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Daily Misfortune Month March 2015

Daily Misfortune Month March 2015 ---  ===
Misfortune Timeline Year 2015 ---

Daily Misfortune Tuesday March 31, 2015 ---
  1. March 31, 2015 A massive power outage spreads across Turkey, terrorism not ruled out
  2. 2 killed 1 convicted March 31, 2015  Borneo UK student killings: Local Malaysian man convicted of murder
  3.  March 31, 2015 Video shows missing Minn. sorority sister fall off bridge 
  4. 11 killed 30 injured March 31, 2015 Saudi-led allied bombing in Sanaa,
  5. 1 shot fired, 2 cars stolen March 31, 2015 Wossen Assaye Shoots Escapes VA Hospital 
  6. 3 killed, 2 suspects killed terrorist attack March 31, 2015 Istanbul prosecutor, terrorists killed after taken hostage by Turkish group 
  7. Landslides in India's Jammu and Kashmir state kill at least six people and leave sixteen others missing. BBC
  8. 2 killed March 31, 2015 Murder suicide at a shooting range complex in Bucharest, Romania 
  9. 2 killed in hospital shooting Murder suicide March 31, 2015  Neng Moua Shoots Ex-wife in Fresno Medical Office 
  10. 1 stabbed 1 arrested March 31, 2015 Miami Killian High Girl Stabs Victim in Cafeteria
  11. 1 killed 1 fire 1 arrested March 31, 2015  Song Wang Accused Killing Kittaporn Saosawatsri, Arson Apartment in Bellevue WA 
Daily Misfortune Monday March 30, 2015 ---
  1. 6 injured March 30, 2015   School bus hit by erratic wrong way SUV Tulsa 
  2. March 30, 2015 update Two bodies found Building blew up when gas was restored to fix illegal tap in August 
  3. March 30, 2015  Alps crash: Lubitz 'had treatment for suicidal tendencies ... 
  4. 1 killed 2 injured March 30, 2015  Stolen SUV Rams Fort Meade NSA Gate 2nd Shooting in Month 
  5. 8 killed 10 injured March 30, 2015  Church van runs stop sign, crashes into Florida canal 
  6. DUI (not deliberate attack?) car crash into fence March 30, 2015 Drunk cover story for driver arrested after SUV slams into gate at Nashville TN West Precinct 
  7. 2015 military intervention in Yemen Saudi-led airstrikes hit a refugee camp near a military installation in the northern Harad District killing 21 people. Houthi militants make gains in Hadi's last bastion, Aden(Reuters)
Daily Misfortune Sunday March 29, 2015 ---
  1. March 29, 2015  'Black Brunch' Protesters scare children harass Atlanta diners on Palm Sunday theblaze
  2. March 29, 2015  Germanwings pilot heard screaming 'Open the goddamn door' 
  3. March 29, 2015  Chinese cyberattack targets Github projects to sidestep censorship wsj
  4. March 29, 2015  Air Canada hard landing in Halifax crashes into towers, engines and landing gear break off.
  5. Nigeria extends voting in its general election for a second day due to delays and malfunctioning equipment. So far, Boko Haram attacks have killed 43 people. (Bloomberg)
  6. 1 kidnapped 1 charged March 29, 2015 St Paul Area Hmong Man Accused of Kidnapping 15-Year-Old Girl to Marry Her
Daily Misfortune Saturday March 28, 2015 ---
  1. Germanwings Flight 9525 One day I'm going to do something that will change the whole system, and everyone will know my name and remember." (BBC)
  2. The Congolese bar owner falsely accused citing diplomatic pressure coupled with Knox's wealth and status as American, as opposed to his being African. (Guardian)
  3. Nigerian general election, 2015 Gunmen kill at least 15 voters including an opposition house of assembly candidate for Dukku in Gombe. (CNN), (Reuters via MSN)
  4. Russia, recovering after Friday's abandoned Euro 2016 qualifier suffers injuries Guardian
  5. ​8 wounded in bombing near Cairo University
  6. Islamist extremists now control Syrian city of Idlib
  7. India launches IRNSS-1D satellite 
  8. Two Czechs kidnapped in Pakistan set free 
  9. 2 injured March 28, 2015 PA State trooper hit by amok motorist who hits patrol car at car fire 
  10. 1 killed March 28, 2015 Police officer shot, killed at his home near Philadelphia possible domestic
  11. ​Tunisia says it has killed lead suspect in museum attack 
  12. 21 injured March 28, 2015 21 injured after Los Angeles Metro train crashes into car near USC 
  13. Benghazi attacks: March 28, 2015 Was Hillary running a secret intel network? Hot Air Gawker’s Jeff Girth and Sam Biddle uncovered a secret, private intelligence network run by Sidney Blumenthal for Hillary’s benefit, apart from the State Department’s own Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Hackers got e-mails that went through Hillary’s private server between her and Blumenthal, e-mails that show her own private intel group was also warning her that Libya was collapsing in the weeks and months prior to the sacking of the consulate in Benghazi:
Daily Misfortune Friday March 27, 2015 ---
  1. March 27, 2015 Germanwings co-pilot's torn sick note, romantic breakup provide clues in crash probe
  2. 39 killed March 27, 2015 A Middle Eastern coalition led by Saudi Arabia's army and Egypt's navy attacks positions in Yemen for the second 
  3. March 27, 2015 Militants believed to be from al-Shabab attack and temporarily occupy a Mogadishu hotel leaving at least nine people dead. (AP)
  4. March 27, 2015 A stampede at a Hindu festival in Langalbandh, Bangladesh kills at least ten people with dozens more injured. (Bangla News), (AP)
  5. March 27, 2015 Power returns to Amsterdam after a 5-hour blackout that caused the closure of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and disrupted public transport networks throughout the Netherlands. (Reuters via Daily Mail)
  6. Nigeria retakes town where Boko Haram declared caliphate  town of Gwoza from Boko Haram, from which the group declared their caliphate last year, AFP reported. 
  7. March 26, 2015 Airport in Canada's British Columbia re-opened after plastic tube prompts evacuation
  8. March 27, 2015 Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz behaved like a 'mass spree-killer'| Daily Mail Online Compared to Columbine, Virginia Tech, Norway bomber, Sandy Hook 
  9. March 27, 2015 Counterjihad bloggers conspiracy theory Germanwings pilot could be converted extremist Speculation, not evidence, but one counterjihad german blogger speculation is getting a lot of links.
  10. March 27, 2015  US Rabbi Joins Chorus of Concern Over Obama Administration’s Attacks on Israel, campaign to remove Iran saction
  11. PRO-ISRAEL OBAMA AGAINST ISRAEL Discover The Networks No previous American president has had so strained a relationship with Israel as Barack Obama.
  12. update March 27, 2015  Cat litter was responsible for $500m radiation leak, nuke waste site shutdown – US Energy Dept 
  13. update March 27, 2015 No Need to Prosecute Dishonorable Discharge Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl New York Times‎
  14. 2 killed March 27, 2015  Deaths of hospital CEO and wife ruled murder-suicide  
  15. twitter threats March 27, 2015 Deranged Leftist Pleads Guilty to Tweeting Violent Threats to Gov. Scott Walker’s Son 
  16. church destroyed March 27, 2015  Egypt Church Built In Dedication To The 21 Copts Beheaded By ISIS Burned Down by Angry Radicalized Mob 
  17. 7 wounded March 27, 2015 7 shot during spring break house party at Florida Panhandle beach town CNN Alabama A&M student victims. Drunk people on drugs with guns Seven college-age people, some who came to Panama City Beach, Florida, for spring break, were wounded, some multiple times in a late-night shooting,  Video showed the streets teeming with young people. Three people with gunshot wounds were found inside a house, one outside the house, one in the median of the road and two on the other side of the road, the sheriff's office said in a press release.  arrested David Jarmichael Daniels, 22, of Mobile, Alabama, on seven counts of attempted murder. A .40-caliber pistol was found in the backyard of a residence. No motive
Daily Misfortune Thursday March 26, 2015 ---
  1. 17 killed The Saudi Arabian Air Force launches airstrikes on Sana'a International Airport and Yemen's al Dulaimi military airport resulting in at least 17 deaths. (Reuters), (Al-Jazeera)
  2. 14 killed Scaffolding collapses in Vietnam's Hà Tĩnh Province, killing at least fourteen people and leaving around thirty others injured. (AP), (Reuters)
  3. Germanwings Flight 9525 French prosecutor claim the evidence is that the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, intended to crash the plane deliberately. (The Guardian)
  4. 3 injured 2 gunmen February 23, 2015 shooting March 26, 2015 Man, 21, arrested in Feb Bethune-Cookman University shooting 
  5. 2 arrested in Islamist attack plot March 26, 2015 National Guardsman and cousin arrested planning join ISIS and attack base 
  6. 2 missing 25 injured March 26, 2015 Building explosion rocks New York City, injuring several  Contractor probed in careless workers rupture gas main causing massive NYC gas explosion 
  7. March 26, 2015 "Was He A Hero?" Among The Questions Surrounding Estate of American Sniper 
  8. 1 killed 3 injured March 26, 2015  Tractor trailer plows, collapses into Central Texas interstate bridge, 1 killed 
  9. 1 killed March 26, 2015 Police: Homicide suspect on the loose after SeaTac WA shooting 
  10. 1 killed March 26, 2015 Officer-involved shooting in Gardner, Kan., domestic incident leaves 1 woman dead 
  11. Clinton Twp. party store owner killed in shop shoot-out  Christina Hall, Detroit Free Press The shooting comes nearly a year to the day when another Clinton Township party store owner was gunned down during a robbery. One of four men charged in that death is on trial in Macomb County. Emil Salem, 50, the owner of Bernie's Party Store on Garfield near 171/2 Mile, was killed in a shoot-out with a suspect who entered the store about 11 p.m. Thursday and was waving a gun, Township Police Capt. Richard Maierle said today.
  12. March 26, 2015 Airport in Canada's British Columbia re-opened after plastic tube prompts evacuatio
Daily Misfortune Wednesday March 25, 2015 ---
  1. update March 25, 2015 Germanwings did not call emergency, terrorism unlikely, pilot locked out 
  2. 2 injured February 4, 2015 shooting  March 25, 2015 update 2 men arrested in Feb Baltimore area HS shooting 
  3. The Afghan National Army kills 29 insurgents and injures 21 others in a series of operations in Daikundi, Ghazni, and Parwan provinces during the past 24 hours. (Tolonews)
  4. 5 killed in suspected suicide bombing in Libya’s Sirte – reports
  5. Five people were killed Wednesday in the central Libyan city of Sirte in an apparent suicide bombing,
  6. 5 killed in suspected suicide bombing in Libya’s Sirte near the city’s power station,
  7. Pakistan airstrikes kill 30 Taliban-allied militants – sources  rt
  8. Pakistani jet fighters have killed 30 militants allied to the Taliban in Kybher
  9. Yemen’s Houthis seize key air base near Aden   rt
  10. ISIS affiliate claims tuesday Libya bombings that killed 12 The affiliate of Islamic Stat
  11. Security services have prevented 230 suspected jihadists from departing Australia for Iraq and Syria this month
  12. 1 killed suspect sought March 25, 2015 Fatal Bridgeport Market Shooting Likely Didn't Happen During Robbery: Police 
  13. 2 people shot, several cars shot at March 25, 2015  Crash follows chase and random shooting at cars near St. Louis airport 
  14. 2 killed March 25, 2015  Kroger employee killed in murder/suicide outside Memphis store
  15. 1 killed 3 charged March 14 murder March 25, 2015 Husband killed in wife and 2 men murder plot begged wife, police say 
  16. 2 killed suspect killed March 25, 2015 Gunman Wanted in Slaying Shot, Killed by Deputies in South LA Alley 
  17. March 25, 2015  Stetson University music department bomb threat
  18. 3 killed, 14 shot in 6 days 14th Cincinnati area shooting victim reported in 6 days 
  19. March 25, 2015 NEW YORK TIMES DELETES: BERGDAHL DESERVES HONORABLE DISCHARGE Article about the desertion charges filed against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, The New York Times was mercilessly ridiculed on Twitter.."Another question is whether the Army will give Sergeant Bergdahl an honorable discharge if he is found guilty of desertion. For members of the military, an honorable discharge is no small matter, and not getting one can hinder not only a veteran’s job prospects but the entirety of how a service memberlook [sic] back on his or her career." Overnight, and without noting the edit, The Times stealth-deleted this nonsense..
  20. 1 injured March 25, 2015 Oregon driver high on laughing gas hits safety flagger: cops ...Daily News motorist allegedly high on nitrous oxide struck a safety flagger on a sidewalk  Miller was driving erratically and weaving in and out of his lane when it approached a street that was undergoing a construction project,  Patrick Miller, 49, was charged with assault, reckless driving and DUI.
Daily Misfortune Tuesday March 24, 2015 ---
  1. 13 killed March 24, 2015 Gunmen in Afghanistan attack passing vehicles 
  2. 150 killed March 24, 2015 Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash
  3. update March 24, 2015 N. Korea says no apology for 2010 Chonan warship sinking 
  4. 1 crash no injuries March 24, 2015 School bus carrying students crashes into Philadelphia area home 
  5. March 24, 2015 Police investigating double shooting in Williamsburg 
  6. March 24, 2015 Rye High School student, 17, charged in bomb threat 
  7. March 24, 2015 Woman Killed, Man Injured In Stabbing Outside Van Nuys Home 
  8. update: 6 killed July 22, 2010 California jury rules Greyhound not to blame in deadly crash March 24, 2015 
  9. 1 shot 5 arrested March 24, 2015 Police chase, hooting near Southcenter mall in Tukwila WA 
  10. March 24, 2015 Law enforcement officers killed in California, Wisconsin
  11. 3 killed suspect killed March 24, 2015 White supremacist bank robber kills trooper, bystander in Fond du Lac Wisconsin 
  12. 1 killed March 24, 2015 Ferguson man gunned down at traffic light in St. Louis
  13. 1 killed 1 injured suspect sought March 24, 2015 Denver area Shooting Victim Was Pursuing Career In Music Industry 
  14. 1 bomb plot March 24, 2015 House in Massachusetts found to be booby trapped as bomb before sale 
Daily Misfortune Monday March 23, 2015 ---
  1. 19 killed 36 injured Multiple bombings in Baghdad, Iraq kill at least nineteen people and wound another 36. (AP)
  2. 34 christians killed  March 23, 2015 Peru Bus Carrying Christians Swerves Wrong Way Into Traffic 
  3. The National Assembly of Armenia approves a declaration recognizing the Greek and Assyrian genocides by Ottoman Turkey between 1915 and 1923. (Armenpress)
  4. 3 assault The South Gauteng High Court sitting in Palm Ridge, Katlehong, finds former doubles tennis champion Bob Hewitt guilty of two counts of rape and one of sexual assault of three former students that he coached in South Africa. (News 24)
  5. 2 rapes Former NFL player Darren Sharper pleads guilty in a Maricopa County courtroom to raping two women after spiking their drinks at a Tempe, Arizona apartment in November 2013
  6. Arab states to take action over Yemen if peace efforts fail - S. Arabia
  7. 6,000 killed More than 6,000 killed in E. Ukraine - UN
  8. 1 killed Ukraine’s former ruling Party of Regions on Monday confirmed the death of ex-President Viktor Yanukovich’s younger son,
  9. 19 killed 36 wounded Baghdad bombings  Bombings in the Iraqi capital killed 
  10. ISIS pushes towards west to attack Syrian army in Homs RT 
  11. Tikrit, Iraq surrounded by govt troops – RT
  12. Pakistan holds 1st Republic Day parade in 7 years .
  13. Canada PM, NATO chief to discuss expanding mission against ISIS 
  14. 2 injured ‘electrical related’ fire at UN headquarters in NYC
  15. 1 killed 4 injured Tennessee March 23, 2015   Drive by shooting at cookout near Austin Peay State University
  16. March 23, 2015 White House Complains Israel Spied on Iran Nuclear Talks With U.S.
  17. March 23, 2015 ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram training together in Mauritania
  18. 1 stabbed March 23, 2015  Argument over social media post leads to stabbing in Burbank
  19. 1 killed March 23, 2015  Young Father Killed in targeted non-gant Car-to-Car Shooting in Playa Vista 
  20. 1 killed March 23, 2015  California woman killed by gravel dumped on her car in driveway 
  21. March 23, 2015 Woman throws fire bomb at anti-abortion prayer gathering KEYE A woman is facing charges after police say she threw a Molotov cocktail at anti-abortion protesters who were standing outside of Planned Parenthood. Melanie Toney, 52, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to the affidavit, the incident happened around 6:25 p.m. on Monday at the Planned Parenthood building on East Ben White Boulevard. License plate was covered. blogger calls her domestic terrorist No coverage by CNN, USAToday Molotov cocktail thrown at pro-life protesters outside Austin Planned ... Washington Times-Mar 25, 2015 Texas woman throws Molotov cocktail outside Austin Planned ... Raw Story-Mar 25, 2015
Daily Misfortune Sunday March 22, 2015 ---
  1. The United Nations Security Council meets to discuss the deteriorating security situation in Yemen as the United States removes all remaining personnel. (Fox News)
  2. Shia Houthis rebels capture the strategically important city of Ta'izz. (BBC)
  3. The Pakistan Army claims to have killed 80 Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan fighters in fighting in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in recent days while the Taliban claims to have killed at least six soldiers. (Reuters via A Syrian Armed Forces helicopter crashes in Jabal al-Zawiya in the Idlib Governorate resulting in the death of one crew member and the capture of four. (BBC)
  4. 5 killed 2 injured A campsite tent fire on Ganghwa Island in the South Korean city of Incheon kills five people and seriously injures two others. (Yonhap)
  5. 11 killed 36 injured Venezuelan bus loses control plunges into a lake in Aragua state, southwest of the capital Caracas, killing at least eleven people with 36 others injured. (BBC)
  6.  March 22, 2015 You Just Hate Netanyahu': Judge Jeanine Slams Obama For Siding With Iran Fox News  You seem committed to doing whatever you can to signal your disdain for Israel, whatever you can to make friends with the enemy and diss our ally," Judge Jeanine said. "Mr. President, whose side are you on, anyway?"
Daily Misfortune Saturday March 21, 2015 ---
  1. 1 teen killed, 2 more wounded March 21, 2015 A Teenager Is Killed Near the Scene of a Brawl Caught on Video in Brooklyn  
  2. March 21, 2015  Grove in Los Angeles Gets An 'All Clear' Following Reported Bomb Threat 
  3. 1 killed 1 arrested March 21, 2015 Suspect surrenders after fatal shooting mother's boyfriend in Garland TX home
  4. March 21, 2015 The United States military evacuates the remaining 100 Special Operations forces members in the country due to the deteriorating security situation. (CNN)
  5. March 21, 2015 A fire in Brooklyn, New York kills seven children and leaves two others critically injured. (The New York Times) (AP)
  6. 35 killed March 21, 2015 An Egyptian accident in which a bus falls off of a bridge and plunges into a canal near Giza city kills at least 35 people. (NEWS.CO.AU)
  7. 1 killed March 21, 2015 Santa Clara CA Robbery suspect was fatally shot by police after he tried robbing a 7-11 store and fired a shot at the clerk, missing. The gunman walked out the store and was shot by officers.

Daily Misfortune Friday March 20, 2015 ---
  1. 1 college threat March 20, 2015 Police investigating bomb threat at University of Wisconsin Madison
  2. 2 killed 6 injured March 20, 2015  Bomb Kills 2 at Shiite Mosque in Pakistan's Largest City 
  3. 30 killed 150 injured March 20, 2015  The Dehradun-Varanasi Janta Express derails
  4. Islamic State releases a video showing the execution of three Kurdish peshmerga fighter
  5. 1 killed March 20, 2015 New Orleans Airport TSA Attacked by Man With Machete, Bombs [
  6. 2 killed 2 injured March 20, 2015  Cab jumps curb, hits 4 in NYC; man, girl killed; 2 injured
  7. 1 college threat March 20, 2015 Police investigating bomb threat at University of Wisconsin Madison
  8. 2 killed 6 injured March 20, 2015  Bomb Kills 2 at Shiite Mosque in Pakistan's Largest City 
  9. 30 killed 150 injured March 20, 2015  The Dehradun-Varanasi Janta Express derails
  10. Islamic State releases a video showing the execution of three Kurdish peshmerga fighter
  11. 1 killed March 20, 2015 New Orleans Airport TSA Attacked by Man With Machete, Bombs 
  12. 2 killed 2 injured March 20, 2015  Cab jumps curb, hits 4 in NYC; man, girl killed; 2 injured 
  13. 1 injured March 20, 2015 Houston Road Rage Shooting Victim's Message for Gunman 
  14. 1 killed 2 injured March 20, 2015 Off-duty cops killed driving wrong way had left strip club 
  15. March 20, 2015 Emir of Bukukuyum in Zamfara state, northern Nigeria, Muahmmadu Usman, was kidnapped 
  16. March 20, 2015 Nigeria Anti-Christian Political Thugs Burn Down Winners Chapel After Endorsement 
Daily Misfortune Thursday March 19, 2015 ---
  1. 7 killed March 19, 2015 A huge boulder falls upon tourists awaiting to board a ship at the scenic Diecai Hill of China's Guilin region
  2. 9 arrested March 19, 2015 Tunisia arrests 9 over museum attack
  3. 2 killed March 19, 2015 Official: Navajo Police Officer, Gunman Killed in AZ Shooting 
  4. 2 killed 8 wounded March 19, 2015 2015 Gothenburg pub shooting  gunmen fire on crowd in pub in Gothenburg, blamed on gangs rather than terrorism.
  5. 1 killed Agency confirms fatal Wash. shooting by Border Patrol agent U.S. Border Patrol agent fatally shot “a suspected illegal border crosser” after the agent was assaulted by the man 
  6. 1 killed March 19, 2015 Oregon Man With Mass Shooter Gun Dies In Exploding Target Material Bomb Blast Ruled Suicide  
  7. 2 killed March 19, 2015 Palo Alto: Two dead in grisly shooting at senior apartment complex 
  8. 2 injured March 19, 2015 Stabbing, Shooting as Brawl Breaks Out Inside Philadelphia Chinese Takeout 
Daily Misfortune Wednesday March 18, 2015 ---

  1. 1 killed 5 wounded March 18, 2015Arizona suspect in custody after Mesa shooting spree 
  2. March 18, 2015 Suspect Is In Custody After Stabbing Football players At Morgan State
  3. 23 killed Bardo National Museum attack Gunmen are repelled when trying to attack Parliament, then turn to Tunisia's Bardo National Museum
  4. 1 killed March 18, 2015 Police ID woman shot, killed by officers in Peoria did not drop gun 
  5. Obama administration gave tax dollars to OneVoice in failed attempt to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu 
  6. 1 threat, 1 arrested March 18, 2015 Social media threat puts North Texas school district on high alert 
  7. car stolen, 2 kidnapped 1 arrested March 18, 2015 $1M bail for man accused of stealing car near school with 2 kids in Lacey WA 
  8. 1 killed March 18, 2015 Armed Lee Wingo Garland shot in park in Florida (Tallahassee) 
  9. 1 killed 1 arrested March 18, 2015 Phoenix AZ police: Craig Uran carjacking suspect shot, killed in busy downtown, weapon was pellet gun

Daily Misfortune Tuesday March 17, 2015 ---
  1. March 17, 2015 Air Force veteran indicted for allegedly trying to join Islamic State 
  2. 11 million hacked March 17, 2015 Health insurer Premera Blue Cross announces that it was the victim of a cyberattack that exposed bank account numbers and other personal data of 11 million customers on May 5, 2014. (Reuters)
  3. 6 killed March 17, 2015 Activists accuse Syrian Air Force of using chlorine gas in attack on northern town..
  4. 3 jailed March 17, 2015 Myanmar sentences 3 for insulting Buddhism  
  5. March 17, 2015 S. Korea prosecutors blame North for hacking on nuclear operator 
  6. 1 killed March 17, 2015 Pakistani lawyer Samiullah Afridi, who had defended Dr. Shakil Afridi who assisting CIA agents hunting Osama bin Laden is shot
  7. 2 killed March 17, 2015 A Dutch military helicopter serving as part of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali crashes near Gao, killing two people. (BBC)
  8. 1 charged March 17, 2015 In Australia, the New South Wales Police charge the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, with allegedly covering up a child sexual abuse crime commited by another priest, James Fletcher, in the 1970s. (ABC)
  9. 1 threat March 17, 2015 White Housemail  tests a "presumptive positive" for cyanide.
  10. 1 threat 1 arrested March 17, 2015 Cameron James Stout arrested, and charged with meeting with with a former Aryan Nation member and informant, threats to shoot U.S. President
  11. 3 killed 4 injured March 17, 2015 Stockton drive-by shooting kills three four more are injured
  12. 3 killed 3 wounded suspect arrested March 17, 2015  A stabbing attack among Burmese refuguees leaves three dead and three wounded in New Bern, North Carolina
  13. 1 killed Tuesday March 17, 2015 San Francisco Police shot and killed erratic driver Alice Brown 
  14. threat against churches March 17, 2015 Saudi grand mufti: Destroy all churches in Arabian peninsula 
  15. March 17, 2014 Kenya:  Kenyan Police Thwart Terror Attack in Mombasa, Uganda Issues Terror Alert SABAHI Kenyan police arrested two men who were illegally driving a vehicle in Mombasa that was later discovered to be packed with explosives. "We have not more »
Daily Misfortune Monday March 16, 2015 ---
  1. March 16, 2015 Transformer 'explosion' closes part of Mass Ave. 
  2. March 16, 2015 Lawyer Doubts Suspect's Role in Ferguson Shootings 
  3. 1 killed March 16, 2015  Police: Suicidal NC Veteran shot, killed by officers after firing weapon 
  4. March 16, 2015  Bomb squad called to Texas Walmart pipe under car 
  5. March 16, 2015 , 17 6 Nashville TN metro schools searched due to bomb threats over 2 days 
  6. Islamic State kidnaps about 20 medical workers from the Ibn Sina Hospital in the Libyan city of Sirte. (CNN)
  7. The United Nations estimates that every school in Vanuatu has been destroyed or damaged by Cyclone Pam. The interim death toll has risen to 44. (ABC News Australia), (Reuters via Daily Mail)
  8. 17 killed A bus runs off the road in northwestern Nepal killing at least seventeen people. (The Hindu)
  9. An Egyptian court hands down a death sentence to Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie and thirteen others. (BBC)
  10. Robert Durst is formally charged with the murder of his former friend Susan Berman covered in the HBO documentary miniseries The Jinx. (Variety)
  11. Malaysian police arrest parliamentarian Nurul Izzah Anwar for alleged sedition. Izzah is the daughter of former Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. (Straits Times)
  12. Pakistani police break up church attack protests in Lahore 
  13. Kurds in Iraq probe 2 possible Islamic State chemical weapon attacks 
  14. Burned belfry of Moscow’s Novodevichy Convent to be restored by autumn 
  15. Saudi 2015 execution tally rises to 45 
  16. Investigators bring charges against 3rd suspect in Nemtsov killing 
  17. More than 50 IS fighters killed by airstrike in Iraq
  18. Afghan forces kill 10 militants affiliated with ISIS 
  19. 4 killed Murder-suicide shooting eyed as search for missing Alaska family of 4 comes to grim end  A nearly yearlong search for a missing Alaska family came to a grim end Monday with the discovery of four bodies, a dead dog and a handgun which matched box at home just off a trail in a rural area near the family's home in what authorities said appeared to be a murder-suicide. But questions remained about a possible motive.
Daily Misfortune Sunday March 15, 2015 ---
  1. 1 church fire March 15, 2015 Rectory Of Near West Side Chicago Catholic Church Damaged After Garbage Chute Fire  
  2. 15 killed 70 injured 2 suspects suicide 15 Killed, 70 Hurt in  Suicide Bomb Attacks at 2 Lahore Catholic and Protestant Pakistan Church Services 
  3. 1 killed 1 arrested  March 15, 2015 Dallas pedestrian killed by hit-and-run driver 
  4. March 15, 2015 Cleveland HS student killed drive by shooting walking on street in Seattle shooting 
  5. 1 church damaged March 15, 2015 A fire breaks out in the bell tower of Moscow's Novodevichy Convent
  6. 1 killed March 15, 2015 1 dead after Chicago-bound train hits truck ignores gates in Illinois 
  7. 3 killed 2 injured  March 15, 2015  Woman drives onto shoulder to accidentally kill 3 walking by road pulling children in wagons in KY
  8. 1 killed 1 injured 1 arrested March 15, 2015 Motorist denies hit-and-run even though part of victim's body is found in his damaged car  Fox Associated Press ALLENTOWN, Pa. –  Authorities say a Pennsylvania man denied striking a woman with his car even though part of her severed body was found on the passenger-side floor of his crumpled vehicle. Thirty-three-year-old Jose Antonio Santiago is charged with causing an accident involving death or injury in Sunday's hit-and-run near Allentown. 62-year-old Anna Lewis was hit so hard that her body was cut in half. Allentown, Pennsylvania authorities found pieces of a car left at the scene and later spotted Santiago's smashed Saab and Lewis's upper torso. Still, Santiago told them 'I didn't hit anyone. If I did, I would've stopped. I'm not a bad person'  Police found Santiago's heavily damaged car about 90 minutes after the crash and Santiago two hours later when he approached a state trooper at his damaged car and identified himself. Police say he was covered in blood and smelled of alcohol. Santiago admitted driving a friend home from a bar that night after having a few drinks but denied hitting anyone.  Santiago has an extensive criminal history.  pleading guilty to drunken driving in Bethlehem in 2012, theft and drug charges in Allentown and a robbery charge filed by Kutztown University police in 2000. google
Daily Misfortune Saturday March 14, 2015 ---
  1. At least 30 and up to 51 people die after a bus crash in the province of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.
  2. After an armed band removed his personal security guards, the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Samuel Sam-Sumana, goes into hiding after applying for asylum at the United States embassy in Freetown. 
  3. The cancellation of several of Russian President Vladimir Putin's scheduled meetings leads to widespread social media speculations regarding the reason for his public absence. (The New York Times)  RT
  4. ​Dozens dead, missing in Myanmar ferry sinking 
  5. ​Death toll rises to 16 in Kazan shopping center fire 
  6. 2 car building crash driver arrested March 14, 2015 Suspected DUI Smashes Into Green Mill Restaurant In St. Paul  
  7. restaurant damaged March 14, 2015 Driver drunk when car hit St Paul Grand Avenue restaurant, charges say 
  8. March 14, 2015 1 arrested terrorist plot and support  Nicholas Teausant Arrested for Islamist Bombing Plots 
  9. March 14, 2015 The Demonic Wellspring - Wall Street Journal ISIS seems to be nourished from a demonic wellspring. Compares ISIS rise to Al Qaeda as IBM and ISIS as Apple, traces orgin to "entrepreneur of violence" semi-literate but charismatic Jordanian thug
  10. March 14, 2015 Unknown Nigeria gunmen attacked dissident student leader Afolayan Simon Awodola

    Daily Misfortune Friday March 13, 2015 ---
    1. 1 killed, policeman suspect wanted March 13, 2015 13 Arrest Warrant Issued for LAPD Officer Wanted in Shooting Death  Rodriguez Jr., Salome  shot in Ontario California by wanted policeman Rodriguez was on his way home when shot five times for unknown reasons, allegedly by Los Angeles Police Department Officer Henry Solis wanted on suspicion of murder in the death
    2. Myanmar air raid aimed at rebels on its border with China drops bombs on the Chinese city of Lincang killing four people.  (AP via The New York Times)
    3. Chile declares a state of emergency and preliminary evacuation of 16,000 as a forest fire threatens the city of Valparaiso. (AFP via Yahoo! News)
    4. The Aung Takon passenger ferry sinks off the coast of Myanmar with 21 dead and 26 people missing. (Straits Times)
    5. A malicious computer virus called Teslacrypt targets older games including World of Warcraft stopping their users from playing their favorite titles unless they pay a ransom. (BBC)
    6. ​Iraq war veteran pleads guilty to White House intrusion, officer assault rt
    7. 8 suspected Islamist militants detained in Spain raid rt 
    8. Turkish coastguard opens fire to stop Syrian migrant ship rt
    9. Pakistan hangs 2 men convicted of rape, murder rt
    10. India summons Pakistan envoy over order to release alleged mastermind of Mumbai attacks rt
    11. Israel’s center-left opposition poised to win elections next week rt
    12. 32 Indonesians detained or missing in Turkey, suspected of trying to join ISIS rt
    13. Ukraine’s self-proclaimed republics urge Germany, France to slap sanctions on Kiev rt
    14. Case against Russian woman accused of treason over troop movement call closed – lawyer rt
    15. Bangladesh factory collapse kills 7 rt
    Daily Misfortune Thursday March 12, 2015 ---
    1. 2 wounded suspect sought Ferguson unrestAn unknown gunman shoots two policemen in front of the Ferguson city police headquarters in the U.S. state of Missouri.(AP)
    2. Yemen Shiite militia kills protester during pro-president rally Shiite militiamen in Yemen
    3. Bangladeshi factory collapses, at least 4 dead, scores feared trapped .
    4. 3 Russian diplomats ‘accused of spying, expelled’ from Czech Republic 
    5. European MPs demand intl probe in Russian opposition politician Nemtsov’s murder
    6. Australia investigates IS claim teenager "Jihad" Jake Bilardi was Iraq suicide bomber 
    7. Islamists attack regional headquarters in central Somali city 
    8. Islamic State-linked militants claim police station attack in Libyan capital .
    9. 5 killed Death toll in trade center fire in Kazan, Russia, rises to 5 
    10. Australia offers to pay for jail time of 2 drug smugglers if spared 
    11. Holder: 'A Damn Punk' Ambushed Ferguson Cops.
    12. 1 injured March 12, 2015 Oregon Woman Survives After Setting Self on Fire in Car Then Jumping Off Bridge 
    14. ​16 eventually killed March 12, 2015 Kazan Russia shopping center fire 
    15. 8 injured March 12, 2015 8 Injured in Bomb Attack Against a Police Convoy in Colombia 
    16. 1 injured March 12, 2015 Oregon Woman Survives After Setting Self on Fire in Car Then Jumping Off Bridge 
    18. 1 killed 3 arrested March 12, 2015 Murder of Dog Walker James Patrick Stuhlman in Philadelphia 
    19. 1 injured set on fire March 12, 2015 Man deliberately set on fire outside restaurant Spanaway WA KIRO Associated Press Authorities say a man who was found ablaze outside a fast-food restaurant in Washington state this month was deliberately set on fire. investigating it as an assault. He says the motive is unclear. Fast-food workers looking into what appeared to be a building blaze  found a 46-year-old transient man on fire outside the business
    Daily Misfortune Wednesday March 11, 2015 ---
    1. former Chechen police officer, who confessed to being part of the murder of Boris Nemtsov did so after being tortured.
    2. At least 15 armed assailants ambush two vans on a highway in Burgundy, France carrying millions of euros worth ofjewels. It was the latest in a string of big jewel heists in France. (AP)
    3. 41 killed dozen s injured Tanzania bus collision: bus and a truck collided on a busy road in southwest Tanzania ... crashed head-on with a container truck
    4. former Chechen police officer, who confessed to being part of the murder of Boris Nemtsov did so after being tortured.
    5. At least 15 armed assailants ambush two vans on a highway in Burgundy, France carrying millions of euros worth ofjewels. It was the latest in a string of big jewel heists in France. (AP)
    6. 41 killed dozen s injured Tanzania bus collision: bus and a truck collided on a busy road in southwest Tanzania ... crashed head-on with a container truck
    7. March 11, 2015 Flight attendant sues Korean Air over ‘nut rage’ scandal 
    8. 1 wounded March 11, 2015 Israeli officer wounded in Golan Heights by gunfire from Syria 
    9. 11 killed March 11, 2015 US Army helicopter crashes in Florida 
    10. 1 injured March 11, 2015 Confused pedal car hits woman, then plows into Colorado pizza shop 
    11. 17 killed March 11, 2015 Kazan Russia shopping center fire 
    Daily Misfortune Tuesday March 10, 2015 ---
    1. 1 killed 24 injured March 10, 2015 Sinai Suicide Bomber
    2. 1 threat March 10, 2015 New Zealand Environmentalists Threaten Infant Formula 
    3. 1 killed March 10, 2015 Unarmed Naked Black Man Hands Up Shot By Atlanta cop 
    4. March 10, 2015 Wikimedia sues NSA over spying
    5. March 10, 2015 Two racist chant students expelled
    6. March 10, 2015 The CIA Campaign to Steal Apple's Secrets 
    7. 1 killed. suspect critically injured March 10, 2015 U.S. Marshal killed while executing Louisiana man's double murder arrest warrant
    8. 1 threat March 10, 2015 West Windsor NJ student charged after 'alarming tweets' on Twitter force school evacuation 
    9. 1 killed 2 arrested March 10, 2015 Man shot killed by man breaking into his truck outside Atlanta Kroger 
    10. 1 killed 4 injured March 10, 2015 Dien Sanh Vitnam train crash into truck at crossing

    Daily Misfortune Monday March 9, 2015 ---
    1. March 9, 2015 Putin gives Russia's top honors to two linked to notorious murders Ramzan Kadyrov
    2. 40 injured March 9, 2015 Truck derails Amtrack train in Halifax NC
    3. 10 killed March 9, 2015 Two helicopters crash in a remote area of northwest Argentina leaving at least ten dead. (AP)
    4. March 9, 2015 U.S. President Barack Obama signs an executive order declaring Venezuela a national security threat to the U.S. 
    5. March 9, 2015 reward of $5 million for return of a former FBI agent Robert Levinson who disappeared March 9, 2007 in Iran
    6. 5 killed March 9, 2015 A man kills five people in the Japanese city of Sumoto, Hyōgo in a prolonged stabbing attack. 
    7. March 9, 2015 American film director Randall Miller pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter in February 20, 2014 death of camera assistant by a freight train
    8. 1 threat March 9, 2015 Twitter threats spur increased police at Ewing High School ... - Twitter messages exchanged Sunday night between Ewing High School students and pupils from another school district resulted in a ...
    Sunday March 8, 2015
    1. A rocket and shelling attack in Kidal, northern Mali kills three people, including a UN peacekeeper. (Al Jazeera)
    2. A bomb explodes outside a French supermarket in Alexandria, Egypt, killing one person and wounding six. (AP via News24)
    3. Murder of Boris Nemtsov A court in Moscow charges two men of Chechen origin, Zaur Dadayev and Ansur Gubashev, who were among five arrested March 7, with the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov. The others also arrested, Gubashev's younger brother Shahid Gubashev and two others named only as Bakhayev and Eskerkhanov, are still only suspects. (AFP via MSN) A sixth suspect in Nemtsov's murder, Beslan Shavanov, 30, who had been holed up in a building in Chechnya's capital, Grozny, blows himself up. (CNN)
    4. A unknown gunman in a vehicle kills Dreekius Oricko Johnson, 28, and wounds former Tennessee Titans and New York Jets running back Chris Johnson in Orlando, Florida. (USA Today via MSN)
    5. 6 injured March 8, 2025 Wrong Way Driver Crash Bucks County PA Caught on Video A wrong-way crash happened along the northbound lanes of Route 1 in Langhorne, Bucks County Sunday night. Police are still investigating whether the driver going the other way was impaired. For nearly three miles, a man drove the wrong way on a busy Bucks County, Pennsylvania roadway before causing a chain-reaction crash that sent six people to the hospital. Drivers laid on their horns trying to avoid a crash. Damiano drove beside him, said he honked too warning drivers about the danger coming at them. Within moments, the black car rammed into three other vehicles.

    Saturday March 7, 2015
    1. Boko Haram Maiduguri city in northeast Nigeria sees five suicide bomb blasts with 54 dead and 143 wounded. (AP)
    2. A suspected terrorist attack in Bamako, Mali, kills five people. (AFP via BDlive) (CNN)
    3. In Iraq, ISIL destroys the ancient city of Hatra following the destruction of Nimrud. (BBC)
    4. The US Secret Service locks down the White House after a loud noise (later revealed to be a burned-out souvenir truck) is heard on the South Lawn, moments before U.S. President Barack Obama and his family were due to take off by helicopter. He and his family were not yet on the South Lawn when the noise was heard. (Reuters via MSN)(Reuters)
    Daily Misfortune Friday March 6, 2015 ---
    1. update March 6, 2015 October 14, 2014 shooting Video released: Ottawa gunman explains terrorist attack motive 
    2. 9 injured March 6, 2015 At least two knife-wielding attackers injure nine people at a train station in southern China
    3. March 6, 2015 The United Kingdom's National Crime Agency arrests a man as a suspected hacker in western England in connection with a June 15, 2014 cyber attack on the messaging service used by employees at the U.S. Department of Defense. (AP)(Bloomberg)
    4. data hacking two suspects arrested March 6, 2015 The U.S. Justice Department charges two Vietnamese citizens with running a massive cyberfraud ring
    5. 15 killed A road accident along the highway between Ismaïlia and Cairo in Egypt, east of Cairo, involving a bus that collided with a microbus kills fifteen people. (AP)
    6. 2014 Taipei Metro attack The New Taipei City district court sentences Cheng Chieh to death for the May 2014 knife attack on a Taipei Metro train that left four dead and 22 passengers injured. (AP)
    7. Customs officers at the Shahjalal International Airport catch Son Young Nam, a North Korean diplomat trying to smuggle an estimated $1.4 million worth of gold into Bangladesh. Bangladesh authorities release him but will still seek to press charges. (Reuters)
    8. Madison Police Department officers fatally shoot an unarmed 19-year-old black teenager who was suspected of a recent battery.
    9. 1 attempted security breach March 6, 2015 Rishi Chatterjee Malakar Arrested Trying To Enter Oak Ridge Nuclear National Laboratory 
    10. 1 killed 1 injured 1 arrested March 6, 2015 charged Marie Chishahayo: Mother Charged With Murder Of Child, 2nd Child burned Blames Young Son And God Saturday, May 23 Inquisitr - Samantha Kilgore A 36-year-old Kansas City woman faces charges of second-degree murder, as well as four counts of child abuse, after her two-year-old daughter was found dead in their apartment.Marie Chishahayo claims that she didn’t hurt the child. Instead, she says her 9-year-old son disciplined her other children, and that she allowed him to do so because God, she  claimed, told him to do so. Brother noticed they were no longer going to Christian church checked to find residence was wrecked, full of broken dishes and furniture. Behind locked, found scared girl, and other little girl, Callia Elia, aged two, who was obviously dead, possibly from previous fire in the home. Chishahayo initially insisted that she had never hit the children, saying instead that her son had hit them in order to punish them. She claimed that it was the boy who had heated up a knife and repeatedly burned one of the little girl’s all over her body.Death of 2-year-old KCMO girl ruled homicide charged with second degree murder and four counts of child abuse and neglect in connection to the death of ..Woman charged with murder, child abuse blames 9-year ... KFOR‑TV6 days ago - Family members say they started to realize something was wrong when they couldn't get in touch with 36-year-old Marie Chishahayo. Mom charged after one child found dead, another severely burned . WICKED: Mom and Son Burned 2 and 3-Year-Old Girls ‘Severely All Over Their Bodies,Until One Died’ police found Calia Elia, 2, dead inside her mom’s Kansas City apartment.Chishahayo first told detectives that the 3-year-old, Elena Elia, was burned by her 9-year-old brother, who took a heated knife to her body because “God told him to.” Police believe Calia, the 2-year-old, died in a apartment fire. Investigators have found it difficult to interview Chishahayo, who is Somalian, because she does not speak English.  tags: christian suspect, somali suspect,
    Daily Misfortune Thursday March 5, 2015 ---
    1. 1 injured 1 arrested in possible terrorist attack March 5, 2015 N Korea Praises Knife Attack on US Ambassador to South Korea 
    2. March 5, 2015 Separate attacks in Baghdad kill at least eight people. (AP)
    3. March 5, 2015 Apparent settler vandalism attack on 2 cars outside Ramalla 2 cars torched, anti-arab slogans scrawed in hebrew Haaretz. Residents of the village near Ramallah say they have filed more than 70 complaints to police about settler attacks.
    4. 1 killed March 5, 2015 Black Philadelphia police officer fatally shot in head in video game store A Philadelphia police officer was shot in the head and killed during a violent confrontation with two suspects inside a video game store Thursday afternoon, two men entered the store while the officers were inside, and announced it was a robbery. Officer Robert Wilson III was shot inside a GameStop around 4:40 p.m. ET,  The officers engaged the suspects, who began firing at them. Wilson continued to fire at the suspects even after being shot.
    5. March 5, 2015 All-women's Wellesley College to admit women transgender students AP WELLESLEY, Mass. — Wellesley College is joining a growing list of women's colleges that accept...
    6. update March 5, 2015  Malaysia MH370 Airlines Flight, 'Rogue Pilot Seems Likliest theory The New York Times The former chief pilot for Malaysia Airlines said he is convinced that human intervention was to blame for the disappearance of the plane
    7. 2 killed Off-duty and over the limit: Test shows Cloquet MN cop in fatal crash was drunk The State Patrol says test results show an off-duty Cloquet police officer was driving drunk when he crashed into a car driven by a nurse on her way to work, killing both of them earlier this month, WDIO reports. accident on Minnesota Highway 33 was caused when Mark Laine’s pickup truck veered over the center line and crashed head-on into the car driven by Fay Dahlman, 54.
    8. 1 bomb threat 1 arrested March 5, 2015 Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa Islamist Rams Miami Airport Police Car Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa is ordered held without bond after a bomb scare at Miami International Airport. She tried to drive into a Miami International Airport entrance Thursday afternoon, hit a police car and then began screaming in what officers believed to be Arabic before saying in English that she had a bomb 'At this time there appears to be no nexus to terrorism,’' Michael Leverock, special agent, FBI Miami, said in a statement. she 'made a right turn and drove through the inner loop making an intentional attempt to breach airport security by attempting to drive her vehicle through the airport entrance.'
    Daily Misfortune Wednesday March 4, 2015 ---
    1. Fire March 4, 2015 Chemical Fire Closes Canada Largest Container Port
    2. South of Sicily, Italy's Coast Guard saves 941 trafficked migrants aboard five motorized dinghies and two larger vessels near southern Italian ports. 
    3. At least 33 miners die in a suspected gas explosion at the Zasyadko coal mine in rebel-held Donetsk region of Ukraine. (BBC) (Reuters via News24)
    4. Turkish Airlines Flight TK726, landing in dense fog in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, skids off a slippery runway, however, there are no serious injuries. (ABC News)
    5. 1 injured 2 arrested March 4, 2015 Kansas off-duty deputy shot 7 times in convenience store ambush after robbery spree. 
    6. Iran Flexes New Clout Beyond Its Borders The Islamic Republic of Iran claims an arc of influence that stretches from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden
    7. Ari Fleischer: 'I Guarantee You' Hillary's Emails Were Hacked
    8. 1 killed March 4, 2015  Newlywed From Iraq Fatally Shot in Dallas Taking Pics
    9. bomb threat, barrier breach March 4, 2015  Secret Service agents suspected drunk, drive into barrier and bomb investigation at White House Washington Post Two Secret Service agents suspected of being under the influence while striking a White House security barricade drove through an active bomb investigation and directly beside the suspicious package, according to current and former government officials familiar with the incident. Clancy placed the two senior agents involved in the incident in new “non-supervisory, non-operational” jobs pending an investigation — a less stringent approach than the service has taken in the past, when staffers suspected of misconduct were put on administrative leave or pressed to resign or accept demotion. Also, Clancy did not take action against a senior supervisor on duty that night who, according to officials briefed on the incident, ordered Secret Service officers to let the agents go home without giving them sobriety tests.

    Daily Misfortune Tuesday March 3, 2015 ---
    1. March 3, 2015 Former CIA director and U.S. Army officer David Petraeus pleads guilty in federal court to a charge of unauthorized removal and retention of classified information. 
    2. March 3, 2015 A Turkish court orders President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to pay 10,000 lira ($4,000) in compensation for insulting monument by artist Mehmet Aksoy for having called his sculpture Monument to Humanity — meant to promote reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia 
    3. March 3, 2015 Nigeria’s Boko Haram releases beheading video 
    4. March 3, 2015  Florida gunman lures ambush, shoots 2 officers, duels with 12 with fake 911 call
    5. 3 killed 1 injured suspect attempted suicide March 3, 2015 Las Vegas rampage leaves three family members dead, 21-year-old suspect critical after shooting himself in head: cops 
    6. update March 3, 2015 Two athletes charged in Vancouver Canada SkyTrain stabbing. James Enright was stabbed when he tried to intervene at a fight at a train station on February 15, 2015. Charged were  Jesse Ali Sallam 2nd degree murder and Taitusi Viklani 2nd degree murder and Taitusi Viklani manslaughter (possibly Morrocan and Tonga) Suspects are players in Burnaby Lake Rugby Club
    7. shots fired, occupied truck is hit March 3: Hong Young  Intercounty Connector - Multiple shots were fired from an overpass, striking a tree service truck that was occupied by two people. like (DC shooter)  Investigators recovered a bullet fragment from the clothing of the other person in the truck, police said. shots fired, hit building near NSA intelligence headquarters March 3: 6 p.m. Hong Young  is suspect near NSA headquarters on Fort Meade – Shots were fired, striking a building near the NSA at Fort Meade. Further investigation revealed that this incident was connected to the previous incidents.     (like Mir Qazi, the militant Islamist Pakistani assailant involved in the 1993 shootings at CIA Headquarters in Langley)  March 3, Young is arrested, was charged with attempted first degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, firearm in the use of a violent felony crime, handgun in vehicle and reckless endangerment in connection to the Feb. 24 incident on Arundel Mills Blvd. Officials immediately rule out terrorism as a motive. 
    Daily Misfortune Monday March 2, 2015 ---
    1. A coalition of Iraqi Armed Forces and militia numbering around 30,000 launches an offensive against Islamic State positions in Tikrit. Troops seize control of the district of al-Tin and al-Abeid. (BBC)
    2. In response to joint exercises held by South Korea and the United States, North Korea fires two short-range missiles off its coast. (Reuters)
    3. A man shoots to death a woman and a seven-year-old boy then himself in the Queensland town of Biddeston, west of Brisbane, Australia. (ABC News)
    4. 2 killed 2 arrested, convicted March 2, 2015 explosion Two Kurdish bomb makers from Iran get two years for blowing up Sweden apartment and killing two comrades
    5. 1 killed by shooting 4 injured shooting Mass shooting after altercation at Santa Ana CA El Zocalo restaurant
    6. Barrow, Shaquille In Joliet Illinois, Shaquille Barrow (Black) was shot and killed after police say he pulled a gun on officers. (WLS)
    7. Hong Young shooting spree shots fired at the Walmart in Laurel MD

      Daily Misfortune Sunday March 1, 2015 ---
      1. March 1, 2015 Over 1,100 people killed in Iraq in February – UN 
      2. 2 injured March 1, 2015 2 shot at rappers party in N. Carolina club 
      3. 3 arrested Sunday March 1, 2015 Curtis Smith was one of one of three men detained within 16 hours after they breached the White House perimeter, later shot stabbing police officer in courthouse.