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Ex-friend/family/partner victim

Ex-friend/family/partner victim ---
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Rarely, wannabe terrorists confess they target their own family first because they are easy targets before trying random public in case of Bever brothers in Oklahoma. Is it possible that somebody recruits people to kill their own family or friends to score terrorist kills?


3 murdered 1 arrested September 22, 2015 Basil Borutski Arrested In Wilno Canada Shooting Of 3 Women He Loved and Befriended after Jail Release Gunman Basil Borutski was arrested with a gun after three women were shot dead in in Wilno, a hamlet in the Ottawa Valley about 180 km northwest of Ottawa in eastern Ontario Canada. Borutski was a millwright who had suffered an industrial accident requiring a reattached hand and been just released from 19 months in prison Dec. 27, 2014 with a lifetime weapons ban. First gunshots were reported at around 8:30 a.m. local time in the small Ontario Canada village of Wilno, Canada’s oldest Polish settlement which was soon locked down. .Anastasia Kuzyk was shot dead, a  Century 21 realtor with a passion for horses. On Tuesday she was found dead at her home She had dated Basil Borutski, who was convicted in 2014 of assaulting Kuzyk, and served jail time for the offence. He had only recently been released from custody. The shooter knew all 3 victims who were Anastasia Kuzyk, Natalie Warmardam, another former girlfriend, and Carol Culleton. Borutski had also befriended Culleton and had helped her work on her cottage. In July 2012, Borutski was convicted of uttering threats to kill an animal that belonged to Nathalie Warmerdam. In separation papers filed in 2011, former wige Mary Ann Borutski claimed that her husband Basil had assaulted her, although he “vehemently” denied those allegations. CBC Ottawa Sun Heavy

3 injured 1 arrested September 20, 2015 Black Suspect Shoots Girlfriend, His Baby and White Pastor at Alabama Church Sunday Service  At the Oasis Tabernacle Church in Selma, Alabama James Junior Minter was arrested after police say he walked into the church service, sat down next to his girlfriend and mother of his son in the front row, then suddenly shot her in the face and his baby in the hand. Police believe he was motivated because he was upset over a recent breakup and visitation issues with his son. Pastor Robert Carswell was shot in the leg when he grabbed Minter and others took his gun away. Minter fled but was captured by police. Police believe that although the Pastor was white, the shooting does not appear to have been racially motivated as his girlfriend and her baby are also black

August 23, 2105 Oklahoma labor commissioner fatally stabbed; adult son arrested for murder
Washington Post‎Oklahoma's labor commissioner has died and his adult son has been arrested Oklahoma politician Mark Costello stabbed to death in restaurant BBC News‎ - 1 day ago

August 20, 2015  2 killed 1 arrested Tampa: Bail denied for Florida StateU student held in Carrollwood mother's, stepfather's murders after screaming voices

July 22, 2015 Oklahoma teens accused of killing parents, siblings wanted to be more famous ...

June 28, 2015 murder Aug 19 2015 arrest 1 killed 4 charged Jose Amaya Guardado Machete Murder Buried Alive by Job Corps Classmates

1 killed June 24, 2015 Florida man kills ex-wife's boyfriend

1 dead 1 injured June 14 June 14, 2015 Georgia: Water utility engineer stabs kills wife, apparent murder suicide

3 injured 1 arrested June 7, 2015 Man in custody after allegedly stabbing wife, in-laws Houston
5 killed suspect suicide June 7, 2015 Police Say Montana Man Killed Family, Self in Log Cabin

20 false threats. 1 church arson, 1 arrested December 12, 2014 Gregory Louis Knox Church Arson False Threats Suspect Gregory Louis Knox was seen hanging around St. Mark Evangelical Church in St Paul, and had thefts traced to him after he applied for jobs. He is alleged to have set a fire that was reported 7:20 a.m. on Friday, and had earlier been charged for falsely reporting 14 shootings, fires, assaults and burglaries, and reporting one fire he apparently set at his ex-girlfriends house

1 hostage SWAT incident 1 arrest July 14, 2013 Man Holds Ex-Girlfriend Hostage at Tumwater Gas Station In Tumwater, Washington, police and a SWAT team surrounded a gas station after a man from Olympia confronted his ex-girlfriend, an employee at the store with a gun and held her hostage. The woman had a restraining order against the man. Similar incident in Burnsville MN - Muslim pleads guilty to killing Jewish friend - Jan ... CNNJan 13, 2004 - HOUSTON, Texas (Reuters) -- A Saudi Arabian student has ... which Sellouk was nearly decapitated, but said religious differences were likely a factor (ya think?) Alayed was in the United States on a student visa and became friends with Sellouk, a Jew of Moroccan descent, while the two attended Houston Community College, the Houston Chronicle reported.  year before the killing, when Alayed ended ties with Sellouk after a religious reawakening that led him to adopt a more conservative, Islamic lifestyle, authorities say. Then, in August, Alayed contacted Sellouk again, they went to a bar and ended up at Alayed's apartment, where Alayed sliced Sellouk's throat and went to a nearby mosque