Friday, August 16, 2013

Daily Geez August 16, 2013

Daily Geez August 16, 2013

1. Escaped Python Attack Starting To Look Like Staged Murder
2. 4 Thai soldiers killed in attack near nursery school
3. Shoebat ties Morsi to Benghazi
4. List of churches attacked in egypt
5. Nigerian vigilantes had it with Boko Haram
6. UPS plane crash - engines good
7. Getting tough on Muslim Brotherhood

1. Reptile Store Owner Says His Python Got Away And Killed 2 Sleepover Guest Boys Snake expert says that snakes bite first, and never kill 2 people at the same time. Commenters say this looks very fishy that the boys made no noise at all, and looks like a staged murder. No on has speculated on a motive, as when there is no other motive, there is always the remote possibility of staging a terrorist attack that looks like a spectacular headline-grabbing accident.

2. Police Killed In Isurgent Attack  Near Nursery School August 16, 2013 Four police officers were killed as they were patrolling in a car. The gun and grenade attack was in front of a nursery school in Thailand. It was in Narathiwat, one of the provinces in Thailand's Muslim-majority south. 5,700 people have been killed since the insurgency broke out in  2004.

3. Shoebat ties Morsi to Benghazi
 Whalid stated he only looks at Arabic sources for his news to really find out the links, persons involved and real truth about Benghazi.
He linked the Benghazi attack to directives straight from ousted Muslim Brotherhood President – Mohammed Morsi. He gave 2 ‘smoking gun’ points.
A) A video was shot at the attack scene where gunmen were running toward the camera screaming ‘don’t shoot us, We were sent by Morsi.” Although spoken in Arabic, Whalid said the word ‘Morsi’ was understandable.
B) He found a Libyan Intelligence document brought to the forefront by Arabic translator Raymond Ibrahim. This lead to the arrest and interrogation of 6 members of an ‘Egyptian cell.’ They were all Egyptians and belonged to the Ansar al-Sharia group. In their confessions they mentioned their link to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.
It is most clear that ousted – Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi was behind these attacks. This is the same Morsi who Obama was and is boldly behind. Hmmmm….who is behind Morsi?

4. Reported List of Churches and Christian Institutions Attacked in Egypt Since Wednesday Will Astonish
Though there may be some changes made to the list, what has been assembled so far is staggering.
List courtesy of Amira Mikhail:
  1. Father Maximus Church
  1. St George Church | Burned | Source
  1. Good Shepherds Monastery |  Nuns attacked
  2. Angel Michael Church | Surrounded
  3. St George Coptic Orthodox Church | PhotoPhotoPhotoYouTube
  4. Al-Eslah Church| Burned | Source
  5. Adventist Church | Pastor and his wife kidnapped | Photo
  6. St Therese Church | Photo
  7. Apostles Church | Burning | Source
  8. Holy Revival Church | Burning | Source
  9. Qusiya Diocese | MC
Beni Suef
  1. The Nuns School | Photo
  2. St George Church | al-Wasta
  1. St Fatima Basilica | Heliopolis | Attempted Attack
  2. Virgin Mary’s Church | Hakim Village | Burned | Photo
Fayoum (Five churches)
  1. St Mary Church | El Nazlah | Gallery
  2. St Damiana Church | Robbed and burned
  3. Amir Tawadros (St Theodore) Church | EgyNews (Arabic), Twitter
  4. Evangelical Church | al-Zorby Village | Looting and destruction
  5. Church of Joseph | Burned | Source
  6. Franciscan School | Burned | Source
  1. Diocese of St Paul | Burned | Source
  1. Father Antonios
  2. Atfeeh Bishopric
  1. Church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abram | Delga, Deir Mawas | Source
  2. St Mina Church | Abu Hilal Kebly, Beni Hilal | Sourcephoto
  3. Baptist Church | Beni Mazar | Source
  4. Monastery | Deir Mawas  | Ahram (Arabic)
  5. Delga Church | Attacked (Previously attacked with fire)
  6. The Jesuit Fathers Church | Abu Hilal district
  7. St Mark Church | Abu Hilal district
  8. St Joseph Nunnery | Photophoto
  9. Amir Tadros Church | Photophotophotoalbumphotophoto
  10. Evangelical Church | Photo
  11. Anba Moussa al-Aswad Church | Photo
  12. Apostles Church | Source
  1. St Mary’s Church | Attempted Burning
  1. St George Church |Photo albumphotophotovideosourcesourcevideo
  2. St Damiana | Attacked and burned | Source
  3. Virgin Mary | Attacked and burned | Source
  4. St Mark Church & Community Center
  5. Anba Abram Church | Destroyed and burned | Source
  1. St Saviours Anglican Church | Source
  2. Franciscan Church and School | Street 23 | Burned |Photophotosource/photosphotos
  3. Holy Shepherd Monastery and Hospital | Photo
  4. Good Shepherd Church (molotov cocktail thrown)- Relationship with Holy Shepherd Monastery unknown.
  5. Greek Orthodox Church | PhotoPhoto
Christian Institutions
  • House of Father Angelos (Pastor of Church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abram) | Delga, Minya | Burned | CBN NewsAhram (Arabic)
  • Properties and Markets of Copts | al-Gomhorreya Street, Assiut
  • Seventeen Coptic homes | Delga, Minya | Burned | SourceSource
  • YMCA | Minya| Burned | Photo
  • Coptic Homes | Qulta Street, Assiut | Attacked
  • Offices of the Evangelical Foundation & Oum al-Nour | Minya
  • Coptic-owned shops, pharmacy, and hotels | Karnak and Cleopatra Streets, Luxor | Attacked and Looted
  • Dahabeya Nile Boat | Minya| Church-owned | Source,PhotoPhoto
  • Bible Society bookshop | Cairo | Burned | Photo
  • Bible Society | Fayoum | Photo
  • Bible Society | al-Gomohoreya Street, Assiut | PhotoPhoto
  • Ezbet el Nekhl | Sourcesourcesource (Arabic)

5. My Way News - Nigerian vigilantes take on Islamic extremists

6 .NTSB: No engine failure in fatal UPS plane crash Federal investigators found no initial evidence that a UPS cargo jet suffered engine failure or was burning before it clipped trees at the end of a runway and slammed into a hillside, killing the two crew members onboard, officials said Thursday.


Egypt’s Military: Doing What the Wehrmacht Should Have Done in 1933

t what about the transition to democracy? Maybe the new government will be able to make one, but most likely, at least for the foreseeable future, it may not be able to. That will depend on the underlying conditions of which Bernard Lewis and Al-Hajj Warraq spoke. In any case, as Jean Kirkpatrick taught us long ago, an authoritarian regime is always preferable to a totalitarian one.