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Month of Misfortune January 2013

Month of Misfortune January 2013 --- ===

List of terrorist attacks and events that look like but were not terrorist attacks

January 2013



January 6, 2013 (Extraordinary bad luck or mass attack??) 4 killed 3 crashes Four killed in three separate highway head on crashes on one day for unknown reasons| CTV Edmonton News CTV NewsJan 7, 2013  SUV travelling southbound veered into the northbound lane and collided head-on with a semi tractor-trailer. A 53-year-old man also died after a head-on collision on Highway 63 southbound pickup truck had lost control and veered sideways into the path of a northbound car.  northbound van lost control due to poor road conditions and collided with a southbound SUV. All three crashes shut down the highways for several hours on Sunday. At one point RCMP say all northern routes were closed going into Fort McMurray. tags: wrong way crash, energy targeted

January 13, 2013 A black Lincoln Town Car driven by an elderly man crashed directly into an Apple Store in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. It crashed through the front glass door and came to rest about four feet inside the store. No one was hurt. Huffpost

Jan. 18, 2013 A truck later found to be owned by bomber Larry Charles Robins was found abandoned in  Austin Texas with a cache of assault supplies, including a fully automatic weapon, loaded pistol magazines, a can stuffed with fireworks a fuse and ammonium nitrate pills for improvised bombs. On December 28, he was arrested for setting off a bomb at a government  building.

Athens Mall Bombing January 20, 2013 A makeshift time-bomb lightly injured two security staff at a Athens Mall in Greece, the country's largest shopping center may have been the work of at least four people. It may be similar to tactics of anarchist group left wing group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Murder of Savannah State University College Student Rebecca Foley January 21, 2013 Savannah State University College student Rebecca Foley, 21, was shot and killed while driving her red Volkswagen New Beetle near her Savannah, Ga. apartment on Jan. 21, 2013. The case remains unsolved. The case was front-page news in Savannah, and Foley's death was highlighted in an NBC News investigation of gun deaths across the country. She was found slumped over her steering wheel, dead from a single bullet that left a hole in the rear window, and her family assumed she might have been the victim of mistaken identity, a gang shootout, or a robbery gone wrong.

January 21-23 Shootings 31 killed Northern Nigeria  Suspected Boko Haram militants murdered 31 people over the course of 3 days, including 18 hunters who were shot at a market in Damboa on January 21. Five people were shot in Kano on the next day as they were playing board games. At least 8 civilians mere killed in Maiduguri on January 23, as gunfire was reported from parts of the city.

1 kidnapping 1 robbery, 1 arrested January 23, 2013 Ethiopian Bereket Piatt Bank Robber Kidnaps College Student In Everett, Washington a female student attending Everett Community College was kidnapped by Bereket Piatt who threatened her with a gun. He demanded she drive her to various locations across Everett, and park downtown, where he robbed a Wells Fargo bank with his gun and the student had to wait, telling her he would track her down from her licence plate and kill her if she fled. He then had her drive back to the original location. She was uninjured and the told the police.
January 31, 2013 Mexico City, gas explosion: The Torre Ejecutiva Pemex explosion caused by a gas leak occurred beneath Building B-2 at the Torre Ejecutiva Pemex (Pemex Executive Tower), a skyscraper complex that is the headquarters of Pemex, the Mexican state oil company.[1] At least 37 people died and another 126 were injured when an explosion occurred in a building adjacent to the main tower.[2][3] Earlier in the day, Pemex sent out a tweet saying that the building was being evacuated due to a "problem with the electrical system" in the complex that includes the skyscraper.[4]

January 27, 2013 Unstable High not Terrorist Syrian Rebel Ziya Tasali Killed American Woman in Turkey  33 year old New York city woman and mother of 2 Sarai Sierra's family reported her missing after she did not arrive on her flight from Turkey where she had been since Jan. 7. The hostel reported her passport, equipment chargers were still there, so she had not packed. The body of the Staten Island New York woman was found in the ruins of Istanbul’s old city ten days after the attack amid Turkish press speculation she was a spy or a smuggler, or entangled in white slavery trade. Sierra's husband of nearly 15 years later said the marriage was on the rocks before his wife went overseas, and believed she was cheating in online messages. On March 18 homeless scrap-paper collector Ziya Tasali, 46 confessed to bludgeoning 33-year-old American tourist Sarai Sierra to death in Istanbul. He denied trying to rape her in a half hour struggle in which he claims she struck him with her cellphone after he got angry that she would not kiss him.  The man said blamed it on being high after he sniffed glue before he attacked the petite 33-year-old. The suspect escaped to Syria where he was fought with the rebels in Syria, but returned to Turkey when he was wounded and captured by authorities.  His trial started in September 2014. On June 24, 2015 Ziya Tasali was sentenced to life in prison for killing Sarai Sierra as well as for sexual assault and theft, but not for terrorist attacks.