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Copper Wire Theft and Sabotage

Copper Wire Theft and Sabotage -
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    Copper theft has reached an epidemic level that is not only affecting the United States, but is international, creating immense global havoc. Acco..., Shelley E Smith
    Copper theft has reached an epidemic level that is not only affecting the United States, but is international, creating immense global havoc.
    According to the U.S. Department of Energy the theft of copper and losses to businesses hovers around $1 billion and is having a major impact on commercial businesses and farms. The increase in copper theft has disrupted the flow of electricity, slowed down construction projects, and knocked out irrigation networks across the United States.

    This can cause a threat to national security by disrupting day-to-day services that can produce outages or prevent vital communications, possibly endangering the safety of the public and Amtrak railway passengers. From January 2006 through March 2007, electric utility companies in 42 states had reported 270 copper thefts, causing millions in maintenance repairs within the United States.

Copper theft is terrorism: Minister
“Cable theft amounts to terrorism as it could lead to a loss of innocent lives,” Deputy

Minister of Communications Tembisa Stella Ndabeni told parliament during ...
Copper theft is ‘terrorism' - Hellkom.co.za
Copper cable theft is costing utilities Telkom, Eskom and Transnet Freight Rail billions in addition to ruining businesses and costing people their jobs.

Copper theft is turning out to be the second biggest threat after terrorism to plague British, media reports suggest. The price of copper has hit through the roof and

Copper Thefts - act of terrorism

Responsible department: Home Office
The theft of copper from National Grid and/or other Electrical Distribution Networks and/or the theft of copper wiring for Railway Signalling should be classified as an act of terrorism and the associated punishments levied on those convicted of said crimes. Handling the materials, or preparing to commit such an offence should be treated as acts preparatory to an act of terrorism and conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism. The theft of copper leads to massive disruption to the UK economy, it disrupts the transport network in the manner of an act of terrorism. The reinstatement of power can cause damage to peoples homes and electrical goods which is not necessarily covered by insurance, and that damage is as damaging as any other act of terror as the incidents are not isolated but tend to happen across the area served by the affected sub-station(s).

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September 2013

affected: 20,000 customers affected for 1 day April 24, 2014 WA Comcast Fiber Communications Cable Cut Thieves or sabotage agents stole or just destroyed 200 feet of fiber optic cable from power poles in Snohomish County, Washington north of Seattle, leaving more than 20,000 Comcast customers without service. Homes and business customers lost television, internet and phone service. Company spokesman Steve Kipp thinks thieves might have thought it was copper wire. Nobody suspects it could be like the attack on the substation in San Jose where 2 or more men went down a manhole to sever optic communication lines while they shot holes in a nearby substation.

affected: 350 customers September 8, 2013 at 8:02 PM Copper thieves disrupt 911 service service Frontier Communications customers in various parts of Snohomish County lost 911 service due to copper-wire thefts. EVERETT — Copper-wire thefts this summer have disrupted 911 services in Snohomish County. Thieves in Everett and Gold Bar left 350 Frontier Communications customers without telecommunications service around Labor Day. In July, Frontier reported four cable thefts in an eight-day period in the Marysville, Snohomish, Skykomish and Granite Falls areas.

August 2013

Los Angeles Times Articles - Long Beach police warn businesses  Aug 18, 2013 · A rise in the number of copper wire thefts in Long Beach prompted police to send a warning to local businesses. Since January, at least 74 thefts of coppercopper wire have been reported in the city,  the Long Beach Unified School District, officials have seen about 15 thefts over the last two years, said Tom Hickman, school safety chief. Several weeks ago, at Kettering Elementary School in east Long Beach, thieves cut the main power and pulled 300 feet of copper wire within 90 minutes, Hickman said. The repairs cost about $15,000.

the Long Island Rail Road’s morning service was delayed after thieves stole copper from a rail connection in Queens.

July 8, 2013 Canada: National Post - GO Train signalling cables severed by thieves  GO Transit initially thought trespassing vandals tampered with the cables, but police believe they were copper thieves, though they just severed cables on signal poles and did not take any wire.  GO Transit safety officers were investigating the incident Wednesday. Toronto police were also putting together a mischief and vandalism report. Delays affected   up to 45,000 commuters.

April 2013 

In April, thieves in Utah somehow stole six miles of wire from a busy interstate highway, shorting out lights along the median strip; authorities believe the thieves “used sledgehammers to smash into boxes of wires running to light poles, clipped the copper and then used cars or trucks to pull 30,000 to 35,000 feet of wire out of the ground.” T

 In April, wire thieves caused an explosion, an extensive blackout, and $150,000 worth of damage after snatching a negligible amount of wire from a substation in Wichita; police told KWCH-12 that the culprit was “probably seriously hurt and may have lost hearing or eyesight.”

Wichita, Kan., to name just one city beset by copper thieves, power company officials reported four copper thefts from substations in all of 2012. By April 2013, they had already reported 50.

March 2013

March, New Jersey thieves used forklifts to steal$68,000 worth of wire from an unguarded electrical substatio

January 29, 2013 

41 thefts in 2012, 15 in 2011  cost $1.1 million in damage, delayed 344 trains and cancelled 39
HeraldSun - Metro fears inside knowledge in copper scam as wire ...
MORE than 1000 trains have been cancelled and delayed as brazen copper thieves cut wires across the rail network at alarming rates. Train operator Metro said it couldn't rule out current or former staff being involved in the 41 thefts last year, a 173 per cent increase on the 15 in 2011. The Craigieburn line was the worst hit with 17 thefts last year, followed by Sunbury (seven thefts) and Pakenham (five thefts), and nearly doubled Metro's repair bill to almost $1.1 million. The five worst incidents last year saw 344 trains delayed and 39 cancelled
More than half of the 2012 thefts happened in November and December, and at least 12 have been recorded this year.

Case 1, December 6, 2012

Where: 5.45am at Tottenham

What: Eight heavy cables cut with two stolen, causing delays for two hours, 79 passenger trains and 30 non-passenger trains delayed. Six services cancelled. Residual delays of up to 30 minutes while services caught up.

Repair bill: $166,000

Case 2, December 11, 2012

Where: 4.45am between Tottenham and Footscray

What: Eight heavy cables stolen causing delays for 71/2 hours.

Sunshine-to-Footscray trains suspended, 20 buses called in to replace 79 delayed trains. Another 60 non-passenger trains cancelled.

Repair bill: $352,000

Case 3, December 15, 2012

Where: 3.05am at Tottenham

What: 18 cables stolen causing delays for 6 1/2 hours.

Trains between Sunshine and Footscray were suspended between 7am and 10:30am. 32 trains and 19 non-passenger trains were delayed and 24 services were cancelled.

Repair bill: $83,000.

Case 4, December 10, 2012

Where: 4.10am at Heatherdale

What: Eight heavy cables stolen causing delays for three hours.

Police called to the scene as 95 trains and one non-passenger train were delayed and six services were cancelled. Residual delays of up to 30 minutes while services caught up.

Repair bill: $162,000.

Case 5, November 8, 2012

Where: 5am at Glenroy

What: 300m of cabling stolen causing delays for two and a half hours.

Fifty-nine trains and 10-non passenger trains were delayed and three services cancelled.

Repair bill: $73,000.

Copper thefts knock out thousands of phone customers
8:50 AM, Oct 11, 2012 Atlanta;  Copper wire thefts are becoming an epidemic for telephone companies like AT&T. A company spokesperson said thefts of telephone lines off of power poles has nearly doubled in the past couple of months. "It's a statewide problem and it is a growing problem," said Lance Skelly.
On Atlanta neighborhood defines the problems the thefts cause. Last Friday morning thieves cut one of the main telephone cables off of power poles on Linkwood Road and put thousands of customers in the Kevin Heights community out of phone service to their homes.

ROANOKE, Va. – February 22, 2011 – Verizon is warning about an increasing number of criminal acts that have caused major telephone service outages, creating risks

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