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Bus Incidents

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Several buses appear to have suicide drivers deliberately trying to get their bus hit by trains by driving through closed crossing gates, parking on the tracks waiting to be hit, or ignoring crossing signals. yet no known cases have been caused by a deliberate plan to crash bus, though passengers who have been terrorists have been known to attack the drive to cause an disaster. Excludes bus bombings

Only a few cases of buses being bombed has been blamed on terrorism. 

Casualty Ranking


May 15, 2017 Philadelphia Tour Bus to DC Crashes After Clipped By Passing Honda A tour bus carrying students from Philadelphia to tours in Washington DC was clipped by a passing Honda, overturned and crashed injuring 29, 2 critically. The driver of the bus was charged after video showed that he changed lanes forcing the Honda into the shoulder, and causing him to hit the bus.

Monday, Nov. 21, 2016 Chattanooga Reckless Homicide school bus driver at fault crash 5 killed, driver arrested for vehicular homicide Chattanooga, Tenn. A school bus driving at 50 in a 30 mph zone off his authorized route was packed with children when it slammed into, overturned and wrapped itself around a tree. Driver Johnthony Walker, 24 was charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving, arrested and put on $20,000 bond. Speed was being considered “very, very strongly as a factor in this crash,” A mother had complained at the start of school that the driver was slamming on the brakes to injure the passengers. In March 2017, he was charged with vehicular homicide in an indictment. The driver's mother said his son was very sorry and the crash was the "Will of God". No media outlet or authorities even mentioned the possibility of terrorism as a motive, or the possibility of a deliberate crash.

January 15, 2016 A tour bus carrying skiers runs off the road in Japan's Nagano Prefecture with at least 14 people dead and injuring another 27.(Bloomberg)

January 15, 2016 Twelve people are feared dead following a bus road accident in a bus in India (Greater Kashmir) tags: bus incident

5 killed 12 critically injured  Thursday  September 24, 2015 Seattle Ride The Ducks Accidentally Head On Rips Open Side of Tour Bus  For undetermined reasons a Ride the Ducks tour amphibious vehicle crossing the narrow Aurora bridge in Seattle apparently signaled left, driver called "oh no!" and suddenly swerved across the traffic dividing line, and into the side of an oncoming charter bus filled with international students. The force knocked off the front two tires, completely ripped out the forward left side of the bus, and sent the duck tail spinning backwards. A pickup also hit a SUV head on in the confusion. The Duck lacked an important modification recommended to fix a weakness in the front axle, and witnesses reported

1 killed April 14, 2015 Medical Emergency Allegedly Caused Deadly Duluth Head-on Bus Crash DULUTH, Minn. (AP) - Duluth police say a city bus driver suffered a medical emergency before crashing into another bus, killing a passenger.just after 5 a.m. Tuesday  an eastbound bus struck a stoplight and then collided with another bus coming in the opposite direction. driver of the eastbound bus apparently suffered a medical emergency. A passenger in the eastbound bus died.

1 killed 5 injured Sunday April 5, 2015  Fatal Car tour bus crash in Bloomington CA  Driver of the white Dodge Avenger killed when he was speeding, failed to yield at an intersection, and hit a tour bus transporting passengers on Easter to casinos. 4 were hurt. KTLA

14 injured, 2 buses and light pole damaged August 5, 2014 Times Square Double Deck Bus Crash Under Influence Drugs The driver of a double-decker Gray Line tour bus William Dalambert was arrested and charged with driving while under the influence of drugs. His bus entered the theater district at high speed and struck another parked double-decker bus, downing a light pole and injuring 14 in Times Square in New York City. The driver was previously arrested in 2008 for issues with child support payment

Casualties: 32 killed
May 18, 2014 31 Children Die In Bus Fire at Church in Columbia 31 children killed after bus catches fire in Colombia (CNN) -- A bus packed with children burst into flames in Colombia on Sunday, killing at least 32 people, officials said. The bus was picking up children from an event at a church in Fundacion, Colombia, when the blaze began. The bus exploded when the driver tried to start the bus by pouring fuel from a gas can directly into the engine which he accessed through the floor of the cabin. The driver escaped unharmed and was being questioned by police.

casualties 2 dead, 1 recommended criminal charges, russian suspect: Monday May 6, 2013 Kirkland Runaway Bus Kills Ford Escape Kirkland, Washington USA. Bus driver Aleksandr Rukhlin (Russian first and surname) had driven for a year when his Community Transit bus lost all brakes as he exited the freeway, ran a red light and slammed into the side of a small Ford Escape SUV, killing 2 of 3 occupants.  On May 15, 2014, State Patrol established that the driver of the bus was at fault and recommended filing criminal charges. Not enough evidence to establish it was deliberate crash. No media have speculated on terrorism as a possible motive.

casualties: 47 total, 10 killed, 37 injured
April 10, 2014 California FedEx Truck Hits School Charter Bus In Orland, north of Sacramento California, FedEx semi-trailer truck on Interstate 5 crossed the grassy median. It hit another car and rammed into a charter bus carrying high school students visiting a Humboldt State College preview from Los Angeles. Both vehicles burst into flames, and both drivers were killed. 10 were killed and 36 or 37 were injured. No cause or motive for the crash was revealed, though in 2013 Robert Dellinger deliberately drove his car across the median of a New Hampshire highway, killing 2 when it sheared off the top of another car.

5 injured February 18, 2014 SUV crashes head-on into school bus at Lake Stevens An SUV with an impaired driver suddenly cross over into the opposite lane and struck a school bus head on in Lake Stevens Washington.  seriously injuring one person and leaving four others with minor injuries. suspect that the driver of the Tahoe, a man in his 20s, was impaired at the time of the crash

Casualties: 28 total, 18 killed, 10 injured
February 8, 2014 27 Wrong Way Stolen Brazil Truck Hits Argentina Bus A truck which was stolen with Brazilian licence plates hauling garlic inexplicably steers into the wrong lane and rams a bus head-on in the Argentine province of Mendoza

25 injured January 23, 2014 Man on Meth Attacks Driver Crashes Greyhound Bus Dozens were injured when a 25 year old Maquel Donyel Morris from Los Angeles hallucinating on meth' screaming 'I'm gonna flip this bus!' kicked open the driver door and attacked a Greyhound driver causing bus to crash in the Arizona desert. It was just before 2am near Tonopah when the bus nearly swerved across the median into oncoming traffic as passengers fought to get the attacker off the injured driver who called for help. He fled into the desert with his female companion before returning to be arrested. The girlfriend claimed he had taken meth, was 'paranoid' and 'did not want to be on the bus.'

January 14, 2014 Pakistan Truck Hits School Bus Head On In southern Pakistan, a truck slammed head-on into a bus full of schoolchildren killing 17 pupils and 3 adults. It was blamed on speeding, reckless driving, and the state of Pakistan roads and traffic where accidents are common.

Three people injured in head-on crash involving school bus Columbian Jan 13, 2014 - Three people were injured in a head-on crash involving a school bus Monday morning, according to the Vancouver Police Department

Architect identified as victim in SUV-bus collision - Dec 20, 2013 bus was headed to Normal Community High School, said Unit 5... the center line and collided head-on with the northbound bus about a  ... Derek L. McPherson, 37, of Normal, father of two and owner of McPherson Architects in Bloomington, was the driver of the SUV. The bus was knocked over on its side in a ditch.

3 dead Norway Bus Hijacking and Stabbing November 4, 2013 Three people, a man and woman passenger and the bus driver were stabbed to death by a man who hijacked a long distance bus on a remote mountain road in central Norway. The 31 year old suspect from South Sudan who was due to be deported was arrested. he had been living at a reception center for asylum seekers in the nearby small town of Aardal. Mainstream media did not mention religion, but counter-terrorist a blogs also reported that the man was muslim. In 2012 a Palestinian man hijacked a bus in Norway who refused to buy a ticket and instead threatened the driver with an emergency hammer he found on-board the bus.

45 dead India Bus Crash Fire Kills Software Techies Among 45 October 30, 2013 A Volvo luxury sleeper bus in Hyperabad India carrying 50 home for the Diwali festival rammed into a culvert and caught fire early morning. The bus was passing at 5 a.m. when it crashed into a barrier and hit a drain, igniting the fuel tank.. The driver and assistant fled by the door, but others were trapped by an automatic locking system that could be controlled by the driver which jammed the emergency exits.

6 dead 30 injured Train Hits Kamikaze Canada Bus Crashing Through Crossing Barrier September 18, 2013 Six are killed near Ottawa Canada when a double-decker transit bus blasted through the crossing gates to hit a passing passenger train. The driver was killed as the nose of the bus was ripped off and derailed the train. 30 were injured, 11 critically, there were no injuries on the train. Bus passengers screamed at the driver who did not slow down and appeared to be intent on driving into the train, they wondered if he had passed out or did not see the train or the closed gates. The bus company said that the cause of the crash was not clear.

7: 1 dead 6 injured Pickup Crosses Over Median To Hit Vegas-Bound Bus August 17, 2013 An Eagle tours bus with 30 tourists from China was struck in the side by an oncoming pickup truck which crossed over the median and overturned. The pickup driver was killed. The bus drove into the desert. Bus driver Jimmy Ming Giang, suffered major injuries and airlifted to Las Vegas, four bus passengers and the tour bus guide received minor injuries.

58: 39 dead 19 injured Kamikaze Bus Driver Plunges Off Bridge Killing 37 Outside Naples Italy July 28, 2013 At least 39 people were killed and another 19 were injured in a bus crash near the town of Monteforte Irpino in Italy The bus was carrying pilgrims to their home from a visit to a Catholicshrine fell nearly 100 feet off the bridge on a road east of Naples. The bus carried nearly 50 passengers

1 dead, 1 injured Transit Driver Shot in Downtown Seattle By Martin Anwar Duckworth August 12, 2013 Thirty-one-year-old Martin Anwar Duckworth, shot Metro bus driver Deloy Dupuis in a downtown Seattle bus. Police chased the gunman as he pointed his gun to board another bus. Officers shot him through the windows, and he died of his injuries. Other drivers had seen him pacing and yelling about "War!"  His middle name "Anwar" is the same as Anwar al-Awlaki, the 9-11 and Fort Hood imam targeted by a drone strike, and Anwar Sadat, president of Egypt assassinated by militant Islamists but no connection has been made to his middle name (Arabic) ethnicity (black) or religion (unknown)

casualties: 2 (1 dead, 2 injured including suspect, suspect not arrested or charged)
June 13, 2013 Yousef Adhami Murders LA Bus Driver With Illegal Tow Truck At 5:00 a.m A Los Angeles Metro bus was struck by a tow truck that was speeding from a side street at 60 in a 30 zone through a red light. The crash killed bus driver Olivia Gamboa, and sent the tow truck into a 7-Eleven, injuring an employee, and sheared off a fire hydrant sending water into the air. The tow truck driver Yousef Adhami was hospitalized in critical condition, and was apparently neither arrested nor charged in the case despite that neither he nor this truck or company had a proper commercial driver's license for towing or an operating permit for the business.

May 24, 2013 Saginaw, Michigan USA. City bus hits minivan, hits 2 houses. One house has to be demolished, van driver has to be cut out of overturned vehicle. The driver was fired for running the traffic signal in error.

2 dead: Monday May 6, 2013 Kirkland Runaway Bus Kills Ford Escape Kirkland, Washington USA. Bus driver Aleksandr Rukhlin (Russian surname) had driven for a year when his Community Transit bus lost all brakes as he exited the freeway and slammed into the side of a small Ford Escape SUV, killing both occupants.

11 casualties: 2 dead, 9 injured: April 26, 2013 Evans City Bus Driver Stops On Train Tracks, Killing 2 In Evans City Pennsylvania, a 12 seat Butler Area Rural Transit bus which provided transportation for people with disabilities suddenly stopped on the tracks for no reason. It was struck by a train which tried to stop in the fog and struck the bus. A video shows the driver did not slow down or look left or right as the passengers were screaming about the oncoming train and bracing for the collision. Two elderly persons later died of their injuries. Bus driver, 59-year old Frank Schaeffner told police it was foggy and was distracted by a passenger who was yelling at him. He faced charges including vehicular homicide and manslaughter. He turned himself into police May 9th and was out of jail on $15,000 secured bond and was not seeking a plea deal.

221: 9 dead, 212 injured Argentina Bus Crashes Into Train Which Hits Another Train September 13, 2011 A bus in Argentina which evidently drove through closed crossing gates trying to beat the train was instead  hit by a train, where it was crushed against a platform at the station. That train then derailed and hit a second train coming into the station. 9 died, including the bus driver, 20 critically injured and 212 were injured. Many children were using the bus to go to school. It was called "one of the worst and saddest accidents of recent years in Argentina" by the fire chief.  100 ambulances and 10 fire engines were dispatched to the scene, and it took two hours to remove one of the train drivers. Argentina also had two unusual crashes in Once when the train drivers failed to stop at the end of the line, one with 50 fatalities

29: 8 dead 21 injured December 6, 2010 Egypt Bus Crash 8 American tourists are killed and 21 injured when a bus and sheared off one side when it crashed into a truck parked by the roadside in Egypt. (CBS News) (wn)

42 Dead In Ukraine Bus, Train Collision Tuesday, October 12, 2010
KIEV, Ukraine - A train crashed into a crowded bus in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, killing 42 people on the bus, including two children, and injuring nearly a dozen others. The bus attempted to cross the track, ignoring a siren that indicated an oncoming train. President Viktor Yanukovych declared a national day of mourning Wednesday.

Wrong-Way Driver Killed in Collision With Bus

October 19, 1987|LORI GRANGE | A driver going the wrong way on the San Bernardino Freeway sideswiped a pickup truck Sunday and slammed head on into a tour bus headed for Las Vegas, killing himself and injuring 13 people, police said. The driver, a 24-year-old from Missoula, Mont., died in the 6:45 a.m. accident west of Herbert Avenue, said Monty Keifer, a California Highway Patrol officer. The man's name was withheld because his family had not been notified. Police suspected that the man had been drinking, but still were investigating, Keifer said.