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Paint attack

Paint attack  ---

Washington DC monuments and church, Mason lodge before church stabbing

Attacks on monuments and places of worship appear to be a common form of non-fatal terrorist attack, and is usually politically or religiously motivated. Sometimes as in the case of the stabbing of a choir leader at a Catholic church, they can be associated with bodily harm attacks as well.


suspect shot and killed, I5 closed for several hours June 16, 2014 Seattle Ship Canal Bridge Pickup Man Burns Truck, Paints Circle, Shot Killed by Police In Seattle, Washington on the Ship Canal Bridge on Interstate 5 southbound, Jonathan K. Whitehead, 33, died from multiple gunshot wounds after he lunged at police with a knife who were forced to shoot him as a deadly threat. He skidded his Chevy S10 pickup sideways to a stop across the 2 center lanes, appearing insane and agitated, and drew a large green circle with spray paint across 2 lanes after setting his truck on fire. After he was shot, they found improvised molotov cocktail fire bombs in his truck. The freeway was closed for several hours. His mother later said that he was painting a circle of "truth", and was hooked on prescription methadone. and believes her son was going through drug withdrawal. “It wasn't so much that he was coming after the officers-- as protecting himself to stay in the circle of truth.” Her son had been struggling with drug use to combat pain since he beat leukemia at a very young age.

Chinese Woman Arrested For Green Paint Monument Vandalism July 26 In Washington DC, the Lincoln Memorial vandalized with green paint in the first incident since 1922. On 2013 July 29 58 year old Jiamei Tian, a homeless woman from China woman whose visa expired July 27, was arrested for paint splattered at the National Cathedral.  She was suspected to have been responsible for splashes of green paint at the Lincoln Memorial, on a statue outside the Smithsonian Castle, on an organ at Luther Place Memorial Church, and on statues and an organ in the National Cathedral.
Aug 18, 2013 · In Egyptian village, Christian shops marked ahead of church attack(+video) The Saint Virgin Mary Church in Al Nazla is

BBC News - Paint attack on St Malachy's Church, Belfast Aug 16, 2013 16 August 2013 A Catholic church in Belfast city centre has been daubed with paint in an overnight attack. Blue paint was thrown over one of the pillars at St Malachy's Church in Alfred Street, one of oldest churches in the city

Lawrence Capener Stabs Catholic Choir Fearing Masons April 28, 2013 Four people were stabbed at the St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When people started to greet each other in the pews, a young man Lawrence Capener who came with his mother jumped up and stabbed the lead singer and injured others who tried to stop him including flute player stabbed five times as he held Capener in a bear hug. He shouted out rants about a “false preacher” and “the mason”. He told police who found his hands stained by paint that he was "99 percent sure" the singer was a mason, and confessed that just hours before he had vandalized a nearby Masonic Lodge with red and blue spray paint, leaving the message, "I hope you guess who I am." Police could not establish any motive for the spree. Capener had recently graduated from community college. He had gotten a job at Walmart after quitting another job about wearing a sun cap, but some believed he was under a lot of pressure and struggling with mental health issues.
Dec 10, 2012 · CZESTOCHOWA, Poland, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- Polish police said they arrested a man who allegedly attempted to desecrate the Black Madonna of Czestochowa painting ...

July 09 2011 saoirse32 A paint attack on a regularly targeted Catholic church in Northern Ireland has been branded a deplorable attempt to raise sectarian tensions ahead of annual Orange marches. Damage was caused to the door and glass panelling of the Church of Our Lady in Harryville, Ballymena, some time between 11pm last night and 2am this morning, police said. The church has been attacked on numerous occasions and was also the scene of weekly protests during Mass by loyalists in the 1990s.

Clerical Whispers: Church paint attacks 'sectarian'
Jul 20, 2009 · ...attacks at five Catholic churches and a GAA club in the Ballymena area.
Paint was thrown at churches on Crebilly Road, Larne Road, Cullybackey and Portglenone.
A church and headstones on the Portglenone Road in Ahoghill were also targeted.
The attacks took place early on Thursday morning. was driven into the grounds of a GAA club in Ahoghill and set on fire.. this attack may be linked to the other incidents in the Ballymena and Ahoghill areas
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