Friday, May 20, 2016

David Icke Conspiracy Theorist

David Icke Conspiracy Theorist --- ===

Part of the worldwide conspiracy-sphere anti-US, anti-UK, anti-Israel, pro-Palestine, pro-Nazi, pro-Russian axis.

  • ADL: Listed under "Miscellaneous Hate Groups/Anti-Semitic Groups" with the Nation of Islam Left-wing/Anarchist Icke, David. Added 9/30/01. In an essay on his Web site titled "Alice in Wonderland and the WTC disaster," conspiracy theorist and anti-Semite David Icke writes, "If you are looking for the force behind the U.S. atrocities, just ask: who benefits?" According to Icke, the September 11 attacks were the doing of the Illuminati, "the force that seeks to control this world and introduce its global fascist state." Although the world was moving towards global centralized fascism, Icke writes, it was not moving fast enough to suit the elites, who saw opposition to their globalization plans growing. As a result, they planned something of "enormous magnitude" that would "so devastate the collective human mind" that "solutions" could be offered that "would advance the agenda in a colossal leap almost overnight." According to Icke, Osama Bin Laden, though "deeply misguided," is no more responsible for the attacks than Icke was. He was the equivalent of Lee Harvey Oswald, a convenient villain upon which the crime could be blamed.
  • GREENS TO PROTEST DAVID ICKE AT HART HOUSE THEATRE, OCT 6 Green Party of Ontario plans to protest 1999 speech of anti-semite, David Icke,  David Icke was removed from the British Green Party for his anti-Semitic writings. … “

  • 9/11 conspiracy theories
  • Alex Jones Infowars talks to Alex Jones David IckeDavid Icke live on the Alex Jones Show on Wednesday 6th January 2016
  • Anti-semitism
  • Australian League of Rights is a far-right political organisation in Australia.which has organised speaking tours for Holocaust denier David Irving.
  • Express UK: 'Three years to save mankind', says David Icke 25 years after coming ...News › Weird Daily Express David Icke shocked Britain by coming out as the 'son of the Godhead' during a press conference and subsequent ..
  • Guantanamo Bay prisoners rights
  • Illuminati:  "the September 11 attacks were the doing of the Illuminati"
  • Kevin Barrett: (Spokesman for Iran government) The Richie Allen Show on Kevin Barrett On How Celebrities Are Used To Sell The Refugee Crisis To A Gullible Public.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald:  was a convenient not-guilty villain upon which the crime could be blamed.
  • Neo-Nazi David Icke is a Neo-Nazi (Part One): Fascist Conspiracy Theories ... How is David Icke a neo-Nazi? … “ ” … Icke enthusiastically embraced the classic Nazi conspiracy theory [inRobots’ Rebellion], alleging that the world is controlled by a secret cadre of “The Elite.” He openly endorsed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Tsarist anti-Semitic forgery that informed Hitler’s notion of a global Jewish conspiracy. … “ Wikipedia: “Icke has cited white supremacist, neo-Nazi and other far-right publications in his books. British journalist Simon Jones notes that the bibliography of … And the Truth Shall Set You Free lists The Spotlight, formerly published by the now-defunct Liberty Lobby, and which Icke calls “excellent,” and On Target, published by the Australian League of Rights, which has organised speaking tours for Holocaust denier David Irving.
  • New Age: Wikipedia Michael Barkun has described Icke's position as "New Age conspiracism", writing that he is the most fluent of the conspiracist genre
  • PressTV: (Iran media)   Starbucks bans Press TV website but allows porn
  • Rothschild theory:  Was Hitler a Rothschild?
  • Russia Today: David Icke dumbfounds BBC’s Andrew Neil by insisting ‘royal family are lizards’ Legendary conspiracy theorist David Icke left BBC journalist Andrew Neil dumbfounded when he said he still believes Britain’s royal family are “shape-shifting lizards.”
  • Saudi Arabia is evil: What is going on in Syria
  • Syria: What is going on in Syria (pro-Assad)   we now have lined up (good guys) Russia, with China in the background and Iran too against the (villians) American British French led west with Israel elephant in the room
    Syrian government invites Russia to send in ground troops to protect Assad regime from ISIS
  • Ukraine: Ukraine hypocrisy Americans and the EU engineered the atrocious 'riots' in the Ukraine in early 2014, after theUkraine decided to go with Russia's (probably fairer) offer
  • Veterans Today  (Russian, Iran, Palestine controlled media) I do not share David Icke’s view on Jesus Christ or Christianity. However, despite how incredulous his claims have been about Royals and shape-shifting reptilians, as time goes on more and more evidence emerges to support them
  • Wayne Madsen: Show on  '9/11 Report Missing 28 Pages, Reveal Saudi Royals Support For 9/11 Hijackers'.
  • Willis Carto: Truth Shall Set You Free lists The Spotlight, formerly published by the now-defunct Liberty Lobby, and which Icke calls “excellent, 
  • ZionCrimeFactory: (anti-semitic) David Icke  Jews harass David Icke because he gets a little too close to the truth


  • David Icke - RationalWiki ”Just take David Icke, the local British curiosity famous for claiming that the moon isn't real and that the world is run by shape-shifting alien ...

Starbucks bans Press TV website but allows porn: Analyst … #Starbucks #PressTV #MikeStathis