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Air Travel Incidents

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150 killed March 24, 2015 Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash  Lufthansa-owned Germanwings Airbus A320-200 jetliner crashed in the French Alps. All 144 passengers and six crew members were killed. The pilots did not respond to question from air traffic control, and did not transmit any distress call. Authorities have determined that one of the pilots was locked out, and the co pilot evidently wanted to destroy the plane. This is similar to one of the theories that the crash of SilkAir Flight 185 was caused when one of the pilots locked the other out and flew the plane into the ground to commit murder–suicide.

1 killed March 20, 2015 New Orleans Airport TSA Attacked by Man With Machete, Bombs Richard White, 63. is believed to have carried out a machete attack Friday night in New Orleans died late Saturday. White was shot three times at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. In his  bag were six gasoline-filled Molotov cocktails and a barbecue lighter

1 bomb threat 1 arrested March 5, 2015 Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa Islamist Rams Miami Airport Police Car Julissa Magdalena Maradiaga-Iscoa is ordered held without bond after a bomb scare at Miami International Airport. Clarion project:"This is likely the first act of Islamist terrorism on U.S. soil this year."

31 killed February 4, 2015 Taiwan TransAsia Airways Flight 235 Turboprop Crash A passenger plane clipped a bridge and plunged into a river in Taiwan.

162 killed December 28, 2014 AirAsia 2014 Airliner Disaster An Airbus A320-216  operated as Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 crashed in bad weather, killing all 155 passengers and 7 crew on board. Plane climbed too steeply for safety, stalled, broked up and crashed into the sea, killing all on boar. A range of weak theories include mid-air explosion, a mechanical failure, bomb, murder-suicide by the pilot or a terrorist attack where no one has claimed responsibility.

2 injured, possible suicide attack on FAA radar center September 26, 2014  FAA Radar Center Deliberately Set Fire By Suicidal Contractor Not Sabotage or Terrorism Brian Howard of Naperville started an arson fire using gasoline in a communications rooms at a FAA facility in Aurora before he was found by firefighters who found him with slashed wrists trying to kill himself. He had posted on Facebook that he intended an attack to shut down air traffic and one of is friends notified authorities. Police quickly announced that it was not an attack of terrorist sabotage, it was merely a local issue with a contractor who had just been told he was going to be transferred to Hawaii.

298 killed in airliner shoot down, likely by Russian backed forces July 17, 2014  Malaysian MH17 777 Airliner Shot Down Over Ukraine A Malaysian Boeing 777 crashed after being shot down at cruise altitude of 33,000 ft by a sophisticated Buk SA-11 missile system, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew aboard .

July 3, 2014 Montana Train Derails Sending Boeing 737 Fuselages Into River In Missoula, Montana a train carrying 6 green unfinished Boeing 737 fuselages derailed sending 3 of them down the embankment just above the river. It will probably have some effect on 737 production.

July 2, 2014 Plane Returns to Seattle With Chanting Passenger ABC News a man who was loudly chanting on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Hawaii made the other passengers uncomfortable and ..

April 25, 2014 No casualties, 1 arrested Virgin Australia Drunk Passenger Hijack Scare Drunk passenger causes hijack scare in Indonesia's resort island of Bali. as Virgin Airlines plane forced to make emergency landing after an apparently drunk passenger attempted to enter the plane's cockpit.

1 injured April 20, 2014 Airliner Wheel Well Stowaway Wanted To Return To Somalia A Somali teenager jumped the fence at San Jose, California and stowed away in the wheel well of an airliner that flew to Hawaii, where he was discovered by authorities. The teen is recovering in a hospital, and will not be charged as he stated he was only trying to return to his native Somalia because he was homesick, not because was trying a dry run for suicide bomb attack or join Al Shabab. Media could not locate his family.

April 13, 2014 Unruly Man Tackled On Southwest Airlines Flight A Southwest Airlines flight was diverted to Omaha Nebraska after an unruly passenger was restrained by other passengers as he appeared to try to open a door in midflight.

March 7, 2014 Malaysia 777 Bound For Beijing Missing Over Vietnam A Malaysia Airlines 777 filled largely with Chinese passengers bound for Beijing disappeared from contact shortly after taking off before it was due to fly over Vietnam. There were two Iranian passengers using stolen passports, but they were soon cleared of any blame. Most believe that the plane was deliberately diverted in a manner avoiding radar and Thailand and Indonesia airspace, and probably crashed on auto-pilot when the engines ran out of fuel somewhere over the Indian Ocean based on satellite signals even though the crew apparently shut off satellite reporting of airplane conditions and location. Some believe the pilots were on a suicide mission to kill themselves and the passengers.

December 26, 2013 Robert Edward Bump climbed a fence in Phoenix, ran onto the taxiway at 5:30 PM and managed to run to an airplane and slap at one of the engines. HuffPost

December 13, 2013 Witchita Airport Bombing Plot Terry Loewen, 58, who was an avionics technician at the airport, was arrested when he was about to enter a secure gate to drive a vehicle he believed to be packed with explosives onto the airport tarmac, hoping to commit an "act of violent jihad against the United States". He had spent months studying the airport's layout, photographing airport access points, researching flight schedules. Authorities are calling him a lone wolf who was inspired by the work of Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki.

November 8, 2013 A man at Sea-Tac airport near Seattle ran through a security checkpoint and and got into an unoccupied aircraft at 8:30 pm. KIRO TV

TSA Agent Killed, Gunman Shot at LAX Airport November 1, 2013 At Los Angeles International Airport, a gunman later identified as Paul Anthony Ciancia in military-like camouflage with AR-15 style 5.56mm rifle walked up to a TSA checkpoint and shot a TSA agent who died. There were multiple casualties as at least one other officer was wounded. The suspect was wounded and taken into custody, and told police that he acted alone.

Iranians and Afghan Board Canada Bound Plane With Fake Tickets Friday November 1, 2013 four Iranians and one Afghan without valid visas to enter Canada managed to board a Toronto-bound Air Canada flight from Venezuela using fake tickets. The crew detected they had five too many passengers before they were to take off from Simon Bolivar International Airport, outside Caracas. This is somewhat similar to "airport boy" who boarded a plane and was not detected until the plane was in the air.

Dry Ice Bomb Shuts Down LAX Terminal October 14, 2013 At Los Angeles International Aiport, terminal 2 was closed after a bomb constructed from dry ice and a 20 oz plastic bottle exploded in an employee-restricted restroom at about 7 p.m, delaying about four flights until 8:45 p.m. after the LAPD bomb squad investigated and cleared the scene. The next day another bomb went off in a restricted employee bathroom. Airport police and a bomb squad cleared the bomb and two other unexploded bottles around 9:45 p.m. Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department's Criminal Conspiracy Section were investigating how the bombs were placed in security areas, and the federal FBI is assisting, but investigators don't believe the incident is linked to terrorism.  On October 15,  28-year-old Dicarlo Bennett was arrested. who had studied at Santa Monica College and was a former ramp supervisor for Servisair, an airport contractor.  Police focused on airport employees, and LAPD chief stated "Whether you think this is a harmless prank or a way to disrupt operations at the airport, it won't matter, You will go to jail."

Child Stowaway Flies To Las Vegas October 3, 2013 A 9 year boy gains national attention when he defeats TSA airport security and gets into a seat on a Las Vegas bound airplane. Crew figure out the unaccompanied minor does not have a ticket. Police take him into custody when he lands as a runaway, and they put a tracking band on him. He became violent and was hospitalized. He had previously blended in with families to get into a water park, and had been arrested driving a stolen car. He has a history of incidents and lying to Child Protective Services and was seen the the previous day on a reconnaissance trip stealing luggage bag and ordering at a restaurant without paying. His mother works at the Minneapolis St Paul airport and is being investigated as to whether she helped him, and there are questions as to whether a person he claimed to be meeting in Las Vegas recruited him online and assisted in planning the mission. He is believed to be the driver of a stolen truck the week before which struck a police car and a parked Tahoe SUV.

No Motive Why Bosnian Shut Down Airport with Fake Bomb October 1, 2013 At the Jacksonville International Airport in Florida, 39 year old Zeljko Causevic told a Transportation Security Administration agent, “I got a bomb in here” After it had been removed in a bomb container, his camouflage backpack was opened to reveal luggage scale with batteries and a microchip and a cellphone, while they found a remote control device which Causevic described as a “detonator” on him. Hundreds were evacuated from the airport, and two dozen flights were canceled. Officials have no clue as to the motive for incident. Front Page believes it is consistent with a suspicious number of “hoax” incidents which may be security tests, and notes that Causevic is a common last name for Muslim Bosniak and imams, so "it’s a reasonably safe bet that Zeljko Causevic is a Muslim". While his likely religious affiliation is unconfirmed, Frontpage also established that the suspect is voter who is registered as a Democrat.

Orlando Bound Dry Run Terror Flight  September 2, 2013 On an airliner headed to Orlando from Washington D.C, four "middle eastern" men caused a disturbance. One got up and ran towards the cockpit door, and then got into the bathroom for an unusually long time, while others were walking around changing seats and opening overhead bins to cause distractions. Some believe this may have been a dry run terrorist attack to test security. measures. Transportation Security Administration officials confirmed that an incident took place aboard a U.S. Airways flight. After inspection of the plane and a background check of several passengers, they found negative results on any security or terrorist threats.

Asiana 777 Crash in San Francisco July 6, 2013 Asiana Airlines Flight 214 from South Korea crashed on final approach to San Francisco International Airport. Of the 307 people aboard the Boeing 777, two passengers died at the crash scene (one from being run over by an airport crash tender), and a third died in a hospital several days later. 181 others were injured, 12 of them critically. Among the injured were three flight attendants who were thrown onto the runway while still strapped in their seats when the tail section broke off after striking the seawallshort of the runway. The FBI repeated asked the pilot if the crash was terrorism related, and no mechanical failures have been found. Most concerns center on the pilot who was still in training and mis-programmed the auto throttles which did not prevent the plane from stalling, and appeared to be not confident or assertive enough to take control when he was not confident about a clear manual visual landing.

2 bomb threats Mar 17, 2013  Bomb threats made at airports in Miami and Newark, N.J. -  Three bomb threats disrupted operations at airports in Miami and Newark, N.J., police and airport officials said.

About 8 p.m., a passenger made a statement that he had something in his luggage that was a threat, causing police to close the area near the Interjet Airlines check-in Later Sunday, Thomas Foley III of Hoboken, N.J., was arrested ..."While he was at a checkpoint, he basically stated that there was a bomb in his shoe," Newark: Sunday morning in Terminal C of the airport...Eran Hess of Tel Aviv, Israel, was angry because there were no more seats on his United Airlines connecting flight to Miami even though his bag was already loaded onto the plane, and he allegedly told gate agents there was a bomb in the bag, passengers and bags were unloaded from the airplane and re-screened. Israeli charged after Newark Airport threat | JPost | Israel News NEW YORK – Tel Aviv native Eran Hess, 44, was charged on Sunday with creating a false public alarm – a third degree felony – after claiming that his luggage ...was eventually apprehended at another Newark terminal trying to secure a different flight to Miami, where he was promptly arrested. Same day as shoe bomb threat

2 killed April 4, 2013  Truck Crashes Into Saudi Airport Killing Two Iranian Pilgrims information nigeria  A service truck driven by a Nepalese man crashed into a passenger lounge at Jeddah international airport in Saudi Arabia, killing two Iranian pilgrims and injuring four others, reports said on Friday.

February 22, 2012 Saudi Yazeed Mohammed-Abunayyan Disrupts Airliner After Ramming Police Cars Yazeed Mohammed-Abunayyan disrupted a flight from Portland to Houston after shouting about Allah, Bin Laden and terrorism and assaulting flight attendents. The plane was forced to make an emergency return to the airport where he was arrested, and eventually pled guilty, and released from jail for time served. He also faced charges for a slow speed chase two days before where he nearly ran over a pedestrian and rammed  two police cars. The TSA maintained there was no security or terrorist issue, and no motive as given although it was said that the teen believed that "another person inside him" had been driving because he suffered from mental illnesss and had not taken his medications.

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