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Murder Suicide

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2 killed in hospital shooting Murder suicide March 31, 2015  Neng Moua Shoots Ex-wife in Fresno Medical Office Neng Moua (Laotian/Asian) shot his ex-wife with a shotgun at a Fresno medical clinic where she worked and then shot himself. They had disputes.

2 killed on campus February 5, 2015  Korean ex-wife murder suicide of Arab University of South Carolina professor  46 year old Sunghee Kwon shot lebanese cancer researcher and associate professor Dr. Raja Fayad several times in the upper body Thursday afternoon in a fourth-floor office at the university's Public Health building. Kwan then committed suicide with a gunshot to her stomach,  Fayad was a professor  that taught anatomy and physiology and was highly regarded by both his students and fellow faculty members  He received his medical doctorate degree in 1995 from Aleppo University School of Medicine in Syria. 

2 killed February 1, 2015 Tulane Law student is shot by Arab boyfriend who then turned pistol on himself' Wajih Mazloum, 28, and Sara Lamont, 25, found in New Orleans apartment Gun found near boyfriend, whom investigators believe killed Ms LaMont Friend says Mr Mazloum purchased pistol at recent gun show Seven Tulane students have died this year, four thought to be suicides

2 dead January 29, 2015 PhD Murder Suicide Indian woman student By Carnegie Mellon Employee Roommate In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, a woman Ph.D. student Chalalai Chaihirunkarn was found in her apartment apparent shot by roommate Bryan Springer who shot himself. Springer was employed at the Software and Engineering Institute at CMU. Friends said they had a troubled relationship

3 killed, suspect suicide or government blamed January 17, 2015 MN Conspiracy Filmmaker David Crowley, Family Found Dead in Murder Suicide Filmmaker David Crowley 29, was found dead with his wife Komel and daughter Rami 5 in their suburban Apple Valley home after neighbors checked and saw bodies. Police believed it was a probable murder suicide. He had been interviewed on conspiracy media such as Alex Jones. His death was noted by the Southern Poverty Law Center hatewatch blog as seeking to finish a film on the “New World Order”, and that  the man’s supporters on websites such as Veterans Today have quickly spun a conspiracy theory that he was "suicided" pointing to the federal government as malicious actors trying to silence the truth. PressTV's Kevin Barrett believes it was an assassination like the case of an Iranian general in Syria and 9/11 truther Philip Marshall 2 years before. “Crowley served a tour of duty in Iraq during his five-year stint in the Army and met Komel while stationed in Texas,” reports New York Daily News. Hennepin County Medical Examiner says all three died of a gunshot wound to the head. Ranita and Komel Crowley's deaths were ruled homicides, while David Crowley's death was ruled a suicide.

7 killed including suspect, 3 crime scenes suspect killed  December 29, 2014  9 Vietnamese Killed by Amok Gunman in 3 location spree in Edmonton Canada  53-year-old Phu Lam (Vietnamese ethnic Canadian) went on a killing spree in Edmonton. Alberta,Canada. He shot to death eight people, including two children in two homes, all of whom were his relatives. He then committed suicide at his restaurant in Fort Saskatchewan where RCMP rammed the door with a vehicle. The hours long operation shut down the town and suburbs, and was the worst mass murder in the Edmonton area.

Brooklyn Father Throws 3 Yr Old Son and Jumps Off Roof December 22, 2013 35-year-old man, Dmitriy Kanarikov, threw his 3 year old son off the roof of a 52 story building in Manhattan before jumping himself to his death.

6 killed October 29, 2013 Bryan Sweatt Kills 5 Greenwood County Mass Murder Suicide In Callison near Greenwood County, South Carolina, Bryan Sweatt was found dead after he called police telling them he was going to hurt himself. After the sound of gunfire erupted, police found that Sweatt had broken in to the home of a former girlfriend, waited for the family to come home, and took 4 adults and 2 children in the home hostage. He bound them with duct tape and shot them with a large caliber handgun execution style, some two or three times, before shooting himself. Victims were identified as Chandra Marie Fields, 26, Richard Allen Fields, 51, Melissa Maroney Fields, 49, Tariq Robinson, 11, and William Robinson, 9. Richard and Melissa Fields are Chandra's parents. The two boys, Tariq and William, are Chandra's nephews. Headlines later note this is one of 4 mass murders in 4 days. Police believe it may be been related to a bitter custody dispute, and he ranted on Facebook before the crime.

2 killed suspect suicide 26 March 2010  Georgia state senator Nancy Smith Schaefer dead in disputed murder suicide  Former Georgia state senator Nancy Smith Schaefer died at her home near Turnerville, Georgia in Habersham County on  with her husband of 52 years, Bruce Schaefer. Police concluded the deaths to have been a murder–suicideperpetrated by her husband. Before her death, she published and promoted the report "The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services" leading to conspiracy theories surrounding her murder. Upon her death, fellow State Senator Ralph Hudgens eulogized her as "almost like a rock star of the Christian right".