Thursday, June 2, 2016

Gerald Villabrille Mock Terrorist Shoots Police in Fremont CA Dies In Barricaded Home Fire

Gerald Villabrille Shoots Police in Fremont CA Dies In Barricaded Home Fire --- ===

You might be a mock terrorist if you shoot at two cops, break into a home barricaded standoff and die in fire with no apparent motive.

June 1,2016 -June 2, 2016 Gerald Villabrille Shoots Police in Fremont CA Dies In Barricaded Home Fire  Gerald Villabrille, 44, of San Jose was stopped by police in Fremont California for  missing a front license plate, backed into a police car, shot one officer, fled, shot another officer then broke into a home and barricaded himself inside in a gunfight. After tear gas canisters were lobbed inside, a fire started, and the body of the suspect was found holed up in a closet the next morning.


  • car hits police car
  • home invasion
  • mock terrorist
  • multiple shooting
  • shooting police
  • suicide mission

  1. Suspect in Fremont CA Cop Shooting Dies In Fire After Barricaded in House ABC News A man barricaded himself in a home in Northern California overnight after allegedly opening fire on police and fleeing Wednesday afternoon, authorities say, adding that he later told police he's "in it for the long haul.Fremont Standoff: Suspect in Officers' Shootings Believed Dead in Home Fire, Police Says  House Ablaze In Standoff With Fremont Shooting Suspect
  2. CBS Local‎ Suspect in shooting of 2 Fremont officers dies KTVU San Francisco‎  Fremont Standoff: Suspect in Officers' Shootings Dies in Home, Fire ... The shooting suspect who had barricaded himself inside a Northern California home died Thursday morning after the house caught fire, ... House Ablaze In Standoff With Fremont Shooting Suspect « CBS San ... KPIX‑TV3 hours ago - Fremont Police Shooting Suspect Dies In Fiery Standoff ... While a cause of the fire was under investigation,  San Jose man identified as Fremont cop-shooting suspect - San Jose ... San Jose Mercury News  FREMONT -- A gunman suspected of wounding two Fremont police officers was found dead Thursday morning inside a fire-gutted home after ... identified the suspect as Gerald Villabrille, 44, of San Jose, saying he has criminal history, whether Villabrille died because of a blaze sparked after tear gas canisters were lobbed into the home, or as a result of a gunfight 

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44-yr-old Gerald Villabrille Jr. of San Jose found dead in a closet in a .... Suspect who shot 2 #Fremont police officers is Gerald Villabrille Jr., 44 y/o of San Jose ...

2 officers shot after Fremont traffic stop, attacker on loose SFGate  A traffic stop in Fremont turned into a life-and-death struggle Wednesday when a motorist ...   Updated 10:57 pm, Wednesday, June 1, 2016   after 1:30 p.m., when a patrol officer stopped a white pickup truck with no front license plate..  driver of the pickup backed into the patrol vehicle, pulled a gun and opened fire, hitting the officer once during an exchange of gunfire...fled on foot. He opened fire again about 10 minutes later when confronted by a Fremont detective   managed to return fire, but was hit twice during the exchange, Bosques said.... fled on foot through neighborhoods.. man was still carrying the gun after he shot the two officers,