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Computer Vandalism

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Other school computer vandalism cases ranked by value of loss
  • October 2013 Benton City Schools $100,000 in damage as servers smashed with hammers, wires cut and monitors stabbed leaving schools without phones, network or computers.
  • August 2013 Remote Canadian coast community school one man smashes computers, smart boards and windows dumping paint on floors and computers, costing $100,000
  • July 2011 Snohomish High, Washington. 65 computers destroyed in library, knocked over or stomped on. (est $50,000) 
  • June 2009 Chico California, vandals set off fire extinguishing destroying 60 computers ($50,000)
  • May 2012 11 year old boy in MECHANICSBURG, PA. destroys $36,000 worth of MacBook computers by urinating on them
  • July 2011 Chico, California vandals steal six cameras, use hammers to smash two computer monitors

$100,000 vandalism damage to Benton City schools

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  • 2 days ago
    Oct 29, 2013 · BENTON CITY, Wash. (AP) — Damage is estimated at $100,000 fromvandalism to computers and wiring at an office in Benton City for the Kiona-Benton City...

  • $100,000 vandalism damage to Benton City schools - …

  • article.wn.com/...vandalism...Benton_City_schools_d52 days ago
    Oct 29, 2013 · BENTON CITY, Wash. -- Damage is estimated at $100,000 fromvandalism to computers and

  • BENTON CITY, Wash.: $100,000 vandalism damage to Benton City ...

  • www.miamiherald.com/...vandalism-damage-to-benton.html2 days ago
    Oct 29, 2013 · Damage is estimated at $100,000 from vandalism to computers and wiring at an office in Benton City for the Kiona-Benton City School District.

  • Benton CityVandalism damages computers at school district …

  • www.tri-cityherald.com/2013/10/28/2646087/vandalism-damages...2 days ago
    Oct 28, 2013 · Benton City — A school district office near Kiona-Benton City MiddleSchool was broken into and vandalized during the weekend, knocking out phones to …

  • $100,000 vandalism damage to Benton City schools - …

  • Stamford Advocate2 days ago
    BENTON CITY, Wash. (AP) — Damage is estimated at $100,000 from vandalism to computers and wiring at an office in Benton City for the Kiona-Benton City School …

  • Kiona Benton City School District Building Vandalized - NBC …

  • www.nbcrightnow.com/...benton-city-school-district-building-vandalized · 2 days ago
    According to Kiona-Benton City School District officials, the City School District building was vandalized over the weekend.

  • $100,000 vandalism damage to Benton City schools - East …

    Damage is estimated at $100,000 from vandalism to computers and wiring at an office inBenton City for the Kiona-Benton City School District.

  • August 2013

    Extensive Damage, Expensive Loss After Molino Park Elementary Burglary, Vandalism

    August 13, 2013
    North Escambia County Florida
    omeone broke into the school on Highway 97 between about 4:30 Friday afternoon and 5:30 p.m. Saturday when the crime was discovered by a teacher. Surveillance video shows two people running down a hallway at 9:17 p.m.
    Thousands of dollars worth of electronics were stolen from throughout the school, including Apple computers, iPads, Wii gaming systems, cameras used by the school’s student-operated closed circuit TV station, along with other items  [extensive building damage]
    comment: There is no way those two kids took that many items and left on bicycles. They may have done the leg work, but someone older with knowledge of how to enter, exit and transport had to be there.

    weeks after a fire tore through Bella Bella's only grocery store and library, the remote West Coast community's only school has been badly vandalized in a senseless attack.  RCMP say surveillance footage shows a male entering the school early Friday morning and going on a rampage, smashing computers, televisions, smart boards and windows, and dumping paint on the floors and computers. The cost of the damage is estimated to total $100,000
    May 2013 
    juveniles broke in and defecated on computers in the school's library ""It's basically juvenile mischief. The elements of vandalism weren't there," break-in at Harvest Park Middle School over Memorial Day weekend that resulted in thousands of dollars in damages, but they are saying little else about the incident. Superintendent Parvin Ahmadi estimated the damages at $25,000. n March, graffiti at Foothill nearly closed the school... started with an expletive and added, "Watch me shoot everyone on March 14," was written on a girls' bathroom wall Tuesday and quickly photographed by several students who then posted the message on Facebook and other social media.

    February 9, 2013   Muskingum University  New Concord, Ohio: 10 computers in Thomas Hall computers valued at over $10,000 will have to be replaced after someone sprayed the room with fire extinguishers. No suspects or fire extinguisher were found.  Students will be charged for the loss unless the perpetrators are found. source: http://www.bandmonline.com/thomas-hall-computer-lab-closed-due-to-vandalism-1.2812786#.UnLVcfnrzjU Thomas Hall computer lab closed due to vandalism

    December 2012

  • Was Adam Lanza planning to escape after Newtown massacre? …

    Daily Mail · 13 days ago
    Oct 19, 2013 · Detectives still have not determined what drove Adam Lanza, ... 20-year-old carved a 'W' into his computer hard drives and smashed them with a barbell;
  • Adam Lanza's Smashed Hard Drive Doesn't Erase His Digital ...

    Dec 18, 2012 · Before going on a murderous rampage last week, Adam Lanza reportedly took a dramatic step to erase his digital history: He removed the hard drive …

  • http://www.dailytribune.com/article/DT/20120614/NEWS01/120619781
    Detroit area: POSTED:  |
    OAK PARK – An Oak Park teen was arrested ...school where vandals smashed computers, broke windows and flooded all the rooms. The boy, 17, was arrested Wednesday night at the former Academy of Oak Park, a charter elementary school at 21700 Marlow.
    The school, south of Nine Mile and east of Greenfield, has been closed for a couple of years. Police are waiting for an estimate of damages, which are expected to be significant.
    Several break-ins at the school have been reported in recent weeks. Vandals wrecked a number of items at the school one day before the Oak Park suspect was arrested, police said.
    “On Tuesday they completely destroyed the inside of the building,” said Oak Park Public Safety Lt. Samantha Kretzschmar. “There were multiple broken windows, fire extinguishers were deployed, the computers were broken and there was standing water everywhere. There was damage in every room.”

    1. 11-year-old boy destroys $36G of Pennsylvania school computers …

      May 01, 2012 · An 11-year-old boy was facing charges of criminal mischief after he destroyed $36,000 of computers by urinating on them at a Pennsylvania school.


    Parkview School in Chico suffers vandalism and burglary

    By GREG WELTER - Staff Writer
    POSTED:   07/02/2011 12
    Eight video cameras, six digital still cameras and a speaker system were all taken from one room, Salado said. Additionally, vandals used a hammer to smash two computer monitors.
    In June 2009, the school was hit by young vandals twice over a two-day period, Salado said. They splattered paint around several rooms and set off fire extinguishers, which left 60 computers damaged so badly they had to be replaced. The suspects were caught when they came back to the campus a second night to continue the vandalism, he said.
    July 2011 Chico, California vandals steal six cameras, use hammers to smash two computer monitors

    Computers damaged in Snohomish High vandalism

    BY TIM HAECK  on July 4, 2011  The vandals damaged or destroyed as many as 65 computers in the library. "Every single one of these computers was knocked over or to the ground, some of them had been stomped on," 

    June 2009 Chico California, vandals set off fire extinguishing destroying 60 computers

    NBC Right Now/KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA |




    1. Pasco: Vandals wreak havoc school

      WESLEY CHAPEL -- Vandals smashed computers, shattered windows, trashed furniture and ripped clocks off walls at Sand Pine Elementary School over the holiday …

      Vandals wreak havoc at school

      Damage estimates at Sand Pine Elementary are close to $100,000. "There's never been anything close to the magnitude of this,'' one school official says.

      © St. Petersburg Times, published September 5, 2000
      worst act of vandalism at a Pasco school in memory. 
      second incident, said Long, vandals toppled bookshelves, smashed in in the tops of drums, bashed computers and television sets, sprayed fire extinguishers in the cafeteria and stole laptop computers and video cameras.
    December 1991

    Equipment Smashed by School Vandals - New York Times

    www.nytimes.com › COLLECTIONS
    Dec 03, 1991 · Vandals tipped over desks and smashed computer equipment and typewriters at three schools over the weekend, causing thousands of dollars of 

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