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Daily Misfortune Month December 2014

Daily Misfortune Month December 2014 ---
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Daily Misfortune Wednesday December 31, 2014 ---
  1. 26 killed December 31, 2014  At least 26 killed in Yemen suicide bombing: 
  2. 36 killed 49 injured December 31, 2014  Shanghai New Year's Stampede for dollar bills hrown out window
  3. 17 killed 20 injured December 31, 2014 Explosions at a factory in the southern Chinese city of Foshan kill 17 people and injure 20. (Reuters)
  4. 1,000 saved December 31, 2014 The Italian coast guard boards and regains control of  sabotaged human Syrian traffiker cargo 
  5. 83 injured 63 arrested A riot breaks out at a New Year's Eve festival in Gisborne, New Zealand, 
  6. 1 killed One dead after mass shooting at Calgary New Year's Eve party thestar
  7. 940 cars destroyed $20m  “940 cars set alight to protest French New Year,”\
  8. 1 killed 2 injured, suspects escaped December 31, 2014 SoCal Roller Rink Guard Killed Taking on Gunman at New Years Eve Party 
    Daily Misfortune Tuesday December 30, 2014 ---
    1. 1 killed December 30, 2014 Woman Shot, Killed By 2-Year-Old at Walmart 
    2. Iraqi insurgency Iraqi government forces and allied Shia militia recapture the town of Dhuluiya in Saladin Province, north ofBaghdad, from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(BBC)
    3. 1 killed Somali civil war A US airstrike in Saakow kills the intelligence chief, Abdishakur, who was also known as Tahlil, of the Somali al-Shabab militants. (AP)
    4. A court in Moscow hands down a three and one half year suspended sentence for corruption
    5. 2nd day of Nine dead in 3 connected Edmonton, Canada shooting incidents
    6. 1 explosion 2 arrested  December 30, 2014 2 arrested in Stuart drug meth lab butane hash oil lab explosion 
    Daily Misfortune Monday December 29, 2014 ---
    1. 1 killed 1 injured December 29, 2014  1 killed, 1 injured in Berkeley shooting tied to pot robbery 
    2. 7 killed including suspect, 3 crime scenes suspect killed  December 29, 2014  9 Vietnamese Killed by Amok Gunman in 3 location spree in Edmonton Canada  
    3. December 29, 2014 Vermont Yankee nuclear plant shutdown fairewinds Entergy first applied to operate VY for twenty additional years in January 2006, but the shutdown of VY happened much sooner than Entergy planned on December 29, 2014. 
    4. Somali government forces assisted by AMISOM troops capture seven towns in the central Hiran province from Al-Shabaab.
    5. Boko Haram Cameroon launches its first airstrikes against Boko Haram
    6. The MS Norman Atlantic ferry fire death toll rises to at least ten as the evacuation ends. (BBC)
    7. Ebola outbreakwoman, who arrived from Sierra Leone, as the first case of Ebola in the UK.
    8. 13 killed A fire in a Pakistan shopping mall started by short kills at least 13 people.
      Daily Misfortune Sunday December 28, 2014 ---
      1. 8 killed 8 injured 470  rescued December 28, 2014 Rescue Underway for Hundreds Trapped on Burning Ferry Off Greek Island 
      2. 162 killed December 28, 2014 AirAsia 2014 Airliner Disaster
      3. 1 killed December 28, 2014 'Aimed at Causing Panic and Fear': Christmas Holiday Bomb Blast Kills Woman in Bangalore India 
      4. 2 police fired at 2 arrested December 28, 2014 Second suspect arrested in shooting at 2 in Los Angeles police car 
      5. 1 killed 1 arrested December 28, 2014 Driver Accused of Distracted Veering Onto Sidewalk Killing Carlsbad Jogger Arrested 
      Daily Misfortune Saturday December 27, 2014 ---
      1. 1 injured  December 27, 2014 Man critically injured in Lakewood NJ stabbing,
      2. A top level Somali al-Shabab militant surrenders to police. 
      3. North Korea experiences another Internet and cell phone outage blames the United States 
      4. 2014 Southeast Asian floods Malaysia reports that at least five people are dead. (The Independent) Thailand's Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation reports that at least eight people are dead. (Bangkok Post)
      5. 1 injured in attempted suicide by cop December 27, 2014 Armed man shot by police after ignoring orders
      6. 3 injured December 27, 2014 Three injured in accidental boat explosion at Tarpon Point Marina 
      7. 2 IEDs placed, 1 exploded  December 27, 2014 Fireworks IED devices placed on cars cause explosion in Nashua NH, police say
      8. 3 injured December 27, 2014  3 injured in North Side stabbing, golf club attack 

      Daily Misfortune Friday December 26, 2014 ---
      1. 1 killed after charging at police December 26, 2014 Man wielding knife killed in Bedford OH after police shooting identified 
      2. December 26, 2014  War in Donbass Ukraine and pro-Russia rebels exchange nearly 370 prisoners 
      3. December 26, 2014  The Philippines and the local Communist Party agree to renew talks that may lead to a peace treaty
      4. December 26, 2014  2014 Southeast Asian floods Flooding in Peninsular Malaysia forces the evacuation of over 100,000 people. (World Bulletin)
      5. 3 killed December 26, 2014  A gas leak at an under-construction atomic reactor in South Korea has killed three workers.
      6. Sony Pictures Entertainment hack North Korea's embassy in Moscow condemns film that"justifies and promotes terrorism." Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesman agrees "the reaction of the North Korean side is very understandable." (TASS)
      7. Hackers cause the Playstation Network and Xbox Live to suffer connection difficulties on Christmas Day. (USA Today)

      Daily Misfortune Christmas Day Thursday December 25, 2014 ---
      21 killed 3 injured
      1. 1 injured December 25, 2014 Jersey City man stabbed by friend's wife during Christmas morning altercation
      2. 1 mosque vandalism December 25, 2014 Fresno Mosque Christmas Day Vandalism Suspect Is Disgruntled Muslim  
      3. 1 killed December 25, 2014  Report: Man killed mother in Christmas Day shooting 
      4. 19 killed Libyan civil war A militia attack on a power plant in Sirte leaves at least 19 soldiers dead.(BBC)
      5. Pope Francis condemns the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria for violence against womenchildren, and ethnic minorities(CNN)
      6. Iraqi Christians defy persecution and celebrate Christmas in Baghdad. (The New York Times)
      7. 1 killed 2 injured Man Killed, 2 Hurt In Christmas Night Shooting MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Three people were shot, one fatally, in a Christmas night shooting in Overtown and police are still looking 
      Daily Misfortune Christmas Eve Wednesday December 24, 2014 ---
      1. 1 killed December 24, 2014 American Man Dead After Being Subdued With Stun Gun at Mexico Border 
      2. 2 injured December 24, 2014 Danish couple beaten with chains by Somali youths on Christmas Eve Denmark: 
      3. 40 threatsDecember 24, 2014  NYC POLICE THREATENED 40 TIMES SINCE 2 COPS KILLED 
      4. 10+ evacuated  December 24, 2014 PA Pipeline Explosion Pushes Residents Out Of Homes On Christmas Eve (KDKA) - About a dozen people had to spend Christmas Eve in a hotel, their car or a fire hall after a pipeline explosion in Washington County. The pipeline originates in Marshall County, W. Va. and transports ethane to Houston, Pa.
      Daily Misfortune Tuesday December 23, 2014 ---
      6 killed
      6 injured
      3 threats
      attacks at: movie theater, NYPD police station, hospital, Walmart, gas station, christmas decorations, freeway ramp, bridge threat

      1. 2 injured at movie theater shooting attack December 23, 2014 Atlanta Movie Theater Shooting Injures 2
      2. 2 threats December 23, 2014 Sources: Bomb Threats Called Into 2 NYPD Precincts
      3. 2 injured 2 arrested December 23, 2014  2 in hospital, 2 in custody after Orting stabbing 
      4. 1 killed 2 injured  December 23, 2014 One killed, two injured in shooting at Clarksdale Walmart 
      5. 1 wounded December 23, 2014 JFRD refueling firefighter targeted in Jacksonvile FL drive-by shooting
      6. 1 killed  December 23, 2014 Violent  protest after police shoots kills black man who pointed gun at him at St. Louis Co. gas station 
      7. 1 assault police officer 1 arrested December 23, 2014 France: Mental case destroys Christmas decorations, screaming “Allahu akbar”  
      8. 1 killed December 23, 2014 Suicide shooting on 134 freeway closes off ramp in Burbank CA 
      9. 1 killed December 23, 2014 Officer shoots kills man with burning car who fires at police
      10. 2 killed December 23, 2014 KIA drives wrong way into Dodge SUV in FL
      11. 1 threat December 23, 2014 FBI warns of unsubstantiated Islamic State threat to Memphis-Arkansas Mississippi River bridge 
      12. "
      Daily Misfortune Monday December 22, 2014 ---
      1. 10 injured December 22, 2014 10 injured after driver plows into French Nantes Christmas market, stabs self, not extremist
      2. 6 killed 8 injured December 22, 2014 Glasgow Scotland garbage truck bin jumps curb lorry crash: not intentional Six dead and eight seriously injured
      3. 40 killed December 22, 2014 When cops get killed: 40 police officers felled by gunfire in 2014 Washington Post
      4. 1 shooting 2 suspects December 22, 2014 military deployed in France following attacks shots at Paris synagogue Jerusalem Post 
      Daily Misfortune Sunday December 21, 2014 ---
      1. 11 injured December 21, 2014 Driver Shouting 'Allahu Akbar!' Van Runs Down 11 French Pedestrians in Dijon day after police attack
      2. 1 killed 3 suspects Fatal Stabbing Follows Neighbor Dispute Over "Doing Donuts in the Street":
      3. 1 killed 1 arrested December 21, 2014 Florida police officer killed by transient hit-run ex-con no motive; suspect charged with murder
      4. 4 injured December 21, 2014 Pickup hits amish buggy head-on In Potter county, pickup driver claims he was trying to pass another truck before he realized there was an Amish buggy in his path (likely story) which he hit head on. He was only ticketed for driving the wrong side of the road instead of attempted mass murder.
      Daily Misfortune Saturday December 20, 2014 ---
      1. 3 killed including suspect suicide December 20, 2014  Radicalized Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley Ambush Shoots Asian and Hispanic NYPD cops in car
      2. 1 killed December 20, 2014 French police shoot radicalized convert attacking police with knife shouting “Allahu Akbar”  
      3. The Pakistan Armed Forces attacks two Pakistani Taliban positions near Peshawar, killing 5 militants. (BBC)
      4. Israel launches an airstrike against an alleged Hamas base near Khan Yunis in retaliation for a rocket attack. (Euronews)(The Jerusalem Post)
      5. 3 injured A bomb detonates in Bani Jamra, Bahrain, injuring 3 police officers. (AP via Wall Street Journal)
      6. The North Korean government denies the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations's (FBI) accusation of involvement in hacking Sony's computers
      7. Cairns child killings Queensland police arrest an Australian mother for murder in the stabbing deaths of eight children. (FOX News)
      8. Hundreds of people from the group Black Lives Matter Minneapolis protest at the Mall of America, leading to its partial shutdown and 25 arrests. (USA Today)
      Daily Misfortune Friday December 19, 2014 ---
      1. December 19, 2014 Several 'high-value' ISIS leaders killed in Iraq, Pentagon officials say Fox News U.S. airstrikes have killed several top Islamic State leaders in Iraq in recent weeks, limiting the terrorist army's ability to fight Iraqi and Kurdish forces, Pentagon officials said.
      2. 1 injured December 19, 2014 teenage son of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was attacked and robbed outside his family's home on the city's North Side late Friday, according to police.

      Daily Misfortune Thursday December 18, 2014 ---
      1. 8 children killed, mother arrested  December 18, 2014 Mersane Warria mother of children stabbed to death in Cairns arrested for their ... Daily Mail Upon hearing the horrifying news, three relatives put their heads in their hands and wailed: 'No, no, my babies, my babies.' They asked for the information to be repeated three times, unable to believe that the mother could be responsible. 'She had found God and was trying to turn her life around': Uncle of eight children stabbed to death spoke to their mother a day before the massacre, when she preached about religion Horrifying massacre at a Cairns home just six days before Christmas A 37-year-old woman has been arrested for murder while under police guard at Cairns Hospital She is the mother to seven of the eight children who were found dead at a Cairns home on Friday It is understood the children, aged between 18 months to 14-years-old, were stabbed to death inside the house Police say they've found a number of weapons at the property, including knives  Thechildren's bodies have been removed from the house and autopsies will be conducted on Saturday  Senior police say Mersane Warria, also known as Raina Thaiday, is a person of interest in the tragedy, according to reports Friday's 1pm radio news the headline that eight children had been stabbed at a Cairns suburb - Manoora. And all this in the week before Christmas,' the statement said.
      2. $50,000 damage to fire station December 18, 2014 Vandals cause $50k damage to fire company, fireman arrested News 4 Reporter (WIVB)  Volunteer firefighters in Clarksville in Allegany County were devastated Sunday morning to learn someone broke into the fire hall and vandalized their equipment. Someone broke into a window Saturday night at the Clarksville Volunteer Fire Company and spray painted vulgar words all over trucks, other equipment and parts of the building. The Clarksville Volunteer Fire company raises about $8,000 a year. The chief says the damage totals $40,000 – $50,000. December 31, 2014  Volunteer fireman accused of causing at least 30k in damages  (WIVB) New York State Troopers arrested 21-year-old Damean M. Kessler and charged him with second degree criminal mischief and tampering with physical evidence — two felonies — for alleged at least $30,000 in damage vandalism against his own fire company.
      Daily Misfortune Wednesday December 17, 2014 ---
      1. 1 injured, suspect escaped December 17, 2014 School Lockdown Lifted After Clerk Shot in apparent Robbery at El Cajon Motel 
      2. 1 shot, suspect at large December 17, 2014 Meteorologist shot in Waco TV station’s parking lot
      3. Sony cancel movie premiere
      4. update December 17, 2014  Wednesday  jury of eight women and four men found Markus Hendrik Kaarma guilty of deliberate homicide. German Turkish Exchange Student Shot and Killed in Montana Garage
      5. 2 killed including suspect December 17, 2014 Victims in rest stop homicide, I-694 shooting are identified Minneapolis Star Tribune ... identified an 18-year-old Washington state student as the man who led Twin Cities police on a high-speed chase Wednesday, ending with officers shooting and killing him. On Thursday, the Ramsey County medical examiner confirmed .
      6. 2 killed December 17, 2014  Husband kills wife, fellow baggage handler making out in car  NAKED MAN DEAD IN BROOKLYN LOBBY, WOMAN IN TRUNK INVESTIGATED AS LOVE TRIANGLE WABC December 18, 2014 BROOKLYN (WABC) -- A pair of grisly discoveries in Brooklyn is being investigated as a possible love triangle. naked body of a man shot multiple times was found in the lobby of an apartment building, suspect taken into custody told detectives the location of the man's car where they found  a woman fatally stabbed inside the trunk. Murdered Naked Man Part Of Sordid Brooklyn Love Triangle he woman's enraged husband stabbed them both to death upon discovering their tryst. Police sources tell the Daily News that 35-year-old Jerome Barrett and 36-year-old Jonelle Barker were both stabbed to death by Barker's husband, 48-year-old Steve Whittingham, after he found them having sex in Barrett's car early Wednesday morning. Whittingham was arrested Thursday, and has been charged with one count of second-degree murder and one count of first-degree murder. Both were baggage handlers at JFK
      Daily Misfortune Tuesday December 16, 2014 ---

      1. 132 killed 250 injured by 6 gunmen, all killed  December 16, 2014 Taliban Attacks Pehshawar Pakistan School 
      2. December 16, 2014 Hackers Release Emails from Account of Sony Entertainment's Michael Lynton Wall Street Journal‎ 
      3. 7 cars vandalized, no suspect December 16, 2014 Tires slashed on 7 vehicles in Stewartville MN
      4. 1 threat December 16, 2014 Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11 Attack on Movie Theaters That Screen 'The Interview' 
      5. 2 injured December 16, 2014 Out of control Nissan hits officer in Head-On Collision in Lakeside
      6. 4 bombs placed December 16, 2014  Portland Oregon A bomb squad called to the scene found a total of four pipe bombs in the surrounding streets and yards
      7. 1 threat 1 killed December 16, 2014  Police shot suicidal 18-year-old William R. Osterlind later died 
      8. 1 killed December 16, 2014 Andrew Worsfold shot and killed by police who said he was armed with a handgun.

      Daily Misfortune Monday December 15, 2014 ---
      1. 13 hostages, bomb threat, apparent terrorist attack December 15, 2014- December 16, 2014 Australia Iranian Sheik Holds Chocolate Shop Hostage with ISIS flag 
      2. 4 killed December 15, 2014 ISIS beheads 4 young Christian children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam 
      3. update December 15, 2014 Families of Newtown victims sue rifle manufacturer 
      4. 6 killed mass shooting December 15, 2014  Search intensifies for gunman Bradley Michael Stone who killed 6
      5. December 15, 2014  Sony threatens to sue for publishing stolen emails 
      6. December 15, 2014  Belgium Hostage Situation Erupts in Europe 
      7. 1 injured, 1 arrested December 15, 2014 Man arrested after removing items from house, running over woman in Oronoco MN 
      8. 1 killed December 15, 2014  Healey, Cody (28) Florida (Pensacola) On December 1, two Escambia County Sheriff's deputies used their Tasers on a 130 pound man in a mental health crisis five times until he lost consciousness. His family took him off life support two weeks later.[58] wikip
      9. 1 killed December 15, 2014  Morrow, Valerie (40) Pennsylvania (Glenolden) A Delaware County deputy, Stephen Rozniakowski, kicked down the door to her Morrow's home, ran up the stairs and shot her, authorities said. Morrow's husband shot and wounded Rozniakowski, who also wounded Morrow's teen daughter. Morrow and Rozniakowski had dated when the Morrows were estranged. wikip
      10. 1 killed  1 injured suspect killed December 15, 2014  McDonald, Xavier (16) Tennessee (Nashboro) A 16-year-old robbery suspect locked himself in an apartment bathroom. An officer persuaded McDonald to come out then felt a gun as she patted him down. Another officer tried to Taser McDonald, and McDonald opened fire, hitting a third officer in the leg. Four other officers shot back, killing McDonald. wikip
      11. 1 killed  December 15, 2014  Sutton, Michael (23) Mississippi (Ridgeland) A Ridgeland Police officer shot and killed Sutton who police say was suspected of a carjacking and shot at officers. wikip
      12. 1 killed December 15, 2014  Grigsby, Dennis (35) Texas (Texarkana) A Texarkana police officer investigating a burglary after a man was banging on windows shot and killed Grigsby who went towards the officer in an "aggressive manner" holding a metal object held like a knife which turned out to be the handle of a spoon. The family of Dennis Grigsby lives across the street and said Grigsby had mental problems, and knows their "son would not hurt anyone" tags: black suspect, mental illness terrorism, police shoot black suspect
                Daily Misfortune Sunday December 14, 2014 ---

                Daily Misfortune Saturday December 13, 2014 ---
                1. 1 bias threat  December 13, 2014 Effigies of black men found hanging by nooses at UC Berkeley 
                2. December 13, 2014  Western Carolina University commencement moved after bomb threat 
                Daily Misfortune Friday December 12, 2014 ---
                1. 3 injured 2 arrested, asian suspect December 12, 2014 Apartment Parking lot speeding road rage leads to Elk Grove CA Apartment triple stabbing 2 arrests
                2. 20 false threats. 1 church arson, 1 arrested December 12, 2014 Gregory Louis Knox Church Arson False Threats
                3. 6 car crash 3 injured December 12, 2014 Elderly wrong way driver causes 6 car crash in MN I-90
                4. The ferry MV Mutambala capsizes on Lake Tanganyika, Democratic Republic of the Congoleaving at least 26 dead. (
                5. An unknown person shoots four people outside of Rosemary Anderson High School, an alternative high school in Portland, Oregon. Police later question a 22-year-old man.(CNN) (MSN), (AP)
                6. Sony Pictures Entertainment reportedly shuts production on several sets because of computer network issues regarding employee disbursement of pay following a massive computer hack. (FOX News)
                7. Prosecutors at Sary-Arqa District Court in Astana charge 30-year old Yevgeny Vdovenko, a Kazakh citizen, of intentional and illegal participation in a military conflict abroad because he had fought alongside pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. (Radio Free Europe)
                8. 6 injured, suspect arrested December 12, 2014 Palestinian West Bank Hitchhiker Acid Attack
                  Daily Misfortune Thursday December 11,  2014 ---

                  4 killed 1 arrested update December 11,  2014  Aeman Presley Arrested After 4 Atlanta Serial Killings Presley arrested with loaded gun and additional ammunition when he was arrested Dec. 11 after trying to board a MARTA train without paying. MARTA officers searched Presley and found a silver Taurus revolver and a box of ammunition allegedly used to kill

                  Daily Misfortune Wednesday December 10, 2014 ---
                  1. 7 injured December 10, 2014 Suspected DUI Mustang Jumps Midtown Curb, Hits Pedestrians And Crashes Into Manhattan Forever 21, hits more cars
                  2. 1 threat December 10, 2014  Jena High School evacuated after bomb threat 
                  3. The settlement minister of the Palestinian AuthorityZiad Abu Ein, dies after a confrontation with Israeli soldiers during a West Bank protest. (CNN)
                  4. 9 killed 2 suicide suspects December 10, 2014 (Kano, Nigeria) - Two female suicide bombers hit a loading area at a textile market, scattering the remains of seven innocents. (rop)
                  5. 2 killed December 10, 2014 (Tayeglow, Somalia) - Two women are beheaded by al-Shabaab. (rop)
                  6. 1 killed December 10, 2014  Faison, Travis (24) shot in North Carolina by police after struggle

                  Daily Misfortune Tuesday December 9, 2014 ---

                  1. 1 injured 1 killed suspect killed  December 9, 2014  Cops shoot kill suspect stabbing student inside prominent Brooklyn NYC synagogue
                  2. 1 killed 1 wounded December 9, 2014 Deadly bomb blast hits Bahrain village
                  3. 1 killed December 9, 2014  Woman firefighter killed Philadelphia firefighter
                  4. 1 bomb threat December 9, 2014  Stockholm international airport partially closed after bomb threat
                  5. 10 killed 25 injured December 9, 2014  Suspected Bomb Kills 9 on Philippine Passenger Bus at University (Maramag, Philippines) - Bangsamoro Islamists are blamed for a bombing that kills ten people on a bus.
                  6. 4 injured December 9, 2014  Police: Two nurses ambushed and stabbed at OKC hospital ER by man who claimed he needed help
                  7. 1 wounded, suspect sought December 9, 2014 Man daylight drive-by shot in head, critically wounded Chicago near Truman College  A man was critically injured in a shooting Tuesday morning near Truman College in the North Side Uptown neighborhood. 10 a.m. Police said the shooting appears to be a drive-by and the victim was not the intended target.
                  8. 1 killed December 9, 2014 (Faisalabad, Pakistan) -  Militants shoot a member of an polio vaccination team to death.

                  Daily Misfortune Monday December 8, 2014 ---
                  13 killed
                  9 injured
                  1 air crash
                  1 massive construction fire

                    1. 1 killed December 8, 2014  Suspect detained in fatal Vancouver WA hit-and-run 
                    2. 6 killed December 8, 2014 6 killed when small Embraer Phenom executive jet crashes into Maryland house 
                    3. 1 killed December 8, 2014 Many details unknown as state police investigate fatal Lansing Township police
                    4. 1 hurt apartment damaged  December 8, 2014 Hash oil explodes in Portland apartment
                    5. 1 killed December 8, 2014 Police: Father shot, killed after argument with son led to deadly shooting
                    6. 1 killed December 8, 2014 sentence California Man Sentenced for Stabbing Wife to Death With Scissors
                    7. 1 killed 8 injured December 8, 2014 1 killed, 8 others wounded in Chicago shootings Monday 
                    8. 1 apartment complex destroyed 2 freeways closed, no cause found Massive Los Angeles Fire At Apartment Construction Site Closes Down 2 Major Highways
                    9. 1 killed December 8, 2014 (Sulouk, Syria) - A man is beheaded in front of children for 'blasphemy (rop)
                    10. 1 killed December 8, 2014 (Damistan, Bahrain) - A local cop is killed by Hezbollah-linked radicals. (rop)

                    1. 2014-12-09 Laco, John (84) Lake Station (Indiana) 84 year old John Laco was sitting in his car in the parking lot of Lake Station, Indiana city hall with a 16-gauge shotgun. Police arrived and ordered him to drop the shotgun, Laco then got out of the car, pointed the shotgun at the officers, and fired. Officers immediately returned fire killing the man.[2]

                    Daily Misfortune Sunday December 7, 2014 ---

                    19 sickened in chemical warfare attack on US soil
                    3 killed in shootings
                    1 injured
                    1. 19 sickened, 1000s evacuated December 7, 2014 Criminal Chlorine Chemical Attack Furry Convention  
                    2. 1 killed December 7, 2014 One killed in Virginia Beach shooting 
                    3. 1 injured December 7, 2014 Police: Teen admits to stabbing victim during drunken fight in Temple Square
                    4. 1 killed December 7, 2014 SBI identifies Trent Woods police officer involved in fatal shooting 
                    5. 1 killed 1 injured suspect escaped December 7, 2014 One Man Killed, Another Wounded by Gunfire at Seattle Private Club SPD Blotter Police responded to a report of gunshots at the club just after 4 a.m. When officers arrived, they found two adult male victims injured by gunfire. Seattle ..

                    1. 2014-12-07 Unidentified (??) California (Oakland ) A 27-year-old woman was attempted to be pulled over by police for suspicion of driving a stolen truck. The woman refused to pull over and lead San Leandro Police Department officers on a chase that ended in East Oakland. The woman allegedly rammed several police cars and officers responded by shooting the woman. She died two days later at a hospital.
                    2. 2014-12-07 Unidentified (??) Nevada (Las Vegas) Police shot a man inside the Rio Hotel and Casino after confronting him for a robbery.[4]

                    Daily Misfortune Saturday December 6, 2014 ---

                    8 killed
                    1. 2 killed December 6, 2014 2 killed Luke Somers, American Hostage, Is Killed During Rescue Attempt in Yemen New York Times
                    2. 12 car break-ins December 6, 2014  Police warning Providence RI residents after war of break-in attacks on cars
                    3. update December 6, 2014 Triple Murder Pastor killing Suspect Arrested in Florida  Police Arrest Suspect in Shooting Deaths of Wife, Friend and Pastor 
                    4. 4 stabbed by vet with mental issues. December 6, 2014 Police credited with saving lives in Mich. Amtrak stabbing 
                    5. 1 killed December 6, 2014  Boy, 6, killed in apparent accidental shooting in Chicago Villa Park
                    6. 6 officers treated December 6, 2014 Six officers treated after small explosion at Burlington hotel;
                    7. update December 6, 2014 In Brooklyn, Mourning a Man Who the Police Say Was Killed in an Accident
                    8. 1 killed December 6, 2014 Bothell man killed in crash by weaving Tundra while on shoulder securing load on I-5
                    9. violence against police December 6, 2014 Protesters in Seattle become violent Saturday, throw rocks at police.
                    10. 1 killed December 6, 2014 Probe Underway After Deadly Police Shooting In Hollywood
                    11. 1 killed December 6, 2014 Man shot and killed in his yard in Saginaw
                    12. 1 killed December 6, 2014  Aeman Presley Alleged 4 Victim Atlanta Serial Killer confessed to killing Karen Pearce who worked as a stylist on Marietta GA
                    Daily Misfortune Friday December 5, 2014 ---
                    1. 200 killed December 5 Baltimore approaching 200th homicide this year 
                    2. 4 injured 1 arrest, suspect blames "seeing demons" December 5, 2014 Michael Williams Niles Michigan Train Mass Stabbing
                      update December 5, 2014 Phoenix Man Shot by White Cop Riles Up Mainstream Media, But They're Leaving Out 1 Key Detail of fleeing and resisting arrest  
                    3. update December 5, 2014 Brooklyn Grand Jury to Examine Akai Gurley Shooting Death 
                    4. 1 killed December 5, 2014 Top Al Qaeda Commander Adnan el Shukrijumah Killed: Pakistan Army 
                    5. 3 killed 5 wounded December 5, 2014 3 dead, 5 wounded in Friday shootings Chicago Tribune 
                    6. 1 killed accident December 5, 2014 Mississippi trooper killed in 1 car accident
                    7. update December 5, 2014 Testimony: Montana Man on Edge Before Shooting Turkish German
                    8. update December 5, 2014 Abu Dhabi mall stab suspect captured, planted bomb:
                    9. 1 threat December 5, 2014 Caller ID helps police track down Idaho phony bomb threat suspect 
                    10. 1 killed 1 wounded shooting December 5, 2014 1 dead, 1 wounded in shooting at England Park in Westminster
                    11. 1 killed by police December 5, 2014 Man killed by WM officer identified 
                    12. 1 killed by police December 5, 2014 Hollywood and Highland Shooting: Police Kill Suspect Who Was Possibly Yielding Knife 
                    13. 1 injured December 5, 2014 Hampden Twp. shooting may have been an accident
                    14. 1 killed 1 injured December 5, 2014 One killed and one injured in Portsmouth double shooting 
                    15. mall bomb threat December 5, 2014 Bomb threat prompts evacuation at New Jersey mall 
                    16. 3 killed December 5, 2014 Cops Hunt Florida Man Andres Avalos Who Allegedly Killed Three Baptist Church people
                    17. 1 killed bomb explosion December 5, 2014 Explosion near college in Roorkee India, one killed
                    18. 1 school threat December 5, 2014 No Bomb Found At Kenwood High, Threat Shut Down School Friday
                    19. 2 killed 1 arrested December 5, 2014 Arrest after Virginia teacher, daughter beaten to death  New York Daily - Meg Wagner A Virginia man beat a school teacher and her teenage daughter to death inside their own home  Charlottesville police nabbed Gene Everett Washington Monday night after he allegedly bludgeoned 58-year-old Robin Aldridge and 17-year-old Mani Aldridge Friday night. He faces two counts of first-degree murder.
                    20. November 17, 2014, December 5, 2014 update Sacrmento CA Good Samaritan allegedly killed by family he took in and helped News10/KXTV  A family a 77-year-old south Sacramento man police say took in and helped has been arrested for his murder. The body of Leo Curry Jr. was found by Sacramento police inside of his home. Detectives learned Curry had been helping a family and invited them into his home. The police investigation alleged the family, identified as Michael Moreno, 37; Sandy George, 35, and Kevin Moreno, 19, began stealing money and belongings from Curry. After reports reported the car was missing from the driveway investigators discovered Curry's vehicle had been advertised online and sold after his death. Detectives traced the posting and transaction to the suspects.
                    21. 2014-12-05 Folsom, Joseph Glenn, Jr., (61) South Carolina (Camden) Folsom was shot and killed at his home by a U.S. Marshall seeking to arrest him for an outstanding bench warrant. The South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division is investigating.[5]
                    22. 2014-12-05 Gutierrez, Delbert Rodriguez (21) Florida (Wynwood) Police vehicle strikes graffiti suspect during chase when he jumps out from between two parked cars.[6]
                    23. 2014-12-05 Unidentified (??) California (Los Angeles) Responding to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon, LAPD officers confronted a man with a pocket knife near the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When he approached the officers, they shot him and killed him.[7][8]

                    Daily Misfortune Thursday December 4, 2014 ---
                    Daily Misfortune Thursday December 4, 2014 ---


                    1. December 4, 2014 Eric Garner Might Still be Breathing If 
                    2. 1 killed by police December 4, 2014 Cordero-Rivera, Alejandro shot in front of his home when police saw a gun with him 
                    3. 1 killed by police December 4, 2014 Honea, William Lee (33) Oklahoma (Grant) shot after got out of the car with a rifle
                    4. 1 killed by police December 4, 2014 Martinez, Raymond Keith (51) Louisiana  shot and killed a homeless alcoholic Vietnam veteran who never bothered anybody
                    5. 1 killed by police December 4, 2014 Moller, Karin (55) Maine suicidal woman pointed gun at police
                    6. 1 house damaged December 4, 2014 Canada RCMP say someone intentionally drove a transport into a house
                    7. 1 killed 1 injured 1 arrest December 4, 2014 Geomel Shaffa Allegedly Kills Fort Bliss Soldier Wife After Pushing Another Off Balcony 
                    8. 1 killed December 4 December 4, 2014 Arlington TX teen charged in friend's accidental shooting death with stolen gun 

                    Daily Misfortune Wednesday December 3, 2014 ---
                    1. 1 killed 2 wounded terrorist bomb December 3, 2014 Lebanese Expert Killed While Dismantling Bomb
                    2. 2 killed terrorist bombing December 3, 2014 2 Killed in Bombing by Home of Iran's Yemen Envoy
                    3. 1 school evacuation December 3, 2014 Transformer explosion forces evacuation of UAlabama Birmingham dental school
                    4. 4 killed in terrorist bomb attack December 3, 2014 Suicide Car Bomber Rams UN Convoy in Mogadishu Wall Street Journal 
                    5. update December 3, 2014 Middle East Murder Mystery: No evidence but could it be terrorism? Who Killed An American Teacher in Abu Dhabi? 
                    6. 1 shooting threat December 3, 2014 University of Florida Twitter Shooting Threat
                    7. 4 injured suspect ruled medical condition December 3, 2014 4 Denver Officers Hit By Car with Medical issue At Ferguson Protest ruled not intentional Huffington Pos

                    Daily Misfortune Tuesday December 2, 2014 ---
                    1. update December 2, 2014 No motive found as Austin buildings reopen after embassy shooting spree KVUE 
                    2. update December 2, 2014 Friends say gunman in West Virginia shooting rampage was distraught over cheating, breakup 
                    3. 3 killed December 2, 2014 Unexplained why school bus attack swerved suddenly across median into side of bus going other way 
                    4. 1 killed December 2, 2014 Drive-by shooting leads to man's death, car crash Providence RI 
                    5. 1 home destroyed December 2, 2014 Chicago teacher house explosion in Beverly
                    6. 1 unarmed man killed by police December 2, 2014 Phoenix police: Suspect unarmed when killed. Killed: Brisbon, Rumain (34) Arizona (Phoenix) A police officer who was feeling threatened used lethal force on an unarmed man. The incident left the officer unharmed and Brisbon, 34, dead with two bullet wounds in his torso. Brisbon had a pill bottle in his hand when he was shot, in which the officer allegedly believed was a firearm.[16][17] wikip
                    7. 5 injured December 2, 2014 Newport News Shooting: 5 People Shot Outside Restaurant,
                    8. 1 killed 1 wounded 1 arrested December 2, 2014 Person in custody after fatal domestic shooting, police chase in Riverdale Chicago
                    9. 1 killed by police December 2, 2014 1 dead in officer-involved shooting in NW Harris  Unidentified (??)Texas (Fort Worth) A Fort Worth police officer is on leave after shooting a man who police say had entered a retail store with a screwdriver and a baseball bat. The man charged the officer outside the store and was fatally shot once in the chest.[18][19] wikip
                    10. 1 explosion (repair accident) December 2, 2014 Explosion after repair in Save Mart
                    11. 1 threat 1 arrest radicalized suspect August 30, 2014 December 2, 2014 Ferguson riots: Radicalized Islamist arrested for 'threatening to kill' ex-cop who shot dead Michael Brown 
                    12. 1 killed by police December 2, 2014 Jones, William (50) North Carolina (Red Springs) Two Robeson County Sheriff's deputies used a stun gun on Jones who was found by them walking erratically and without a shirt. Authorities said Jones was uncooperative.[15] wikip
                    13. 1 killed by police December 2, 2014 Unidentified (??) California (Los Angeles) LAPD shot and killed a man after he stabbed a woman.[20] wikip

                    Daily Misfortune Monday December 1, 2014 ---
                    15  killed  5 injured 1 bombing attempt
                    1. 1 killed 3 teens charged December 1, 2014 Bosnian community in St. Louis outraged over fatal hammer attack by minority youth 
                    2. 1 threat December 1, 2014 ISIS Threat FBI Warns US Military Social Media
                    3. 4 killed in 3 shootings December 1, 2014  Four Dead in West Virginia Shooting Spree 
                    4. 1 bomb threat December 1, 2014 Bomb threat cleared at Detroit 36th District Court .
                    5. December 1, 2014 The Taliban's new DIY drone: A bird fitted with a bomb vest
                    6. 1 killed, ruled accident, no crime December 1, 2014  College gymnast killed by food elevator
                    7. 1 injured December 1, 2014 Officer-involved shooting suspect fires at cops in E. Charlotte 
                    8. 1 killed, mechanical problem  December 1, 2014  Shaw AFB Pilot Killed in Middle East F-16 takeoff problem crash 
                    9. 2 injured December 1, 2014 Police: 2 Hurt In Eagan MN Shooting, Suspect At Large 
                    10. 1 killed December 1, 2014 1 dead in officer-involved shooting in NW Harris
                    11. update December 1, 2014 Some Cleveland Council members declare police shooting of Tamir Rice unjustified 
                    12. 1 injured 1 arrested December 1, 2014 Suspect in custody in homeless camp stabbing near Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino 
                    13. $200,000 damage December 1, 2014 Mt. Airy apartment fire causes $200K of damage  
                    14. 1 killed 1 injured December 1, 2014 1 dead, 1 injured in Pittsburgh shooting people in car
                    15. 1 injured December 1, 2014 Bank Robbery Suspect Critical After Officer Involved Shooting In Beverly Hills Hotel Lobby 
                    16. 1 died today, 4 killed weekend no arrestsDecember 1, 2014  Weekend death toll climbs higher in Newark after Friday shooting victim 
                    17. 1 killed 1 bombing attempt, 1 arrested December 1, 2014 American Kindergarten Teacher Stabbed Killed in Abu Dhabi women's room altercation by burqa lone wolf terrorist 
                    18. 1 killed 1 charged December 1, 2014 Argument in grocery store line leads to murder charge against Muslim grocer 
                    19. 1 killed December 1, 2014 Pepper, John Earl man shot after he pointed a gun at police
                    20. 1 killed December 1, 2014 Price, Lincoln  shot after he got out of the car and began shooting. 
                    21. 1 killed December 1, 2014 Rodriquez, Rosendo Gino  shot after one officer hit with machete