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Children Targeted

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Children targeted or at risk.

Also see Baby Stroller Attacks not included in this list attacks and "accidents" on babies and toddlers


1 killed 1 arrested Saturday February 21, 2015 Jasmine Miller 6 Strangled in Branson Hotel  6 year old Jasmine Miller is found strangled in her hotel in the tourist section as the first 2015 homicide of Branson Missouri known for live country music. John Paul Roberts, who was also staying at the hotel was arrested. He was in town after being arrested in January free on $171 bond for entering a home for burglary. No motive given in media.

Prosecutor: Mother set newborn on fire on New Jersey road fox2now.com Jan 18, 2015  The child was taken to a hospital, where she died about two hours later. Prosecutors say the mother doused her baby with an accelerant then set her on fire. They do not have a motive.

Girl, 5, dies after being thrown from bridge; father arrested  CNN Jan 8, 2015 - ... witnessed him throw his daughter, 5, off of a St. Petersburg bridge. ... the side of the bridge and intentionally dropped the child into the water  ...  Five-year-old Phoebe Jonchuck was dropped 60 feet off of the bridge and into the water, allegedly by her own father John  Jonchuck,
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August 16, 2014 Girl, 3, killed in shootout between man, police In Maryland, Frederick Roy Miller shot and and critically wounding two people in Camp Springs who were the maternal grandfather and great-grandmother of his 3 year old daughter he had in the car. He led police on a chase and shootout and six officers returned fire, killing him. Police found the girl in the car who died later that day, and determined that the father had stabbed and shot her. Miller was a technician at Verizon and was a rapper on the side. Miller's relatives say he suffered head trauma and spent 9 days in a coma after a car crash several years ago, as was upset that his daughter was taken away and he couldn't have contact with her

5 wounded, suspects sought April 20, 2014 Chicago Park Manor Gang Question Easter Shooting Injures 5 Children At Park Manor neighborhood Near Chicago, Illinois, 5 children were wounded walking from apark when a car drove by, asked if they had gang ties, and started shooting. Two girls 11 and 15 were hospitalized. A grandmother said they had just got out of Easter service at church and let the children play in the park. Community activist Father Michael Pfleger called for a peace vigil as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was expected to attend. It was a particularly bad weekend when nine people were shot to death and 35 were injured in shootings over the weekend according to Chicago police

Taliban kills 2 children as spies October 12, 2013 Taliban militants killed two children between 8 and 10 Saturday night, charging them with espionage and spying for the Afghan government. In June, they beheaded two Afghan teenager boys in southern Kandahar province for spying for the government.

Taliban kill teenager boy for contacting Afghan police September 14, 2013 Taliban militants abducted and killed a 15-year-old Afghan boy and accused him of contacting Afghan police by mobile phone in the Ghazni province of Afghanistan. Deputy provincial governor, Mohammad Ali Ahmadi condemned the killing. He stated Ali Sina was just a school student playing soccer with his friends and did not have any connections with the government institutions, and the Taliban group does not "respect the common civilians and has no value for their lives."

1 killed 1 convicted June 1, 2013 Lake Stevens Shooting of Molly Conley Seattle high school teen Molly Conley was killed in a random drive by shooting in Lake Stevens during a drive-by shooting spree "indiscriminately" hitting several homes. On June 29, Erick Nathan Walker was arrested for the murder. He is a middle class technical college-trained African American Boeing worker from Everett suburb of Marysville. His facebook page shows off a large collection of guns. His interests indicate no affinities or connections to any terrorist movement, no record of criminal history or mental issues. Bullets were unique, 30-caliber carbine rounds, which gave detectives a short list of gun owners. Black paint chips left behind at one of the scenes also yielded another list of car owners. Only one man’s name was on both lists — Erick Nathan Walker. the “why” of the crime still puzzles detectives and they admit they don’t have a motive. March 30, 2015 jury found 28-year-old Erick Walker guilty of manslaughter five drive-by shooting and four assault charges, but not murder

June 2013 In June, the Taliban beheaded two Afghan teenager boys in southern Kandahar province for spying for the government.
October 7, 2010 Motorcycle Hit By Wrong Way Texting Minnesota Mom  Elizabeth Manzanares, 20, was charged with felony criminal vehicular operation and two counts of child endangerment