Monday, May 30, 2016

The War On Memorial Day

The War On Memorial Day --- ===

You might be a traitor and  terrorist sympthizer... if you diss Memorial Day


  • Stephen Lendman Memorial Day Ignores Millions of US Imperial Victims 
  • Zionist Report May 25, 2016  AN EX GREEN BERET OFFICER REMEMBERS MEMORIAL DAY  the total hypocrisy it is today!..NO American soldier has defended ANY American soil or American’s homeland or protected ANY American civilians in this nation since the war of 1812!  Our insane CRIMINALLY IGNORANT/disgustingly irresponsible people have been responsible for the murder of TENS OF MILLIONS of innocent human beings In TWO world wars – which OUR OWN TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT either started – supported – funded – encouraged – incited and or FORCED other nations into.

Hamas-linked CAIR says US troops should not be honored on Memorial Day
Monday, May 30, 2016
May 30, 2016 BlackListed News Here’s How to Honor the Fallen this Memorial Day by Exposing the Warmongering Lies of Govt -

May 30, 2016  Memorial Day Ignores Millions of US Imperial Victims Stephen Lendman

May 30, 2016 Economic Collapse Dozens Shot Over Memorial Day Weekend  As The Collapse Of Chicago Accelerates - Chaos and violence threaten to spiral out of control in America’s third largest city, and nobody seems to have any idea how to solve the problem.

Anti-Imperialism and Memorial Day | caucus99percent May 25, 2015 - Some have labeled Memorial Day a hoax, a disgrace, and a day of national dishonor. U.S. imperialism has long rampaged across the planet ...

JUNE 2, 2015 counterpunch  University for Counterinsurgency and Imperialism? by CHUCK O’CONNELL The United States has set aside one day in the year, Memorial Day, to remember those who died in military service. Note the simplistic assumptions that soldiers who died did so “serving their country” and that those who served did so “to ensure our nation’s safety”. Has every war the soldiers fought been for our safety? Is it not possible that some of the many American wars were unjust wars for nefarious purposes? Is it not possible that some wars benefitted only select segments of the population while requiring others to pay the costs in blood and treasure? Did the U.S. wars against the Native Americans across the continent, the free Blacks in Florida, the Mexicans, the Spanish, the Filipinos, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Afghanis, the Iraqis, for example, really ensure our safety? Note the questions not asked.

Celebrations of Imperialist War Abound | MEDIA ROOTS Jul 3, 2014 - Start with the commemorations over a five-week span of Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day, all presented varyingly as ...

Instead of Celebrating Militaristic Fascism - LewRockwell
Llewellyn RockwellMay 26, 2014 - Some Anti-Memorial Day Remembrances ... Day (which began as “Decoration Day” shortly after Lincoln's war) is wars of conquest, imperialism, ...

Memorial Day: A Day to Remember Those Americans Who Died to Preserve Imperialism and Murder May 25, 2014 - Okay so, Memorial Day is set aside to remember every man and woman who ever died while fighting to preserve US imperialism.

A Memorial Day Message | May 27, 2013 - A Memorial Day Message. Throughout the United States, Klamerikans will be joining hands in fascistic celebration of its rapists and murders ... foot soldiers for imperialism public mercenaries “heroic soldiers.” In light of this disgusting display of imperialist jingoism, we bring

May 19th Versus Memorial Day in the Battle of Ideas | Black Agenda ... › Blogs › Danny Haiphong's blog
Jun 2, 2015 - ... only to be followed by the racist, imperialist Memorial Day celebration. ... Memorial Day poses a challenge to radical and revolutionary forces ...

As Our Past Wars Are Glorified This Memorial Day Weekend, Give ...
2 days ago - As Our Past Wars Are Glorified This Memorial Day Weekend, Give Some Thought To Our Prospects Against The Russians And Chinese In ...