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Murderous Terrorist Cults

Murderous Terrorist Cults

Religious cults as a front for terrorism?
  • Al Qaeda is an organization which uses Islam to justify terrorist attacks. Also Taliban and salifists.
  • Anders Breivik  was a one-man anti-muslim Christian cult who claimed to be part of a movement for which no evidence was ever found for its existence. 
  • Aum Shinrikyo was founded by Shoko Asahara in 1984 as a meditation class, but evolved into a doomsday cult and armed militant terrorist organization resembling Al Qaeda that carried out the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, killing 12 and injuring thousands.
  • Charles Manson  led the Manson Family, a quasi-communethat arose in California in the late 1960s. He was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the murders of Sharon Tate and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Cult member  Lynette Alice "SqueakyFromme attempted to assassinate US President Gerald Ford in 1975.,
  • Heaven's Gate: On March 26, 1997, 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult were found to have committed suicide. Linked by Daniel Hopsicker to an Iranian who was running a network used to infiltrate Middle Eastern men into the U.S
  • Innocence of the Muslims (Innocence of Bin Laden) was created by Same Bacile who claimed to be Israeli and a Copt creating a film critical of Islam. An alternative theory offered by Walid Shoebat is that he was actually affiliated with Arab/Muslim terrorists as a front for radical Islamists who spent a considerable time planning the creation of a film to spark massive riots which were use to cover attacks at the US embassy compounds in Cairo and Benghazi, and smear Egyptian Copt Christians, Hollywood, and Israelis.
  • Jonestown  November 18, 1978, 918 people died in the settlement, at a nearby airstrip, and in Georgetown (Guyana's capital).
  • Lord's Resistance Army  is a militant group claiming to be religious movement or a cult  operating in northern Uganda and South SudanIt has been accused of widespread human rights violations, including murderabduction,mutilationchild-sex slavery and forcing children to participate in hostilities. The group combines African mysticism with Christian fundamentalism  led by Joseph Kony, who proclaims himself the spokesman of God and a spirit medium.
  • Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God (Uganda 2000)   March 17, 2000 was the new end of the world. Group members arrived at their church in Kanangu to pray and sing, minutes later nearby villagers heard an explosion, and the building was gutted in an intense fire that killed all 530 in attendance, including dozens of children. 
  • National Liberation Front of Tripura (or NLFT) is a Tripuri nationalistmilitant organization based in TripuraIndia.[2][3][4][5] The NLFT seeks tosecede from India and establish an independent Tripuri state, and has actively participated in the Tripura Rebellion. The NLFT manifesto says that they want to expand what they describe as the kingdom of God and Christ in Tripura
  • Oriental Lightning cult. In the Chenpeng Village Primary School stabbing  14 December 2012  villager Min Yongjun[2] stabbed 24 people, including 23 children and an elderly woman,[3] in a knife attack at Chenpeng Village Primary School.  He was influenced by the 2012 Mayan Doomsday Prophecy propagated in China by the cult.
  • Rajneeshee bioterror attack  The 1984 attack was the food poisoning of 751 individuals in The Dalles, Oregon, United States, through the deliberate contamination of salad bars of salad bars at ten local restaurants with specially cultivated salmonella. A leading group of followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later known as Osho) had hoped to incapacitate the voters.
  • Waco Siege February 28, 1993 the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) attempted to execute a search warrant at Mount Carmel Center ranch, a property of the religious group Branch Davidians led by David Koresh in Waco, Texas. The government suspected an extreme religious leader David Koresh of hoarding firearms and developing drugs. Davidians fired on ATF agents in a gun battle which lasted two hours and killed four agents and six Davidians. Koresh named himself for the ancient Persian (now Iran) king Cyrus and believed himself to be a "messiah" or "christ" like Cyrus.
  • Sammie Lamont Wallace Takes 2 yr old Hostage From Walmart On June 17, 2013 in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Sammie Lamont Wallace, 37, walked into the Walmart  in Midwest City, Oklahoma and snatched a 2-year-old girl from her mother’s shopping cart and took her hostage. A police officer shot the man once in the head and then rescued the girl from the man's arms. Religious writings found later in Wallace’s apartment referenced Illuminati Satanic Occult day for Human Sacrifices. 

.Aum Shinrikyo
[Looks like the Japanese branch of Al Qaeda]
A Japanese cult and terrorist organisation, Aum Shinrikyo was founded by Shoko Asahara in 1984 - originally as a yoga and meditation class.
Claiming to be Christ, Asahara gave a doomsday prophecy, predicting that only those who joined him would be saved from the end of humanity.
The group came to light in 1995 when it carried out the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, killing 12 and injuring thousands.
At its peak, Aum boasted 10,000 Japanese members and a further 30,000 in Russia.
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.Heaven's Gate
After having a near death experience while recovering from a heart attack, Marshall Applewhite and his nurse Bonnie Nettles set-up Heaven's Gate - a New Age cult which precipitated the worse mass suicide on US soil.
Based in California, Heaven's Gate combined Christianity and science fiction forming a belief system which sought to reach an alien spaceship following the Halle-Bop comet.
On March 26, 1997, 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult were found to have committed suicide.
They mixed phenobarbital poison into applesauce or pudding and then drank vodka, before tying plastic bags on their heads to asphyxiate themselves.
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The Khashogghi/911/CIA/Heavens gate connections
Oct 6, 2004 - The Khashogghi/911/CIA/Heavens gate connections ... The second is anIranian exile, running a network used to infiltrate hundreds of Middle ...
John Gray apparently has strange and so-far unexplained connections to two Middle Eastern men "of interest" in the 9/11 investigation, both of whom reside in San Diego.
The first is a Saudi Professor who housed two of the hijackers, cited recently by Senator Bob Graham, Chairman of the Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee Hearings, as evidence of involvement in the attack by people working for the government of Saudi Arabia.
The second is an Iranian exile, running a network used to infiltrate hundreds of Middle Eastern men illegally into the United States, according to court documents. And the Saudi Professor is a likely candidate for membership in this network.
Until moving to California Iranian Sam Koutchesfahani had been a retainer to the Shah. He's been one busy expatriate ever since. Faster than you can say "Savak" he was running a network used to infiltrate Middle Eastern men into the U.S., while also finding time to hang out with the Heaven’s Gate cultists, 39 of whom died in his mansion in the wealthy San Diego suburb of Rancho Santa Fe, in March of 1997.
Is it coincidence that a man running a ring slipping Middle Eastern men into the U.S. also rented out a 'safe house' to cultists ramping up for a launch towards Hale Bopp and the Level Above Human?

...John Gray knew cult leader Marshall Applewhite, apparently, back in Houston Texas where both made their home in the 60’s and 70’s. And the cult's Internet Service Provider may also have links to Khashoggi's fine family' of companies, all of whom carried the word "Genesis" in their name, which we've dubbed "Saudi Genesis."


"Jonestown" was the informal name for the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, anintentional community in northwestern Guyana formed by the Peoples Temple led by an American, Jim Jones. It became internationally notorious when on November 18, 1978, 918 people died in the settlement, at a nearby airstrip, and in Georgetown (Guyana's capital). The name of the settlement became synonymous with the incidents at those locations.
A total of 909 Temple members died in Jonestown, all but two from apparent cyanidepoisoning, in an event termed "revolutionary suicide" by Jones and some members on an audio tape of the event and in prior discussions. The poisonings in Jonestown followed the murder of five others by Temple members at a nearby Port Kaituma airstrip. The victims included United States Congressman Leo Ryan. Four other Temple members died in Georgetown at Jones' command.
To an extent, the actions in Jonestown were viewed as a mass suicide; some sources, including Jonestown survivors, regard the event as a mass murder.[1][2] 

  • In an attempt to create a socialist paradise later described by survivors as a slave camp, Rev. Jim Jones led close to 1000 Americans into the South American jungle in Guyana in 1978, where they found the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, or Jonestown as it was known.
    What resulted was the largest single loss of American civilian life prior to 9/11, when Rev. Jones ordered 909 (including over 300 children) of his followers to consume a soft drink laced with cyanide and tranquillizers.
    This was shortly after Rev. Jones's gunman killed US Congressman Leo Ryan, who was on a fact-finding mission to Jonestown after allegations by relatives of human rights abuses.
    Only 33 people survived the mass murder-suicide pact to see the next day, not including Rev. Jones who was found shot in the head.

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.Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God 

was a breakaway religious movement from the Roman Catholic Church founded by Credonia MwerindeJoseph Kibweteere and Bee Tait in Uganda. It was formed in the late 1980s after Mwerinde, a brewer of banana beer, and Kibweteere, a politician, claimed that they had visions of the Virgin Mary. The five primary leaders were Joseph Kibweteere, Joseph Kasapurari, John Kamagara, Dominic Kataribabo, and Credonia Mwerinde. In early 2000, followers of the religious movement perished in a devastating fire and a series of poisonings and killings that were either a group suicide or an orchestrated mass murder by group leaders after their predictions of the apocalypse failed to come about.[1] In their coverage of that event, BBC News and The New York Times referred to the Movement as a Doomsday cult.[2][3]

The phone conversation over CNN went on for about 45 minutes.  I 
was utterly taken with this whole scene.  Here we were in the 
year 1993 and this young Cyrus, would-be challenger of modern 
Babylon, was actually delving into the details of the book of 
Revelation at prime time, over a worldwide television network.  I 
pulled out a Bible and turned to Isaiah 45, where I recalled that 
the ancient Persian king Cyrus was addressed by God Himself: 

   Thus says the LORD to his anointed</>, to Cyrus (Koresh</>),
   whose right hand I have grasped to subdue nations before him
   and strip kings of their robes, to open doors before him.

Here Cyrus is actually called ``messiah,'' that is, one who is 
anointed. The Greek translation of this Hebrew word, 
mashiach</>, is ``Christos,'' from which we get our term 
``Christ.''  So, one could accurately say that this ancient 
Persian king was called Christ.  David Koresh also claimed to be 
such a ``Christ.''  This biblical terminology led to endless 
confusion and miscommunication between the secular media and the 
FBI on the one hand, and the followers of Koresh who lived and 
breathed these ancient texts.  It was widely but incorrectly 
reported, even by the most responsible media, that David Koresh 
claimed to be Jesus Christ, or even God himself.  This confusion 
resulted from a lack of understanding of the biblical use of the 
term ``anointed.''  In Biblical times both the high priests and 
the kings of Israel were anointed in a ceremony in which oil was 
poured over the head and beard (see Psalm 133).  In other words, 
in this general sense of the term the Bible speaks of many 
``christs'' or messiahs, not one.  The word comes to refer to one 
who is especially selected by God for a mission, as was the 
Persian king Cyrus. 

It was in this sense that David Koresh took the label ``Christ'' 
or messiah. He believed he was the chosen one who was to open the 
Seven Seals of the book of Revelation and bring on the downfall 
of ``Babylon.''  The early Christians were quite fond of the same 
kind of coded language.

Murderous Terrorist Cults notes terrorism