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DailyGeez Aug 4, 2013

DailyGeez Aug 4, 2013
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1. Not-A-Terrorist Runs Over Tourists At Venice Beach
Venice Beach Terrorist Vehicle Attack
It was also scene of not-a-terrorist shooting in 2011, not far from 2003 Santa Monica farmers market rampage in which a retired salesman appeared to deliberately run down people with no remorse.
Police have quickly ruled out terrorism as a motive, but have no other motive.

WHY DID HE DO IT?Police Seek Motive in Deadly Boardwalk Attack, 

5. Radio Tower Collapse Accidents and Vandalism
Radio towers fall in Minneapolis and Contra Costa County. CA case which carries 9-11 calls is called vandalism but not terrorist sabotage.

6. Roger Waters and His Ilk are the Real Hate-Mongers | Jewish and Israel News

7. Anti-Indian Activists Apologists for Terrorism in India
When somebody poisons school lunches for children, who blames Hindu culture and stands up for Pakistan and Muslims?

8. Conspiracy Theories About Pacemaker Hacker Mysterious Death

9. Fukushima Radioactive Groundwater Will Soon Overspill Barrier and Contaminate Ocean
Aug 3, 2013 Aug 3 (Reuters) - Radioactive groundwater at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has risen to levels above a barrier being built to contain it, highlighting the risk of an increasing amount of contaminated water reaching the sea, Japanese media reported on Saturday. The Asahi newspaper, citing data from a Friday meeting of a task force working on the Fukushima clean-up at Japan's nuclear regulator, estimated that the contaminated water could swell to the ground surface within three weeks

10. US Diplomat Flees Kenya After Fatal Collision With Bus

11. George Russell Weller 2003 Santa Monica Farmer's Market Rampage

12. EUTimes Claims Obama Assassinated Michael Hastings, Aaron Swartz and Barnaby Jack 
Note EUTimes appears to be anti-American anti-Israel disinfo site
Snowden’s fears for his safety have, indeed proved valid since the Obama regimes assassinations of Michael Hastings, Aaron Swartz and Barnaby Jack and as we reported on in our 29 July report revealing how the Russianmilitary is currently preparing for all-out war.

13. Veterans Today: China In Pact with Space Aliens To Conquer Planet

2010 Treaty With Off World “Settlers” Begs Nuke First Strike By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This is what can be published of the document China submitted.  By “can” I do not mean what is allowed, only what can reasonably be published on a forum with plausible deniability.
  • Proof that China has a military treaty with a powerful and utterly hostile alien force
  • A statement of intent that an invasion is inexorable and cannot be opposed using available military technology
  • China submitted a detailed plan for preparations including managed news, planned regional conflicts to prestage areas for settlement, etc.
  • Included was a list of upcoming events, earthquakes and other catastrophes and how nations could cooperate to minimize impact
A previously known threat, a nano-substance known to inhabit seaborne oil deposits, had been activated by a signal from an off planet location.  This substance has become sentient, aggressive and shown itself capable of disabling ships and killing humans.(strong confirmations)
[This is either absolutely the truth, or the intelligence agency of some hostile nation state is hiring Americans to promote insane UFO propoganda at expense of US national security]

14.  Major Hasan Confesses He's a Taliban Terrorist But Obama Administration Won't Believe Him
BBC News - 10 minutes ago

Excerpts from Hasan's Sanity Hearing Released, 

15. No Evidence Terrorists Caused Argentina Apartment building explosion kills 5
USA TODAY - ‎59 minutes ago‎
An explosion caused by a natural gas leak in an Argentine apartment building Tues. led to the deaths of five residents. Argentine building fire.  A natural gas explosion destroyed a tall apartment building in the Argentine city of Rosario on Tuesday, killing at least five people, injuring more than 50 and causing an evacuation of much of the downtown. Dozens of people were trapped in the upper floors of the burning building as a huge plume of smoke went up over the country's third-largest city. The building's front and back facades were ripped open, exposing the shattered remains of apartments inside.Major gas explosion in central Rosario: death toll climbs to 6 dead, 58 injured

16. Escaped python kills 2 young boys in Canada And how did the python escape? A nice reptile shop owner invites 2 kids of a "good friend" to a farm outing and sleepover, and he wakes up to find that the python in his living has escaped and fallen from the ceiling to strangle the two kids. At least that' his story. 

17. Gunman kills head of Venezuela opposition party,