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Timeline 2009

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Timeline 2009
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*Mass Murder 



  • Camp Chapman attack
  • Camp Liberty killings
  • Carthage nursing home shooting The Carthage nursing home shooting was a mass murder that occurred on March 29, 2009, when a gunman opened fire at the Pinelake Health and Rehab nursing home in Carthage, North Carolina. The shooter, 45-year-old Robert Stewart, killed eight people and wounded a ninth person before being shot and apprehended by a responding police officer, who was also wounded by gunfire.[1] Stewart's estranged wife, a nurse at the nursing home and the apparent main target, survived the shooting unharmed, as she was hiding in a bathroom in the Alzheimer ward of the building, which is secured by passcode-protected doors.[2] Stewart, who is being held in North Carolina's maximum security Central Prison in Raleigh, was charged with eight counts of first-degree murder.[3][4] On September 3, 2011, he was found guilty of eight counts of second-degree murder and sentenced to 142 years to 179-and-a-half years in prison. The defense had argued that Stewart was under the influence of Ambien during the shooting, leaving him unable to control his actions.[5]
  • 2009 Chakwal mosque bombing
  • Chengdu bus fire
  • Ciudad Juárez rehab center attack
  • 2009 suicide air raid on Colombo


  • White Flag incident
  • Winnenden school shooting The Winnenden school shooting occurred on the morning of 11 March 2009 at a secondary school in Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany, followed by a shootout at a car dealership in nearby Wendlingen.[1][5] The shooting spree resulted in 16 deaths, including the suicide of the perpetrator, 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer, who had graduated from the school one year earlier.[1] He also injured nine people during the incident.



DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
January 1667India Guwahati, India. A serial blast kills 5 civilians and injures 67 in the city of Guwahati. Police believe theUnited Liberation Front of Assam are responsible for the attacks.[1]
January 1416Pakistan Bajaur Agency, Pakistan. Militants fired rockets at a civil colony in the Bajaur Agency town of Khar killing four people and injuring 16 others. The attackers were able to get away before police and army officials caught them.[2]
January 22372Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. A relative of a Sunni tribal Sheikh blew himself up at a Sunni gathering south of Baghdad killing 23 people and wounding 72 others, including many of his relatives.[3]
January 2437Sri Lanka ColomboSri Lanka. Hours after the capture of the Tamil Tigers capital in northern Sri Lanka, a suicide bomber in Colombo struck killing three security officers and himself and wounding an additional 37 others.[4]
January 2025Ukraine MelitopolUkraine. A bomb exploded inside a bank injuring 25 people in the town of Melitopol. The bank and other buildings were damaged in the blast the bomber is unknown.[5]
January 303Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka. A bomb blast outside a mosque in Colombo injured three people.[6]
January 43579Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. A suicide bomb blast at a Shiite religious shrine in Baghdad killed at least 35 people and injured 79.[7]
January 4728Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan. Police officers investigating "explosives" in the North-West town of Dera Ismail Khan were attacked by a teenage suicide bomber resulting in the deaths of 7 people and the injuring of another 28. Five policemen are among the dead.[8]
January 812Pakistan Balochistan, Pakistan. One person was killed and two others injured in a bomb incident. The bomb had been placed on a sitting motorcycle and there is no information on who committed the act.[9]
January 91220Afghanistan Nimroz, Afghanistan. A car bomb in a market place killed 10 civilians and two Afghan police officers and injured at least 20 others.[10]
January 1130Thailand Southern Thailand, Thailand. Suspected Islamic insurgents in Thailand southern provinces shot and killed two Buddhist men and a Muslim woman as they headed to work at a rubber plantation.[11]
January 12918Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. Three explosions in a market, at a checkpoint and a military patrol resulted in the deaths of at least 9 Iraqis and the injuring of 18 others.[12]
January 14115Pakistan Sui, Pakistan. A remote control triggered explosive detonated in Sui province killing one man and injuring 15 others including ten Pakistani soldiers.[13]
January 1562Somalia Bardhere Town, Somalia. A remote controlled landmine detonated killing 3 militiamen. 2 civilians were killed along with 2 wounded in an attack blamed on Islamist rebels. while injuring two more civilians in an attack by Al-shabab militants.[14]
January 1700Spain Hernani, Spain. A blast went off at a television station in Hernani causing damage but no injuries. ETAis blamed for the attack.[15]
January 17619Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan. A suicide car bomber killed one US soldier, four civilians and wounded nineteen others.[16]
January 18520Iraq Qaiyara, Iraq. A Sunni political leader was killed along with four other people and at least 20 other people were wounded in a suicide bombing in the northern community of Qaiyara.[17]
January 1804Afghanistan Herat, Afghanistan. A bridge was blown up by Taliban insurgents wounding four Afghan civilians as foreign troops were apparently going over the bridge. No foreign fatalities or injuries reported.[18]
January 2022Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan. A bicycle bomb exploded killing two Afghan police officers and wounding two.[19]
January 21410Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. Ziyad al-Ain, a dean of Baghdad's Islamic University and the Iraqi Under-secretary for the Education Ministry, Ammar Aziz Mohammed Ali, survived a car bomb but four others including a woman and a child were killed and ten others injured.[20]
January 2400Serbia Kosovska MitrovicaSerbia. Two explosions, with no injured, happened during the night in Tri soliterasuburb.[21]
January 241430Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia. A car bomb exploded in Mogadishu killing 15 civilians and 1 Somali policemen. The bomb was meant for AU peacekeepers but policemen noticed the suspicious vehicle and fired several shots at the driver resulting in the vehicle crashing short of its target and exploding. At least 30 others were wounded.[22]
January 24613Iraq Jarma, Iraq. A suicide bomber drove a car loaded with explosives into a checkpoint killing 5 police officers and injuring 13.[23]
January 2400Philippines Kidapawan CityPhilippines. Two men tossed a grenade into a church grounds causing damage from the explosion. No injuries or deaths were reported.[24]
January 2626Nepal Katahariya villageNepal. A bomb hanging from a tree at the Katahariya village local market exploded killing one person and injuring two other people seriously. The Tarai Army has claimed responsibility for the blast.[25]
January 2700France Corsica. Rocket attack against a police station.[26]
January 2824Colombia Bogota, Colombia. An explosion in a two-story building in Bogota has killed 2 people and injured at least four others.[27]
January 30010Philippines Davao City, Philippines. Communist rebels set off a landmine by a military convoy in Davao City and then attacked a police station with gunfire, injuring 10 people.[28]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
February 1340China Zhumadian, Henan Province, China. An explosive device detonated outside a hospital in Zhumdian in Henan Province killing 3 people and injuring 40 others according to the Hong Kong Centre and police report four dead and two injured. It is believed someone unhappy with the hospital might be behind the explosion.[29]
February 113Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan. Insurgents attacked a NATO convoy in Kabul with a suicide bomber resulting in the injuring of two Afghan civilians and a French soldier and the death of the insurgent attacker.[30]
February 2228Afghanistan Tirin Kot, Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. A suicide bomber in a police uniform in the Southern Afghan province detonated an explosive belt killing himself and 21 other Afghan police recruits and injured 8 others.[31]
February 3424Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka. Rebels detonated a bomb on a bus carrying Sri Lankan soldiers in the capital of Colombo killing four people and injuring twenty-four others as the military continues its offensive in northern Sri Lanka against Tamil rebels.[32]
February 414Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. A bombing occurred in western Baghdad killing the son of an Iraqi Sunni Awakening Council member and injuring four other people.[33]
February 51515Iraq Khaniqin, Diyala Province, Iraq. A bombing occurred in a restaurant killing fifteen people and injuring fifteen others in Diyala province bordering the Kurdish Autonomous Zone.[34]
February 8211Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. A roadside bomb exploded targeting Shiite pilgrims in northern Baghdad killing two and injuring at least eleven others.[35]
February 8114Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. An IED exploded in eastern Baghdad after the bombing targeting Shiite pilgrims killing one civilian and injuring fourteen others.[36]
February 93090Sri Lanka Vishvamadu, Sri Lanka. A female suicide bomber from the LTTE Black Tigers detonated her explosives in a crowd of soldiers and fleeing refugees in northern Sri Lanka as an attempt to cow people into not leaving rebel-held areas of Sri Lanka. Twenty-eight people including eight civilians were reportedly killed and at least ninety others wounded.[37][38]
February 900Spain Madrid, Spain. A van carried with 100 kg of explosive exploded near the offices of construction company Ferrovial and the blast is being blamed on ETA rebels in the Basque Country after two political parties connected to ETA were banned from upcoming regional elections. No one was hurt or killed in the blast.[39]
February 963Iraq Mosul, Iraq. A suicide attacker detonated his explosives by a police check-point killing four Americansoldiers, their Iraqi translator and injuring two police officers and one civilian.[40]
February 111643Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. Two suicide car bombers detonated explosives in SW Baghdad in car lots killing at least 16 people and injuring 43 others.[41]
February 112857Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan. Twenty people were killed along with eight Taliban attackers in Kabul as the insurgents targeted a prison and the nearby Interior ministry. Afghan forces and plain-clothed CIA operatives were able to get control of the situation.[42]
February 1243Iraq Mosul, Iraq. A car bomb killed four people and injured three in Mosul, Northern Iraq.[43]
February 1231Thailand Pattani ProvinceThailand. A roadside bomb exploded in the Pattani province targeting a police car after it had just completed escorting educators to a school in the insurgent-hit south. Three policemen died and a fourth was critically injured.[44]
February 1371Algeria Foum Al-MetlegAlgeria. A bomb targeting a civilian mini-van detonated killing all four occupants including a child and a second blast detonated when rescue workers arrived killing two police officers and one firefighter. One other police officer was seriously wounded.[45]
February 133565Iraq Karbala, Iraq. A female suicide bomber attacked a procession of Shia pilgrims — many of them women and children — south of Baghdad on Friday, killing 35 people and injuring 65 others, officials said. It was the third straight day of deadly bombings against Shia pilgrims.[46]
February 1303Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. An insurgent in eastern Baghdad tossed a grenade at Iraqi forces injuring three police officers in the blast.[47]
February 1405Afghanistan Kandahar, Afghanistan. An improvised explosive device (IED) hit a Canadian military convoy in Afghanistan in Kandahar City leaving four Canadian soldiers and one Afghan interpreter injured. Canadian forces exchanged gunfire with insurgents after the explosion.[48]
February 14113Sri Lanka Puliyankulam, Sri Lanka. LTTE rebels tossed a hand grenade into a bus packed with refugees in Northern Sri Lanka killing one civilian and injuring 13 other people.[49]
February 1505Philippines Maitum, Philippines. An improvised explosive device detonated in front of a government building housing a gymnasium injuring five people.[50]
February 1800Greece Athens, Greece. Two gunmen fired 13 shots into a private T.V studio's compound and tossed in an explosive device before fleeing on two sport motorcycles. No one was hurt or killed in the incident and the bomb failed to explode.[51]
February 1800Iran Zahedan, Iran. One male attempted to detonated an explosive device inside a mosque in the central city of Zahedan. However he was refused entrance and he headed to a nearby kitchen and placed the explosives down where it detonated. Minor damage was reported but no casualties.[52]
February 1942Iraq Balad Ruz, Iraq. Four Iraqi soldiers were killed and two were injured when a roadside bomb exploded in the restive province of Diyala on Thursday, a senior police officer told AFP. The attack took place in Balad Ruz, a town 70 kilometers (43 mi) northeast of Baghdad, said the officer, who asked not to be named.[53]
February 202765Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan. A bombing occurred at a Shiite funeral possession that killed 27 people and injured at least 65 other people.[54]
February 2032Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. A woman and two children were killed in one explosion and two police officers were wounded in a secondary explosion targeting emergency services.[55]
February 20450+Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka. Two Tamil Tigers aircraft packed with C4 explosives en route to the national airforce headquarters were shot down by the Sri Lankan military before reaching their target. 4 people including the two pilots were killed while over 50 were injured.[56]
February 2200Spain Barakaldo, Spain. A bomb detonated in Basque Country. No injuries were reported.[57]
February 22122Egypt Khan el-KhaliliEgyptA bomb detonated in an area of coffee shops near Al Hussein Mosque, killing a French tourists. 17 French nationals, 3 Saudis, and 3 Egyptians were wounded.[58]
February 221315Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia. Two Al Shabeeb militants in a car detonated a bomb in an AU base, killing eleven peacekeepers from Burundi and injuring fifteen others.[59]
February 2300Spain Lazkao, Spain. A rucksack packed with around 10 kg worth of explosives explodes outside theBasque Socialist Party headquarters in the town after a warning call from ETA. The blast took place at 3:00 am, causing major damage to the local but no injuries were reported.[60]
February 2400Spain Vitoria, Spain. A bomb explodes in front of a PNV headquarters in Vitoria causing minimal damage and no injuries.[61]
February 2528Afghanistan Kandahar, Afghanistan. A motorcycle bomb exploded killing two civilians and injuring eight other people including five ANA soldiers.[62]
February 2700India Thoubal, India. Unknown militants threw bombs into a congressional office resulting in one bomb exploding resulting in significant damage but no injuries or deaths.[63]
February 2846Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. A bomb in Sunni western Baghdad left four people including a police officer dead and another six wounded.[64]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
March 116Afghanistan Jalalabad, Afghanistan. A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives near a passing U.S convoy in eastern Afghanistan. No damage occurred to the U.S convoy but the bomber was killed and six civilians, including two children were injured in the blast. Taliban militants are suspected for the blast.[65]
March 245Pakistan Balochistan, Pakistan. A suicide bomber detonanted his explosives at an Islamic Seminary killing four people and injuring at least five others.[66]
March 379Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan. The Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked by gunmen in the streets of Lahore as they headed to a match with the Pakistani national team. Six policemen and the driver were killed and seven players, an umpire and an official were wounded in the ambush. Pakistan interior ministry has stated they are in a "total war" with insurgents but some believe the Tamil Tigers are responsible.[67]
March 319Iraq Diyala Province, Iraq. Two bombs exploded in Diyala province targeting police patrols. One police officer was killed in the first explosion and his partner was wounded and a second blast injured four more police officers and four civilians.[68]
March 402Philippines Cotabato, Philippines. An improvised explosive device exploded at a hostel popular with foreign tourists damaging four rooms and injuring two people. Muslim rebels are suspected in the blast.[69]
March 432Afghanistan Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. A roadside bomb detonated in Kandahar province as a Canadian military patrol went by killing three Canadian soldiers and injuring two others.[70]
March 4422Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. A blast at a restaurant killed four people and injured at least 22 others in Baghdad.[71]
March 51256Iraq Hilla, Iraq. In a crowded cattle market sixty miles south of Baghdad in the town of Hilla a massive explosive detonated killing 12 people and injuring 56 others. All dead and injured are reported to be civilians.[72]
March 527Iraq Mosul, Iraq. A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives in northern Mosul killing one Iraqi soldier and injuring seven other people.[73]
March 512Israel JerusalemIsrael A Palestinian bulldozer driver rammed into a police car, pushing it down Menachem Begin Expressway and then hit a bus before he was shot. Two officers were wounded. Senior Hamasofficial Mushir al-Masr said "The operation in Jerusalem was a natural response to aggression against our people." [74]
March 724United Kingdom Antrim townNorthern Ireland. Two unarmed soldiers, Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey, of the 38 Engineer Regiment were shot dead outside Massereene Barracks. Two other soldiers and two civilian delivery men were also shot and wounded during the attack. An Irish republican paramilitary group, theReal IRA, issued a statement claiming responsibility.[75]
March 7715Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan. A blast targeting police in Peshawar killed seven people, including five police and injured at least 15 others.[76]
March 755Pakistan Tirah, Pakistan. A suicide car bomber detonated explosives in front of a mosque run by a militant group that is at odd with the Pakistani militant group that completed the Mumbai attacks killing five people in all and injuring five others.[77]
March 709Turkey Trabzon Province, Turkey. Bomb exploded in an alcohol shop in the northern province leaving nine people injured. Islamic militants are being blamed for the bombing.[78]
March 726China Nanyang, Henan, China. A bomb exploded in an apartment complex killing two people and injuring six others including five kindergarten-aged children and an instructor.[79]
March 82857Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. A suicide bomber detonated explosives at a police academy killing 28 people and injuring 57 others.[80]
March 910United Kingdom CraigavonNorthern IrelandPSNI officer Stephen Carroll was shot dead by a sniper in Craigavon,County Armagh. This was the first killing of a police officer in Northern Ireland since 1998.[81] The Continuity IRA claimed responsibility for the shooting.
March 101441Sri Lanka Southern Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka. A suicide bomber occurred at a mosque in a southern town in Sri Lanka killing 14 people and injuring 41 others including a minister.[82]
March 1046Afghanistan Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Taliban militants planted a roadside bomb in Helmand province that detonated when a passing van went by resulting in four people being killed and six others injured. All casualties in this incident were civilians.[83]
March 103346Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. A bomb exploded near Abu Gharib prison killing two journalists, civilians and soldiers. In total 33 people were killed and 46 others injured.[84]
March 1540Afghanistan Nangarhar, Afghanistan. A roadside bomb killed 4 US soldiers. The Taliban has claimed responsibility.[85]
March 15214Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan. A suicide bomber targeting a NATO patrol killed 2 Afghan civilians and wounded 14 other civilians.[86]
March 1520Israel ShchemIsrael Two Israeli traffic policeman were killed near the town of Nablus by the Imad Mughniyeh Group, an organization named after the assassination of Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyah. Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said "nationalistic motive" appeared to have been behind the attack.[87]
March 1554Yemen ShibamYemen. A suicide bomber detonated his suicide vest near Korean tourists posing for pictures in southern Yemen at Shibam, a UNESCO World Heritage site referred to as the "Manhattan of the Desert". Four South Koreans and a Yemeni tour guide were killed and four other foreigners and an "unspecified number of Yemenis" were wounded.[88]
March 1520Afghanistan Helmand, Afghanistan. Two British soldiers are killed by a roadside bomb while traveling in an off-road armored vehicle.[89]
March 161129Afghanistan Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan. A Taliban militant in police uniform detonates explosives inside a police headquarters, killing 11 people and wounding 29.[90]
March 16817Pakistan Rawalpindi, Pakistan. A suicide bomber strikes a bus depot, killing 8 and wounding 17.[91]
March 1810Yemen Sana'a, Yemen. A suicide bomber explodes near a convoy carrying South Korean investigators and relatives of the victims of the Shibam attack. No injuries are reported aside from the suicide bomber himself.[92]
March 18112India New Jalpaiguri, India. An explosive detonates, killing 1 person and injuring at least 12 others. The provincial administration believes the blast is not related to upcoming district elections, but by unidentified terrorists.[93]
March 1800Greece Athens, Greece. A homemade bomb exploded at the government office of the ruling party in Greece, causing damage but no injuries according to the police. Deputy Kyriakos Mitsotakis was not at the office during the attack.[94]
March 1940Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan. A roadside bomb planted by Taliban militants killed legislator Dad Mohammad Khan and his 3 body guards.[95]
March 1940Thailand Pattani, Thailand. A roadside bomb placed by "muslim separatists" killed 4 paramilitary soldiers during a patrol in "insurgent-infested" province of Pattani,[96]
March 201040Pakistan Landi Kotel, Taliban militants in North-western Pakistan fired several rockets at a military camp in Landi Kotal. One of the missiles hit the commercial area resulting in most of the casualties. Ten people in all were killed and at least 40 were wounded.
March 2048Afghanistan Kandahar, Afghanistan. 2 roadside bombs killed 4 and wounded 8 Canadian soldiers, and an Afghan interpreter in the hostile Shah Wali Kot district.[98]
March 2164Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan. A car bombing at a police checkpoint kills 5 civilians and 1 police officer. 4 civilians were wounded in the attack.[99]
March 2207Philippines Kidapawan, Philippines. A bomb exploded on an overpass over a busy marketplace wounding seven people. The blast blew out windows of local shops and police officers and soldiers began stepped up patrols of the area.[100]
March 2228Iraq Saadiyah, Iraq. Police conducting a raid in Saadiyah were the target of a booby-trap bomb as a massive explosion rocked the city when one of the houses they entered exploded. Two Iraqi police officers were killed and 8 others wounded.[101]
March 232545Iraq Jalawla, 25 civilians are killed after a suicide bomber detonated at a Kurdish funeral. "Dozens" are reported to have been wounded.[102]
March 23922Iraq Abu Gharib, Iraq. Nine people were killed and at least another 22 were injured after a roadside bomb planted by a garage where vehicles were getting repaired exploded. The explosion occurred in the early afternoon at peak business for the garage.[103]
March 2547Iraq Mosul, Iraq. A bomb exploded in a group of female school girls in the ethnically charged city of Mosul killing for female students and injuring another seven children.[104]
March 2597Afghanistan Zazimydan, Afghanistan. A bus from the town of Zazimydan was hit by an explosive device that killed seven people, including women and children instantly and caused two more civilians to pass away on the way to hospital. Seven others were injured in the blast.[105]
March 25012India Tezpur, Assam, India. Militants in insurgent racked Assam province tossed a grenade into a busy marketplace in Tezpur, Assam injuring twelve people, two seriously.
March 261640Iraq Baghdad, Iraq. At a shopping mall in northern Baghdad a car bomb exploded killing sixteen people and injuring at least forty others. The attack in a mostly Shite area was possibly an attempt to reignite tensions between the Shite majority and Sunni minority.[107]
March 261025Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan. A suicide bomber detonated explosives at an inn where people meet for tea and meals. Ten people were killed in the attack and another twenty-five were injured.[108]
March 2600Spain Amorebieta, a bomb explodes in a businessman chalet suspected to be the work of ETA. No one was killed or injured.[109]
March 274880Pakistan Jamrud, Pakistan. A suicide bomb attack on a mosque in Pakistan where 250 people had gathered for prayers near the Afghanistan border killed 48 people and injured at least 80 people. The death toll will likely rise as more people believed trapped in the rubble or will die from their injuries.[110]
March 2706Thailand Yala Province, Thailand. Six Thai soldiers were injured in an explosion in the southern Thailand province of Yala. Militants opened fire on the patrol after the explosion but no casualties occurred in the firefight.[111]
March 3098Afghanistan Dand District, Afghanistan. A suicide bomber detonated an explosive device at a local government office resulting in the death of nine people and the injuring of eight people.[112]
March 301290Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan. Militants believed to be trained by the same organization that committed the Mumbai attacks in November 2008 and the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore on March 3, 2009 attacked a police academy with bombs and gunfire. In total seven attackers, heavily armed attacked the police academy resulting in a massive eight-hour gun battle that left 12 dead and at least 90 injured. Four of the dead were attackers and three were captured.[113]
March 31821Iraq Mosul, Iraq. A suicide bomber detonated explosives at a police station in the ethnically volatile city of Mosul where Al Qaeda strikes regularly, and tensions are simmering between Arab and Kurdish factions. In the blast eight people were killed, including the bomber and four police officers and seventeen others were wounded.[114]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
April 211Israel Bat AyinIsrael A 13-year-old Israeli was killed by a local Palestinian in the Jewish settlement of Bat Ayin. A 7-year old was also injured and is being treated for serious wounds. Islamic Jihad and Imad Mughniyeh have claimed responsibility.[115]
April 52250Pakistan Chakwal A suicide bomber detonates explosives at a mosque during prayer, killing 22 civilians and injuring more than 50. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.[116]
April 6760India Assam Two bomb blasts kill 7 and injure 60 a day before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was expected to visit. Police accuse United Liberation Front of coordinating the attacks.[117]
April 636110Iraq Baghdad 6 bomb attacks kill 36 people and injure 110 in Shiite neighborhoods. US forces believe Al Qaeda was responsible, stating "the nature of the targets was consistent with past attacks." [118]
April 617Iraq Dalouyia 7 Iraqi soldiers were wounded after a suicide bomber detonated his explosives.[119]
April 7814Iraq Baghdad A car bomb detonated in Baghdad near a Shite religious shrine killing eight people and injuring at least fourteen people. This attacks comes one day after six car bombs in Baghdad that attempted to reignite Shite-Sunni communal tensions.[120]
April 957Afghanistan Lashkar Gah Two police cars were seriously damaged after a bomb exploded near the two vehicles in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Four police officers and a child were killed and two police officers were wounded.[121]
April 95unknownIndonesia Jayapura A bomb attack in Jayapura killed 5 men and injured severely several others. Police blamedFree Papua Movement. Meanwhile, about 500 militants attacked a police post with bows and arrows and petrol bombs. The police reply and kills someone.[122]
April 10718Iraq Mosul A suicide truck bomb kills 5 US soldiers and two Iraqi policemen. 1 US soldier and 17 Iraqis were injured in the blast. This is the largest loss of life in a single day for American forces in Iraq for 2009.[123]
April 1013Thailand Chalerm Black clothed militants opened fire on a train as it was stopped at a local train station. One train attendant was shot and killed and three others were injured in the attack before the engineer was able to pull away from the station ensuring the attackers couldn't kill or injure anyone else.[124]
April 111232Iraq Baghdad A suicide bomber exploded after getting into the middle of a crowd of Sunni militamen allied with the U.S military in Iraq. Nine people were killed and another thirty-one were injured in the explosion.[125]
April 1414Afghanistan Shah Wali Kot A female Canadian soldier was killed and four other Canadians wounded when a roadside bomb hit their troop carrier in Shah Wali Kot district north of Kandahar.[126]
April 151123Iraq Kirkuk A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives near an Iraqi police unit that had been assigned to protect an oil installation. Eleven people were killed in the explosion and twenty-three others wounded.[127]
April 161650Iraq Baghdad A suicide bomber in an army uniform detonated his explosives in the middle of a military parade in Anbar province killing sixteen soldiers and injuring at least fifty people.[128]
April 182765Pakistan Hangu Taliban militants are being blamed for a suicide explosion targeting a military checkpoint that killed 25 Pakistani soldiers and 2 civilians and injured at least sixty-five people, including sixty-two soldiers. The explosion occurred in north-western Pakistan near the town of Hangu.[129]
April 20420Iraq Baquba A suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a joint U.S-Iraqi meeting in Baquba resulting in four Iraqis being killed, two police officers, and twenty people being wounded in the attack including eight U.S soldiers.[130]
April 234868Iraq Muqdadiya A suicide bomber targeted Shite pilgrims from Iran killing forty people, all but two Iranian, and injuring at least sixty-eight people. Al Qaeda in Iraq is being blamed for this blast and the blast in Central Baghdad.[131]
April 232857Iraq Baghdad A suicide bomber exploded in a Shiite area of Baghdad where Iraqi government officials were handing out relief supplies to refugees who had left their neighborhoods after the fall of Saddam Hussein because of sectarian violence. Twenty-two people were killed and another thirty-five injured.[132]
April 2460125Iraq Baghdad Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the entrance to the Moussa al-Kadhim shrine in the Kadhimiya neighborhood. Many of the casualties were Iranian pilgrims.[133]
April 25116Pakistan Lower Dir District Eleven children were killed and six wounded when a bomb designed to look like a toy exploded near a girls school. Two men, possible Taliban militants are suspected of giving the children the bomb to play with.[134]
April 2613Philippines Sultan Kudarat A bomb exploded at a popular beach resort in Southern Philippines. One person was killed and three others injured.[135]
April 2800Turkey Istanbul Turkey military sources reported that a small bomb, similar to a pipe bomb exploded in Istanbul in the parking lot of a military academy. No one was killed or injured in the blast.[136]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
May 227Afghanistan Herat Province A roadside bomb exploded in Herat province killing two Afghan police officers, including a Chief of Police and injured seven other police officers.[137]
May 347Afghanistan Helmand Province Militants planted an explosive device to a motorcycle in Helmand province which exploded early on May 3. Four civilians were killed in the explosion and seven civilians injured.[138]
May 548Pakistan Peshawar A suicide car bomber struck a paramilitary checkpoint on the outskirts of Peshawar killing four soldiers and injuring eight soldiers.[139]
May 61030Iraq Baghdad At a vegetable market in southern Baghdad a bomb exploded killing ten civilians and wounding at least thirty people.[140]
May 600Spain Castro Urdiales Two bombs exploded at two cellphone towers in the Basque region of northern Spain resulting in damage to both towers but no injuries or deaths.[141]
May 71234Afghanistan Helmand Province A suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a Bazaar in Helmand province as a British-NATO patrol was passing through the Bazaaar. Twelve civilians were killed along with thirty-two other Afghan civilians, and two NATO soldiers. The Taliban is being blamed for the blast.[142]
May 1080Afghanistan Nangarhar Province Construction workers were targeted by a roadside bomb resulting in the convoy being destroyed by the bomb. Eight civilians were killed in the blast and no one was injured in the explosion.[143]
May 1001Iraq Baghdad General Jaafar Taama al-Khafaji an Interior Ministry official was wounded when a car bomb exploded near his passing military convoy.[144]
May 11107Pakistan Darra Adam Khel A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives at a checkpoint killing two Frontier militiamen and nine civilians. Seven people were wounded in the suicide car bombing.[145]
May 1200Greece Athens In southern Athens at a Eurobank a bomb exploded early in the morning causing damage to the building but no injuries or deaths. It is believed to be the fourth attack by far-left militants on government targets since the beginning of the year.[146]
May 12510Iraq Kirkuk A suicide car bomber detonated his bomb when an Iraqi police patrol passed by his vehicle. The bomber and five Iraqi police officers were killed and ten police officers were wounded in the attack.[147]
May 12613Afghanistan Khost Twenty Taliban suicide bombers and one VBIED (Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device) attacked a provincial government building in Khost before detonating their explosive belts. Six people, two soldiers and four civilians, were killed in the attack and thirteen wounded.[148]
May 1206Iraq Khanaqin District Six Iraqi soldiers on a foot patrol were injured in an roadside bomb explosion in northern Iraq.[149]
May 1535Russia GroznyChechnya Two police officers and a civilian were killed when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives in front of the Interior Ministry in the Chechen capital of Grozny. Three police officers and two civilians were wounded.[150]
May 1508India Orissa A bomb placed for Indian security forces exploded when day laborers working a field disturbed the explosive device resulting in the explosion. Eight civilians were injured.[151]
May 161020Pakistan Peshawar School children in a school bus were targeted by a Taliban suicide car bomber as he detonated his car bomb at the front of a conference centre in Peshawar as the school children in the bus were passing by. Ten people, mostly children were killed and twenty others injured in the suicide car bombing.[152]
May 16030Hong Kong Hong Kong Acid was tossed into a popular market filled with shoppers on a busy Hong Kong street injuring thirty people including an infant. Most people suffered burns to their faces, arms and legs and it is suspected that the acid was corrosive but had been sent to a lab for analyst.[153]
May 17060Nepal Janakpur The only train system in Nepal was targeted by a cylinder bomb as a train passed resulting in sixty people being injured in the blast.[154]
May 1744Iraq Mosul A bomb went off targeting Iraqi police in Mosul killing three civilians and one Iraqi police officer. Four people were hurt in the blast.[155]
May 1882Afghanistan Zabul province A roadside bomb detonated as a police van passed destroying the police van killing all five police officers. Afghan soldiers came to the scene and a second bomb detonated killing three soldiers and injuring two other Afghan soldiers.[156]
May 2001Sweden Stockholm A female television journalist for Sweden's TV4 channel was seriously injured after a bomb exploded when she went to open the front door to her apartment. Stockholm police believe the attack was a deliberate terrorist act against the journalism community in Sweden.[157]
May 2028Afghanistan Kandahar Province Two Afghan police officers were killed and eight police officers wounded after they were attacked by a suicide bomber in Kandahar province.[158]
May 203470Iraq Baghdad A massive car bombing in northern Baghdad by several restaurants killed thirty-four people and injured seventy.[159]
May 211225Iraq Baghdad A suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a market in southern Baghdad killing twelve and injuring twenty-five.[160]
May 2187Iraq Kirkuk Anti-Al Qaeda forces were targeted by a suicide bomber dressed in an Iraqi army uniform at a Kirkuk military base. Eight Anti-Al Qaeda militia were killed and seven were wounded in the bombing.[161]
May 23215Nepal Katmandu An explosion rocked a Christian church in Katmandu, Nepal during Saturday morning mass in this mostly Buddhist and Hindu nation. An Indian national and a Nepalese civilian were killed in the blast and fifteen were hurt. Communal and religious violence in this mountainous nation is extremely rare and police state an underground Hindu organization made a claim of responsibility for the blast.[162]
May 24710Somalia Mogadishu A insurgent detonated his suicide car bomb at the entrance of a pro-government military camp killing six police officers and one civilian and injuring at least ten people.[163]
May 24138Iraq Mosul A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives in the northern city of Mosul killing one person and injuring thirty-eight people.[164]
May 2500United States New York City A small explosive device exploded out front of a Starbucks in New York City destroying a bench it had been placed on. No injuries or deaths were reported in the blast.[165]
May 2632Iraq Fallujah One U.S soldier and two U.S civilians working for the Department of Defense and the State Department respectively were killed when a roadside bomb detonated when their convoy passed by in Fallujah. Two civilians for the Department of Defense were wounded.[166]
May 2730250Pakistan Lahore About 30 people were killed and 250 injured after four gunmen opened fire and detonated a car bomb
May 288100Pakistan Peshawar Two bicycle bombs exploded at a busy market in Peshawar, Pakistan killing eight people and wounding one hundred others. This is the second straight bombing in a Pakistani city in twenty-four hours by Taliban militants to protest a Pakistani military offensive in the Swat Valley.[168]
May 281980Iran Zahedan An explosion at a prominent Shi'ite Muslim mosque in the southeast Iranian city of Zahedan on Thursday killed 19 people and wounded 80, the semi-official news agency ILNA reported.[169]
May 3000Ecuador Quito A right-wing television station with fifty employees onsite, and the Ministry of Education building in a northern Quito, Ecuador suburb were targeted by two letter bombs that exploded early on Saturday morning. The two blasts caused moderate damage to both the TV station and the Education Ministry building but no deaths or injuries were reported. Anti-government letters were found near both locations.[170]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
June 111United States Little Rock, Arkansas Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, an American Muslim opened fire on a U.S. military recruiting office. Private William Long was killed and Private Quinton Ezeagwula was wounded.[171]
June 200Georgia (country) Jvari. A bomb blast damaged the Tbilisi-to-Zugdidi railway line. No one was killed or injured in the blast. The blast happened near the village of Jvari by the Georgia-Abkhazia border just two hours before a passenger train was due to travel the route.[172]
June 324Philippines Cotabato An unarmed Filipino soldier and a civilian was killed in an explosion outside Cotabato and four unarmed soldiers were injured.[173]
June 405Thailand Yala Province Muslim separatists detonated an explosive device near a police patrol in Yala province injuring five, including three police officers.[174]
June 500Spain Spain A homemade bomb went off outside a policeman's home near Bilbao causing material damage but no injuries.[175]
June 53850Pakistan Upper Dir A suicide bomb ripped through a mosque packed with worshippers in northwest Pakistan Friday, killing 38 people and wounding dozens more in the deadliest such attack in more than two months.[176]
June 514Russia DagestanRussia The interior minister of Dagestan, was shot dead outside a wedding reception in the capital, Makhachkala. At least four other people were wounded including the father of the bride and a senior policemen.[177]
June 700Spain Olivenza On the day of the 2009 European polls voting in Spain, a bomb explodes in a local office of the conservative party Partido Popular.[178]
June 8924Iraq Baghdad A bomb attached to a minibus exploded at the entrance of a bus station in Baghdad, killing 9 people and wounding another 24.[179]
June 81112Thailand Narathiwat At least eleven were killed and twelve wounded when gunmen opened fire on worshippers at a mosque in Thailand's Muslim-majority south. The attack comes amid a sudden spike in a five-year insurgency that has left 3,700 people dead.[180]
June 91852Pakistan Peshawar A suicide bomb attack on a luxury hotel in the north-west Pakistani city of Peshawar, has killed 18 people and injured at least 52.[181]
June 1011United States Washington A racist elderly man, identified as James W. von Brunn, began to shoot people indiscriminately in the Holocaust Memorial Museum, killing one security guard and injuring another.[182]
June 102840Iraq Bathaa Car bomb explodes in a crowded market.[183]
June 1015Russia IngushetiaRussia A top judge was shot dead by unknown gunmen, as she was dropping her children off at school. It is known that a small child was among those who had been injured.[184]
June 11213Pakistan Peshawar Two people were killed and 13 others including police were injured Thursday in a grenade and suicide bomb attack targeting security forces in Peshawar, police said.[185]
June 1500Spain Ponferrada A homemade bomb explodes in front of a Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT) office in the city of Ponferrada, causing extensive damage to the local. No injuries were reported in the attack against the trade union.[186]
June 1700Spain Vigo A bomb explodes in a bank in the northern city of Vigo, in Spain. No injuries were reported. Another explosive device exploded in the house of a businessman. Another explosive device placed in the car of a TAV worker exploded in Northern Spain that same day. The two first attacks were blamed on Galician separatists while the third to ETA young members.[187]
June 182037Somalia Beledweyen 2009 Beledweyne bombing The National Security Minister Omar Hashi Aden was killed along with nineteen others after he was targeted by an insurgent suicide car bomber in a town west of Mogadishu. Dozens of others were injured in the brazen attack on the transitional government.[188]
June 1910Spain Bilbao A senior police officer is killed in a car bomb attack in the Spanish city of Bilbao. The bomb, which was attached to the victim's car, is blamed on Basque separatists ETA[189]
June 2073185Iraq Taza June 2009 Taza bombing A truck bomb explodes near a mosque in Taza, a town 10 miles south of Kirkuk, killing 73 people and leaving about 185 others injured.[190]
June 2001Spain Terrassa Catalan separatists tossed flaming Molotov cocktails at a crowd watching a football match between Spain and South Africa. luckily, only a cameraman was injured in the attack.[191]
June 2012Iran A suicide bomb reportedly explodes at the shrine of former Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.
June 2200Spain Vigo Another bomb explodes in the northern city of Vigo causing great damage but no injuries.[192]
June 2245Russia NazranIngushetiaRussia A suicide bomber targeted the Ingush president, Yunus-bek Yevkurov, injuring five people including himself. It is also known that four people were killed in this suicide blast.[193]
June 2472100+Iraq Baghdad A bomb exploding at a market in Sadr City leaves 72 people dead and more than 100 injured.[194]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
July 5645~55Philippines Cotabato CityMindanao. A bomb exploded outside a Roman Catholic cathedral, killing six and injuring up to 45.[195]
July 502Serbia BujanovacSerbia. Two policemen, Nenad Nikolić and Miloš Cerović were injured in RPG attack on their vehicle while patrolling the village of Lučane near Bujanovac.[196]
July 7640Philippines Jolo and IliganMindanao. Two bombs exploded in two separate cities, killing six and injuring up to 40.[197]
July 700Spain Durango, (Spain). A powerful bomb damages a recreation center of the ruling Socialist Party in Northern Basque region of Spain. No one was injured in the attack, claimed to ETA.[198]
July 93370+Iraq Tal Afar, Iraq. 33 people are killed and more than 70 injured in a double suicide bombing.
July 11438Iraq Mosul 4 people are killed following a car bomb that also left 38 civilians wounded.[197]
July 179>50Indonesia Jakarta : 9 people are killed following the bombing of the JW Marriott Hotel and Ritz-Carlton.[199]
July 22532Iraq Khanaqin : Iranian pilgrims on the way to Baghdad came under fire with 5 deaths resultant and another thirty-two injuries. The Iranian foreign ministry condemned the attacks saying the act was "cruel and inhumane in the true sense of the word." The laid blame for the attacks saying "Unfortunately the presence of foreign military forces in Iraq has only emboldened terrorist elements to step out of line with their criminal acts." [200]
July 2200France Vescovato : A car bomb exploded against à police station in Vescovato (Corsica). This attack is claimed by FLNC.[201]
July 26610Russia GroznyChechnyaRussia : A suicide bomber detonated his explosives at the entrance to a concert hall. It has been reported that four police officers were among those who were killed in this bombing.[202]
July 29065Spain Burgos: A car bomb containing 200 kilogrames of explosives exploded in a 14-story barracks of theGuardia Civil in the northern city of Burgos. no deaths were reported, but more than 60 people were injured.[203]
July 3023Spain CalviaMajorca: A car bomb exploded outside a Guardia Civil offices in CalviàMajorca, killing two members of the Guardia Civil Carlos Sáenz de Tejada and Diego Salva Lezaun. ETA was blamed for the attack and the authorities 'sealed' all entry and exit points to the island to avoid the terrorists' escape. Another explosive device was found under a policeman car in the same town some hours later and deactivated by police. "Two Spain police killed by new bomb blamed on ETA". Reuters UK. July 30, 2009. Retrieved July 30, 2009.


2 killed 1 injured suspect convicted in Iraq August 8, 2009 Danny Fitzsimons Iraq security guard kills 2 other guards Some 36 hours after arriving in Baghdad as a mercenary in 2009, Fitzsimmons shot and killed fellow security operators Paul McGuigan and Darren Hoare and wounded Arkan Mehdi Saleh, following what was reported to have been a drunken brawl. In 2011 Fitzsimons, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, who was hired by G4s despite a robbery conviction, narrowly escaped the death penalty arguing he suffered from PTSD and was jailed for 20 years in Iraq for double murder and wounding an Iraqi security guard. 2014  now refusing to eat and wants to be transferred to a British jail to serve his sentence. Before the murders a psychiatrist had found a book he had written supposedly as fiction stated that he wanted to hurt people: “I am the Anti-Christ. “I will continue to satisfy my blood lust and my need to take life.  “Any chance I get to do someone in, I will take it - but only if they deserve it.” The man had a criminal record, pending weapons charges, had been diagnosed as having psychiatric issues, was fired from two other security companies and was known to be a problem among his peers.

DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
August 1046100+Iraq Iraq Two truck bombs detonated in the Shia village of Khaznah near Mosul, killing at least 28, wounding at least 100 and destroying 30 homes. Two car bombs detonated near construction sites in Baghdad killing 18 and wounding many more. Forty killed in attacks on Shias on August 7.[204]
August 1211Russia IngushetiaRussia Two masked gunmen shot dead the construction minister for the republic ofIngushetia whilst he was in his office. His assistant was reportedly wounded in this assault.[205]
August 1321+30+Iraq Sinjar, Iraq Two suicide bombers attack a crowded cafe in, killing 21 and injuring 30.[206]
August 1470Russia DagestanRussia Unidentified gunmen attacked a sauna in Dagestan. In this attack it has been reported that all of the victims were women.[207]
August 15791Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan Suicide car bomb attacks NATO headquarters of Kabul.[208]
August 1725164Russia Nazran, Russia at least 25 people have been killed by a powerful bomb attack at a police station in southern Russia, officials and hospital sources say.[209]
August 1768Pakistan Shabqadar, Pakistan Car bomb detonates at a petrol station in Shabqadar.[210]
August 181050+Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan A suicide car bomber kills 10 and wounds more than 50 in an attack on a convoy of Western troops in the Afghan capital.[211]
August 1848Pakistan North Waziristan, Pakistan A suicide bomber rammed a vehicle packed with explosives into a check-post on the Bannu-Miranshah road in North Waziristan Agency.[212]
August 19101536Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Seven car bombs are detonated in Baghdad.[213]
August 2141Russia GroznyChechnyaRussia Two suicide bombers on bicycles targeted policemen in the Republic of Chechnya's capital city.[214]
August 2540Russia ChechnyaRussia A suicide bomber detonated his explosives next to a police car in Mesker-Yurt, a town only around 20 km from the regional capital of Grozny.[215]
August 2633Colombia San Vicente del CaguánColombia A bomb blast killed 3 civilians and wounded 3 other in the Caqueta department.[216]
August 2811Saudi Arabia JeddahSaudi Arabia A suicide bomber injures Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Nayef.[217]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
September 201Greece Athens, Greece A bomb in a van explodes outside the Athens Stock Exchange, injuring a passerby and damaging the building, and a bomb explodes outside a government building in Thessaloniki causing minor damage but no injuries.[218]
September 1212Pakistan Hangu, Pakistan Two Policemen were injured when a suicide bomber rammed his motorcycle into the main gate of the Doaba Police Station in the Hangu district.[219]
September 172110+Somalia MogadishuSomalia Two Shabaab suicide car bombers penetrated security at an African Unionbase and killed 21 people, including the deputy African Union commander and 16 other peacekeepers.[220]
September 171659Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan A suicide car bombing in Afghanistan's capital killed six Italian soldiers and 10 Afghan civilians. The Taliban claimed responsibility.[221]
September 1733Iraq Tal Afar, Iraq Three civilians are killed and three police officers are wounded when a suicide truck bomber attacks a police checkpoint.
September 183050+Pakistan Kohat, Pakistan A suicide bomber drives his explosive laden vehicle into a hotel.[222]
September 28411Pakistan Bannu, Pakistan A suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden vehicle into a car.[219]
September 2821Iraq Tal Afar, Iraq Two suspected insurgents were killed and a third was wounded in an explosives accident.
September 2811Russia MoscowRussia A district official for Dagestan, was shot dead, as he was getting out of his car. His driver however was badly wounded in this attack.[223]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
October 554Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan A suicide bomber dressed in para military uniform blew himself up inside the country office of the United Nations World Food Program.[224]
October 941+100+Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A minibus bomb is detonated in the crowded Khyber Bazaar, killing 41 and injuring more than 100.[225]
October 1020SeveralPakistan Rawalpindi, Pakistan October 10: 10 Militants attack the heart of the Pakistani military, holding hostages, nine gunman were killed and one captured.[226]
October 1102Italy Milan, Italy A Libyan man, Mohamed Game, tried to bring a bomb into a Carabinieri barracks in Milanbut let it off at the entrance when he saw guards pointing their weapons at him. Investigators stressed they had found nothing so far to connect Game to a plan foiled last year to bomb the barracks in southwest Milan.[227]
October 111450Iraq Anbar, Iraq Two car bombs detonate at a hospital in Iraq's western Anbar province.[228]
October 122661Iraq Ramadi, Iraq 3 truck bombs hit a reconciliation meeting in the city.[229]
October 1241DozensPakistan Shangla district, Pakistan A suicide bomber strikes a security convoy in the district, which borders Swat, killing 41 people.[230]
October 153720+Pakistan Pakistan More than 20 militants attack police facilities in Lahore and Kohat.[231]
October 183125Iran Pishin, Iran 31 people have died in the attack, in the province of Sistan-Baluchistan, and dozens more injured.[232]
October 20629Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan 6 people die in an attack on the International Islamic University when two suicide bombers detonate their explosives.[233]
October 2220Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan Gunmen assassinate a Pakistani Brigadier and his driver.[234]
October 23828Pakistan Pakistan A suicide bomber kills 8 people and wounds 13 at a checkpoint near the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in Kamra. Hours later, another suicide bomber strikes the city of Peshawar, wounding 15 people.[235]
October 25155520+Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Two vehicles detonate in the Green Zone, killing at least 155 and injuring 520.[236]
October 28117200+Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A car bomb is detonated in a woman exclusive shopping district, and over 110 die with 200 or more injured.[237]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
November 23560Pakistan Rawalpindi, Pakistan Two suicide bombers on bicycles detonated their bombs in front of a bank[238]
November 51330United States Killeen, Texas Nidal Malik Hasan, while serving as a Major in the United States Army, opened firekilling 13 and wounding 30 at Fort Hood.[239]
November 81235Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide bomber targets an anti-Taliban mayor on the outskirts of the city, fatally wounding the mayor and killing civilians near the scene at a cattle market[240]
November 935Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide bomber strikes a police post[241]
November 1024100Pakistan Charsadda, Pakistan A car bomb hits a busy market[242]
November 131756Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide bombing hits the Inter-Services Intelligence headquarters building, killing 12 and wounding 40 people. Another suicide bomber detonates his explosives in Baka Khel in the northwest of Pakistan, killing a further 5 people and injuring 16[243]
November 141025+Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A blast goes off in the Pushta Khara area in the city when a suicide bomber detonates his explosive laden car at a police checkpoint[244]
November 16420Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide car bomber hits a police station[245]
November 161028Afghanistan Afghanistan Taliban launch rockets which hit a crowded market in the Tagab valley, north of Kabul, Afghanistan. At least 10 Afghan civilians are killed and 28 are wounded in the incident.[246]
November 191951Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A bombing occurs outside of a local court[247]
November 191013Afghanistan Uruzgan province, Afghanistan A man detonates his explosive device in a crowded area, killing Afghan civilians[248]
November 20210Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A blast goes off near a police station in the embattled city[249]
November 201336Afghanistan Farah, Afghanistan A suicide bomber on a motorcycle strikes at a market in the city.[250]
November 22725India Assam, India Suspected ULFA militants triggered two blasts on bicycle close to a police station in Nalbari, Assam, killing at least seven persons and injuring 25 others.[251]
November 2463Afghanistan Khost Province, Afghanistan A bomb is remotely detonated at a water station, killing 6 Afghan civilians from the same family[252]
November 2603Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan Remotely detonated roadside bomb injures two policemen and a girl[253]
November 272690+Russia Bologoye, Russia A bomb detonated on a track and derailed a train of the Nevsky Express, travelling from Moscow to St Petersburg, killing 26 people and injuring up to another 90 more. No group has claimed responsibility, though Chechen separatists and rebels in the North Caucasus are believed to be the most likely perpetrators for this attack[254][255]


DateDeadInjuredLocation and description
December 1110Pakistan Swat, Pakistan Pakistani government official is assassinated in a suicide bomb attack at his residence[256]
December 212Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan Suicide bomber detonates at entrance to Pakistani Naval HQ[257]
December 32460Somalia MogadishuSomalia A male suicide bomber disguised as a woman detonates in a hotel meeting hall. The hotel was hosting a graduation ceremony for local medical students when the blast went off, killing four government ministers as well as other civilians.[258]
December 43880Pakistan Rawalpindi, Pakistan Four gunmen attack a mosque which is frequented by current and former Pakistani military personnel. Security forces responded to the incident and a gun battle erupted, followed by three of the attackers detonating themselves.[259]
December 515Philippines Zamboanga CityPhilippines A cell-phone triggered improvised bomb explosion leveled a police station to the ground and greatly damaged a municipal jail.[260]
December 71044Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates outside a court in central Peshawar.[261]
December 722Pakistan Bajaur, Pakistan Two anti-Taliban tribal elders are assassinated by a remotely controlled bomb near a mosque.[262]
December 770Turkey TokatTurkey Seven Turkish soldiers are killed in an ambush carried out by suspected PKKrebels.[263]
December 7825Iraq Baghdad, Iraq A bomb exploded at a school in Baghdad.[264]
December 748100Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan Two bomb blasts ripped through a busy market as it was crammed in by shoppers. The attack, which injured some 100 people, sparked a huge blaze at the city's Moon Market. The blasts came just hours after a suicide bomber killed 10 people in Peshawar.[265]
December 829Thailand NarathiwatThailand A motorcycle bombing bomb exploded in a crowded market in Thailand's south, killing two and injuring nine, just before a visit by the Malaysian and Thai premiers. The incident was blamed on Islamic separatists.[266]
December 8127448Iraq Baghdad, Iraq A series of bombings killed at least 127 people and injured 448 others, making it the deadliest attack in Iraq since the October 25, 2009 Baghdad bombings.[267]
December 81225Pakistan Multan, Pakistan Suicide attackers raid an ISI office in the city[268]
December 10417India Guwahati, India A bomb in a crowded Assam marketplace kills four. The attack was blamed onNational Democratic Front of Bodoland.[269]
December 11620Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Two bombs went off in a two-pronged bomb attack which seemed to be designed to ambush bystanders. The first bomb caused no casualties but attracted a crowd of onlookers who were then attacked by the second bomb, which killed at least six and wounded twenty.[270]
December 15810Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan A suicide bomber detonates near a hotel in Kabul.[271]
December 1530Somalia BossasoSomalia A roadside bomb in the port city of Bossaso kills three police officers.[272]
December 153350Pakistan Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan A bomb blast hits a market in the central Pakistani town of Dera Ghazi Khan.[273]
December 15830Iraq Baghdad and Mosul, Iraq A series of three car bombs in central Baghdad kills four, the attack was followed by another co-ordinated car bombing in the northern city of Mosul where four people were also killed.[274]
December 181228Pakistan Lower Dir District, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates near a mosque used by police officers.[275]
December 22317Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a press club.[276]
December 24412Pakistan Peshawar, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates his explosives at a checkpoint.[277]
December 2480Afghanistan Kandahar, Afghanistan A suicide bomber in a horse-drawn carriage detonates explosives near a hotel and government office.[278]
December 24230Iraq Hillah and Baghdad, Iraq Twin bomb blasts hit Hillah earlier in the day, followed by a blast at a local Shia funeral in Sadr city in Baghdad.[279]
December 2503United States Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempts to detonate an explosive on an aircraft en route from Amsterdam to Detroit. During the incident, the suspect ignites himself on fire until he is extinguished and overpowered by two passengers. The aircraft lands safely in Detroit with the only injuries reported to be the suspect himself and two others.[280]
December 2633Lebanon BeirutLebanon A car bomb attack in the Lebanese capital Beirut targets a Hamas official.[281]
December 2760Pakistan Kurram, Pakistan Militants in Pakistan blow up the house of local official Sarbraz Saddiqi, killing him, his wife and four children.[282]
December 27560Pakistan Kashmir, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates at a checkpoint outside a local Shia Muslim gathering point in the town of Muzaffarabad.[283]
December 284360Pakistan Karachi, Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates at a crowded Shia Muslim procession.[284]
December 3180Afghanistan Khost Province, Afghanistan A suicide bomber detonates his explosives after penetrating theForward Operating Base Chapman in Khost Province, killing 8 American CIA employees including the person in charge of CIA operations at the base, making this worst attack against US intelligence officials since 1983. A Taliban spokesman said a member of the group working for the Afghan army had carried out the attack.[285] The attack was claimed by the Pakistani Taliban/[286]


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Incidents in the west and US generally not noted above or not officially recognized as terrorist attacks, or with possible unknown or hidden political motives but with exactly the same tactics and violence

March 2009  3 incidents in 3 days

  1. March 4, 2009 Two police officers  wounded in Jerusalem when an Arab bulldozer driver named Marei Radaydeh overturned their police car and rammed it into a bus, before being shot by police and a taxi driver. A copy of the Koran had been found in the bulldozer after the attack, and that the driver had not been carrying any identification. Hamas called a "natural response" to Israel's military operations in the Gaza Strip. wikipedia
  2. Michael McLendon 2009 Geneva County massacre March 10 2009: In two cities Geneva and Samson in rural Alabama 11 people, including the gunman - 28-year-old Michael Kenneth McLendon were killed, including McLendon's family. Soon after he quit his job at a sausage factory, he killed his mother, and set fire to their home in Kinston, then wen on a 24 mile shooting spree. At a relative's home in Samson  he shot several members of his family as well as a neighbor and her daughter. He killed a pedestrian, and killed a customer at a gas station, then killed another man and fired at cars. He died in a shoot-out in a Geneva factory where he had previously worked
  3. Winnenden Germany 2009 School Shooting March 11, 2009 The Winnenden school shooting started at a high school in Winnenden Germany, followed by a shootout at a car dealership, shooting at cars and people in various locations. 16 were killed including the suicide of the perpetrator, 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer, and nine were injured. He was dressed in military garb and had graduated from the school one year earlier. News commentators noted it might have been triggered by the Geneva County massacre in Alabama they day before. The suspect was into video games and told a therapist about his growing anger and violent urges
  4. 8 killed 1 injured March 29, 2009 Carthage Ambien drug-fueled North Carolina nursing home rampage shooting Mass murder that occurred on , when a gunman opened fire at the Pinelake Health and Rehab nursing home in Carthage, North Carolina. The shooter, 45-year-old Robert Stewart, killed eight people and wounded a ninth person before being shot and apprehended by a responding police officer, who was also wounded by gunfire. Stewart's estranged wife, a nurse at the nursing home and the apparent main target, survived unharmed,Stewart was found guilty of eight counts of second-degree murder and sentenced to 142 years to 179-and-a-half years in prison. The defense had argued [cover story, hiding real intent] that Stewart was under the influence of Ambien during the shooting, leaving him unable to control his actions.
April 2009

  1. Tuesday April 7, 2009 John Chong Shooting Spree At Korean Catholic Camp Location: Temecula California in Riverside County. 69 year old John Chong shot to persons in one RV camper, killing a woman, and fought with 2 in a 2nd RV who injured him. Chong was a friendly if distant volunteer handyman and welder at the Kkottongnae Retreat Camp which had just been purchased by the Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus, a Korean Roman Catholic Organization. Organization. Kkottongnae, which means "flower village" in Korean, is a Christian social service organization founded in Korea that works with orphans and the homeless. Police did not find any clear motive.
  2. April 3, 2009 14 killed 4 injured suspect killed Taliban claims but FBI denies ties to Binghamton lone gunman mass shootings Binghamton shootings took place on Friday, April 3, 2009, at the American Civic Association immigration center in Binghamton, New York, United States. At approximately 10:30 a.m. EDT, Jiverly Antares Wong (aka Jiverly Voong), a naturalized American citizen from Vietnam entered the facility and shot numerous people inside. Wong had taken English language classes there from January to March 2009 before dropping out. Press TV noted that Taliban leader Baituallah Mehsud claimed responsibility for the shootings, stating, "They were my men. I gave them orders in reaction to US drone attacks." However, a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation discounted the claim as inconsistent with their evidence that Wong was a lone gunman.

June 2009

  1. 2 killed, 1 arrested, Islamist attack not prosecuted for terrorism. June 1, 2009 Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad Little Rock Jihad Shooter 2009 Little Rock recruiting office shooting (wikipedia) The 2009 Little Rock recruiting office shooting took place on June 1, 2009, when the American Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, born Carlos Leon Bledsoe, opened fire with a rifle in a drive-by shooting on soldiers in front of a United States military recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas. He killed Private William Long and wounded Private Quinton Ezeagwula. After his arrest, Muhammad acknowledged shooting the men. He told police that he had intended to kill as many Army personnel as possible. He had an SKS rifle, a Mossberg International 702 rifle, two handguns, 562 rounds of ammunition, and military books in his car. Muhammad was charged with capital murder, attempted capital murder, and 10 counts of unlawful discharge of a weapon. Muhammad also reportedly faced 15 counts of engaging in a terrorist act.[1]A convert to Islam, Muhammad had gone to Yemen in 2007 to teach English, staying about 16 months. He was deported from Yemen to the United States, after having overstayed his visa and been detained. In January 2010, Muhammad wrote to the judge in his case. He claimed that he was sent on the attacks by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and pleaded guilty to the charges of capital murder.[2] He had not consulted with his lawyers, and no independent confirmation of his claim has been made.[2] His father described him as "unable to process reality".
  2. June 10, 2009 Jaquan and Cleveland Breland Get Prison For Random Crowd Shooting White woman hires 3 black kids to fire into a crowd with shotguns, one of them later shoots a black baby in a stroller. June 10, 2009 53-year-old white woman Leslie Jo Peltier brought black teens Daquan Breland, 19, and Jaquan Breland, 19 and another teen from Brooklyn to Auburn New York to settle a dispute involving her son. They jumped out of the car and fired at a random crowd with shooting at a group of people with two 12-gauge shotguns. The Brelands were sentence to two years in jail February 2010. Daquan was later arrested in the Brooklyn shooting of Antiq Hennis in a stroller September 2013. This is an important case which (1) shows that the motive for a random shooting in a crowd can be somebody hired them to do it and (2) a person who attacks baby strollers can be connected to a previous hire-to-mass-shooting.
July 2009 
  1. 197 people died, with 1,721 injured July 2009 China Ürümqi riots - Wikipedia The July 2009 Ürümqi riots were a series of violent riots over several days that ... PRC officials said that a total of 197 people died, with 1,721 others injured and ...
  2. 3 killed 2 injured in industrial accident Fireworks truck explodes on Ocracoke NC three killed July 4, 2009 OCRACOKE, N.C. — A truck carrying fireworks for Ocracoke Island's July 4th celebration exploded on a truck near the South Ferry Terminal Saturday morning, leaving three people dead and injuring two others, according to Hyde County authorities. A crew of four men and one woman was on or near the truck unloading fireworks when the explosion occurred shortly after 9 a.m.,
  3. 2 critical 5 injured 2 suspects killed 5 Officers Hurt in Fatal Gun Battle With 2 Robbery Suspects in Jersey City ... The New York Times By ROBERT D. McFADDEN JULY 16, 2009.  an officer on stakeout was shot in his cruiser, and the assailant, who concealed his shotgun under a friar’s robe, ran into a Jersey City tenement and holed up with a woman.  officers rushed in, a thundering barrage of gunfire, shotgun blasts and percussion grenades erupted When it was over, a man and woman suspected in a robbery lay dead, and five officers were wounded, two critically, in a shootout that seemed to encapsulate the dangers and heroism of urban police work.“It was a terrible gunfight,”  Gunman,[muslim?] Hassan A. Shakur, 32, “This individual came fully ready to go to war with us.” Mr. Shakur was killed, along with his companion, Amanda Anderson, 22. The chief said the assailant’s weapon, a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun with a retractable stock and a sling lined with slotted shells, was “a gun meant for nothing other than to hunt a man.”UPDATE: Shooters who wounded 5 cops were being sought  Jul 16, 2009 - Police said the two people killed, Hassan A. Shakur, 32, and Amanda G. Anderson, 22, were approached by police because they were  “persons of interest” in a shooting and holdup last month. around 5 this morning, the couple appeared and officers approached them, he said. Shakur pulled out a pump-action shotgun and fired at their collar, blowing out the windshield and hitting one of the officers in the leg, then retreated apartment, later SWAT stormed the apartment [suicide by cop] Shakur “wanted to go out in a blaze of glory,” the police chief said. “And, unfortunately, he got what he wanted.” Terrorist warfare and attack on police was never considered as a possible motive.
  4. 8 killed in wrong way DUI drugs alleged medical issue crash July 26, 2009 Diane Schuler 2009 Taconic State Parkway crash In July 30, 2014, settlements were reached in four lawsuits against the estate of Diane Schuler and against her brother stemming from a wrong-way minivan crash that killed eight people on a New York parkway. Schuler was going the wrong way on the Taconic Parkway in 2009 when she hit an SUV carrying three men. The men were killed, along with Schuler, her daughter and her three nieces. An autopsy found Schuler was drunk and stoned. Family members Daniel Schuler and Barbara publicly attributed Diane Schuler's erratic driving to a medical issue, such as a stroke, and she suffered from diabetes.The autopsy found that Schuler had not suffered a stroke, aneurysm or heart attack. Terrorism was never considered as a possible motive.
Monthly Misfortune August 2009 ---

October 2009

On October 31, 2009, in the Central Districtof SeattleWashingtonUnited States. Timothy Brenton, an officer with the Seattle Police Department, was seated in a parked patrol car with another officer when a gunman stopped his vehicle alongside the patrol car, opened fire on the two officers, and fled the scene. Brenton died at the scene and his partner sustained minor injuries. The suspect Christopher Montfort arrested in connection with the murder has also been charged in connection with the October 22, 2009, firebombing of Seattle police vehicles at a city maintenance facility.[2] No clear motive was established but he had left fliers discussing police brutality, and had expressed opinions against wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was accused of being a terrorist who waged a "one man war" against the police by authorities. [3] On June 5, 2015, jury rejected his argument that he was insane, and was found guilty of murder. Never accused of being directed or inspired by a foreign terrorist organization.

November 2009

43 total, 13 killed, 30 wounded, worst attack on any US military base, approved by direct communication with 9-11 Imam and Al Qaeda recruiter. November 5, 2009 Fort Hood Shooting 2009  US Army major and psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan attacked his fellow soldiers after shouting in Arabic "God is Great". While the federal military and criminal agencies classified it as workplace violence, many believed it was connected to his beliefs in mlitant jihadism and communications and long time familiarity with 9/11 Imam Anwar al Awlaki with whom he traded e-mails. At his trial, authorities would not accept his explanation that he was devoted to defending his religion and had switched sides to fighting against the US military for the Taliban, and he was never charged with treason.

December 2009

2 Islamist attacks
  1. December 25, 2009  3 injured Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempts to detonate an explosive on an aircraft en route from Amsterdam to Detroit. During the incident, the suspect ignites himself on fire until he is extinguished and overpowered by two passengers. The aircraft lands safely in Detroit with the only injuries reported to be the suspect himself and two others.[280] The attack was planned by Anwar Al Awlaki who was also connected to the Fort Hood Shooting which was not considered to be connected to terrorism for political reasons. 
  2. 31 December 2009 Sello mall shooting  at the Prisma supermarket in Sello mall, located in the Leppävaara district of Espoo, Finland. The shooting was believed to have been started after Ibrahim Shkupolli, the alleged gunman, found that his ex-girlfriend had a lover at the grocery store where she worked. Shkupolli first killed her in her apartment before heading towards the mall. On the day of the shooting the mall contained between two and three thousand customers. Witnesses described the gunman as calm when walking out of the grocery store in the mall immediately after the shooting. Counterjihad pundits speculated that he was inspired by radical Islamism and that he had fought for muslim terrorists in the Iran-backed Kosovo Liberation Army.