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Radio Tower Collapse Accidents and Vandalism

Radio Tower Collapse Accidents and Vandalism

... or terrorist sabotage?

This is a list of catastrophic collapses of radio masts and towers. Masts and towerscan collapse as a result of natural disasters, such as storms and fires; from 


August 2013

  • Prospect Park Fire Destroys Day Care and Radio Tower  August 1, 2013 In Prospect Park near the University stadium in Minneapolis, an unexplained fire collapsed a 300 radio tower and damaged 3 businesses including an auto body shop and day care center
    200 ft Rocky Ridge Radio Tower in Contra Costa County Falls To Vandals July 28, 2013 A massive 200 ft Rocky Ridge communications tower south of Moraga in Contra Costa County fell. It appeared least six of the supporting guy wires were severed with a bolt cutter. The loss was estimated at $1 million but had no significant impact on transmissions for emergency services who use the tower for their communications. It was believed to be caused by vandals, but no motive was established.

July 2013
INTERNATIONAL FALLS - A Christian radio station is using a temporary low-power facility after its tower collapsed early Sunday morning. The 650-foot tower along …
July 18, 2013  suspected to be caused by winds from a storm front.

July 2011
The top section of the Hoogersmilde radio and TV broadcasting tower in the east of the Netherlands has collapsed following a fire. No one was injured in the incident ...Fire also broke out at a broadcasting tower in the central town of Lopik last night. As yet no connection between the two blazes has been established.

Dutch broadcasting tower collapses in flames

Published on 15 July 2011 - 8:36pm
The top section of the Hoogersmilde radio and TV broadcasting tower in the east of the Netherlands has collapsed following a fire.
No one was injured in the incident; fire fighters working to put out the rapidly spreading fire had withdrawn from the tower shortly before the collapse. Police had already cordoned off the area around the burning tower.
The cause of the fire that raged around 100 metres above ground is unknown. The power supply to the tower was cut off soon after the blaze broke out, disrupting radio and TV broadcasts to parts of the Netherlands.
Fire also broke out at a broadcasting tower in the central town of Lopik last night. As yet no connection between the two blazes has been established.
Before the collapse, the 300m tower was one of the tallest in the Netherlands.

WLHR-FM Radio Tower Lavonia, GA, USAJanuary 30, 2010Guyed steel lattice mast86 mSabotageGuyed wires cut
Radio Towers in Pennsylvania and Washington are Downed 5 Hours Apart September 4, 2009 In Whitehall township in Pennsylvania, the radio tower for conservative station WAEB valued at $150,000 fell when
someone cut the supporting wires. Just fives hours later in Washington state near Everett, two KRKO radio towers 349 and 199 feet tall were knocked down by a bulldozer where vandals left "ELF" messages suggesting they were environmental extremists from the Earth Liberation Front. The FBI stated there was no connection between the events on either side of the continent, stating "There was the coincidence of timing, but it appears at this time that this was an act of vandalism and nothing more sinister than that".

Peterborough, Great BritainOctober 30, 2004Guyed steel lattice mast163 mFire (suspected vandalism)Temporary replacement mast constructed shortly thereafter. New permanent mast entered full service in February 2006
One World Trade Center broadcast tower, New York City, NYSeptember 11, 2001Truses and Axis526.3 mTerrorist attackTower was destroyed as a result of a terrorist attack in which a commercial airliner rammed into the side of the building causing it and the broadcast tower to collapse under its own weight.
WNWI 1080-Towers, Oak Lawn (Chicago), Illinois, USAJuly 9, 2000Guyed steel lattice mast61 mSabotageTwo towers collapsed
December 12, 1982 In Lawrence Kansas, a 680 foot radio tower used by KANU-FM an NPR affliate toppled onto a building and across a road at teh University of Kansas weset campus. This was week after a deadly collapse in Houston The Day New London Conn Dec 13, 1982

December 6, 1982 a 1,800 ft tower television tower near Houston fell when a guy wire snapped, killing five and injuring 3 others. source: The Day New London Conn Dec 13, 1982
Senior Road Tower, Missouri City, Texas, USA1982Guyed steel lattice mast569.8 mGuy wire severedTotal collapse during installation of 6-ton FM antenna on new 1800 ft. tower. 5 technicians killed, 3 on the hoist and 2 on the tower. Determined insufficient sized bolts on the makeshift lifting lug extension failed. The falling debris severed one of the tower's guy wires which caused the tower to whip back and forth and collapse, video here.
TV Mast Brest - Roc TrédudonFebruary 1974Guyed steel lattice mast ?Terrorism
Villebon-sur-Yvette, FranceDecember 10, 1961Guyed steel lattice mast ?Terrorism
NicosiaCyprus1955sabotageDestroyed by EOKA rebels


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