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Hamas rejoices as gunmen dressed as Hasidic Jews attack Tel Aviv market

Hamas rejoices as gunmen dressed as Hasidic Jews attack Tel Aviv market --- ===

8 June 2016 June 2016 Tel Aviv shooting Two Palestinian arab gunmen dressed as black suits as Hasidic jews jumped up from a restaurant table and opened fire on several businesses in the open air Sarona Market of Tel Aviv, killing four people and injuring eighteen others. Hamas initially claimed the gunmen were their members, and said it was one many surprises planned for the coming month.


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On 8 June 2016, two gunmen opened fire on several businesses in the Sarona Market of Tel Aviv, killing four people and injuring eighteen others.


On 8 June 2016 at about 21:00, two gunmen opened fire at the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv, killing four and injuring nineteen others,[2][3] including four in critical condition.[4][5]
The suspects entered the market, ordered a dessert, and sat for fifteen minutes prior to opening fire.[6] One perpetrator was located inside the market at the time of the shooting, while another was located on a street just outside.[7]

Biased reporting[edit]

Israeli newspapers had claimed that the International coverage was biased[8], ynetnews sayd CNN refers to Tel Aviv terrorists who killed 4 Israelis in quotation marks; BBC describes attack as ‘shooting;’ FOX News refers to ‘Terror in Israel.’[9]. During the 9'th of June nrg reported that CNN had released a correction[10] Russia Today reported that "two ultra-orthodox jews" carried out the attack. [11]


Four Israeli citizens were killed as a result of the attack. The victims are:[12]


Khalid al-Muhamra
ResidenceYatta, Hebron, Palestine.
Muhammad Ahmad Moussa Makhamreh
ResidenceYatta, Hebron, Palestine.
The perpetrators were dressed in suits.[14] Both were neutralized by police.[15] One suspect was taken to Ichilov Hospitalin serious condition, from injuries suffered from gun fire.[16]
The suspects in the attack, both 21,[17] entered the country illegally [18] that did not had any previous criminal record[18]have been arrested.[19] One of them was shot, and treated in Ichilov hospital and the other was arrested.[20] Both suspects were in Israel without permits and had not been seen for several days prior to the attack.[21] They are believed to have entered into Israel through a hole in the security fence, between the towns of Tarqumiyah and Meitar.[22]The two suspects are cousins[23] from Yatta near Hebron.[19] They may have used a homemade machine gun to carry out the attack.[23]
Israeli police are searching for a possible third suspect who is believed to have fled the scene.[23]
Both perpetrators are cousins of Fatah military wing leaders and their uncle serves time in Jail[24][25][26]
Khalid al-Muhamra, 21, is a Hamas member who studied at the Al-Karak Jordanian military academy, and arrived for Ramadan vacation.[27] His peers described that he attended electrical engineering and was an honors student and came from a family associated with Fatah.[28]
Muhammad Ahmad Moussa Makhamreh, 21, was not identified as a member of any group [29] but Hamas have stated both perpetrators had been its members.[18]
The al-Makhamreh (المخامرة) hamula had several other members of its clan associated with acts of violence in the Israeli Palestinian conflict.[30][31] At least one of its member had been released during the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange[31].


Early the next morning, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan visited the scene of the attack, and Netanyahu vowed to respond.[32][33] In response to the attack, Israel canceled all Friday travel permits from Gaza to Jerusalem, to pray during Ramadan.[34]
Hamas has praised the attack, releasing a cartoon depicting the attack as a Ramadan treat and suggested more attacks are likely to occur during Ramadan.[35]Fireworks were set off in Gaza and Hebron in celebration of the attack.[36] The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov, issued a statement of shock in response to Hamas' reaction.[37] Initially Hamas claimed that both perpetrators had been Hamas members[38]
Fatah, said in a statement that the Tel Aviv shooting was an “individual and natural response” to Israeli state violence. [39]
The United States, State Department, condemned the shooting, called it a "horrific terrorist attack."[40] Hilary Clinton stated that she stands with Israel, and emphasized her unwavering support.[41]
The United Kingdom ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey condemned the incident stating there is "no possible justification for terrorism."[42]

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4 killed 13 wounded Two Hamas affiliated Palestinian terrorists dressed as Hasidic Jews coordinated attack on market restaurant

Two Hamas terrorists dressed as Hasidic Jews (wkip) from Yatta opened fire on several businesses in the Sarona Market, in Tel Aviv, killing four people and injuring thirteen others. [391] 

Hamas Tel Aviv Market Attack

2 suspects, 4 victims in Tel Aviv terror attack identified   two shooters, identified as Palestinians, opened fire at the Sarona Market -- a popular food and shopping complex near the Israeli Defense Ministry In total, 13 people suffered gunshot wounds,  CNN Two people were killed January 1 when a gunman sprayed bullets from an automatic weapon near a pub in Tel Aviv. Seven people were wounded.  two terrorists were captured. One was shot by police, and the other surrendered attackers were dressed as Hasidic Jews,  Islamist group Hamas praised the attack this was the "first of many surprises" planned against Israeli forces   in April that Tel Aviv police wanted to close the market because of "security flaws and safety shortcomings that present a risk to the public's safety." ... coordinated attack with 2 people and sophisticated weapons, not just lone wolf knife jihad Hamas Praises Deadly Tel Aviv Market Shooting; Netanyahu Calls Attack 'Savage Crime'KTLA  Tel Aviv shooting: Market attack kills four :Four Killed, Six Wounded in Shooting Attack at Tel Aviv Shopping CenterHaaretz From Israel:Tel Aviv shooting attack strongly condemned by US, UNJerusalem Post Israel News