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Ethiopian Incidents

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Are Ethiopians being recruited to commit clandestine terrorist attacks staged to look like random crime?


2/23/2017 crime: rape, home invasion suspect: aressted  University Washington Seattle student says Ethiopian drug dealer just out of jail broke in, raped her, tried to inject her with meth ... Name is ethiopian q13fox.com man been charged with raping a woman in Seattle's University District, and .Stranger sexually assaulted U District woman inside her bedroom ...q13fox.com Feb 24, 2017 - Detectives are investigating a sexual assault that happened inside the victim's apartment just north of the University of Washington campus Thursday morning. (African with dreadlocks) attempted to inject her with methamphetamine and send text messages that would make it appear she tried to buy drugs from him. ...caught the man a few days later after he broke into another house nearby. Asfawesan Dres was charged with first-degree rape and first-degree burglary Violent Felon, Asfawesan Dres, Rapes Student Just Hours After Being ... https://bluelivesmatter.blue Asfawesan Dres was released from jail less than 15 hours before he is accused of committing a brutal home invasion and rape at ... Man charged in U District rape accused of threatening victim with meth ... www.seattletimes.com/.../man-charged-in-u-district-rape-accused-of-threatening-woman...6 days ago - Asfawesan Dres is accused of raping a 21-year-old woman in her U District apartment last week within hours of his release from the King County Jail. ... A 34-year-old Seattle man charged with raping a University of Washington student in her bedroom last week is also accused of trying ... State Of Washington, Respondent V. Asfawesan A. Dres, Appellant ...law.justia.com August 2007 Seattle police officers arrested him after trying to buy drugs from him at Pikes Place Market Charges: U-District burglary defendant now charged with rape ... www.seattlepi.com  Asfawesan Dres was charged Thursday with rape and burglary for a Feb. 23 attack he allegedly committed just hours after being released from ...
Charges: Man committed U District rape a day out of jail | KOMO
Asfawesen Dres, 33, was charged with first-degree rape and first-degree burg. ... with a long criminal history raped a University of Washington student last ... her with what he said wasmethamphetamine, court documents say.

1 shot fired, 2 cars stolen March 31, 2015 Wossen Assaye Shoots Escapes VA Hospital Armed prisoner in hospital after attempting suicide, Wossen Assay overpowered the guard at 3 a.m. and took his gun in Inova Fairfax Hospital. A shot was fired, nobody was injured. Hospital placed on lockdown as he escaped, and stole 2 vehicles. He was found in DC  Pennsylvania Avenue SE in Washington, D.C., After nine hour manhunt taken into custody. Was arrested by federal authorities last week for a series of bank robberies in Northern Virginia. Assaye allegedly committed the robberies while on a bike.. charged with a variety of felonies — including breaking and entering in 1998 — with at least one conviction, for purse snatching in 1994,

2 killed in 2 scenes, 2 arrested September 22, 2013 Shavelle Oscar Chavez-Nelson Arrested for Burnsville Murder Anthony Nelson was with two women outside Nina's Grill in Burnsville MN near Minneapolis when he got into an argument and shot Palagor Jobi, and fled with the two women. Nelson has been charged with murder, while missing ex-girlfriend Anarae Schunk is believed to have been murdered and current girlfriend Ashley Marie Conrade was charged with helping Nelson. Nov 12, 2014  Shavelle Chavez-Nelson is found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Jobi, trial set for Schunk in May 2015

1 kidnapping 1 robbery, 1 arrested January 23, 2013 Ethiopian Bereket Piatt Bank Robber Kidnaps College Student  In Everett, Washington a female student attending Everett Community College was kidnapped by Bereket Piatt who threatened her with a gun. He demanded she drive her to various locations across Everett, and park downtown, where he robbed a Wells Fargo bank with his gun and the student had to wait, telling her he would track her down from her licence plate and kill her if she fled. He then had her drive back to the original location. She was uninjured and the told the police.

4 killed 7 injured Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012 Las Vegas 2012 Bartender Bus Stop Crash A bus stop outside Las Vegas was demolished by a Chevrolet Monte Carlo which went airborne after speeding at 100 mph. As rescue crews worked to free the driver from the wrecked car, he asked loud enough to be heard by the bartender: in the bar “Did I make it to the liquor store?” Metro Police officials identified Las Vegan Gary Lee Hosey Jr., 24, as the vehicle's driver. He and four Ethiopian friends had just been at an Ethiopian bar, claimed he only drank one beer. Police investigate after a car crashed into a bus stop full of waiting pedestrians on Spring Mountain Road east of Decatur Boulevard, killing four people, on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. He failed alcohol testing, though he claimed he only had one beer. He had got off his bartender shift, and said he had to hurry to give his girlfriend's car back so she could go to work at 7. He pled guilty and was sentenced to 80 years.

December 28, 2011 Jihadist Outs US Muslim Terrorists, NY Daily News Redacts Names Debbie Schlussel alleged rogues’ gallery he describes includes Brooklyn teachers of the Islamic orthodoxy Salafism, a livery cab driver, an Ethiopian Muslim in the U.S. Army and a College of Staten Island student who attended a fund-raiser at Brooklyn College for a terrorist.

10 Ethiopian students killed, 4 journalists attacked in Kenya Ethiomedia November 5, 2007 AP - May 02 NAIROBI, Kenya - At least 10 Ethiopian university student refugees were killed over the last two weeks in Kenya by security forces loyal to the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Addis Ababa, Kenya's Citizen TV announced on Monday. Earlier on Saturday, unidentified armed men also held four exiled Ethiopian journalists at gunpoint, tied their hands behind their backs, dragged them out of their home when violence-wary neighbors cried out for help and stopped the progress of the crime. Is Kenya another death trap for Ethiopian refugees?  risky escape across the border into neighboring Kenya hasn’t saved them from being brutalized by the long arm of the Meles Zenawi government, whose security forces move in and out of Kenya as if that country were another Ethiopian province. most of the victims were shot dead after they were dragged out of their homes. ... five armed men entered a home where four exiled Ethiopian journalists were staying.... We call on all Ethiopians around the world to save us from the savagery of the security forces being sent into Kenya,” a young student told an Ethiomedia reporter in Nairobi.