Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daycare Incident

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Does anybody deliberately target daycare centers, or is it always an accident or collateral damage?

Types of incidents
  • Bomb (OKC bombing)
  • Domestic attack on spouse
  • Fire
  • School Attacks
  • Cars hit buildings
  • Shootings
  • Stalking


December 19, 2016  Daycare worker wounded when stray bullet from argument next door smashes through window Chicago Calumet City A stray bullet pierced the window of a daycare center Monday in Calumet City and seriously wounded a worker inside, according to police.  Two or three men were arguing inside a convenience store near the Children's Home Center  when shots were fired, police said. bullets went through a window next to the door of the daycare center (were they deliberately trying to shoot into a daycare center school?)

3 injured suicidal suspect from Ukraine arrested November 18, 2016  Minneapolis Ukrainian Daycare Worker Hangs Child Two Hit Run Vehicular Assault Terror Spree  Nataliia Mykhaylivna Karia who ran a day care center from her home in Minneapolis was arrested after a spree of terror. She fled after a parent saw her try to kill one of the children under her care by hanging, and then she deliberately hit and dragged a pedestrian and then hit a bicyclist while fleeing police before trying to jump off a bridge. Authorities have so far not offered any motive, nor speculated on the possibility of a terrorist motive.

Mental Illness Terrorist Nanny Kills 2 Nov 21, 2016 - The children's part-time nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, is accused of stabbing the children to death while their mother Marina Krim and three-year-old ...

Uzbekistan Nanny Gulchekhra Bobokulova Beheads Child In Moscow  Anastasiya "Nastya" Meshcheryakova was a 4-year old killed and beheaded by her Uzbekistan nanny . In the morning 29 February 2016 Gulchehra waited until the girl's parents and their elder child had left the rented flat located at Moscow. She named herself as a terroristess, claimed that she hated democracy and shouted "Allahu Akbar!" Authorities later doubted she had any real terrorist connections and concluded she was simply insane and not responsible for the murder. Gulchehra said she killed the girl because Allah ordered.[14] Later in the interrogation Boboqulova said that she killed the girl to revenge to Putin for the bombing in Syria. 4 March 2016 Boboqulova was formally charged with murder. She underwent psychiatric examination at the Serbsky Center. The crime can be re-qualified under Art. 205 of the Criminal Code of Russia – as a terrorist act. 

August 28, 2014 Havenor, Chaz Michael (21) shot by police in Ramsey County Minnesota  Police officers Jerad Dixon and Richard Webb shot and fatally wounded Havenor outside a day-care center after he pointed a gun at them, said Anoka County Sheriff’s Cmdr. Paul Sommer. Havenor was shot as he ran away from a “suspicious vehicle” parked outside a daycare center. Sommer said workers at the center called police about the vehicle, in which three men were sitting. When Dixon and Webb arrived, Havenor ran from the car, pointing a gun at them, Sommer said. They fired on Havenor, fatally wounding him.

April 10, 2014 Hit and Run Florida Day Care Center Crash  In Florida, a Dodge Durango rear-ended a Toyota Solara convertible that jumped a curb and smashed into the day care building, breaking through the wall. Robert Corchado who served prison time for trafficking cocaine and extortion is being sought in the investigation. 1 child was killed, 14 hurt. Similar chain crash hitting daycare: 2 Cars Crash Into Christian Day Care Center in Kansas City

Vandalism? December 28, 2013 A North Vancouver daycare at Norgate Community Elementary school was destroyed after a fire broke out early Saturday morning before daybreak. There have been reports of vandalism and break-ins prior to the fire. globalnews

  1. Accident? November 12, 2013 80 Yr Old Driver Crashes Into Laval Greater Montreal Daycare 80 year old woman crashes her BMW through front glass wall of the Garderie Face a Face daycare in Laval north of Montreal. She ran over and injured 3 children and herself. She thought the car had been put in reverse, but instead hit the gas and rammed the daycare center by accident.

Accident? November 12, 2013 80 year old woman crashes her BMW through front glass wall of the Garderie Face a Face daycare in Laval north of Montreal. She ran over and injured 3 children and herself. She thought the car had been put in reverse, but instead hit the gas and rammed the daycare center by accident.

Stray bullet? DAYCARE SHOT: Drive-By Shooter Sought Sep 17, 2013 · Fort Dodge police are investigating after they say a church daycarecenter was hit by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting. At least one bullet struck ..

Prospect Park Fire Destroys Day Care and Radio Tower  August 1, 2013 In Prospect Park near the University stadium in Minneapolis, an unexplained fire collapsed a 300 radio tower and damaged 3 businesses including an auto body shop and day care center

2 Cars Crash Into Christian Day Care Center in Kansas City July 30, 2013 In Kansas City, a Range Rover rear-ended a parked Cadillac Seville which smashed through the front wall of the 2 year old room at the Christian Academy day care center in the afternoon. 2 adults were hut and 3 children were seriously injured. It is highly unusual for an "accident" when the Range Rover made a left hand towards the front of the building in the middle of the block to hit a Cadillac with a driver who some said appeared to be backing up or parking so that it was ready to be rammed into the front of the building. Bystanders help pull out the two children who were trapped under the Cadillac. About 40 children were inside the center. Police say the SUV driver was "approximately 80" years old, while the the driver of the Cadillac fled, but was later found. Evidently it was ruled an accident and not a deliberate coordinated attack as neither of the drivers was identified or charged with any traffic violation.

Quebec Daycare Shooting 2 Dead April 5, 2013 in Gatineau Quebec, gunman Robert Charron told staff to take the 53 children there to safety before he opened fire with a shotgun he had registered for hunting. He had just separated with the daycare director, whom he doused her and her office with flammable liquid but didn’t manage to set either on fire. Employee 38-year-old Neil Galliou was killed.

Six Drive Van Into Tacoma Day Care And Set it Afire On May 2, 2012 at the Church of God in Christ center in Tacoma Washington, a van driven into the daycare center and fires caused more than $27,000 in damages to Pathways to Learning Child Care. Six men face multiple charges that include first-degree arson, second-degree conspiracy to commit arson, first-degree attempted arson, theft of a motor vehicle, second-degree taking a motor vehicle without permission and conspiracy to commit theft of a motor vehicle. The men had stolen a van, and using a rock on the gas pedal crashed it into the church day care just before it opened. The next morning The next morning, police were called when three small fires were lit inside the day care center by a gasoline-filled Starbucks coffee bottle tossed through a window. Their cover story for a motive was an insurance scam even though they did not own the van or the daycare center, and all had extensive criminal histories

Monday April 9, 2012 3 Killed Brooklyn Park Daycare Shooting  After parents had dropped off children at a daycare run by DeLois Brown, 59, she and and her parents, James Bolden, 82, and Clover Bolden, 81 were shot execution style by a gunman who left no obvious motive and fled on a BMX bicycle. Arrested was Eddie Matthew Mosley allegedly drove the 9 hr / 500 mile journey from St Louis, Missouri to the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Park to kill a 15 year old relative who had accused him of rape. But the girl was not there at the home, which set him into a rage. Hennepin County Court Judge Toddrick Barnette found Eddie Matthew Mosley, 35, of Saint Louis, guilty on 9 felony counts including three counts of premeditated first degree murder and will spend the rest of his life in prison. Perpetrator and victims were all African American. No gun or escape bicycle were found.

April 19, 1995  Oklahoma City Bombing The Daycare Center Inside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Was Ripped Apart by the Terrorist Bomb, Claiming Oklahoma City's Smallest Victims