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Day After Christmas 2016 Coordinated Mall Fight Wave

Day After Christmas 2016 Coordinated Mall Fight Wave --- ===

Monday December 26, 2016  Day After Christmas 2016 Coordinated Mall Fight Wave A series of 15  apparently unrelated mall fights across America were apparently recruited and recuited on social media hitting. Some malls were locked down or closed for the day preventing shoppers for looking for bargains. In Aurora Colorado police found out there was coordinated recruiting on social media calling for gathering to create mayhem. Officials were investigating if these were coordinated attacks.  The Oak Court Mall in Memphis was closed Hot air asked if it was just series of coincidences, or an organized plot?

Tuesday December 27, 2016 Day After Christmas 2016 Coordinated Mall Fight Wave Fox River Mall in Grand Chute in Wiscsonsin was evacuated as a precaution because of a false report of a man with a gun. 200 Descend on Philadelphia Mall in Disturbance Planned on Snapchat

Alternative theory: Did an external enemy recruit American teens and coordinate a wave of mall fights? 


December 26, 2016

Mall mayhem: Fights break out across the US Dec 27, 2016 Massive brawls and food-court fights played out at more than a dozen malls across the country...chaotic day after Christmas. ... prevented some shoppers from grabbing clothes off clearance racks and returning gifts. The mall incidents, which ranged from minor melees to mass evacuations, occurred from Colorado to Tennessee and Texas to New Jersey. Some malls closed for the day, or put on lockdown. Aurora there was social media call for a planned fight, question if these attacks were coordinated. Eight teens have been charged in connection with mall brawl at Fox Valley Mall in Illinois A social media post promised a fight at the Town Center at Aurora mall in Colorado In Memphis, Tennessee, seven people were arrested after incidents at two malls   social media post that promised a fight at the Town Center at Aurora... about 100 people had gathered in the food court before the brawls broke out -- prompting the Colorado mall to close early on Monday afternoon.. ..When off-duty police officers working as security guards tried to break up a fight, people circled the officers, who called for backup

After 15 Big Mall Fights, Police See a Culprit: Teenage Boredom The New York Times Dec 27, 2016

Video: Mall Fights Erupt Across Nation » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's ...
19 hours ago - The fights, which broke out everywhere from New Jersey to Texas, started synonymously on Dec. 26 and nearly independently, with multiple ...

Fights, Disturbances and Chaos Break Out at Malls Across the United ...
A series of apparently unconnected fights and disturbances broke out at malls across the country on the day after Christmas.

Did social media play role in string of mall fights across US? - CBS News
1 day ago - Last Updated Dec 27, 2016 7:22 AM EST. Police are investigating a string of fightsin malls across the country on one of the busiest shopping ...

Shopping mall fights 'organized on social media' break out in 11 states ...
Fights broke out at malls around the country Monday night sending shoppers, who were looking for post-holiday deals, scrambling for the exits.

Wisconsin mall evacuated due to threats, a day after mall fight spree Reuters
A mall near Appleton, Wisconsin, was evacuated on Tuesday as a precaution due to "an unsubstantiated threat," a county official said, adding .Fox River Mall in Grand Chute evacuated amid reports of person with a gun  determined there is NO THREAT to the mall. .. We're told no threat was found
December 27, 2016 Hundreds Descend on PA Mall in Disturbance Planned on Snapchat ...
Hundreds Descend on PA Mall in Disturbance Planned on Snapchat ... Police say the gathering was planned on Snapcha t, adding that one of ... 200 Descend on Philadelphia Mall in Disturbance Planned on ...  Around 200 people showed up at a Philadelphia mall on Tuesday in adisturbance planned on the social media network Snapchat that led to ...


US malls consider controversial restrictions following rash of weekend fights

After 15 Big Mall Fights, Police See a Culprit: Teenage Boredom People in a parking lot near Oak Court Mall in Memphis on Monday after the mall was closed. Credit Jim Weber/The Commercial Appeal, via ...

Fights, disturbances shut down malls across U.S. | Reuters   Fights, disturbances and false reports of gunfire caused chaotic scenes and shut down several malls across the United States on Monday ...

Fights at malls across US trigger arrests, evacuations | Fox News
series of fights led to evacuations, several arrests and plenty ...

Mayfair Mall site of one of several mall fights in US Monday - Story
[was staged to look like] may be a strange coincidence, but fights and disturbances broke out at a number of US shopping malls Monday.

Malls debate teen policies after rash of Christmas weekend fights
Chicago Tribune-11 hours ago
26, 2016, after the mall was evacuated due to a teen fight. ... even bans on teens coming to malls alone, after multiple reports of teen fights over ...

Investigation continues into Aurora mall fight involving 500 hours ago

8 juveniles charged after massive fight at Fox Valley Mall in Aurora
WLS-TV-14 hours ago
Aurora Police Investigate Social Media Role in Monday Brawl at Fox ...
police arrived after mall security observed a large group of teenagers gathered in the food court of the mall. Police arrived shortly after 6:20 and by 7:30, the mall was evacuated. ... There were a number of other mall fights around the country on Monday. ...

Mall mayhem: Fights break out across the US

In-Depth-CNN-17 hours ago
Chaos Strikes More Than a Dozen Malls, Disrupting Post-Christmas ...
Highly Cited-New York Times-Dec 26, 2016

Aurora mall reopens Tuesday morning; 4 teen…
In-Depth-The Denver Post-16 hours ago

Shoppers react to mall fights in Memphis
WBBJ-TV-8 hours ago
Monday, two Memphis malls, Wolfchase Galleria and Oak Court Mall, saw what authorities described as major disturbances causing one to ..
Simon Malls responds after Castleton Square Mall fights
WISH-TV-20 hours ago

Mall fights break out in 12 states, including Pennsylvania, amid post ... are being reported following youthful melees at western Pennsylvania's Monroeville Mall on Monday, part of a nationwide outbreak of violence at shopping centers in the midst of the post-holiday rush. ..  four juvenile females and one 18-year-old male had been arrested in connection with a series of fights that broke out at the mall on Monday... All five individuals have been charged with disorderly conduct and fighting at the mall, Cole said. Meanwhile, witnesses told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that they had seen blood on the floor after at least one of the scuffles.

After 15 Big Mall Fights, Police See a Culprit: Teenage Boredom
New York Times-16 hours ago
The day before, Beachwood police officers had responded to a fight at Beachwood Place, an upscale shopping mall. They estimated that ...
100-150 involved in Hulen Mall fight 26, 2016

Hulen Mall Locked Down After Large-Scale Fighting: Fort Worth Police
Highly Cited-NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth-18 hours ago

Massive brawl involving 150 teenagers at Hulen Mall just one of ...
Blog-Dallas News (blog)-20 hours ago
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Mayfair Mall site of one of several mall fights in US Monday
WTMJ-TV (press release) (registration) (blog)-10 hours ago
WAUWATOSA -- It may be a strange coincidence, but fights and disturbances broke out at a number of US shopping malls Monday. One of the ...

Mall fights send post-holiday shoppers scrambling
WJXT Jacksonville-15 hours ago

Video: Shoppers flee mall fights in multiple states
La Crosse Tribune-22 hours ago

Newport News Police Chief: Mall fight part of 'social trend'
Daily Press-12 hours ago
Monday's brawl at Patrick Henry Mall was just one incident in a "social trend" of fights across the country at shopping centers, said Newport ...

Locals react to rash of mall fights across the country hours ago
WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - Multiple police departments in our area are monitoring busy areas closely, especially after a rash of mall fights were ...
Local reaction: Mall fights, are you concerned?
WDTV-14 hours ago

Mother who was at Castleton Square Mall during fights blames parents questions security policy Fox 59-14 hours ago She was still there when several fights broke out across the mall. Police then arrested seven juveniles—six female and one male—for their ...she says they were shocked to find hundreds and hundreds of kids at the mall, mostly unsupervised.... “Probably only a hundred of those kids were supervised. It was ridiculous.” Harris says the number of preteens and teens on their own in one place was a ticking time bomb. Harris believes parents should shoulder a good deal of the blame for creating the situation.  several hundred juveniles inside Castleton when they arrived. They restored order by making everyone 18 and under leave and find a ride home.

Several juveniles arrested after multiple fights break out at Castleton ...
Local Source-WRTV Indianapolis-20 hours ago

Boxing Day fights: Violence erupts in over a dozen US malls
Hot Air Did a wave of brawling in US malls the day after Christmas amount to a series of coincidences, or to a loosely organized plot? More than a ...