Friday, March 11, 2016

Executive Suspect

Executive Suspect --- ===

Why do successful executives commit terrorist-grade crimes?


3 injured by stabbing, 1 arrested March 4, 2016 UK Businessman Babur Karamat Raja Accused Stabbing Spree Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend in Sutton Coldfield In Sutton Coldfield, England, Babur Karamat Raja allegedly stabbed his pregnant ex-girlfriend in a church parking lot in broad daylight and attacked 3 men including 17 year old drama student Christian Blundell who intervened to help. Blundell and another man both sustained hand injuries.  Raja lives in a  sprawling £400,000 mansion nearby and has owned several businesses. Raja has been charged with attempted murder and attempted child destruction, also assault and possession of a knife in a public place.

Dave's Killer Bread - Wikipedia n November 14, 2013, Dahl was arrested following a police pursuit where he hit one Washington County, Oregonpolice vehicle and rammed another twice, causing injury to several deputies.[7][8] Elliot Njus of The Oregonianspeculated that the arrest could affect both the customer acceptance of Dahl's criminal redemption biography (which is written on the packaging for every loaf of bread) and its relationship with capital equity firm Goode Partners.[9] The incident began when a friend of Dahl's asked for police assistance with a mental health emergency Dahl was having. When the police arrived, Dahl hit one vehicle while driving away, was chased, rammed another vehicle twice after being cornered, and was then taken into custody after a struggle. In late 2014, Dahl was found guilty except for insanity on charges related to this incident.[10]  'Dave' of Dave's Killer Bread accused of injuring 3 deputies ... kptv Washington County Sheriff's Deputies arrested David Dahl, best known as the "Dave" in Dave's Killer Bread, Thursday night.Court documents describe arrest of 'Dave' of Dave's Killer ... kptv  After allegedly ramming patrol cars and fighting with deputies, the co-founder of Dave'sKiller Bread surrendered, saying, "OK, OK, OK, I'm done fighting."

1 beaten, suspect convicted June 15, 2011 Yogurt founder Young Lee Convicted Tire Iron Assaulted On Homeless Man Los Angeles: Pinkberry yogurt company co-founder Young Lee, 48 beat a homeless man Donald Bolding with a tire iron because he did not like the tatoo the man was wearing when he was driving by in his SUV. Convicted in November 8, 2013