Monday, December 5, 2016

Bullying Incident

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Bullying is often used as a cover story to justify a terrorist or terrorist-style attack. If the suspect claims to have been bullied, this could be further evidence of trying to cover up a terrorist motive.


1 killed of 6 stabbed, suspect charged with murder Zakaria Bulhan Mental Illness Somali Stabbing Suspect 3 August 2016   a mass stabbing occurred in Russell Square, London. Six people were stabbed, one fatally, before a suspect, identified as Zakaria Bulhan, a Norwegian national of Somali origin and observant Muslim was apprehended by police and charged with murder and attempted murder. The media initially linked the stabbing to Islamic terrorism, but later shifted its focus to possible mental disorders. His lying friends testify that 'quiet' pupil who was bullied at school" Scotland Yard believes the attack was not ‘motivated by terrorism' but counterjihad pundits believe that the real motive was religious Islamic terrorism.

London Tube terrorist suspect Damon Smith 'asked to be called by ... .Oct 24, 2016 - Tube terrorist suspect 'asked to be called by Muslim name': Teenager was also bullied because of his high-pitched voice and posed as a woman on the internet  Damon Smith, 19, arrested after a suspicious device was found on Tube It has been claimed he wanted to convert to Islam and have Muslim name He also set up a fake website using high-pitched voice to pose as woman Neighbours said he was a 'mummy's boy' who was bullied at school  Poke fanatic won £500 online on the morning he allegedly left Tube bomb DailyMail on Facebook

Toronto Canada Pickering high school stabbing spree ninjapundit Feb 25, 2016 - An educational assistant says the girl was bullied and that might have set her off.

Song Su Kim Stabbing Murder of Korean Missionary Jul 29, 2015 - ... Maryland, Falls Church (site of 9-11 mosque) Kim said he was tired of being treated badly and disrepected by Koreans (but he is Korean himself) , and said the pastor had treated him badly on the day of the stabbing,

California: Muslim arrested in mosque vandalism says he was targeting bully: “older sister describes Khan as having schizophrenia.” jw Man arrested in Islamic center vandalism was targeting a bully, Fresno police say,” by Marc Benjamin, The Fresno Bee, December 27, 2014

December 30, 2009  How Bullying Creates Suicide Bombers - The Daily Beast  Dec 30, 2012 -2009  suicide bomber who struck three years ago today (Dec. 30), killing seven American intelligence officers outside Khost, Afghanistan, was lauded by his wife as a brave martyr and praised by jihadists as the man who outsmarted the CIA. But the truth is that Humam al-Balawi’s actions were driven by the same forces that lead countless teenage boys and girls to kill themselves in less sensational ways each year. no one has recognized it until now, bullying led to the deadliest attack on the Central Intelligence Agency in more than two decades. And worse yet, it could have been predicted. oung doctor’s sense of security was destroyed in January 2009, when Jordanian authorities crashed through his door and hauled him away to a local prison known for its history of abusive methods. Bullying would be the nice word for how he was treated during the three-day interrogation, which including prolonged hooding and threats against him and his family. Predictably, Balawi came out a broken man