign finance task force chief Charles G. LaBella, the Pennsylvania Republican used it to resurrect a favorite partisan target: President Clinton's approval for Loral Space and Communications Corp. to launch a satellite from China two years ago. At the time, Loral Chairman Bernard L. Schwartz was among the Democratic Party's biggest individual donors.

Bernard L. Schwartz taught the Communist Chinese party how to build ICBM's which could make it out of the lower atmosphere.
this was one of the main reasons that china was able to destroy a satellite in space this year, touching of fears of a new arms race in space.
because of the technology that the clinton's gave to Bernard L. Schwartz, who worked with china.
this is all related.
here is some info that show's the obvious connection between norman hsu and bernard schwarz:
Bernard L. Schwartz is chairman and CEO of BLS Investments, LLC. Mr. Schwartz retired in March 2006 after 34 years as chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Loral Space & Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: LORL), headquartered in New York City.
Loral Space & Communications was created in 1996 when Loral Corporation sold its defense and systems integration businesses and formed one of the world's largest satellite manufacturing and satellite services companies. Through its Space Systems/Loral subsidiary, Loral designs and manufactures large, geostationary telecommunications satellites. Its Loral Skynet subsidiary provides a wide range of satellite services, including broadcast transponder leasing and value-added services
Prior to 1996, Mr. Schwartz served for 24 years as chairman of Loral Corporation, a Fortune 200 designer and manufacturer of advanced, state-of-the-art defense systems and hardware
Mr. Schwartz has established permanent programs at the following institutions:
New School University, New York City: the Center for Economic Policy Analysis and a Chair in Economics and Policy. Serves as vice chairman of the board of trustees of New School University. Mr. Schwartz also has established a matching grant merit scholarship fund at the New School's Lang College.
bernard schwarz and norman hsu are both on the board of this school and they work together on several projects outside of the school.
connect the dots, a bankrupt chinese national wanted on a felony of fraud, connected to this individual who gave away national security secrets, working with the chinese government. Suddenly comes into huge wealth and starts donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the leading democratic nominee for president. it is no accident. Or is it?
since nobody as far as i can tell so far has linked these events, we will have to see how this is played out and what it means.
 update:   it turns out that Norman Hsu has known connections to the chinese nationals who were involved in the clinton scandal of 96. He also has been found by the NY and LA times to have several shell companys that do not exist. On top of this. He had dealings with the Chinese mafia. read below for my update.
here is the report:
here is a small piece of that report:
"Sioeng's relationship to the Government of the People's Republic of China has been the subject of press speculation since early 1997.\3\ Based on its own investigation, as discussed more fully elsewhere in the report,\4\ the Committee has learned that Sioeng worked, and perhaps still works, on behalf of the Chinese government.
Sioeng regularly communicated with PRC embassy and consular officials at various locations in the United States, and, before the campaign finance investigation broke, he traveled to Beijing frequently where he reported to and was briefed by Chinese communist party officials...
Contributions to:
Norman Hsu--a $7,500 check was written on Sioeng San Wong's account to Friends of Norman Hsu on March 11, 1995.90 Hsu is a former president of the Chinese-American Association"
   He also had dealings with the chinese mafia, after a business deal went sour, they kidnapped him and his girlfriend.
  From the L.A times:
"Hsu’s history includes more unsavory episodes and associations. In 1990, he allegedly was kidnapped by Chinese gang members in San Francisco as part of an apparent effort to collect a debt. A year and a half later, he pleaded no contest to a charge of fleecing investors in what authorities called a Ponzi scheme of fraud. Along the way, he left a bankruptcy filing and bitter investors who accused him of making off with their savings...
An ex-girlfriend — who is identified in court records but who asked not to be named in news accounts for fear of reprisal — said Hsu had conned her out of nearly $100,000. "He took advantage of me," she said"
 It has alos been found out by both the L.A  and N.Y times that Norman Hsu ran several shell companys that did not exist, when they looked into the addresses of these companys, they were random condos unrelated to mr Hsu.
 from the L.A Times:
"But details about Hsu’s activities since 1996 are elusive. Unlike in the 1980s, when Hsu’s name appeared in a flurry of business and court records, there is scant evidence that he was actively launching businesses or making contributions to politicians...
Hsu was affiliated with two businesses — Components Ltd. and Coopgors Ltd. — that have listed addresses on Fifth Avenue. But the building actually houses luxury apartments, not commercial offices, according to a doorman, who has worked there for the last 15 years. The doorman said Hsu lived in the building for a few years but moved out about four years ago.
A few blocks away on Broadway Avenue, office mates on the 10th floor of a building listed as the address for five of Hsu’s businesses said they had last seen him this week, when he picked up his mail.
He moved into the office about two years ago but never unpacked his boxes, said Ken Mulligan, 31, a sales executive for J.P. Doumak, a fabric supplier. He said Hsu would not visit the office space for months, then would show up for a few hours, say "hello," check his mail, make a few phone calls and leave."
The NY Times also weighs in with the same claims:
"There were no offices in buildings in New York’s garment district whose addresses were given for businesses with names like Components Ltd., Cool Planets, Next Components, Coopgors Ltd., NBT and Because Men’s clothing — all listed by Mr. Hsu in federal filings at different times.
At a new loft-style residential condominium in SoHo that was also listed as an address for one of his companies, an employee there said that he had never seen or heard of Mr. Hsu. Another company was listed at a condo that Mr. Hsu had sublet in an elegant residential tower in Midtown Manhattan just off Fifth Avenue, but an employee there said Mr. Hsu moved out two years ago, after having lived there for five years. The employee, who was granted anonymity because he was not authorized to talk about residents, said he recalled that Mr. Hsu had received a lot of mail from the Democratic Party."
 And how big a fundraiser was mr Hsu for Hillary Clinton?
according to the Wall Street Journal, he was on of the TOP 20 DEMOCRATIC FUNDRAISERS IN THE COUNTRY and had pledged a million dollars for the clinton campaign.
"Many ‘HillRaisers’ — people who rustle up at least $100,000 for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — are dwarfed beside Mr. Hsu (pronounced ‘Shu’). Several people involved in Democratic presidential fund-raising say Mr. Hsu, an apparel executive, has raised well over $1 million for the New York senator’s presidential campaign, making him one of the top 20 Democratic fund-raisers in the country."
So we have a known fugitive with financial ties to chinese nationals involved in the Clinton scandal of 96, who had business dealings with the chinese mafia.
Who fled to china afte being convicted by the U.S government of fraud.
he comes back into N.Y in 2002, sets up phony shell companys that don't exist, other than to receive mail from the democratic party. With no declared source of income( other than the phony shell companys that don't exist).
Then proceeds to become one of the top 20 democratoc fundraisers to the Hillary Clinton Campaign in the country, earning marquee status as a "hillraiser"..
it is a honest question to ask.
is he an agent of the Chinese Goverment?

  • * [new]  Poorly written, poorly sourced, poorly argued. (15+ / 0-)
    Learn the rules about using apostrophes and capital letters, and I cleaned up your tags for you.
    This is a conspiracy theory at best, a troll diary at worst.
    Try harder next time.
    The American people are competent. Why shouldn't the government be competent? The people tell the truth. Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter
    • * [new]  Not to bad for a first diary in the English lang- (2+ / 0-)
      Might be a trollish Freeper rant, if so much of it weren't based in fact.
      Perhaps, it is time to reconsider the legacy of the Clinton-era deal to build the Chinese military as a counter to decaying Russian power.  At the time, it seemed like a good idea - but a decade ago, the terms of trade weren't running 10 to 1 in favor of the PRC, largely because of major technology transfers, like those alluded to here of Hughes and Loral.
      Also, it would be nice if the corporate media at least took a look at the foreign sources of money --Saudi, Turkish, Israeli, etc. -- behind the Bush Wing of the GOP.  See, http://journals.democraticundergroun...http://journals.democraticundergroun...
      As for Hillary, all this goes more to her electability more than anything else. I'd rather that we thrashed this subject out now, rather than after she's the Democratic candidate for President.
      • * [new]  good one (2+ / 0-)
        sorry if you deemed what i wrote as a "rant"
        i was trying to put facts together in a concise and straightforward manner.
        all foreign lobbys come with self interests that are not in harmony with that of america.
        especially the Saudis and their sponsorship of wahhabist islam all across the world, and the violent actions taken by their followers.
        but that is for another day, and another diary
        • * [new]  I agree that foreign lobbyists (1+ / 0-)
          merit extra scrutiny.  
          I believe you were trying to put together facts.  But when the source of your facts is World Net Daily, you lose a LOT of credibility.  It is not a news site, it's a partisan right-wing sight, funded in part by Richard Scaife (the zillionaire.  
          Speaking of Saudi's and their support of wahhabist monsters, (who attacked us on 9/11), why is it that GWB attacked the majority Shia (decidedly not wahhabist) nation of Iraq?  
          Small varmints, if you will.
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          • * [new]  because (0+ / 0-)
            because, hussein's baathist party was mostly sunni, with some shia sprinkled in like Allawi.
            it was bad geo-politics in my opinion, we took out the 2 biggest threats to the iranian government, thus they are now posturing to america, they deem the shia government in iraq as natural allies
            • * [new]  And the government of Saudi Arabia, who (2+ / 0-)
              supplied 80% of the hijackers that attacked us, is somehow NOT "mostly" Sunni?  What about that "mostly" Sunni, nuclear-armed Pakistan?  Or Egypt, a Sunni state.  
              And is Iran, who DOES NOT HAVE nuclear weapons, going to somehow launch a nuclear missile 8+K miles and destroy America?
              I don't think so.  You've been scammed, son.  This is all about Iraq and Iran trading oil in a currency that is not the US dollar.  
              Small varmints, if you will.
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        • * [new]  A rant isn't necessarily a bad thing (2+ / 0-)
          Rants can even be reality-based.  So, I'll correct myself.
          Any highly emotional writing can be considered a rant.
          I was saying that your post appears to be based in fact, until someone shows otherwise.  So, in my book, there is a place for it here.
          That is a begrudging admission, as I also am uncomfortable with what you're saying, and suspect that some of those who are raising this may not have the interests of the Democratic Party at heart.
          To be honest, I smell a set-up in the Hsu contributions, but have nothing but a hunch to base that on.
        • * [new]  Facts require substantiation. (0+ / 0-)
          So far, you've yet to show that there is any substantial link between Hsu and Schwartz, and you made a claim
          bernard schwarz put norman hsu on the board of this school
          that is directly refuted by today's LA Times article on Hsu.
          The American people are competent. Why shouldn't the government be competent? The people tell the truth. Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter
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    His share of the Donations to Charity.
    But then he decided to do so.
    Hater: She's Bush-lite./ Supporter: No. She's not. / Hater: See. I told you she divides us.
    • * [new]  don't worry - (2+ / 0-)
      NBC had a piece on the the Hillary-Hsu deal tonight - but they didn't specify ALL the Dems who'd received donations from him. 
      Instead, toward the end of the clip they showed about 4 pics of candidates who'd received donations from "controversial" sources and returned them. Edwards pic was among them - well heck! I'm sure all candidates have received donations they've returned. But NBC made it appear that Edwards was involved with the Hsu deal - and messaged to viewers that since the other candidates received tainted donations, though not from Hsu, then it's perfectly conceivable that it could happen to Hillary.
      Support Fox News - vote Hillary/Murdoch08
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  • * [new]  I am afraid this is just the tip of the Hillary (10+ / 0-)
    iceberg, or should I say the ship, Hillary-Titanic. Connections to China, not good, and if you think the Republicans will not take off on this one, rehash all the Bill Clinton China shit, the Al Gore taking money from Bhuddist monks shit. See what happens when you have Terry McCullauff as your finance director/campaign manager. Oh yeah, Hill will fight back and show the base just what she is made of and how she can take a punch and come back swinging. However, we are looking for a leader that is clean and free from any of this, some one who, dare I say, can restore honor, dignity, honesty and accountablity to the White House and the Presidency. Hillary is not the one!
    • * [new]  Hillary ain't perfect, but... (15+ / 0-)
      ...this diary is crap.
      The American people are competent. Why shouldn't the government be competent? The people tell the truth. Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter
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      • * [new]  No it isn't. (5+ / 0-)
        If you listened to conservative talk radio today. It was like Christmas. They are convinced she will be the Democratic nominee, and now they have a reason to dredge up all the old Clinton crap, as if they needed a reason. They simply can not contain themselves, they are already trying out the phrase President Guliani.
        • * [new]  And this is the same damn thing... (4+ / 0-)
          ...only in diary form.
          It's crap on talk radio, it's crap here.
          The American people are competent. Why shouldn't the government be competent? The people tell the truth. Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter
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          • * [new]  of course it is crap, however (0+ / 0-)
            because it is crap, it doesn't mean it is not true. We get excited here when shit happens to the Republicans, stuff that might damage their chances of winning the Presidency in 2008. Do you think the opposition is any different, especially the opposition to anything Clinton. They are overjoyed at the fact that they will have something to talk about and get their listeners excited about---Hillary and the China connection. Just as gay marriages brought them out of the woodwork in 2004, this hatred starting from now, will bring them out in 2008. What better reason than to keep the Clintons away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
            • * [new]  Then where's the beef? (2+ / 0-)
              There's still no established link between Schwartz and Hsu, and I haven't seen a link yet between Hsu and the Chinese government--have you?
              Like I said, it's crap.
              The American people are competent. Why shouldn't the government be competent? The people tell the truth. Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter
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        • * [new]  They don't need a reason, they make it up (2+ / 0-)
          And they will conduct their smear campaign against whoever is the Democratic Candidate in the general.  
          They swift boated Edwards, called him a coward, said his medals where fraud and presented Bush as the hero.  They said Max Cleland blew his own legs off and is a coward.  They called Murtha a crazy old man and a coward.  
          • * [new]  They swift boated Kerry not Edwards. (0+ / 0-)
            I am not so sure they have to go far to make this shit up. There is some truth in the story, Hillary and her people are trying to distance themselves from these contributions quickly. All I am saying is it a great opportunity to bring up all the old Clinton shit, the Marc Rich pardon, and the old questionable campaign cash raised for Bill. It is important for a candidate to raise money for his/her campaign, but it is equally important not to get blinded by the green. Sorry, but for years Terry McCaullif has been blinded by the green. All he cares about is raising as much money as possible and he thinks he can spin his way out of it later. People are sick and tired of spin. I am personally sick to death of the Clinton campaign trying to play Hillary as a victim. Everytime something contraverasial come up about Hillary they take a shot at the other campaigns, namely the Edwards and Obama campaign, and say things like we thought you were the candidates of hope, and were not going to resort to these campaign tactics. Inferring that Hillary is a victim and she is being attacked by all sides. My problem is not so much with Hillary, but with those who run her campaign. To me Bonior and Axelrod have the higher moral ground. They are both talking issues, and not resorting to the stop attacking my candidate tactics.
      • * [new]  EXACTLY!!! (8+ / 0-)
        I have it on good authority that Hillary Clinton is going around stealing toilet paper from men's restrooms and setting up red-blooded American heterosexuals to appear to be soliciting gay sex by reaching into the stall next to them to wipe their ass!
        Damn you Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!!
        Recovering Intellectual. 12 days stupid.
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    • * [new]  Guess who sold American industry to China (0+ / 0-)
      Who has been brokering the "sell off" of the American manufacturing industry  to China since 1996 (costing millions of Americans their jobs)?
      Insisted in 2000 that it  would soon get easier?
      Then in 2001, bragged that the all restrictions were being removed and "HE" had the contacts and ability to broker the deals? 
      Georgie's Uncle Preston Bush
      Oh and THIS administration allowed IBM to sell it's P.C. division to China.
  • * [new]  How is it (3+ / 0-)
    that when people who want to write this kind of thing on the internet, and it really seems very important to them to make a statement, that they can't just write a sentence or two?
    What inspires that?
    I'm a little startled that it's no ALL-CAPS!
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    nice first diary. Where's the tip jar?
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  • * [new]  My favorite line: (5+ / 0-)
    the secret service almost had to have run a check on him.
    Thanks for the laugh.
    Small varmints, if you will.
    • * [new]  why? (0+ / 0-)
      why?, at several functions, he is seen next to her in pictures, he had regular contact with her, he was deemd a "hillraiser" by the clinton campaign, he had several fundraisers lined up with hillary next month. how could they not have run at least a SIMPLE background check on him?
      • * [new]  Because that's not their job. (5+ / 0-)
        The Secret Service doesn't give background checks to campaign contributors or fundraisers--not even to Hillraisers.
        Do you not get how many people have contact with protectees, especially during the course of a presidential campaign?  They'd need a reserach division the size of Johns Hopkins to do background checks on them all.
        This diary is a joke, man.  Let 2lucky have a laugh.
        The American people are competent. Why shouldn't the government be competent? The people tell the truth. Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter
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        • * [new]  sorry (0+ / 0-)
          sorry if i am misinformed on this matter.
          is the wife of an ex-president protected by the secret service?
          don't they look into people, especially foreign nationals, who come into extensive contact with her?
          is that not a pre-requisite to protecting her?
          • * [new]  "Extensive contact?" (2+ / 0-)
            You have a really skewed interpretation about what constitutes "extensive contact."  Seeing someone at a few campaign events does not "extensive contact" make.  Hell, I got all-access passes to events featuring John Edwards in '04 after he got the nomination and a full Secret Service detail without ever having to give anyone so much as my name.
            The American people are competent. Why shouldn't the government be competent? The people tell the truth. Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter
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  • * [new]  This would have been so good (4+ / 0-)
    On a Republican blog in 1993.
    Were there blogs then? I forget.
    I Have Come To The Conclusion That Politics Are Too Serious A Matter To Be Left To The Politicians... Charles De Gaulle (1890-1970)
  • * [new]  It's come to this. We're now making the (10+ / 0-)
    same attacks on Clinton that were made on Gore.
    Hillary Clinton's Liberal Ranking
    • * [new]  Of course it's an inscrutable Chinese person (2+ / 0-)
      American overseas? Register to vote at
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    • * [new]  as someone said the other day, (3+ / 0-)
      I started reading blogs to avoid selective quotes, lies, innuendo, implying things that didn't exist, in the MSM.  Now, blogs in a matter of a short couple of years have reached the bottom level of the MSM.  It's really pathetic.  Are people's ego really this big?  Has anyone grown since high school?  
      What I really admire about Hillary is that she takes her candidacy and the job she is running for seriously.  She is amazingly competent, and we have to put up with such shit all the time.
      Well, like Bush they have got one thing right.  The public can easily be manipulated by innuendo.  Repeat lies enough times, and confuse the issue, and soon people, even the intelligent ones, think something is wrong.  
  • * [new]  I suggest ... (4+ / 0-)
    That you find a good-size open area, and get your black helicopter onto the ground before the tail rotor comes off.
    The best fortress is to be found in the love of the people - Niccolo Machiavelli
  • * [new]  sorry (0+ / 0-)
    i sincerly regret if i have offened people on this board.  I was simply making what i assumed was a logical connection between this individual, Norman Hsu, who is a wanted felon, and Bernard L. Schwartz, who is ceo of a company named LORAL. which donated over a million dollars to the clinton campaign in 96, ran into dubious questioning of the source of the financing, which lead to a investigation by congress.
    And then allowd the Chinese government to obrain sensetive missle technology.
    if somebody can discuss this based on the actual facts i have put forth.
    it would be welcome
    • * [new]  First... (7+ / 0-)'ve based your argument off of a commentary from WorldNetDaily.  You need to actually cite something with any credibility.
      Second, you've established no connections beyond 1.) Hsu is Chinese, and 2.) he and Schwartz were on a university board together.
      That's not a "logical connection."  That's a conspiracy theory.
      Listen, in all sincerity, NEVER CITE WND.COM AND EXPECT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY, because it just isn't going to happen.  It's like citing the half-naked guy screaming at pedestrians from the streetcorner about how the Black Cockroach of Death will rise at the full moon.
      The American people are competent. Why shouldn't the government be competent? The people tell the truth. Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter
      Parent ]
      • * [new]  Ditto. (2+ / 0-)
        World Net Daily is a Republican-funded, partisan, low on facts rag.  
        Had the diarist looked at other sites, they would have seen that Clinton signed the same waiver for satellites that George H.W. Bush did. link.  How come it wasn't a problem when the first Bush did it?  
        Small varmints, if you will.
        Parent ]
        • * [new]  It was a problem when Bush41 did that, as it (1+ / 0-)
          was a problem when then Dircetor of Central Intelligence GHW Bush took money from the head of Saudi Intelligence to run covert operations banned by Congress.  The arrangement was called The Safari Club, and BCCI and Iran-Contra followed.  See,
          As for the proliferation of strategic technologies to China, you are very correct.  It was very much a bi-partisan effort that spanned the Bush41 and Clinton Administrations.
          • * [new]  yes (0+ / 0-)
            yes, but from what i know, there were several arrests in relation to the clinton donations from chinese nationals who worked for the chinese government.
            On 9/13/1995, President Clinton met with John Huang and James Riady. During the meeting, Huang expressed an interest in becoming a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee.
            In this position at the DNC, Huang raised $3.4 million. The DNC was later forced to return nearly $2 million when a Congressional investigation revealed "problems" with the source of the funds. 
            Huang was later convicted of crimes related to illegally reimbursing campaign contributions with Asian funds. Riady was also convicted of related campaign finance crimes. A U.S. Senate campaign finance report stated that Riady had a, "long-term relationship with... Chinese intelligence."
            also, from what i have read from the WSJ, there were more than 100 individuals who fled back to china  to avoid being questioned by the U.S government over the campaign donations to the clintons.
            am i wrong?
          • * [new]  The transfer of the W-88 warhead was pre-Clinton (0+ / 0-)
            Bush41 did previously sign off on US cooperation with Chinese satellite launches.
            There's another aspect that points to transfer of nuclear technology to China during the Reagan-Bush era.  The scandal goes back to a walk-in at the FBI office in Taiwan in 1995.  Someone dropped off PRC warhead designs that were directly based on the American W88 MIRV.  
            As Wen Ho Lee testified, PRC efforts to recruit him and other scientists he knew started a decade before the scandal broke.  Chinese intel operations were in full swing when Clinton took office.
            We also know that during Reagan-Bush the Pakistanis acquired the technology to build their nuclear program, purchasing both components and the F-16 delivery system from the US during that period.  
            The Chinese and Pakistanis proliferated together, and couldn't have done it without each other and their friends in the Reagan-Bush Administrations.
  • * [new]  hey (0+ / 0-)
    I'm hearing that this Hsu guy got a family that held low-wage jobs to donate thousands of dollars to Hillary's campaign....Where is this money coming from?...Did Hsu gave them the cash just to donate to Hillary?
    Has anyone asked the family where did they get ths kind cold money while working at low-wage drop...Check their tax record or bank account to see wheter there's anything fishy here.
    This stry needs a follow up.
    • * [new]  correct (0+ / 0-)
      this family, where the husband worked for the post office for 49,000,the mother was a housewife,and the house was recently re-financed gave nearly 200,000 dollars to the clinton campaign, the donations were matched exactly with norman hsu's donations and mr Hsu listed that house as a previous dwelling.
    • * [new]  The diarist is exagerating (2+ / 0-)
      Six Paws donated the $200k to multiple places; they donated IIRC about $45,000 to the Clintons. When it tured out that Hsu was a fugitive from justice (hiding in plain view) from an old, unrelated charge in 1991, all the folks who had received Hsu money have promised to donate or return such funds. Hillary said so yesterday as well as some others. Obama said so today. Obama also said that he would request certification from the Paws that they had donated the money without reinbursement. I assume Hillary will do the same.
      This has been discussed this week at TPM, Talk Left, and Media Matters. It started from the WSJ hit piece on Monday.
      The media is on it.
      But this diary is pure trash, IMO.
  • * [new]  I'm an Obama supporter, but this diary is CRAP! (2+ / 0-)
    If you think you're doing some other candidate a favor, YOU'RE NOT!  And you're especially not doing so when you make wild, idiotic accusations such as the Secret Service MUST HAVE known about this.
    I'm far from a Hillary fan, and there are plenty of legitimate bases on which to question whether she should be our nominee, but this isn't one of them.
    "Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security." -Ben Franklin
    • * [new]  he reads WorldNetDaily and this is diary #1... (2+ / 0-)
      ...somehow, I don't think he's trying to help any of our candidates.
      The American people are competent. Why shouldn't the government be competent? The people tell the truth. Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter
      Parent ]
      • * [new]  no (0+ / 0-)
        i don't read worldnetdaily, i was not aware it was a point of contention on this site, i came across it from a google search, i already listed the nytimes article that was quoted from that wnd article, so you can read that if you wish.
        as for this being my first diary, i have been lurking for a few months and signed up several weeks ago, just never felt the need to comment.
        • * [new]  Okay, where is the Hsu connection? (0+ / 0-)
          In nothing you've posted have you established a connection between Hsu and Schwartz.  Nothing.
          Take that fact, add in a user ID in the 130,000+ range with no previous comments or diaries, throw in a WND link, and you can see why people are reluctant to believe your sincerity.
          Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  At this point, I'd settle for some ordinary proof.  You've offered none.
          I'll ask it directly: do you have ANY evidence to support your contentions that Schwartz is involved in this incident, or that Hsu is an agent of the Chinese government?
          The American people are competent. Why shouldn't the government be competent? The people tell the truth. Why should our government lie? -Jimmy Carter
          Parent ]
    • * [new]  just the facts (0+ / 0-)
      i didn't say that they must have known about him in relation to some conspiracy, i simply questioned why a chinese foreign national, who had donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the clinton campaign, and was going to co-sponsor several more fundraisers next month with ms clinton. Did not have a simple background check run on him by the secret service
      isn't that the job of the secret service?
      don't they take it upon themselves to investigate these individuals?
      • * [new]  I belive JR already answered that question (0+ / 0-)
        why are you repeating it now? My understanding from the Clinton statement this morning is that he donated $23,000 to the Clinton campaign. It is through his work as a bundler (Hillraiser) that he funnled the $100,000 to the campaign. It isn't illegal and none of that money, except the Paws is under suspicion as far as I know.
        It would really be much better if you tried to be more precise. Your cavalier attitude to information makes it seem you are much more interested in innuendo than getting to the truth.

  • * [new]  Results of R-led investigations on Clintons (1+ / 0-)
    You can find the accusations and the results of investigations on this (PDF) government document.
    Sorry, unsubstantiated allegations will no longer go unchallenged.
    Allegation: Beginning in 1996, Chairman Burton and other Republican leaders suggested 
    that there was a conspiracy between the Chinese government and the Clinton 
    Administration to violate federal campaign finance laws and improperly influence the 
    outcome of the 1996 presidential election. In a February 1997 interview on national 
    television, Chairman Burton stated: 
    If the White House or anybody connected with the White House was selling or 
    giving information to the Chinese in exchange for political contributions, then we 
    have to look into it because that’s a felony, and you’re selling this country’s security 
    – economic security or whatever to a communist power. 
    Further, on the House floor in June 1997, Chairman Burton alleged a "massive" Chinese 
    We are investigating a possible massive scheme . . . of funneling millions of dollars 
    of foreign money into the U.S. electoral system. We are investigating allegations 
    that the Chinese government at the highest levels decided to infiltrate our political 
    The Facts: The House Government Reform Committee to date has spent four years and over 
    $8 million investigating these allegations. No evidence provided to the Committee substantiates 
    the claim that the Administration was "selling or giving information to the Chinese in exchange 
    for political contributions." 
    The FBI obtained some evidence that China had a plan to try to influence congressional 
    However, no evidence was provided to the Committee that the Chinese government 
    carried out a "massive scheme" to influence the election of President Clinton.
    Allegation: In June 1997, Rep. Gerald Solomon, the Chairman of the House Rules 
    Committee, claimed that he had "evidence" from a government source that John Huang, 
    the former Commerce Department official and Democratic National Committee fundraiser, 
    had "committed economic espionage and breached our national security." This allegation 
    was reported on national television and in many newspapers across the country. 
    The Facts: In August 1997, and again in February 1998, Rep. Solomon was interviewed by the 
    FBI to determine the basis of Rep. Solomon’s allegations. During the first interview, Rep. 
    Solomon told the FBI that he was told by a Senate staffer at a Capitol Hill reception that the 
    staffer "received confirmation that ‘a Department of Commerce employee had passed classified 
    information to a foreign government.’" According to the FBI notes on the Solomon interview, the 
    Senate staffer did not say that the employee was John Huang, nor did he say that information 
    went to China. Rep. Solomon did not know who the staffer was.
    In his second interview with the FBI, Rep. Solomon recalled that what the staffer said to him 
    was: "Congressman you might like to know that you were right there was someone at Commerce 
    giving out information." Again in this interview, Rep. Solomon told the FBI that he did not 
    know the name of the staffer who made this comment. 
    Allegation: In August 1997, several Republican leaders called for an independent counsel 
    to investigate allegations by Democratic donor Johnny Chung that former Energy 
    Secretary Hazel O’Leary had, in effect, "shaken down" Mr. Chung by requiring him to 
    make a donation to the charity Africare as a precondition to a meeting with her. On 
    national television, Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson stated, "[W]e 
    need independent investigation made of people like Hazel O’Leary." 
    Rep. Gerald 
    Solomon, the Chairman of the House Rules Committee, criticized the Attorney General for 
    being "intransigent" in refusing to appoint an independent counsel. 
    The Facts: A Department of Justice investigation found "no evidence that Mrs. O’Leary had 
    anything to do with the solicitation of the charitable donation." 
    In fact, it turned out that 
    Secretary O’Leary’s first contact with Mr. Chung occurred after Mr. Chung had made his 
    contribution, making the allegation factually impossible.
    • * [new]   there were a lot of people arrested (0+ / 0-)
      there were plenty of people arrested for this:
      A Republican investigator of the controversy stated the Chinese plan targeted both presidential and congressional United States elections, while Democratic Senators said the evidence showed the PRC targeted only congressional elections. The Chinese government denied all accusations.
      Twenty-two people were eventually convicted for fraud or for funneling Asian funds into the United States elections. A number of the convictions came against longtime Clinton-Gore friends and political appointees
      The most significant one-time illegal foreign contribution was a $460,000 donation by Yah Lin "Charlie" Trie to President Bill Clinton's legal defense fund. The donation was made by delivery of an envelope containing $460,000 in $1,000 contributions, some on sequentially numbered money orders made out in different names but with the same handwriting.
      After questions arose regarding Charlie Trie's fund-raising activities during Congressional investigations in late 1996, he left the country for the PRC.[10] Trie returned to the U.S. in 1998 and was convicted and sentenced to three years probation and four months home detention for violating federal campaign finance laws by making political contributions in someone else's name and for causing a false statement to be made to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).[12]
      A close business associate of Ron Brown testified in court in 1998 that Brown had told her that Commerce Department trade missions were used for partisan political fund-raising at the behest of President Clinton and the First Lady. Specifically, she said trade mission plane seats were sold to business people who gave at least $50,000 each to the DNC.[23]
      A Commerce Department official reportedly threw away official government documents concerning the department's trade missions to China after a judge ordered they be turned over to Judicial WatchN-,[3] a conservative government watchdog group. According to the court: "No adequate explanation has been given as to why these documents were destroyed." Furthermore, the judge said: "[the Department's] misconduct in this case is so egregious and so extensive that... the agency [should be held] fully accountable for the serious violations that it appears to have deliberately committed".
      Johnny Chung also attended some of Ron Brown's Commerce Department trade missions to Asia. Born in Taiwan, Chung went from being the owner of a "blastfaxing" business (an automated system that quickly sends out faxes to thousands of businesses) in California to being in the middle of the Washington, D.C. elite within a couple weeks of his first donations to the Democratic Party. Called a "hustler" by a U.S. National Security Council (NSC) aide,[26] Chung made forty-nine separate visits to the White House between February 1994 and February 1996.[27] During one of the Commerce Department trade missions to China, Chung befriended former Chinese Lt. Col. Liu Chaoying, then an executive at China Aerospace Holdings (China's main satellite launching company) and daughter of former General Liu Huaqing.
      Between 1994 and 1996, Chung donated $366,000 to the DNC. Eventually, all of the money was returned. Chung told federal investigators that $35,000 of the money he donated came from Liu Chaoying and, in turn, China's military intelligence.[26]
      Specifically, Chung testified under oath to the U.S. House Committee investigating the issue in May 1999 that he was introduced to Chinese Gen. Ji Shengde,N-[4] then the head of Chinese military intelligence, by Liu Chaoying. Chung said that Ji told him: "We like your president very much. We would like to see him reelect [sic]. I will give you 300,000 U.S. dollars. You can give it to the president and the Democrat Party." 
      Both Liu and the Chinese government denied the claims.Chung was eventually convicted of bank fraud, tax evasion, and two misdemeanor counts of conspiring to violate election law.[30] Chung asserts that, after his guilty plea, the Chinese government attempted to assassinate him with "hit squads" three times, but the efforts were foiled by the FBI
      John Huang (pronounced "Hwä[ng]"), was another major figure convicted. Born in 1945 in Nanping, Fujian, Huang and his father fled to Taiwan at the end of the Chinese Civil War before he eventually emigrated to the United States in 1969. A former employee of the Indonesian company Lippo Group's Lippo Bank and its owners Mochtar Riady and his son James (whom Huang first met along with Bill Clinton at a financial seminar in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1980), Huang became a key fund-raiser within the DNC in 1995. While there, he raised $3.4 million for the party. Nearly half had to be returned when questions arose regarding their source during later investigations by Congress.[32]
      According to U.S. Secret Service logs, Huang visited the White House 78 times while working as a DNC fund-raiser.[33] James Riady visited the White House 20 times (including 6 personal visits to President Clinton).[34]
      Immediately prior to joining the DNC, Huang worked in President Clinton's Commerce Department as deputy assistant secretary for international economic affairs. His position made him responsible for Asia-U.S. trade matters. He was appointed to the position by President Clinton in December 1993. His position at the Commerce Department gave him access to classified intelligence on China. While at the department, it was later learned, Huang met 9 times with Chinese embassy officials in Washington D.C. The reasons for the meetings were never learned.[16]
      Some DNC records suggested Huang started fund-raising before he left his government job which would have been a violation of the U.S. law known as the Hatch Act, though no charges regarding this issue were ever brought.[32] Huang eventually pleaded guilty to conspiring to reimburse Lippo Group employees' campaign contributions with corporate or foreign funds.[35] James Riady was later convicted of campaign finance violations relating to the same scheme as well.
      " Your honor, mistakes have been made, which I regret. I did not have to come back here [to the United States] but I wanted to own up to what I did and put this all behind me. I am grateful for the opportunity to be here today — James Riady, March 19, 2001.[36] "
      According to the Justice Department, some of those "mistakes" included reimbursing contributions made by Huang and various employees of Lippo Bank with funds wired from a foreign Lippo Group entity into an account maintained by John Huang at a bank in Hong Kong. Shortly after Riady pledged $1 million in support of then-Governor Clinton's campaign for the presidency, contributions made by Huang were reimbursed with funds wired from a foreign Lippo Group entity into an account Riady maintained at Lippo Bank and then distributed to Huang in cash. Also, contributions made by Lippo Group entities operating in the United States were reimbursed with wire transfers from foreign Lippo Group entities.[30]
      An unclassified U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs report issued in 1998 stated that both James Riady and his father Mochtar had "had a long-term relationship with a Chinese intelligence agency." According to journalist Bob Woodward, details of the relationship came from highly classified intelligence information supplied to the committee by both the CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • * [new]  i just updated my diary with some new info, look (0+ / 0-)
    i just updated my diary with some new info, look at where i wrote edit for the new info from the L.A and NY times
    • * [new]  Try official Government investigation results (0+ / 0-)
      The newspapers are NOT official, documented truth. 
      And by quoting the NYT and LAT means nothing, contrary to popular belief, they are not Liberal, dirty, Hippie, commie, left wing newspapers.
  • * [new]  Do you know what a "shell company is?" (0+ / 0-)
    To say, several times, "a shell company that doesn't exist" is the stuff propagandists and conspiracy theorists use to suggest nefariousness and instill alarm.  
    A shell company that doesn't exist wouldn't be a shell company.  To be a shell company it must exist.  There are many reasons why shell companies are created or come into existence.   All are legal and almost all are not intended for anything sinister.
    You are working from a number of dots (solid, verifiable information) but you are taking giant leaps to connect them to questionable dots.  Poor facts, weak logic and making stuff up to fill in the gaps and logical shortcomings is why others dislike what has come to be known as "conspiracy theories."  Why I detest CT is that they detract from those who use solid facts, strong logic and connect dots with no more than a couple of small, very rational, leaps that complete a picture before all the puzzle pieces are available.
    What FDR giveth; GWB taketh away.

Wash Post series:

Chinese Missile Allegations: Key Stories
Clinton and Schwartz/AP
President Clinton greets Democratic donor Bernard Schwartz, head of Loral Space and Communications Ltd. (AP File Photo)
Hughes Electronics and Loral Space & Communications Ltd. are both under investigation by the Justice Department and two Congressional committees for their role in transferring sensitive U.S. space technology to the Chinese after Hughes and Loral satellites were destroyed in two Chinese rocket explosions.
Panel Faults Space Aid to China 
December 31, 1998
Two American aerospace companies damaged U.S. national security when they provided Chinese space engineers with technical rocketry data that could have assisted Beijing's ballistic missile program, a House committee concluded in a classified 700-page report.
U.S. Probes Company's Covert Operations
December 30, 1998
The rise and fall of Vector Microwave Research Corp., a firm in the business of covertly acquiring foreign weapons for the U.S. government, illustrates the awkward bargain that can result when intelligence agencies such as the CIA privatize covert operations.
Report Faults Hughes on Data Given China
December 9, 1998
A preliminary Defense Department assessment has concluded that Hughes Electronics Corp. provided China with information potentially damaging to U.S. national security following the 1995 crash of a Chinese rocket carrying a Hughes-built commercial satellite.
CIA Role in Satellite Case Spurs Probe
December 5, 1998
The Justice Department has initiated a criminal probe of the CIA to determine whether the agency obstructed justice when it provided information to Hughes Electronics Corp. about the scope of an ongoing congressional investigation into the transfer of sensitive U.S. space technology to China.
Hill Conferees Agree to Return Satellite Export Licensing to State
September 19, 1998
A House-Senate conference has agreed to transfer export licensing authority, reversing a 1996 decision by President Clinton that came under fire this year amid allegations of unauthorized technology transfers to China and favoritism to a big campaign contributor.
2 Executives Defend Hughes's China Deals
July 30, 1998
Two current and former high-ranking executives of Hughes Electronics Corp. defended their company's patriotism before a Senate committee, disputing suggestions that their practice of launching satellites in China helped Beijing's ballistic missile program.
White House Papers Trace Hughes Executive's Pressure for China Deals
July 27, 1998
The White House released hundreds of pages of documents on U.S. space deals with China, many of which focus on former Hughes Electronics Corporation CEO C. Michael Armstrong's full-court-press lobbying.
Lott Scolds White House on Satellite Deals
July 15, 1998
Majority Leader Trent Lott said a Senate probe has found that China received sensitive technology and military advantages under what he described as a "wholly inadequate" system of U.S. export controls.
Satellite Launches Were Forced Overseas
July 15, 1998
The main reason U.S. companies go abroad for launches is that they generally have nowhere else to go.
Encryption Chips' Fate After Crash a Mystery
July 8, 1998
No one -- at least in the United States -- knows exactly what happened when a Chinese Long March rocket carrying a U.S. satellite exploded seconds after takeoff in February 1996. But the Clinton administration and its critics each have a theory.
Testimony: Export Watchdog Neutered
June 26, 1998
Republicans in Congress cite the weakening of the Defense Technology Security Administrationy as Exhibit A in their effort to demonstrate that the Clinton administration emphasizes foreign sales of technology at the expense of national security concerns.
How Hughes Got What It Wanted on China
June 25, 1998
Hughes Electronics Corp., the world's largest satellite-builder and a favorite of U.S. trade officials, has gotten almost all it has sought from the Clinton administration on China deals, through in-your-face lobbying tactics and a revolving-door hiring policy for officials departing key agencies.
Technology Transfer Probe Is Widened
June 24, 1998
The Justice Department has expanded its investigation into the transfer of sensitive U.S. space technology to China to examine a case in which Hughes Electronics Corp. gave technical data to China in 1995 after a Chinese rocket carrying a Hughes-made telecommunications satellite exploded shortly after launch.
White House: Chinese Launches Aid U.S.
June 16, 1998
Clinton administration officials made their case to two skeptical congressional committees that the controversy about American satellite deals with China is overblown, and that allowing U.S. spacecraft to be launched aboard Chinese rockets helps persuade the Beijing government to stop selling weaponry to other nations.
U.S. Gains Intelligence in China Launches 
June 13, 1998
Chinese officials, trying to explain in 1996 why one of their satellite-bearing rockets had blown up, for the first time revealed to outsiders the inner workings of their Long March missiles.
Ex-Official: Signs of Chinese Sale Snubbed
June 12, 1998
The former chief of the Central Intelligence Agency's weapons counter-proliferation efforts told a Senate committee that the Clinton administration's determination not to impose economic sanctions on China led it to play down persuasive evidence that Beijing sold nuclear-capable missiles to Pakistan.
Missile Failures Led To Loral-China Link
June 12, 1998
Failed Chinese rocket launches set the stage for the current congressional and Justice Department investigations of Loral Space & Communications Ltd.
Pentagon, CIA Differ on Missile Threat
June 8, 1998
The CIA determined more than a year ago that a controversial transfer to Chinese officials of an American technical report about a 1996 Chinese missile crash did not raise "proliferation concerns" that could harm U.S. security.
Papers Trace China Waiver Concerns
June 11, 1998
In a series of public hearings starting this week, congressional Republicans are seeking to expand their field of attack from a single case to a wider assault on Clinton's China export policies.
Sale Shows Perils of Exporting Technology 
June 7, 1998
The story of how machine tools the size of a football field were improperly transported from a McDonnell Douglas Corp. aircraft plant in Columbus, Ohio to a Chinese missile plant serves as a case study in the pressures to export technology and the hazards of trying to control its ultimate uses.
CIA Director Is Quiet on Technology Transfer
June 5, 1998
CIA Director George J. Tenet refused to discuss with the Senate Intelligence Committee a secret report about an unauthorized U.S. transfer of information to Chinese missile officials, citing a last-minute request by Attorney General Janet Reno to reserve comment on the case.
Lott Says China Probes Won't Be Political Tool
June 3, 1998
Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) said Congress does not intend to use its China investigations as a political club against the Clinton administration.
Bureaucracy, Bungled Report Collide at Loral
May 31, 1998
A reconstruction of the administration's handling of the waiver for a 1998 U.S. satellite launch in China reveals a complicated, and in many ways mundane, picture of a bureaucratic process propelled by a policy forged in the Reagan and Bush administrations.
Chinese Missile Gain Questioned by Experts
May 31, 1998
The evidence so far does not amount to a credible case that China's military rockets are better prepared to strike at American cities as a direct windfall from U.S. participation in its satellite launching business, according to many independent specialists on Chinese forces.
Big Donor Calls Favorable Treatment a 'Coincidence'
May 25, 1998
Bernard Schwartz says the "confluence" of his own increased contributions and the Clinton administration's favorable treatment of his company was "just coincidence."
Liu's Deals With Chung: An Intercontinental Puzzle
May 24, 1998
Liu Chaoying, the daughter of China's most powerful military official, brokered deals for missile components one day and Sonoma Valley Cabernet the next. Johnny Chung, a glad-handing entrepreneur who boasted of his White House access, became her California business partner in 1996.
Chinese Company Denies it Got Sensitive Technology
May 23, 1998
Officials from a Chinese satellite launching company denied that they had received any sensitive technology with military applications from U.S. firms.
President Overrode China Launch Concerns
May 23, 1998
President Clinton gave the go-ahead in February to a U.S. company's satellite launch in China despite staff concerns that granting such approval might be seen as letting the company "off the hook" in a Justice Department investigation of whether it previously provided unauthorized assistance to China's ballistic missile program.
Democrats Ask Clinton's Cooperation In Probes
May 22, 1998
The White House intends to send to the House documents that officials said will show there was nothing nefarious about a controversial Chinese satellite launch for a U.S. aerospace firm headed by a top Democratic donor.
House Rebukes Clinton on China
May 21, 1998
In a series of nearly unanimous votes, the House said President Clinton failed to act in "the national interest" earlier this year when he gave permission for a Chinese satellite launch to a U.S. aerospace firm with close Democratic ties, and moved to block him from approving similar exports.
Gingrich to Create Special Panel to Probe China Technology Deal
May 20, 1998
House Speaker Newt Gingrich announced that he would create a select committee to probe allegations that China illegally obtained missile technology from a U.S. company that received favorable treatment from the administration.
Loral Denies Benefits in Return for Donations
May 19, 1998
The major U.S. aerospace company denied that it requested or received "political favors or benefits of any kind" in exchange for campaign donations.
Clinton Defends Satellite Waiver
May 18, 1998
President Clinton said no foreign policy decisions by his administration affecting China were influenced by political contributions.
Justice Dept. Investigates Satellite Exports
May 17, 1998
The Justice Department's campaign finance task force has begun to examine whether a Clinton administration decision to export commercial satellites to China was influenced by contributions to the Democratic Party during the 1996 campaign.
Chung Ties Chinese Funds to Democrats
May 16, 1998
Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung has told Justice Department investigators that a Chinese military officer who is an executive with a state-owned aerospace company gave him $300,000 to donate to the Democrats' 1996 campaign.
GOP Leaders Demand Satellite Export Data
May 12, 1998
Congress's two top Republicans are demanding that the White House provide documents on whether China's nuclear missile capability was aided by an administration policy on exporting commercial satellites.
GOP Says U.S. Gave China Nuclear Edge
May 6, 1998
Congressional Republicans plan a series of hearings to investigate whether President Clinton's policy on the export of commercial satellites to China has allowed the Chinese to acquire technology to improve the accuracy of their nuclear missiles – and whether that policy was influenced by campaign contributions.

Clinton on the Norman Hsu fiasco - Video on
Meet the Press | August 09, 2015. Clinton on the Norman Hsu fiasco. Sept. 23: Democratic frontrunner Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., speaks with NBC's Tim ...