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Social Media Incident

Social Media Incident ---


1 threat, 1 arrested March 18, 2015 Social media threat puts North Texas school district on high alert
WFAA‎ Though the threat was aimed at Princeton High School, the entire district was on high alert. ... District officials told parents about the threat by e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. juvenile threatened to shoot up Princeton High School Tuesday using an app called Burnbook. Juvenile is not a student in the district and doesn't live in Princeton. Police said he also posted a picture of himself, which helped authorities identify him quickly, track him down and then arrest him at his home Tuesday evening.

March 13, 2015 Arroyo H.S. Student, 16, Arrested In Online Threat Against Teachers Neither of the teachers named in the alleged threat was injured. ... discovered a threat they say was made against two faculty members on Twitter  A 16-year-old Arroyo High School student was arrested after police discovered a threat they say was made against two faculty members on Twitter, El Monte police said Friday.School officials said they learned that the student identified only as a Latino in the 11th grade  Social Media

1 threat March 10, 2015 West Windsor NJ student charged after 'alarming tweets' on Twitter force school evacuation  18-year-old West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South student was charged after "alarming tweets" were discovered on his Twitter account, prompting an evacuation of the school Tuesday morning while bomb-sniffing dogs swept through the hallways, police said.Social Media

1 threat March 9, 2015 Twitter threats spur increased police at Ewing High School ... - Twitter messages exchanged Sunday night between Ewing High School students and pupils from another school district resulted in a ...Social Media

Police investigate Twitter threat at Valhalla High School ...Feb 24, 2015 - EL CAJON (CBS 8) - A threat against Valhalla High School on social media prompted a large police presence on campus Tuesday.

February 12, 2015-15, 2015 twitter threats February 19, 2015 Neo Nazi Twitter Troll With Guns in Car Arrested for Threatening Schools   Jonathan Hutson tweeted about deadly attacks that day at a free-speech event and synagogue in Denmark.. got a response filled with anti-Semitic images  Less than 48 hours after Brady spokesman Hutson tweeted the link to the Times story – hours in which Hutson uncovered social media posts where the same man said he wanted to put “two in the head” of a rabbi, “shoot up a school” and murder 30 or more grade-school students – Lenio was behind bars in Flathead County. Montana.   police searched his residence on Feb. 16, they found a 9mm semi-automatic rifle, a Russian-made bolt action rifle, .32 caliber ammunition, 9 mm ammunition, and 7.62 mm ammunition. In his basement, they found more ammunition. In his vehicle, officers discovered a .32 caliber semi-automatic pistol with a round in its chamber and three fully loaded .32-caliber magazines.They also found a plastic bag containing marijuana, a marijuana pipe and jugs containing urine in his vehicle.

Claremore High School Students Questioned About Twitter .. Feb 5, 2015 - Claremore High School was evacuated Thursday after someone posted a threat on Twitter. The post said a gun would be brought to the school ...

Twitter threat to U.S. flight linked to UK prankster to made West Mich. school threats Jan 28, 2015 - A bomb threat made to a United Airlines flight this week... is connected to the same not a terrorist suspected of making phony bomb threats at a .... is connected to the same person suspected of making phony bomb threats at a number of West Michigan schools. At least 16 times in the last four days, a bomb threat on Twitter has disrupted air travel. That includes flights from Milwaukee and Portland last weekend, both of which were escorted by military fighter jets into Atlanta. While some of the threats allegedly come from ISIS and the Islamic State, on Tuesday the Twitter account known as RansomTheThug claimed there was a bomb on board United Airlines Flight 223.  is the name of a person who has claimed responsibility for bomb threats at schools in Coopersville, Allendale, Hudsonville and at Michigan State University, and Western Michigan University. He also claims responsibility for making false calls that sent police responding to homes, also known as swatting. And he says he has made threats in several other states. WZZM 13's Lee Van Ameyde spoke to him on the phone from the United Kingdom. We can tell you and police have confirmed that Ransom says he is 15 years old, lives in the U.K., and told WZZM 13 he is making these threats because he finds them "funny."

 Teens threatening airlines on Twitter is now a thing By Kevin Collier (Google+)   on April 14, 2014
Fresh off the revelation that yes, anyone can tweet a bomb threat to an airline and yes, it will piss off authorities, copycat tweeters are now pranking them in droves.

It all began Sunday, when purported 14-year-old girl @QueenDemetriax_ tweeted to American Airlines "my name’s Ibrahim and I’m from Afghanistan. I'm part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I'm gonna do something really big bye."

While American Airlines falsely claimed they could forward her personal information to the FBI, law enforcement was concerned: Dutch police arrested her Monday.

Nevertheless, such tweets apparently seem a great idea to a handful of play-terrorists. User @twerkcunt—a user clearly inclined to troll, given his name and previous tweets—tweeted something similar to Southwest Airlines on Monday: "my name is armin from Iraq & i just wanted to let your team know that there will be an explosion taking place soon bye."

@twerkcunt quickly deleted the tweet, but not before Southwest called him out:

@twerkcunt The safety of our Customers and Employees is our top priority. Your info had been given to the appropriate authorities.

— Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) April 14, 2014
Another user, @WesleyWalrus, apparently did something similar. Though her offending tweet also seems to be deleted, she also got the angry response from Southwest:

@WesleyWalrus The safety of our Customers and Employees is our top priority. Your info had been given to the appropriate authorities.

— Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) April 14, 2014
All three users have another thing in common—a downright teen-like backtracking of "OMG I was joking!" QueenDemetriax_'s account has since been suspended, but she tweeted earlier, "Omfg I'm so stupid I'm scared" and "omfg I was kidding." twerkcunt and WesleyWalrus aren't any different.


— (@twerkcunt) April 14, 2014
@SouthwestAir I WAS JOKING

— Lady Gaga Facts Only (@WesleyWalrus) April 14, 2014

— (@twerkcunt) April 14, 2014

— Lady Gaga Facts Only (@WesleyWalrus) April 14, 2014
The next teen trend, presumably, is hopping on TSA watchlists for life.

Update: We found more teens.

Hello my name's Khancie and I'm from Afghanistan. I'm part of Al Qaida and on April 16th I'm gonna have a chest bomb on me @AmericanAir

— ☀ (@ReinaldoMassa) April 13, 2014

— donnie cyrus. (@MileyFawLife) April 14, 2014
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April 4, 2014 Dutch Teen Arrested for Trolling American Airlines with Twitter Threat The teenage girl who made a prank terrorism threat to American Airlines on Twitter over the weekend has reportedly been arrested at her home in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The Dutch 14-year-old, who goes by Sarah on Twitter, posted this obvious trolling attempt on Sunday: American Airlines quickly responded that it had contacted the FBI and forwarded them Sarah's "IP address and details."

July 28 2013 messages wired  Twitter troll jailed for abusive tweets against UK MP Peter Nunn -- infamous for sending abusive Twitter messages to Labour MP Stella Creasy after she supported a successful campaign to put Jane Austen's face on the £10 note -- has been jailed for 18 weeks. Nunn was originally arrested on August 7th, and the City of London Magistrate's Court heard that Nunn, 33, from Bristol, "retweeted "menacing" posts threatening to rape the Walthamstow MP and branding her a witch", according to a BBC report. According to the ruling Nunn "was found guilty of sending indecent, obscene or menacing messages between 28 July 2013 and 5 August 2013".

July 31, 2012 CNET Tom Daley Twitter troll arrested as Olympic critic suspended Twitter is causing trouble at the London 2012 Olympics, as a teenage troll is arrested for abusing diver Tom Daley. Twitter may be the official narrator of the Olympics, but it's already landed various people in hot water. A journalist has been suspended for criticising US telly bosses, a Swiss footballer has been sent home over racist tweets, and a teenaged troll has been arrested in Weymouth by Dorset police for abusing Tom Daley.