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July 26, 2015 Song Su Kim Arrested for Stabbing Murder of Korean Missionary in Maryland 1 killed 1 injured, suspect arrested Song Su Kim of Falls Church was arrested in stabbing death of a Korean missionary and injury of his wife at the Anna Prayer Counseling and Retreat Center after calling 911 to turn himself in.. He was homeless and had stayed some days at the center. Motive? He told police he felt was treated badly by the missionary and was disrespected by Koreans though he is apparently Korean himself.

1 injured, 5 shootings, 2 vehicles, 2 buildings hit, suspect arrested February 24, 2015 Amok Korean Hong Young Arrested in NSA, Freeway Mall Movie Theater Shooting Spree Hong Young, 35, of Beltsville Md is believed to be responsible for five shootings in Maryland starting February. Mach 3, he was arrested near Arundel Mills mall, where shots were fired Feb. 24. A man driving away from a gas station near the mall was injured by glass shot out from his car, Hong Young is a common Korean name. Mother claimed he had just quit his job. Anne Arundel County Chief Timothy Altomare said Wednesday that the shootings over the past week evoked memories for officers of two radicalized Islamist snipers who killed 10 people in 2002 in the D.C. area. 

3 killed 1 injured February 19, 2015 US Korean Couple and former Boston Tufts Daughter  Killed in before study abroad New Zealand Car Crosses over to hit truck ABC News New Zealand authorities said Thursday a U.S. couple and their daughter were killed and their son critically injured when their car crashed into a ...a U.S. couple and their daughter were killed and their son critically injured when their car crashed into a logging truck. Police named the couple as Warren Lee, 53, and his wife Aesoon Lee, 52, both American citizens living in Hong Kong. Also killed was the couple's 20-year-old daughter, Julia Lee, who police said had been living in Massachusetts and was due to start university in Auckland, New Zealand. (Asian driver at fault?)

2 killed on campus February 5, 2015  Korean ex-wife murder suicide of Arab University of South Carolina professor Sunghee Kwon shot Raja Fayad several times in the upper body Thursday afternoon in a fourth-floor office at the university's Public Health building. Kwan then committed suicide with a gunshot to her stomach,  Fayad was a professor  that taught anatomy and physiology and was highly regarded by both his students and fellow faculty members

3 killed 1 injured 1 arrested January 10, 2015  John Lee Moscow Idaho Shooting Spree John Lee, 29, was arrested following a high-speed chase in nearby Pullman in Washington state after the shootings. Lee who was described by witnesses as an Asian (probably adopted Korean) male shot his adoptive mother to death at her house, then went to Northern Mutual Life Insurance on Third Street next to his apartment building and shot two men, the suspect's landlord, Moscow businessman David Trail, and Michael Chin who was visiting from Seattle. Lee then went to a third crime scene where he went to Arby's and asked for manager Belinda Niebuhr by name, and shot her as she tried to escape through the drive-thru window.

Year 2014 

3 killed mass stabbing September 9, 2014 Korean American Father Kills Family of Three in Queens Fire - NYTimes.com Joon Lee, 50, stabbed and killed his wife Sung Lee, 54, and son Brian Lee, 15, before starting a fire in the living room of the family’s sixth-floor apartment shortly before 5 a.m. He then stabbed himself, leaving a suicide note. Mr. Lee drove a truck, Ms. Lee worked at a nail salon and their son was a student in high school... the evening before, a man killed a woman and then shot himself after they had an argument in the same neighborhood

33 killed March 10, 2014 N. Korea to execute 33 for missionary work Government claims they were building a network of underground churches  North Korea has ordered the death of as many as 33 people because of their alleged contact with a missionary, South Korea’s largest news organization has reported. The 33 North Koreans are charged with attempting to overthrow the regime by setting up 500 underground churches, according to the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, which cited an unnamed source. The newspaper said they are accused of working with Kim Jung-wook, a South Korean arrested by North Korean authorities in October on suspicion of trying to establish underground churches.

June 21, 2014 A South Korean soldier shoots dead five of his comrades at an outpost inGangwon Province before fleeing the scene with his weapon. (BBC)

Year 2013 

October 29, 2013 Heo Korea 210 Car Tire Slashing Spree Police have arrested a 26-year-old Korean Chinese identified as Heo on charges of puncturing the tires of over 210 cars across Seoul since early September. Police said Heo confessed to the crime and said he was driven into a rage by unpaid wages. The exact same motive was given by Liu Shuangyun who set fire to an underwear factory in China killing 14 women in December 2012

Colorado Teen Stabs Mother 79 Times  August 28, 2013 Colorado teen girl Isabella Yun-Mi guzman stabbed her Korean mother 79 times after weeks of fights over male visitors to her home. 

Year 2012

Oikos University shooting occurred on April 2, 2012, when a gunman shot at people inside Oikos University, a Korean Christian college in OaklandCaliforniaUnited States. Within a few hours, the number of reported fatalities reached seven.[2]

Georgia Korean Spa Mass Shooting February 21, 2012 5 killed in murder suicide as gunman shoots 4 and himself in Norcross Georgia at a Korean style spa.

Year 2011

September 2011 North Korean agent arrested trying to kill anti-Pyonyang activist North Korean agent, arrested in October last year for attempting to kill anti-Pyongyang activist Park Sang-hak, had needles with the same chemical poison.  Park Sang-hak - Wikipedia democracy activist and is the chairman of Fighters for a Free North Korea Park Sang-hak: The man trying to liberate North Korea using balloons ... independent.co.uk Assassination attempt Wikipedia  In September 2011, a North Korean defector was arrested in Seoul by members of the National Intelligence Service on his way to meet with Park, referred to as "Enemy Zero" by the Pyongyang regime. South Korean authorities said that he had planned to kill Park either by poisoning his drink or by jabbing him with a poisoned needle. Park said that the assassin, Ahn, had phoned him earlier and asked to meet him. "Ahn told me by phone", Park said, "that he was to be accompanied by a visitor from Japan who wants to help our efforts. But then I was told by the NIS not to go to the meeting due to the risk of assassination" The Independent of London noted that Ahn "could face the death penalty" under South Korea's National Security Law, but he ended up being sentenced to four years in prison. He was also ordered to pay 11.75 million Won in fines, which was the same amount he had been promised for assassinating Park. The Independent also pointed out that the assassination plot was “reminiscent of the KGB Cold War killing of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov, who was stabbed with a ricin-tipped umbrella in London in 1978.”

August 12, 2011 South Korean Mission Worker Collapsed After Suspected NKorean Pinprick in Back in China A day after attack on missionary in an other Chinese city, Yanji, a South Korean involved with missionary work was standing at an intersection when he felt a pinprick in his lower back. As he collapsed, he heard a man muttering behind him in Chinese, "Sorry, sorry." He survived the attack. latimes

August 12, 2011 South Korean Mission Worker Collapsed After Suspected NKorean Pinprick in Back in China A day after attack on missionary in an other Chinese city, Yanji, a South Korean involved with missionary work was standing at an intersection when he felt a pinprick in his lower back. As he collapsed, he heard a man muttering behind him in Chinese, "Sorry, sorry." He survived the attack. latimes
1 killed suspect arrested August 11, 2011 Missionary Kim Chang-hwan dies from suicide poison or suspected North Korean poison needle attack South Korean missionary meets a stranger who turns out to be North Korean agent assigned to monitor him. He was  in Dandong, a Chinese city on the Yalu River overlooking North Korea. He suddenly had a discolored complexion, spots on his fingers and limbs, flecks of foam on his mouth. He was dead by the time he reached the hospital. Chinese hospital officials said Kim Chang-hwan had committed suicide by swallowing pesticides, but after his wife brought back her own blood sample, it was tested in Seoul found high levels of a poison. Experts know that the poison needle has been in use by North Korean special operations against activists, often evangelical Christians who smuggle out defectors and send anti-Kim literature and Bibles across the border sometimes on balloons.  December 2012 it was established that in March 2010 a North Korean agent was assigned to monitor  Kim. He pretended to be a defector, and investigation confirmed that Kim was killed using neostigmine bromide, known to be preferred by North Korean intelligence agents.

July 4, 2011 South Korean marine kills three colleagues in shooting  The Guardian  A South Korean Marine Corps corporal went on a shooting rampage, killing three fellow marines and wounding two others on a Yellow Sea island base near the country's border with North Korea, according to officials. The marine was taken into custody, but his motive remained unclear, defence ministry officials said. Officials said the corporal, surnamed Kim, was wounded, but it was unclear whether he tried to kill himself or was hurt when he was apprehended. One of the marines who was killed was an officer, while the other two were rank-and-file marines, the officials said Economist: "a badly bullied conscript went on a shooting rampage" NBCNEWS In 2011, a 19-year-old marine corporal went on a shooting rampage at a Gwanghwa Island base, just south of the maritime border with North Korea. Military investigators later said that corporal was angry about being shunned and slighted and showed signs of mental illness before the shooting.

Year 2009 

July 2009: A network of hijacked computers mostly based in South Korea launched a series of coordinated cyber attacks against government, news media, and financial websites in South Korea and the United States. It used a botnet—a large number of hijacked computers, based mostly in South Korea— to overwhelm services with traffic in a DDoS attack. The timing and targeting of the attacks have led to headlines blaming North Korea (Pyongyang blamed as cyber attack hits S Korea". Financial Times.). Targets in the USA included the Treasury Department, Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission and Transportation Department and the White House. In Korea, the presidential Blue House, the Defense Ministry, the National Assembly, Shinhan Bank, newspaper Chosun Ilbo and Internet portal Naver.com were affected.

1 killed, 1 injured, suspect sentenced to life Tuesday April 7, 2009 John Chong Shooting Spree At Korean Catholic Camp Location: Temecula California in Riverside County. 69 year old John Chong shot two persons in one RV camper, killing a woman, and fought with 2 in a 2nd RV who injured him. Chong was a friendly if distant volunteer handyman and welder at the Kkottongnae Retreat Camp which had just been purchased by the Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus, a Korean Roman Catholic Organization. Organization. Kkottongnae, which means "flower village" in Korean, is a Christian social service organization founded in Korea that works with orphans and the homeless. Police did not find any clear motive.

April 16, 2007 Seung-Hui Cho - Wikipedia  Seung-Hui Cho (/ˌtʃoʊ sʌŋˈhiː/;) (January 18, 1984 – April 16, 2007) was a .... The pastor added that, until he saw the video that Cho sent to NBC News, he Seung-Hui Cho[2]  was a South Korean mass murderer who killed 32 people and wounded 17 others on April 16, 2007, at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia.[3] An additional six people were injured jumping from windows to escape.[4] He was a senior-level undergraduate student at the university. The shooting rampage came to be known as the Virginia Tech shooting.[5][6] Cho committed suicide after police breached the doors of the building where the majority of the shooting had taken place. His body is buried in Fairfax, Virginia. May be inspiration for a series of mass shootings at Fort Hood and Mumbai and mall in Kenya where previous attacks were based on bombings.

JULY 27, 2007 South Koreans react to 2007 missionary killing and kidnappings in Afghanistan Some criticize the Christian aid workers for going to Afghanistan in spite of warnings. By Robert Neff Christian Science Monitor   In South Korea, grief was tinged with anger Thursday toward Christian missionaries with news that the leader of a group of 23 kidnapped Korean aid workers in Afghanistan had been shot by their Taliban captors.With nearly 17,000 missionaries in 173 nations, South Korea is second only to the US in the number of Christians sent abroad. In 2004, eight South Korean missionaries were kidnapped (and later released) in Iraq. Later that year, a man who had gone to Iraq to do missionary work was beheaded.  kidnapping also raises the issue of why South Korea sent troops to Afghanistan in the first place. The Taliban "should not punish Korean missionaries as prisoners of war – for a war that the United States and England began,"

Year 2005

2005, a South Korean soldier tossed a hand grenade and opened fire at a army unit in a shooting rampage that left eight colleagues dead and several others injured. PFC Kim Dong-min later told investigators he acted after being enraged by superiors who verbally assaulted him

Year 2004

2004 eight South Korean missionaries were kidnapped (and later released) in Iraq USATODAY.com - 13 foreigners reported kidnapped in Iraq Insurgents threatened in a video released Thursday to burn three Japanese hostages alive if ... April 8, 2004 The South Korean missionaries were stopped by armed men at a checkpoint on a highway from ...

Year 1982

April 26-27, 1982 Woo Bum-kon was a South Korean police officer who killed 56 people and wounded 35 others in several villages in South Korea, during the night from April 26 to April 27, 1982, before committing suicide. His rampage remained the deadliest known mass murder committed by a lone gunman in modern history until the Norway attacks of July 22, 2011. tags - drunk, girlfriend, argument, korean. No media or officials suggested any connection to North Korean terrorism rom that article it doesn't sound like he was too drunk "Initially, he killed three operators at the local telephone exchange to prevent others calling emergency services."he had to have something still functioning under the hood to pull that off.

Woo had an argument with his live-in girlfriend, Chun Mal-soon, on the afternoon of April 26, 1982. Enraged, he left the house and went to the police armory while other officers were at a meeting, where he began drinking heavily. After becoming intoxicated, he gathered an arsenal including a rifle and some grenades. He left the armory around dinner time armed and drunk. Initially, he killed three operators at the local telephone exchange to prevent others calling emergency services. He then walked from house to house and abused his position as a police officer to make people feel safe and gain entry into their homes. He shot most of his victims, but in one case he killed an entire family with a grenade. He continued this pattern for a full eight hour

Chun Mai-Sun later said that her boyfriend "suffered from an inferiority complex and had been bothered by villagers' comments on their living together unmarried." Later on, the provincial chief of police was suspended, and four other officers were arrested for negligence of duty.


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