Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Toy Wagon Stroller Terror

Toy Wagon Terror --- ===

Kids are killed riding on baby carriages but also on wagons, completely by accident, or sometimes in criminal circumstances

1 killed 1 suspect not charged June 2, 2016  Kenan Ferebee, 23, was pushing his seven-month old baby Micah in a stroller, when a blue SUV just driven off a used car lot by Muhuba A. Mohamed veered off the road and accidentally hit them both and then crashed into a home without braking and no apparent cause. Driver was illegally driving alone with a learning permit that required she drive with a licensed driver

1 critical injury, 1 arrested May 24, 2016 Man arrested suspected drunk criminal vehicular operation runs over boy in wagon Byron MN Olmsted County Sheriff's Department says the driver of the car, a nearly elderly 69-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of criminal vehicular operation after he hit a boy 5 year old Lucas Wharton was riding in a wagon near the side of the road and showed signs of intoxication.

July 11, 2015 2 killed, 1 arrested Antoine Watkins charged in death of baby in stoller in Chicago  1 yr old baby Dillan Harris was fatally run down and dragged in a baby stroller by a vehicle fleeing police  when he "accidentally lost control" and jumped the curb after the shooting death of Chicago rapper Marvin "Capo" Carr.

1 toddler killed, elderly driver not arrested or charged April 14, 2014 Buckley Pickup Accidentally Drives on Trail Kills Red Wagon Toddler In Buckley, Washington State (near Tacoma) 2 year old toddler Lincoln Pearson died after his red wagon pulled by his father was hit by a Ford Ranger pickup driven by an un-named 78 year old driver who for some unexplained reason, apparently lost control, left the road and carefully drove 500 ft onto a paved walking trail next to the road until it hit the wagon and was stopped when it crashed into a telephone pole. The driver got out of the truck, looked at the boy, offered no help and returned, as if his mission was accomplished and he was not surprised or in grief. Although he told the police he was aware of what he had done, he offered no explanation for the accident, and police ruled it was not related to alcohol or drugs. He could have been charged if he had been under orders by his doctor not to drive. There was not enough evidence to arrest or charge the man with a deliberate attack.

July 10, 2014 Driver Sought in Hit-and-Run Crash That Killed 4-Year-Old Boy on Wagon Surrenders to Police  JULY 10, 2014  A vigil was held Friday night for 4-year-old Evan Butterfield, just hours after a man suspected of killing the boy in a hit-and-run accident in Florence turned himself in to authorities.  Evan Butterfield, 4, who was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Florence   Two cars were stopped at the intersection when a third car ran the red light by driving between them and struck Butterfield and a female relative, who were within a marked crosswalk,...  Zaca said the speeding car hit his 2005 Chevrolet, then bounced off another vehicle before striking the woman and the boy... The woman, later identified as 23-year-old Brianna L. Puryear, was knocked to the ground by the impact and the push wagon carrying Butterfield was thrown 200 feet down the street, Zaca said. Highway Patrol officers investigate scene of a hit-and-run that killed a child on Thursday, July 10, 2014. (Credit: KTLA)
A toddler was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Florence on Thursday, July 10, 2014. (Credit: KTLA
After stopping, suspect...and a female passenger got out of the vehicle and started running away.