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Excessive Force Police Shootings Killings

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Excessive Force Police Shootings ---
Officer Involved Shooting
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Average 3 are killed a day by US police. Lacking is % of these that are not justified because the "victim" attacked or was a threat to the police officer. 

385 Number of people killed by police in shootings as of May 30, according to the Post, at a rate of about 2.5 each day. The Guardian tallied 408 people fatally shot by police in 2015.


Huffington Post summary: some most important data points from the reports. Read the Post's article here, and The Guardian's here.


Number of people killed by police from Jan. 1 to May 31according to The Guardian.


Average number people killed by police every day in the U.S. in 2015, according to The Guardian.


Average number of people killed by police each day in 2015, according to FBI data. According to this incomplete count, police kill an average of about 400 each year, with 461 justified homicides in all of 2013. Both the Post and The Guardian suggest that the actual number of police killings is more than twice that, at least to this point in 2015.

Less than 3 percent

Percentage of the nation’s 18,000 state and local police agencies that have reported fatal shootings by their officers to the FBI, according to the Post.


Rate at which black citizens were fatally shot by police this year, compared with whites and other races when adjusting by the population of the census tracts where shootings occurred, according to the Post. The newspaper's database contained a total of 100 black people killed, compared with 171 white,54 Hispanicsix Asianthree "other," and 31 unknown.


Year 2016

February 8, 2016 1 killed by police. David Joseph Erratic Naked Unarmed Black Teen Shot By Austin TX Police  David Joseph, a 17 year old unarmed black teenager was shot and killed after he was reported to be acting erratically and chasing another man. Police say he was naked and refused to stop when he charged at a black officer who fired shots.

February 21, 2016 shooting. 1 killed by police  Seattle Protesters demand firing of police chief for shooting and killing of Che Andre Taylor February 25, 2016  A group protesting the recent shooting of a black man by Seattle police moved onto Fifth Avenue and Cherry Street, blocking traffic. Goup that protested the fatal shooting of Che Andre Taylor by Seattle police is demanding the officers involved be criminally charged and Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole be fired.  Che Taylor Shooting: Family says “Not going to let it go, not ... Seattle PI Che Taylor Shooting: Family says “Not going to let it go, not this time” Calls for officer accountability and Chief to step down. by Charlette LeFevre Che Andre Taylor | Black America Web Seattle’s NAACP leader disputes the police account of the fatal shooting of Che AndreTaylor. The civil rights group is calling for an outside investigation. Seattle NAACP leader calls police shooting of black man ‘coldblooded murder’Seattle Times: Officers saw a man with a holstered handgun and identified him as Che Taylor, who is barred by law from possessing a handgun because of his [extensive] criminal history... “Officers ordered Taylor to show his hands and get on the ground,” police said in a statement. “He did not follow officers’ commands, and instead leaned into the Taurus.” Officers and a civilian witness reported that Taylor reached for a handgun, prompting police to fire
Year 2015

June 3, 2015  Where Police Have Killed Americans In 2015 FiveThirtyEight On Monday, the Guardian launched “The Counted,” an impressive interactive database of Americans killed by police since the start of the year. As of Tuesday, the database had 467 entries; the Guardian plans to add to it going forward. As we’ve written repeatedly, official statistics on police killings are deeply flawed. So the Guardian is building its data set by combining media coverage, reader submissions and open-sourced efforts like Fatal Encounters and Killed by Police, which we’ve previously found to be reliable. Police killings tend to take place in neighborhoods that are poorer and blacker than the U.S. as a whole. numbers fit a narrative that emerged after the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. , Vincent Cordaro, a 57-year-old white man, was fatally shot in his home in Rockland County, New York threatened his family with a shotgun and was killed after a seven-hour standoff with police.

June 1, 2015  Huffington Post  25 Numbers That Show Police Killings Are A Bigger Problem Than We Ever Knew Two comprehensive reports published since Saturday provide new information about police killings in the United States, filling a void left by the lack of a national standard for reporting the use of deadly force. The Washington Post on Saturday published an analysis of 2015 fatal police shootings through May 29, citing "interviews, police reports, local news accounts and other sources." The Post's data included basic information about victims' race, age and gender, as well as whether the person was armed or had other circumstances that led to being shot by police. The Guardian on Monday published the results of its investigation into a
1 killed  May 27, 2015  US Police Kill Unarmed Muslim Male Feras Morad  In Long Beach California, police shot and killed an unarmed Muslim student Feras Morad. His friends have started a campaign justice, and he was murdered as he was "unarmed and in desperate need of medical attention" as he had become erratic and jumped out of 2nd story window, bleeding because he had eaten "magic" mushrooms. Police state "The suspect advanced more rapidly toward the officer who perceived the suspect was now a threat and going to assault him. During the next few minutes, the officer utilized verbal commands, an electronic control device [taser], an impact weapon, and physical force to gain compliance but was unsuccessful. Ultimately, the suspect again advanced toward the officer, telling the officer he was going to attack him. At that time, an officer involved shooting occurred." Morad was had a 3.9 GPA and was a nationally ranked debater.volunteer with the Muslim civil rights organization the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR).

1 killed April 29, 2015 Russian Interior Ministry Slams Kadyrov's 'Shoot-To-Kill ... Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov speaks at a meeting of the ... The trigger for Kadyrov's outburst was the April 19 killing in Grozny of a Chechen man, Dzhambulat Dadayev,

2 similar incidents in same area in 2 weeks

1 killed by policed August 19, 2014 A black robbery suspect was killed Tuesday in an officer-involved shooting in St. Louis, just one mile from where 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed 10 days earlier. In North St. Louis  25-year-old African American Kajieme Powell tried to rob the convenience store with a knife. The suspect apparently waited for police to arrive, then he refused to put down the weapon when police arrived, and he was shot and killed as he tried to approached  them, police said. One witness called the incident “suicide by cop" as  the suspect said “shoot me now, kill me now” before he was shot. (Washington Times) cnn  The suspect,  was acting erratically -- walking back and forth up and down the street before confronting officers. Like Brown, the suspect was accused of walking out with two energy drinks and a package of pastries without paying.

1 killed August 11, 2014  Unarmed Ezell Ford Shot Trying To Grab Police Weapon When Los Angeles police anti-gang officers conducted an "investigative stop" of 25-year-old Ezell Ford on a Los Angeles sidewalk, he "wheeled around and basically tackled the lead officer," then went after his weapon, an LAPD spokesperson told the LA Times. His mother claims he was known to have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She and  at least one eyewitness say he was complying with the officers and lying on the ground when he was shot in the back.  He was one of four notable cases of unarmed black men killed by police. Ford’s family has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the LAPD  claiming $75 million in damages. June 2015, a civilian oversight committee recommended administrative disapproval for one and no fault with another officer, and left criminal charges to the DA. Ford had prior convictions for possession of marijuana, illegally possessing a loaded firearm, and trespassing. Officers involved in the shooting are Asian American and Latino.

1 killed by police, 1 officer injured August 9, 2014  Shooting of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO In the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri at around 2:00 p.m. Michael Brown, 18, and Dorian Johnson, 22, both African American men, were walking on the street to Brown's grandmother's house. A Ferguson police officer drove up to the two men and ordered them off of the street and onto the sidewalk. As the officer got out of his squad car, there was a physical confrontation when Brown pushed him back into the car and assaulted the officer and tried to seize the officer's gun. After a gunshot was fired either in or from within the vehicle, Brown and Johnson fled and Brown was fatally shot at some distance away. The incident sparked protests and acts of vandalism in the St. Louis suburb, as well as national calls for an investigation. On August 15, police announced that Brown and Dorian Johnson had been identified as suspects stealing cigars and pushing a clerk at a nearby convenience store earlier that day, police said Friday.

December 6, 2013 Student Robert Cameron Redus Killed By University Police Cameron Redus, 23, was pulled over around 2:30 a.m. for driving erratically, according to a police report. the officer claims that Redus resisted arrest, grabbed his police baton and began hitting him until he retrieved it from Redus, Carter said he then drew his gun and warned Redus repeatedly to stop or be shot. He opened fire only when Redus charged at him with arms raised. Carter fired six times, hitting Redus in the left eye, upper chest, left elbow, right hip and upper back.One witness said he heard someone say “‘Oh, you’re gonna shoot me? as the officer claimed  Redus was a communications major at University of the Incarnate Word

1 killed by police October 3, 2013 Miriam Carey. an unarmed woman in a black Infiniti coupe with CT plates was shot after she tried to breech barriers at the White house, then led police on a chase towards the Capitol campus. She rammed a squad car one block from the Capitol, then continued where she shot one block past the campus with a child in the back seat. Authorities have ruled out terrorism and believe it is an isolated incident, and definitely not a dry run for a real armed attack. Her mother thought she suffered from depression, while the Huffington Post speculated she apparently complained that Obama was stalking her indicating a possible political motive.

Police Shoot Bystanders in Times Square Standoff
September 15, 2013 Two police officers fired shots at an agitated man who appeared to be throwing himself in the path of traffic in Times Square at night and then reaching into his pocket appearing to shoot at officers. Two women who were bystanders were wounded in the crossfire. This was another shooting of an unarmed man after a man was shot in North Carolina after he lunged at officers who shot after they could not subdue him.

September 14, 2013 A police officer was charged with violating manslaughter laws in shooting an unarmed man who had survived a car accident. Jonathan Ferrell, a 24-year-old former Florida A&M University football player crashed his car into the woods in Charlotte North Carolina, and then walked to the nearest house where he banged on the door furiously. The woman thought he was a burglar and called the police at 2:30 a.m. Ferrell charged at the 3 police who arrived, and after a taser proved ineffective, officer Randall Kerrick shot Ferrell several times. Though initially ruled appropriate and lawful self-defense, a subsequent investigation concluded that Kerrick had violated manslaughter laws, and the officer turned himself in.

Monroe Isadore 107 is World's Oldest TerroristSeptember 7, 2013 Location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Suspect: 107 year old Monroe Isadore pointed a gun at two other people in the residence who were whisked away by arriving police. WhnSWAT team. Isadore then barricaded himself in a room and shot through the door at police who tried to get in. When a SWAT negotiation team was called, a camera was inserted to verified he had a handgun. Suspect shot at officers inserting gas, and then again at SWAT officers as they entered the room, when they returned fire and killed Isadore. Covered by US national and UK international press, PressTV

1 killed by cop August 23, 2013 Edmond Fair Killed in Brooklyn Center Officer Involved Shooting 24 year old Edmond Fair was pulled over driving a minivan about 2 a.m. on Aug. 23 after they were asked to leave a Motel 6 that called police to help with unruly guests. Fair told officers about a for his role in the 2011 kidnapping and alleged rape of a woman, where he had admitted to kidnapping but the rape charge was dropped, and officers he did not want to go back to jail. Fair fought off Soliday and his partner when they tried to handcuff him when he grabbed one of their Tasers and shocked them both before Soliday shot him. Soliday shot Fair when he reach for his partner's gun.  Edmond's family filed a lawsuit, later dismissed claiming “during a routine traffic stop, and without any justification or defense, Defendant Ryan Soliday shot and killed a defenseless and handcuffed Edmond Fair.” According to witnesses in the van, Soliday wrapped his arms around Fair’s upper body and neck, and the other officer fired Taser darts into Fair’s side. As Fair tried to take the darts out of his body, Soliday pulled Fair away from the van and “without any warning” sent the helpless and handcuffed Fair to the ground with a gunshot to the chest. In 2014, U.S. District Court Judge David Doty ruled Officer Ryan Soliday was justified in using deadly force.

Death of Sammy Yatim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  evening of July 27, 2013, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Yatim, an 18-year-old Toronto man exposed himself and waving knife, was shot eight times,video caused outrage by public which felt he didn't have to die. Yatim is common in mideast - Syria, Iran, or muslim. 

Joel Reuter Seattle Condo Gunman Standoff July 5, 2013 Police were notified as shots were heard from Joel Reuter's condo. He was unemployed, and had attracted attention of police before. The area was sealed off but he was uncooperative and was shot when he started shooting at police. The gunman had posted a anti-Obama poster on his door, warning that the president would die if anyone entered the room. He had been exhibiting recent signs of mental illness and strange behavior. SPD said its Crisis Intervention team that handles mental illness issues was “very aware of” the suspect due to recent interactions.

Hofstra Student Hostage Killed By Police in Standoff  May 17, 2013 Suspect Dalton Smith invaded Long Island New York home, The masked intruder held Hofstra student Andrea Rebello hostage in a headlock. As Smith took aim at them, a police officer fired 8 times, one round killing Rebello.

Jeffrey T. Johnson 2012 Empire State Building shooter  August 24, 2012 gunman 58-year-old Jeffrey T. Johnson shot and killed a former co-worker outside the Empire State Building in New York City. Johnson was fatally shot by police officers after raising his weapon at them. Nine bystanders were wounded by stray bullets fired by the officers and ricocheting debris.

February 3, 2012 Shooting of escaped mental patient black Canadian Michael Eligon: Man dropped off at hospital starts a crime spree stealing scissors from a store, breaks into a home. In a final confrontation,  Eligon walks “zombie-like” towards them with a pair of scissors in each hand, while another neighbour sees Eligon with his hands outstretched.. An officer steps forward and fires three shots, one strikes Eligon, then another officer kicks and stomps Eligon in the middle of the streetToronto officer who shot Michael Eligon feared for his life ... CBC.caDec 2, 2013 - Michael Eligon, 29, is shown in security footage walking out of a hospital still wearing a gown. He was shot dead last February by police, while ... Toronto Police shooting of Michael Eligon: A timeline ... Toronto Star Mar 2, 2012 - Michael Eligon, a black man of 29 believed to be mentally ill, was shot at 10:15 a.m. Friday, Feb. 3  Michael Eligon | National Post ichael Eligon was advancing in markedly determined fashion upon police, with two pairs of scissors, when he was shot and killed. The Michael Eligon inquest: - NOW Toronto Magazine ... Michael Eligon, Escaped Mental Patient, Killed In Toronto ...  Nov 28, 2013 - The video, captured by a police dashboard camera shows officers screaming at escaped mental patient Michael Eligon before shooting him ... (not in wikipedia)

Year 1997

February 20, 1997 Edmond Yu - Wikipedia Wikipedia Edmond Wai-Hong Yu was a Hong Kong Canadian former medical student whose death at the hands of the Toronto police raised issues of police misuse of force. In 1985, the police arrested Yu and took him to the Clark Institute of Psychiatry, where he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. On February 20, 1997 Edmond Yu allegedly assaulted a woman at a bus stop, then boarded a bus. Police attempted to board the bus, then Yu, according to witnesses, raised a small (perhaps toy) hammer. Constable Lou Pasquino fired six shots, hitting Yu three times. An official inquest in 1998-1999 cleared the police of wrongdoing and blamed the absence of decent housing. Sammy Yatim, Edmond Yu, Michael Eligon...the List Continues The Agenda Jul 29, 2013 It’s a haunting look at how so many things went wrong for Yu, the former medical student who lived with schizophrenia. While there have been no reports of Yatim having a mental illness, it’s hard to imagine that he would have been in the right frame of mind during that police confrontation.