Thursday, August 15, 2013

Daily Geez August 15, 2013

Daily Geez August 15, 2013

1. Japan unveils new "helicopter destroyer" that looks like an aircraft carrier
2. Motive in Zanzibar attack still a mystery, but "may" be related to militant Islamists
3. Motive mystery in Arab muslim's bank attack and shooting in Louisiana
4. California to Idaho kidnapping or terrorist attack?
5. Florida crossfit trainer shot and killed
6. Nuclear plants vulnerable to terrorism
7. Obama backs Muslim Brotherhood in deadly clashes?
8. Violence in Egypt
9. Untold stories about Three Mile Island and Fukushima Radiation Effects


1. Japan Izumo Class Helicopter Class Destroyer Not Aircraft Carrier

2. Motive in Zanzibar attack still a mystery

  • long-term, Tanzania, and indeed, other regions where acid attacks are growing in prevalence, need a fundamental shift in perceptions of the welfare of women. Unless, and until, that happens, the violence will continue.
  • 1,500 acid attacks reported globally each year, though according to Acid Survivors Trust International,
  • Laws: India and Bangladesh have drafted laws aimed at controlling the sale, storage and distribution of certain types of acid. Pakistan passed a law a couple of years ago making perpetrators of acid attacks subject to lifetime imprisonment.

3. Muslim Fuaed Abdo Ahmed Louisiana Bank Standoff
August 13, 2013 20-year-old man, Fuaed Abdo Ahmed of Yemen descent who had a handgun and rifle took women and a man hostage at the St Joseph branch of a bank in Louisiana. Ahmed shot two hostages who died and released a third, but was killed by police who stormed the bank. Police believe it was a planned attack as  Ahmed had books about hostage negotiations, not a bank robbery. Police believe he was angry at people who were "mean to him" and had voices in his head. Authorities did not make any connection to his Facebook endorsement of Islam or terrorism. 

4. James Lee DiMaggio Kidnapping of Hannah Anderson
Looks more like a terrorist attack than a simple hostage taking. Camouflaged car driven from California to Idaho? Pursued and shot by SWAT cops? Why would just a crazy guy go to this much trouble to cause this much damage and keep so many police busy? Did this guy have any connections to white nationalist extremists? 

5. Florida Crossfit Instructor Shot

6. Study: All 107 U.S. nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorists
Brian Montopoli — Every commercial nuclear reactor in the United States is insufficiently protected against "credible" terrorist threats, according to... Read Article

7. Obama backs Muslim Brotherhood in deadly clashes? 
Pam Geller: Obama announced that the United States is cancelling its bi-annual joint military exercise with Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood camps/sit-ins were stockpiling weapons, torturing activists seeking to leave, exploiting women and children, and inciting violence. Brotherhood supporters were firing on soldiers and police. Brotherhood supporters destroyed scores of churches yesterday and today continue to chant, "with our blood, our souls we will defend Islam." Not Egypt, Islam.
Obama has done nothing to end the slaughter of non-Muslims under the sharia or protect the Christians in Egypt. Instead, he supports the savages.

8. Foreign Policy Journal Nearly 500 Dead Anti-Morsi Anti-Christian Violence
aug 14, 2013  As of this morning, at least464 people are dead in Egypt after a day of violent clashes that began as the Egyptian military stormed protest camps supporting ousted President Mohamed Morsy. The dead include 43 police, according to the government, but are overwhelmingly civilians. At least three journalists have also been killed in what the Committee to Protect Journalists told FPwas an unprecedented level of press intimidation in Egypt. Several leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested, including Mohamed El-Beltagi, whose 17-year-old daughter was killed as the military dismantled a camp in Cairo. Morsy-supporters staged reprisals, attacking government buildings, police stations, and Coptic churches. As protesters responded to the violence, the military-backed Egyptian government issued a curfew and reinstituted a state of emergency through much of the country 
Giving an update on the death toll, the military-backed interim government said 137 people had died near the mosque, 57 in Nahda Square and 29 in Helwan, in the south of the city. The other 198 deaths occurred in the provinces.

At least 43 police officers are reportedly among the dead. A further 3,572 people were injured.

  • Another wave of bombings killed 33 people in Baghdad, Iraq.
  • The Nigerian government is claiming that it killed Momodu Bama, the second-in-command of militant Islamist group Boko Haram, in an August 4 clash.
  • Fariba Ahmadi Kakar, a female member of the Afghan parliament, has beenkidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan's eastern Ghazni province; the Taliban is demanding the release of four insurgents as ransom

9. Untold stories about Three Mile Island and Fukushima Radiation Effects
Unconfirmed, but remarkable if these stories about alleged radiation exposure are true, then people, plants and animals were injured and killed by the accidents.