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Daily Geez June 28, 2013 Obama Front for Muslim Brotherhood?

Daily Geez June 28, 2013 Obama Front for Muslim Brotherhood?


01.  Jewish World Review June 28, 2013 / 20 Tamuz, 5773 Obama's war of ideas

 By Caroline B. Glick Obama's default position in the Muslim world is to support the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is the wellspring of the Sunni jihadist movement. And Obama is the Brotherhood's greatest ally. He facilitated the Brotherhood's rise to power in Egypt, at the expense of the US's most important Arab ally, Hosni Mubarak. He even supported them at the expense of American citizens employed in Egypt by US government supported NGOs. 43 Americans were arrested for promoting democracy, and all the administration would do was facilitate their escape from Egypt. Robert Becker, the one US aid worker who refused to flee was abandoned by the State Department. He just escaped from Egypt after being sentenced to two years in prison.

02. Another Washington State 520 Bridge Damaged or Jihad Sabotage?

June 25, 2013 Maintenance crews found an anchor cable which was last inspected in May on the north side of the westernmost pontoon of the Washington 520 floating bridge across Lake Washington that was damaged. The damage does not pose a risk and can be fixed without shutting down the bridge. It wasn't immediately clear what caused the damage. This comes after the Skagit River bridge on I5 collapsed after being hit by overheight cargo, freeways on I5 and 405 have had all lanes blocked by overturned semis or bridge jumperx. A Kirkland Sound Transit bus struck and killed 2 occupants of a SUV after announcing his brakes failed which were found to be in good working order, and an Everett motorcycle officer was struck by a car which crossed 2 lanes of traffic to hit him.

03. Taiwan study says human bungling doomed Fukushima, not defective power plant or earthquake he said that it was poor handling of the blackout that led to the leak. There is nothing wrong with safety designs for modern-day nuclear power plants, he said. Existing technology and techniques are sufficient to prevent any threat caused by a massive power failure. "It was the Japanese government and relevant institutes' incompetence that led to the disaster," Ishikawa contended, describing the Fukushima nuclear disaster as a man-made calamity. (comment: are you nuts? How do control a nuclear power plant with no power and pipes broken by an earthquake? systems??)

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04. About Glenn Greenwald Patriot or Traitor?