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Month Misfortune March 2016

Month Misfortune March 2016 --- ===
Month Misfortune February 2016 ---

Daily Misfortune Thursday, March 31, 2016 ---
  1. Armed conflicts and attacks Israeli–Palestinian conflict (2015–present) Israeli security forces arrest 16 Palestinian suspects on the West Bank(Jerusalem Post)
  2. 2+ killed War in Somalia A suicide bomber in Somalia’s Puntland region detonated while hugging Saeed Ali of Galkayo. Islamic militant group Al-Shabab claims responsibility. 
  3. 7 killed 27 wounded  A car bomb, targeting an armored vehicle transporting police personnel, exploded close to a bus terminal in Turkey
  4. Syrian Civil War drone attack, “most likely operated by the US-led coalition,” kills Abu al-Hija, a high-ranking Tunisian ISIL commander
  5. At least 21 people are killed, 70 injured and up to 150 people are feared trapped after a half-built overpass collapses in the Indian city of Kolkata.(Indian Express) (NBC News)
  6. U.S. official announces that The Pentagon plans to transfer about a dozen inmates from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp to at least two countries
  7. Five U.S. women’s national soccer team players file federal wage discrimination complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissionagainst the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF).
  8. March 31 Garland man jailed in July 23 stabbing that killed 1, wounded 3 in Dallas 
  9. 2 killed Fresno: CHiPs chase not-terrorist SUV 7 miles into Naval Station accidentally killed when they crash into FA-18 fighter  No evidence base was targeted. 
  10.  2 killed suspect killed by police  Trooper, Gunman Dead in not-terrorist Mass Shooting at Greyhound Station in Richmond, Virginia  
March 1, 2016 Near Boston MA Newton pizza restaurant crash driver faces two years behind bars ... 1, 2017 - The driver of a car that crashed into a Newton pizzeria and killed two people faces up to two years in prison if he pleads guilty to motor vehicle homicide charges, a judge ruled Friday. Bradford Casler, 56, slammed his Volkswagen Tiguan into Sweet Tomatoes Pizza on March 1, 2016, killing a young father ..

Daily Misfortune Wednesday, March 30, 2016 ---
  1. Jamar Clark: No Charges Against Minneapolis Cops Involved in Shooting, evidence shows he grabbed gun, was not handcuffed and was "ready to die, NAACP calls it propaganda" 
  2. Small Explosion In Bayonne, New Jersey Sends Workers To Hospital 
  3. 1 killed 1 injured Westfield Hornsby Australia Korean restaurant stabbing: man killed, woman stabbed in chest
  4. 2 killed juvenile arrested Pioneer Square shooting: Seattle WA
  5. 1 bomb threat Employees evacuated Honda plant in Marysville amid bomb threat
  6. 1 killed London stabbing sees girlfriend scream 'I love you' as her boyfriend Ali Nasrollahi lay dying 
  7. 1 killed Man expected to be charged for stabbing murder of woman in Kensington Park, Adelaide Australia
  8. Shooting St Cloud MN sends 1 to hospital 
  9. Pair arrested over drive-by shooting on Caulfield Australia brothel 
  10. Police investigate early morning Indianapolis shooting on north side 
  11. Rayne man killed veered into head-on crash into truck unknown reason Louisiana 
  12. Naxalite–Maoist insurgency At least seven Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel are killed in an IED attack on their vehicle in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh'sDantewada districtNaxalite insurgents are suspected to have been behind the attack. (International Business Times)
  13. 2 suspects killed in suicide attack March 30, 2016 California Police Chase Wrong Way SUV Onto Naval Air Station Lemoore  2 Crash Into F-18 and Die Deliberate Targeting ruled out 
Daily Misfortune Tuesday, March 29, 2016 --- ===
  1. March 4, 2016 kidnapping Isil feared 'crucified Indian Catholic priest on Good Friday' after capture in Yemen
  2. 2016 Aero Teknic MU-2 crash Seven people die in a plane crash on the Magdalen Islands in the Canadian province of Quebec. Former ministerJean Lapierre was one of the people on board the plane. (CBC)(CTV News)

  3. United States Air Force F-16 crashes during takeoff from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. The pilot ejected safely and was recovered by coalition forces, according to a U.S. military statement. (Reuters)
  4. Terminix, in the U.S. District Court in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, admits it "knowingly" applied fumigants includingmethyl bromide, which the EPA banned for residential use in 1984, at a resort in St. John that seriously sickened a family of four, and agrees to pay $10 million in fines and restitution. (NBC News) (NBC News²)
  5. Turkey–United States relations The United States State Department and the Pentagon order families of U.S. diplomats and military personnel to leave posts in southern Turkey due to “increased threats from terrorist groups” 
  6. The Indonesian foreign ministry says 10 Indonesian nationals are being held hostage after their tug boat and coal barge was hijacked in Philippine waters. Islamist militant group, Abu Sayyaf is demanding a ransom. (AP)
  7. EgyptAir Flight 181 A hijacked EgyptAir flight lands in Cyprus. All hostages have been released, and the Arab hijacker who claimed to have suicide bomb vest has no evident ties to any terrorist organizations and is determined to be crazy but not a terrorist. (The Guardian)
  8. Transgender rights in the United States Dozens of chief executive officers of major U.S. technology, biotech, and financial companies urge North Carolinato repeal a new state law forcing transgender people to use rest-rooms and changing-rooms according to the gender on their birth-certificate.
  9. Two police officers are killed and four others are wounded in the western Venezuelan city of San Cristóbal after they were run over by a bus driven by young men whose ridiculous cover story for assassination was protesting a hike in public transport fares, according to government officials and Reuters witnesses. (Reuters)
Daily Misfortune Thursday, March 24, 2016 --- =
  1. Chicago: hooker gets 15 years for stabbing Brother Rice Catholic high school teacher to death  Jan. 18, 2014 murder
  2. Miami FL Doral traffic stopped traffic after bank robbery, bomb threat 
  3. Russia's special forces officer ground bombing spotter killed in Syria
  4. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Australian infrastructure and transport minister Darren Chester says in a statement that debris recovered this month in Mozambique was highly likely to be from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. (Reuters)
  5. former Yugoslavia President Radovan Karadžić found guilty of committing genocide and crimes against humanity in Bosnia during the Bosnian War and is sentenced to 40 years in prison.... "criminally responsible" for the Srebrenica massacre
  6. 1 killed, 1 injured in Ohio 32 head-on crash 
  7. Lockdown ends at San Diego Navy hospital after shooter report 3 ammo rounds but no shooter found 
  8. Wednesday  1 injured 1 arrested 1 injured in shooting Charlotte NC on JCSU Johnson C. Smith  University dorm 
  9. Driver killed in Cayuga County NY drive around crossing gate collision with Amtrak train 
  10. Seattle light-rail service delayed in Rainier Valley, due to shots hitting train  Seattle Times 
  11. 1 guilty criminal vehicle operation, town evacutated in train crash with propane truck  Biya Abdella Buta guilty in Calloway train propane truck crash 
Daily Misfortune Wednesday, March 23, 2016 ---

Traffic incidents 8 killed 3 injured in 4 crashes
  1. 2 killed after erratic driver illegal passing in NY causes head-on, fiery crash, kills high school star in Adams - not terrorist
  2. 3 injured Las Vegas: head-on collision on Blue Diamond Road  - not terrorist
  3. 3 killed in driver crosses center unknown cause head-on collision in McDowell County NC  -not terrorist
  4. 3 killed 2 workers injured ruled accident Trio killed in Tacoma crash through barriers into Tacoma bucket utility worker truck were ‘good, solid Christian people’ - not terrorist
Attacks with weapons 1 guilty murder 1 killed, 5 injured 1 police car rammed 2 arrested
  1. Feb. 27, 2013 March 23, 2016 guilty verdict Jury finds Providence man guilty of fatal stabbing ex wife on bus 
  2. 1 killed Father of four killed in driveby shooting on Detroit's west side 
  3. 1 killed Victim identified in south Allentown shooting
  4. 2 injured, 1 police car hit, Wednesday Virginia: Police try to serve warrant, hit by arrested driver, discover shooting victims  
  5. 1 killed 2 injured Pensacola FL ECSO deputy injured in Okaloosa gentleman's club, condo parking lot shooting 
  6. 2 juveniles arrested on charges of stabbing San Antonio TX Fair Oaks Ranch homeowner 
Military attacks 50 killed
  1. Yemeni Civil War (2015–present)War on Terror At least 50 militants are reportedly killed in a U.S. air strike on an Al-Qaeda training camp in southern Yemen(Reuters)
Daily Misfortune Thursday, March 17, 2016 --- ===

  1. Militant Kurds claim Ankara bomb, German missions shut in Turkey
  2. ISIS Massacre of Christians Not "Genocide," Obama Administration Insists 
  3. Kerry determines IS group committing genocide in Iraq, Syria 
  4. The Islamic State reports commander Hassan Aboud has died of wounds sustained about two weeks ago in a battle near AleppoSyria. He was injured when a vehicle he was in struck a roadside bomb nearKhanaser(The New York Times)
  5. Papua conflict Three construction workers are shot dead in JayapuraPapua, by a supposed armed group, according to Indonesian police(Radio New Zealand)
  6. The hacker group Anonymous follows through on its threat and releases candidate Donald Trump's personal information 
  7. FBI admits UC Merced Stabbing Spree was ISIS inspired islamist terror attack - but not terrorist??
  8. Bomb threat: Nepal, Bhubaneswar flights grounded at Delhi India airport
  9. Suspect Hexum and 2 accomplices pled guilty in Murder Arson of neighbors Jim and Cathy Hively MN Farm 
  1. UK Glasgow: woman seriously injured in stabbing at industrial estate 
  2. Kansas City Police Investigate man and woman shooting, Crash into pole 
  3. Mar 17 South Nashville shooting victim found near Vanderbilt campus 
  4. 2 men dead in shooting in Far Northeast Dallas
  5. Man dies after stabbing, possibly struck by SUV in Frankford 
  6. 2 critically injured in Lincoln Park fight, stabbing near Chicago day care center 
  7. Wilmington Police investigating homicide, second shooting Thursday
  8. Two Houston furniture store robbery suspects of 5 killed in shootout with police
  9. Man injured in stabbing at Dooley's befriended strangers in Macomb County
  10. Bennettsville SC teen shot and killed 
  11. Cops ID suspect in MetroCard swipe seller's stabbing death New York Daily
Accidents crashes
  1. At least 16 Palestinian pilgrims are killed when the bus they were traveling to Saudi Arabia on overturns in southern Jordan(Voice of America)
  2. Seattle Ride the Ducks bus crash admits to safety violations, pays fine to state 
Daily Misfortune Sunday, March 13, 2016 ---
  1. 34 killed 125 wounded March 2016 Ankara bombing Bombing explosion occurs in central AnkaraTurkey
  2. 15 killed 2016 Ivory Coast Grand-Bassam Hotel Shootings Al Qaeda Gunmen attack two hotels in the Ivory Coast town of Grand-Bassam
  3. 7 killed 40 captured The al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate, assaults the Free Syrian Army
  4. Five people are dead after a building collapses in the Indian city of Meerut caused by heavy rain. (India Today)
  5. Heavy rain in Pakistan has led to fifteen deaths in two days including at least eight deaths in a coal mine collapse in the Orakzai Tribal Area(AP via Fox News)
  6. Six people have been killed in LouisianaTexas, and Oklahoma, with two Mississippi fishermen missing, in this week's flooding
  7. Pacific Northwest windstorm strikes Western Washington, killing at least one person in Seattle Seward Park leaving 300,000 residents without power, and closing several bridges.(KING-TV)
  8. 4 killed 3 injured A six-seat Cessna 206 crashes into a market in the Beni Department of northeastern Bolivia, killing all four aboard the plane and injuring three others. (Another report states seven were killed with 15 injured). The plane was flying from Santa Ana del Yacuma to departmental capital Trinidad(AP via ABC News) (Reuters via Hindustan Times)
  9. United States officials say North Korea has apparently lost contact with one of its submarines
  10. Israeli–Palestinian conflict Israeli Defence Forces arrest 15 Palestinian suspects overnight. (Jerusalem Post)
  11. 2 Muskegon County deputies injured by suicide-by-cop suspect 
  12. Suspect description released after deadly, random stabbing on Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square over hat comment 
Daily Misfortune Saturday, March 12, 2016 ---

  1. Ireland: bomb found in house during Finglas search I
  2. 1 killed 600 injured Iraq chemical weapons The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant fire mortars containing an unidentified chemical agent killing one and injuring 600 in Taza KhurmatuIraq(FOX News) (NASDAQ)
  3. 2 killed 4 injured Naxalite–Maoist insurgency Two Indian Border Security Force soldiers are killed and four injured in a conflict in the state of Chhattisgarh(PTI via Hindustan Times)
  4. 2 killed Israeli–Palestinian conflict A 10-year-old Palestinian boy and his 6-year-old sister in Gaza are killed by fragments from a missile fired by anIsraeli aircraft targeting four Hamas training camps after four missiles landed in open areas in southern Israel late yesterday. (LA Times) (Reuters)
  5. 67 killed Turkey–PKK conflict (2015–present) Turkish Air Force airstrikes reportedly kill at least 67 PKK militants in northern Iraq(World Bulletin) (VOA News)
  6. 1 fighter lost Syrian Civil War  Jaysh al-Nasr rebels say they have shot down a fighter jet over the Hama Governorate in western Syria
  7. 17 killed 20 injured Yemeni Civil War (2015–present) Aden unrest Airstrikes on the Al-Qaeda-held Al-Mansoura district in the port city of Aden, kill at least 17 militants and injure 20 civilians, according to local medics and a Yemeni security official. (Reuters)
  8. Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2016 A Black Lives activist storms the stage  in Dayton, Ohio,Thomas Dimassimo charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic
  1. 6 killed An avalanche kills six skiers in the Italian Alps(Reuters)
  1. 1 dog killed Snowmobile driver says he was drunk in Alaska but deliberately crashes into Iditarod
  2. California HPatrol says party bus shooting on Oakland freeway was targeted 
  3. Florida deputy killed after being hit by wrong way driver 
  1. 1 killed 2 missing A tugboat crash on the Hudson River north of New York City results in one death and two people missing. (AP)
  1. Fake News: Black Trump Supporter Shot and Killed by Chicago Protesters 
Daily Misfortune Friday, March 11, 2016 ---
  1. 1 abducted, suspect sought Philadelphia: woman stalked by car punched, taken by man but not abducted from SEPTA bus 
  2. 4 injured suspects sought 5 people left wounded after drive-by and stop shooting in Trenton NJ
  3. Person in custody after barricade situation in West Philly 
  4. Man killed, 2 others wounded in shootings on West, South sides  Chicago Tribune  
  5. Israeli wounded in stabbing attack near Jerusalem's Dung Gate
  6. US Embassy in Berlin: Man Punched Guard, Triggered Bomb Scare  
  7. Man killed in Norfolk officer-involved shooting 
  8. San Antonio Texas: 1 man dead, shot his wife taken to hospital in murder suicide double-shooting
  9. One injured in Johnston County school bus unknown cause accident 
  10. 5 killed 2 injured 3 Afghan govt "puppets"  killed, 2 hurt in Kapisa attacks 
  11. Woman driving wrong way unknown reasons dies in head-on crash on Highway 30
  12. Wilmington DC police investigate shooting on South Tenth Street 
  13. Insurgency in the Maghreb (2002–present)The Algerian Army kills three suspected Islamist militants near the eastern city of El Oued and seizes a large quantity of weapons, including six anti-aircraft missiles. (Reuters)
  14. Yemeni Civil War (2015–present)More than 50 people have died in fighting in the Yemeni city of Taiz(Al-Arabiya)
  15. Bangladesh Bank money laundering case Bangladeshi bank officials say unknown hackers installed malware in the bank's computer systems in last month's attempt to steal nearly $1 billion from the central bank's account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  16. Japan’s emperor and prime minister attend a memorial service marking the fifth anniversary of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in which 15,894 people died and caused the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
  17. 2016 São Paulo flood and mudslideAt least 15 people are killed by flooding and mudslides in and around São PauloBrazil, following heavy rain. (Reuters via Channel News Asia)
  18. North Korea and weapons of mass destruction Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, orders the country to conduct more tests of nuclear weapons to improve its capacity. (Reuters via Daily Mail)
  19. South Sudanese Civil War A new United Nations report on South Sudan describes one of the most horrendous human rights situations in the world, in particular by Government forces, including use of rape as a widespread weapon of war and recommends the U.N. Security Council consider imposing a comprehensive arms embargo on South Sudan and referring the matter to the International Criminal Court(Newsweek (AP via The Washington Post)
  20. The Arab League declares the Lebanon-based Shiite group Hezbollah a terrorist organization. (Reuters)
  21. 2016 Donald Trump Chicago rally protest Donald Trump postpones a rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago due to security issues amid fights between protestors and supporters. Five people are arrested, and two officers injured, according to Chicago police(AFP vis ABC News Australia) (CNN) (NBC News) Rival Republican presidential candidates Ted CruzJohn Kasich, and Marco Rubio state Mr. Trump bears some responsibility for the disturbance. (Los Angeles Times)
  22. Thirty-two people are arrested, all but one charged with general peace disturbance, at an earlier Trump event at thePeabody Opera House in St. LouisMissouri(Chicago Tribune)
  23. A Donald Trump supporter is charged with assault after social media videos show him sucker punching a protester at Wednesday's campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina(The Washington Post) (The Christian Science Monitor)
  24. UPDATE: Suspect in South Anchorage stabbing charged with assault A woman who was taken into custody following a stabbing in South Anchorage on Friday has been arrested and charged with second degree assault, Anchorage police say.
  25. Police: 3 killed, 10 wounded in shootings since Friday evening Chicago Sun-Times Smith was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he died less than two hours later, authorities said. He lived in the 900 block of North Springfield.
  26. Prosecutor: Woman charged in fatal stabbing claimed boyfriend fell on potato peeler  Chicago Tribune - ‎19 hours ago‎   A woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death in a South Loop apartment building initially told police he had fallen on a potato peeler, prosecutors said Friday.
  27. 1 killed 1 injured San Jose: Man killed, another injured in shooting at Vietnamese restaurant San Jose Mercury News SAN JOSE -- One man was killed and another was injured in a shooting late Friday night at a Vietnamese restaurant in East San Jose.
  28. A propane stove gas exposion destroyed a guest home in Wise County Friday. -Denis Shope, who owns the lakefront home, says a guest house next to the main house was destroyed and a propane leak to the stove is probably to blame for the explosion. 
  29. Popular Dallas TX ISD middle school cafeteria worker killed while driving in road rage drive-by shooting searching for the gunman who shot and killed a popular Dallas ISD cafeteria worker and busy single mom. Marlese Arnett, 32, suffered an injury to the head during a drive-by shooting in far east Dallas. Friday afternoon, her family got the devastating news Arnett did not survive.  Arnett was shot while driving near John West Road and La Prada Drive. Police say it is possible the woman had an altercation with the gunman just before shots were fired.
  30. March 11, 2016 Fans cheering for Catholic basketball team shout 'You killed Jesus' to opposing Jewish school players Washington PostThe game was held at Newton South High School, where an estimated 100 young men sitting in the student section cheering for Catholic Memorial shouted, “You killed Jesus, you killed Jesus,” according to several witnesses who asked not to be identified. all-boys Catholic Memorial School and the public Newton North High School, which has a large Jewish community of students. The game was held at Newton South High School, where an estimated 100 young men sitting in the student section cheering for Catholic Memorial shouted, “You killed Jesus, you killed Jesus,” according to several witnesses who asked not to be identified. Most of those chanting fans wore red shirts as a display of support for their team. Some of the witnesses, who were Jewish, said they found the chant alarming.

  1. Manager, worker killed in Seymour Indiana Cummins Tech Center Qing Chen murder suicide shooting 
  2. Ohio: explosion, propane tanks on fire at Crocker Park construction site 
  3. Rolling [perfectly aimed] stray tire hits ambulance windshield in Allentown PA 
  4. 9 killed Clashes between the Lebanese Army and jihadist militants near the village of Ras Baalbek in northeast Lebanon, close to the Syrian border
  5. 3 dead 1000 evacuated Two days of heavy rain in the American state of Louisiana
  6. North Korea–South Korea relations North Korea fires two missiles into the Sea of Japan and announces its intention to liquidate all remaining South Korean assets on its territory.
  7. Former Russian Minister Mikhail Lesin was found by a American investigation to have died of blunt force injuries inWashington D.C. in November last year. (Reuters)
  8. 1 injured stabbing, 1 arrested  March 10, 2016 Female NGO Harvard grad architect executive, 60, captured after stabbing in Toronto Rosedale  Canada 
  9. Paris "private dispute" shooting: Police rule out terrorism after one person injured in Bastille shootout 
  10. UPDATE: Suspect in South Anchorage stabbing charged with assault A woman who was taken into custody following a stabbing in South Anchorage on Friday has been arrested and charged with second degree assault, Anchorage police say.
  11. Police: 3 killed, 10 wounded in shootings since Friday evening Chicago Sun-Times Smith was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he died less than two hours later, authorities said. He lived in the 900 block of North Springfield.
  12. Prosecutor: Woman charged in fatal stabbing claimed boyfriend fell on potato peeler  Chicago Tribune - ‎19 hours ago‎   A woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death in a South Loop apartment building initially told police he had fallen on a potato peeler, prosecutors said Friday.
  13. 1 killed 1 injured San Jose: Man killed, another injured in shooting at Vietnamese restaurant San Jose Mercury News SAN JOSE -- One man was killed and another was injured in a shooting late Friday night at a Vietnamese restaurant in East San Jose.
  14. A propane stove gas exposion destroyed a guest home in Wise County Friday. -Denis Shope, who owns the lakefront home, says a guest house next to the main house was destroyed and a propane leak to the stove is probably to blame for the explosion. 
  15. Popular Dallas TX ISD middle school cafeteria worker killed while driving in road rage drive-by shooting searching for the gunman who shot and killed a popular Dallas ISD cafeteria worker and busy single mom. Marlese Arnett, 32, suffered an injury to the head during a drive-by shooting in far east Dallas. Friday afternoon, her family got the devastating news Arnett did not survive.  Arnett was shot while driving near John West Road and La Prada Drive. Police say it is possible the woman had an altercation with the gunman just before shots were fired.
  16. Thursday March 10, 2016 Multiple agencies investigate explosion at Crocker Park WKYC-TV WESTLAKE, Ohio -- At least two state agencies and one federal agency are involved in an investigation into what happened during an explosion at Crocker Park Thursday. Sources tell WKYC Channel 3's Hilary Golston that inspectors were making sure the ...
  17. March 10, 2016 Name released of man with air gun shot and killed by Reno police Thursday KOLO  22-year-old Arteair Porter called 911 claiming that his child died, he was armed with a gun and he wanted to shoot someone, was going to shoot next car, he only had air gun
Daily Misfortune Wednesday, March 9, 2016 ---
  1. Nine firefighters injured in Seattle Greenwood apparent natural gas explosion destroys buildings 
  2. 2 killed 3 injured 1 arrested March 7, 2016, arrested March 9 illegal immigrant crime spree Highway Patrol: Shooting 4 Kansas Neighbors Killing Man Illegal Mexican Suspect in Custody in Missouri 
  3. 10 killed Afghanistan Taliban militants attack government offices in the southern Helmand Province of Afghanistan, with at least 10 killed, including seven of the attackers. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)
  4. ? killed War in Somalia (2009–present) U.S. special forces, landing in two helicopters, stage an overnight raid on the al-Shabaab-controlled town ofAwdhegele in Somalia
  5. 2 injured, vehicle set on fire, 20 masked suspects North Caucasus clashes A group of nine human rights activists and journalists, heading to GroznyChechnya, in a small bus, are attacked on the Kavkaz federal highway near the Ordzhonikidzovskaya settlement at the Ingushetia border. About 20 masked men assaulted the group, confiscated some mobile phones, and set their vehicle on fire.
  6. 30 killed At least 30 people are killed after a five-story building still under construction collapses in LagosNigeria(Reuters)
  7. Newark, New Jersey's 30 public schools shut off all water fountains after elevated levels of lead were found in nearly half of the schools during the state Department of Environmental Protection testing. 
  8. European migrant crisis Macedonia says it will no longer let any migrants through its southern border with Greece, effectively blocking theBalkan route for migrants. The decision came after Slovenia barred access to migrants transiting the country. There are around 13,000 migrants now stranded at the Macedonia-Greece border. (BBC)
  9. Shahbaz Taseer, the son of Pakistani Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer who was murdered in 2011 for criticizing the country's blasphemy laws, is reunited with his family four-and-a-half years after his kidnapping. Tuesday march 8, Shahbaz was rescued by Pakistani secret service and counter-terrorism operatives
  10. 2016 Wilkinsburg shooting 5 dead in 'calculated' ambush shooting at backyard party in Pa. 
  11. March 9, 2016 Philadelpha teen in wheelchair critically injured in West Oak Lane shooting; 3 hoody men sought 
  12. Dec 31, 2013 murder, March 9, 2016 update  NJ man gets 31 years in prison for killing wife, dumping body 
  13. Texas executes man for 1997 quintuple fatal shooting 
  14. UK: Harlesden shooting: 'Innocent bystander' shot dead with 'high-powered' weapon in London March 9, 2016 London UK: two men arrested over Harlesden shooting of not targeted man BBC News Two men have been arrested after a 27-year-old was shot dead on a north-west London street, Met Police have said. The victim, Oliver Tetlow, from Harlesden, ... killed in the shooting in Church Road ..   29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder on Friday in the Shepherd's Bush area. Earlier in the day, police arrested an 18-year-old in Harlesden on suspicion of robbery. Both men are in custody. [or a terrorist-motivated random killing was staged to look like he was a bystander and not a target]
  15. Deadly Wicker Park Shooting Was 'Targeted' Attack, Alderman Says 
Daily Misfortune Tuesday, March 8, 2016 --- ===
Month Misfortune March 2016 ---

List of incidents of terror which could be accidents, crimes, or terrorist attacks.

  1. 5 killed 12 wounded 4 suspects killed: Israel Jaffa beach stabbing spree one of 3 terror attacks 
  2. 1 killed 2 wounded Triple shooting in New Orleans Central City leaves 1 dead 
  3. 1 killed 1 injured  In Turkey border town is hit by mortar shells fired from Syria 
  4. Libya Tunisia's army and security forces kill another five suspected terrorists in an operation near the Libyan border.
  5. Swiss authorities arrest 15 people sought as suspected members of the 'Ndrangheta organized crime syndicate, a Mafia-type organization centered in Calabria, Italy. (AP)
  6. ISIL minister-of-war, Abu Omar al-Shishani, né Tarkhan Tayumurazovich Batirashvili, appears to have been killed in a U.S. air strike in Syria.
  7. 1 killed 3 suspects: 2 arrested 1 sought Chicago Man Charged in Earlier Killing, Nov 2 9-Year-Old Boy's Gang Motivated Punish Father Shooting Death  
  8. 2 injured 1 arrested Mexican attempts rape, stabs British backpacker Redfern Australia: police 
  9. 1 killed 2 injured suspect arrested stabbing spree Ronald Stanley West Philadelphia Drug Fueled Senseless Stabbing Spree  
  10. 1 killed in murder 1 arrested, mentally ill Uruguay: Islam convert who stabbed Jewish man to death while screaming “Allahu akbar” avoids jail, is “mentally ill”
    Daily Misfortune Monday, March 7, 2016 ---
    1. 6 injured Another laptop bomb has exploded at Somalia airport Quartz A bomb planted in a laptop computer has wounded six people after exploding at an airport in central Somalia today (March 7).
    2. 12 killed 30 wounded Mar 7 Pakistan bomb: Twelve killed in Qadri 'revenge' attack 
    3. 21 killed 7 captured Tunisia: 21 militants killed after attack on barracks 
    4. 1 christian pastor injured, suspect sought March 6, 2016 shooting March 7 ID suspect Police search for Coeur d'Alene Idaho [church pastor] shooting suspect Kyle Odom 
    5. 1 killed 3 injured after standoff, suspect killed  Ingleburn not terrorist biker hostage standoff, shooting at sign factory argument in Sydney Australia
    6. Victoria McGrath, Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor, Killed in Dubai Car  Crash 
    7. Sept 9, 2016, Mar 7 2016  guilty plea Driver DUI on stolen aerosol pleads guilty in head-on September crash that killed 72-year-old woman 
    8. March 7, 2016 San Jose police: Stabbing suspect killed in officer-involved shooting 
    9. March 7, 2016 Owner dead after angry man looking for someone shooting at Harris County TX auto shop 
    10. March 7, 2016  Man Injured After Bullet Hits Bus in Shakopee MN
    11. March 7, 2016 Idaho pastor shooting: Manhunt widens as police disclose Marine's mental illness 
    12. March 7, 2016 Man who killed himself after shooting up Dallas Lewisville Carter BloodCare identified  
    13. March 7, 2016 Masked gunman opens fire on victim before chasing him down Brooklyn street 
    14. March 7, 2016 2 women dead in Cheverly MD apartment shooting 
    15. March 7, 2016 One dead, one hospitalized in South Tampa shooting
    16. Bangladesh central bank says U.S. account hacked: Fed denies breach   
    17. 5 killed 1 arrested March 7–8, 2016  Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino Mexican Illegal Immigrant Not Terrorist Mass Shootings 
    18. Police investigate shooting outside Boys Girls Club on Madison Wisconsin South Side
    19. Sniper kills suspect in Rochester NY standoff   
    Daily Misfortune Sunday, March 6, 2016 ---

    Terrorism (4)
    1. 60 killed 70 wounded Iraq ISIS uicide fuel tanker bomber rams explosives-laden truck into checkpoint in Baghdad
    2. 9 killed 20+ injured Syria  Rockets and mortars hit the mainly Kurdish neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsood in the city of Aleppo
    3. March 6, 2016 Female ISIS Supporter Knifes Police Officer in Hannover, Germany
    4. Pipe bomb Defused In Northern Ireland Security Alert 
    5. March 6, 2016 shooting  Coeur d'Alene Idaho church pastor shot after Cruz rally in Idaho suspect is ex-marine Kyle Odom He is later  arrested in DC professing crazy political beliefs, so this is mental or political motivated terrorism.
    6. Egypt Says Muslim Brotherhood, Backed by Hamas, Killed Top Prosecutor 
    Crimes and Accidents that look like attacks (5)
    1. 2 killed 1 critical, suspect arrested charged March 6, 2016 2 Teens Killed, 1 Teen in Critical After Car Jumps Curb in NJ  
    2. 1 killed 10 injured Compton large party mass shooting 
    3. 1 killed 7 injured Mass shooting inside Chelsea MA apartment
    4. March 6, 2016 Mentally Ill Not Terrorist Suspect James Patrick Dillon Shot, Nabbed in molotov cocktail liquor store owner murder 3 Attacks 24 hr spree in New York City 
    5. March 6, 2016 19-year-old man dead after S.E. Oklahoma City apartment complex shooting  
    6. March 6, 2016 Three killed by Dan Popp in long gun handgun mass shooting laundry dispute cover story in Milwaukee
    March 6, 2016 Handyman David Corzilius accused of stabbing wealthy designer in upscale Grosse Pointe Michigan. Corzilius has a history of drug problems and mental illness. He was shoveling snow for wealthy interior designer Daniel Clancy and claims he was upset because his client touched his buttocks, so he returned for a home invasion, chased and stabbed Clancy to "settle the score". He was charged on March 11 with six felony accounts including attempted murder, armed robbery and home invasion. Terrorism, as usual, was never speculated as a possible alternative motive assuming that his cover story was indeed a self-serving lie.  
    Handyman charged in Grosse Pointe stabbing The Detroit NewPolice Lt. Richard Rosati recounts the details of the investigation which led to the arrest of Warren handyman David Corzilius who is charged with stabbing Grosse Pointe Farms interior designer Daniel Clancy, 69, who remains in critical condition. John T.
    Handyman charged in Grosse Pointe stabbing
    Handyman charged in Grosse Pointe stabbing. David Scott Corzilius has been charged with assault with intent to murder. Post to Facebook
    Warren handyman charged in Grosse Pointe stabbing - Police release mugshot of David Corzilius, 49, of Warren, who was charged Friday in stabbing of Grosse Pointe Farms interior designer Daniel Clancy. March 11, 2016 Handyman charged with stabbing interior designer - SFGate
    Police say 49-year-old David Corzilius of Warren has admitted a role in the stabbing in Grosse Pointe Farms but claims he was upset because the victim, Daniel Clancy, had touched his buttocks the previous day. Corzilius told police that he had shoveled snow for Clancy last Saturday, a day before the stabbing.  Corzilius is charged with attempted murder, armed robbery and home invasion... returned to "settle  the score"...Defense attorney Tim Doty says Corzilius has a history of drug problems and mental health issues
    Police: Handyman confessed in stabbing attack  fox2detroit  charged with six felony counts
    March 11, 2016 Macomb County man charged in knife attack in Grosse Pointe Farms  The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office said David Corzilius of Warren David Corzilius of Warren had been hired in the past as a handyman to clean gutters and clear snow at Daniel Clancy’s home in Grosse Pointe Farms... chased and stabbed his client / victim
    David Scott Corzilius


    5 killed, 1 arrested in head-on car crashes
    1. Twelve coal miners are killed following a gas leak in a mine near the Chinese city of Baishan in Jilin province(AAP via SBS)
    2. 25 drowned 15 rescued migrant crisis At least 25 migrants, including 10 children, drown after their wooden boat capsizes in the Aegean Sea near the seaside town of DidimTurkey.
    3. Wife of Eagles' Randy Meisner Apparently Accidentally Shot and Killed, Investigation Ongoing  
    4. 1 killed Sacramento: Man killed in head-on crash
    5. 1 killed Police: Man Killed In Head-On Collision In North Sacramento - CBS Local
    6. 1 killed Wrong-Way Driver Killed In Head-On Collision With Semi On Commerce CO I-270 
    7. 1 killed Head-on crash veer over 4 lanes on Sackville Drive claims life of young man 
    8. 1 arrested Driver arrested on drunk driving charges after head-on crash 
    9. 1 killed One Dead After SC Head-On Collision 

    1. Belfast police called to second bomb in west of city
    2. Toronto Canada fatal stabbing of  Hamza Lamadani by suspect Mohamed Nasr 
    3. Police: Suspect surrenders in shooting at Baltimore DPW facility 
    4. Piece of metal chipper toogh  crashing through Target in Knightdale sparks fears of explosion 
    5. Lexington KY police investigateshooting on Shaker Run Road
    6. 1 dead, 1 wounded in shooting on San Antonio TX Northwest Side 
    7. 1 dead after shooting on University Ave. in St. Paul, Minn.
    8. NY Catholic Nun [school teacher], 80, Killed in Head-On Crash [by car veering wrong lane for unknown reasons]
    9. March 5, 2016  DWI man crashes then drives three-wheeled stolen van into another car [in San Antonia TX] slams head-on into other driver 
    10.  3 dead in head-on crash near Hysham Billings Montana
    11. Man killed after shooting onWeston Ave Buffalo NY
    12. Shooting on Springfield's East Side Leaves Few Answers 
    13. Taliban insurgency The Afghan Taliban releases a statement rejecting peace talks
    14. Yemen Gunmen shoot dead the police chief of Aden's Tawahi district and one of his aides.
    15. More than 60 people are hospitalized after an engine explodes on a Thailandcommuter boat
    16. Gunmen or terrorists dressed in police uniforms kill at least ten people in the Hondurancapital of Tegucigalpa
    17. 2 teens killed 1 arrested after car jumps curb near New Jersey high school 
    18. Woman killed and man injured in drive-by shooting at bus stop in Southeast Washington DC  
    19. Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo row leads to stabbing death in Mumbai India BBC Sport 
    20. Terrorist bomb cache found in Ireland park
    21. Pedestrian struck and killed Rochester NY
    22. One killed, another injured in Lawrence MA shooting 
    23. Man arrested after stabbing on Atlantic City NJ boardwalk 
    Daily Misfortune Friday, March 4, 2016 ---

    Terrorism - 4 attacks
    1. East Belfast Northern Ireland bomb blast under police van
    2. 16 killed by six gunment Six Islamic terrorist gunmen storm a retirement home in Yemen, run by a charity established by Mother Teresa, killing 16 people, including four Catholic nuns. 
    3. Libya two Italian hostages are freed by local fighters from Islamic State custody in Sabratha,Libya.two other Italian hostages were recently killed during local forces clashes with IS militants. 
    4. 2 killed 14 injure Two Turkish police officers are killed and at least 14 others including several civilians are injured by a car bomb attack on a police station
    Disasters Accidents
    1. Five people, including an 18-month-old baby, are missing from an Indonesian ferryboat traveling from Bali to East Javathat sank in the Bali Strait; 76 people have been rescued. (Jakarta Globe)
    2. Germany wants France to shut down the Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant near its border as soon as possible following media reports the April 9, 2014, incident was more serious than reported. (AP via ABC News) (Deutsche Welle)
    Daily Misfortune Thursday, March 3, 2016 ---
    1. 1 killed suspect sought Police investigating fatal city employee workplace violence shooting at Baltimore public works facility 
    2. Women Leftist DKHP-C Terrorists Killed After Gun And Grenade Attack on Police Bus In IstanbulSky News
    3. Man, 29, in custody after stabbing partner in head with screwdriver near Lincoln Center  New York Daily News  
    4. A nationwide power outage hits Syria after militants had hit part of a power-generating station with rockets (CNN)
    5. At least 31 people are killed in KwekweZimbabwe, when a bus, with a blown front tire, switches lanes and slams into an oncoming public transport minibus.
    6. Taliban insurgency  Pakistan admits for the first time that the Afghan Taliban's leadership is living in the country and that Islamabad has "considerable influence" over them. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)
    7. Honduran indigenous environmental activist Berta Cáceres is assassinated in her home in La Esperanza in Intibucá Department(Telesur)
    8. 16 killed riot at a prison in Guyana's capital Georgetown after confiscation of mobile phones  (Reuters)
    9. Fiery head-on crash kills 5 on Pennsylvania highway 
    10. 1 killed 1 injured  US 90 reopens after deadly head-on wrong way crossover crash in Missouri City.
    11. French bicycle cyclist Guyot, 23, killed by a truck 

    Daily Misfortune Wednesday, March 2, 2016 ---
    1. 1 killed In Laos One Chinese national is killed and three others injured in a possible militant attack on a Chinese-invested company the official Xinhua News Agencyreports. (Reuters)
    2. 2 killed 1 injured suspects killed by army Israeli–Palestinian conflict Two Palestinian teenagers, from the nearby village of Qaryout, got into a Jewish settlement and stabbed an Israeli settler at his home in the Eli settlement near Nablus in the occupied West Bank. They were stopped and killed by the army. The injured settler was taken to a hospital. (Reuters)(AFP via i24news)
    3. 8 killed 5 injured Syrian Civil War Jordan says an overnight raid on an ISIL cell in the city of Irbid has left seven militants and one security officer dead, with five others injured. Those killed were planning to blow up civilian and military targets in the country, according to the General Intelligence Directorate (GID). (BBC)
    4. 9 killed Afghanistan Nine people are killed in an attack on the Indian consulate In JalalabadAfghanistan(NDTV)
    5. 4 killed Libya The Tunisian Army kills five suspected ISIL militants near the town of Ben Gardane after they infiltrated across the border from neighboring Libya(Reuters)
    6. The Gulf Cooperation Council formally designates Lebanon's Hezbollah militia a terrorist organization. The GCC member states are BahrainKuwaitOman,QatarSaudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates(The Washington Post)
    7. March 2, 2016 Man charged in deadly shooting at NC McDonald's WNCN  HICKORY, N.C. (WBTV) - A man is charged in a shooting that left a woman dead and a man seriously injured at a McDonald's in Hickory Wednesday.
    8. March 2, 2016 Man in high-rise Chicago condo gym  fatally shot by man in wheelchair 
    9. March 2, 2016 Teen shot and killed in front of his DeKalb Georgia home 
    10. March 2, 2016 Police: One killed, one injured in shooting at Florida Silver Fox strip club 
    11. March 2, 2016 3 killed, 10 wounded in Chicago shootings
    12. March 2, 2016 2 killed suspect arrested Odessa TX Teen Allegedly Shot, Killed Parents 
    13. March 2, 2016 Fmr. theater director killed in head-on MN crash
    14. March 2, 2016 Drugs may be involved in head-on crash in Harrison Ohio
    15. March 2, 2016 Deputies kill 'suicidal' sargeant who wanted gunfight from Aberdeen Proving Ground 35, after standoff in Bel Air Baltimore
    16. March 2, 2016 Sister: Suspect in fatal Chicago high-rise gym shooting called after turning self in and said 'he didn't do it' 
    17. March 2, 2016 Eagan MN man killed in head-on crash on Hwy. 50 in Dakota County
    March 2, 2016 Bronx man charged with failed homemade car bombing New York Daily News  Laugel was arrested after police found a surveillance tape that showed him putting the bomb onto the car. He said nothing in Bronx criminal court as he was arraigned on the array of charges and given a high bail, officials said. Laugel was charged with arson, attempted murder and reckless endangerment for planting the bomb — two aerosol cans filled with nails — under a Nissan hatchback rented by 24-year-old Antonio Guerro. Guerro and a woman were in the car when the bomb went off on March 2, sparking a fire. The blast damaged the vehicle’s undercarriage and set off its airbags, but no injuries were reported, according to authorities.

    Daily Misfortune Tuesday, March 1, 2016 --- ===
    1. 3 killed 2 injured War in Donbass Three soldiers are killed and two others are injured after a Ukrainian military truck was blown up in the eastern part of Luhansk Oblast(Ukraine Today)
    2. 1 captured Iraq The United States Army's elite Delta Force captures their first suspected ISIL operative during a raid in northern Iraq. The detainee is being interrogated by the U.S. and is expected to be turned over to Iraqi officials in the coming days. (CNN)
    3. 1 killed 10 wounded Israeli–Palestinian conflict Faulty readings from a GPS system apparently resulted in two Israeli soldiers driving into the Qalandiya refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. Israeli forces sent in on a rescue mission, engaged armed Palestinians. One 22-year-old Palestinian man was killed with 10 others wounded, one seriously, in the ensuing gun battle. At least 10 Israeli soldiers were wounded. (The Washington Post) (The Daily Telegraph)
    4. 18 killed 16 injured. Multi-vehicle apparent "accident" involving a bus near Nahdah in northwestern Oman. Six of the dead were from Oman, four from Saudi Arabia, two from Pakistan, and one from Yemen. Five others are unidentified. (AP via ABC News)
    5. 50 homes evacuated. Ripley, New York derailment of a 34-car Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials in the southwestern part of the state. Ethanol leaked from the two of the 16 derailed cars. A third car carrying propane crashed but did not leak.(Reuters) (AP via Fox News)
    6. South China Sea disputes  Filipino fishermen say China has deployed up to five ships around the disputed Quirino Atoll, also known as Jackson Atoll, in the South China Sea, preventing them from accessing traditional fishing grounds. (Reuters via Channel News Asia)
    7. grand jury in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania reports that hundreds of children were sexually abused by about 50 priests in the Altoona-Johnstown Dioceseover four decades. (Reuters)
    8. In California, two current and one former San Franciscan sheriff deputies, are charged with organizing an inmate "fight club" on the seventh floor of the city'sHall of Justice jail(Los Angeles Times) (AP via Fox News)