Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shooting of Unarmed Mentally Ill Afghan Veteran Fridoon Rawshan Nehad

Shooting of Unarmed Mentally Ill Afghan Veteran Fridoon Rawshan Nehad --- ===

April 30, 2015 crime: shooting by police Shooting of Mentally Ill Afghan Veteran Fridoon Rawshan Nehad


  • Black Lives Matters style killing of muslim 
  • Civil Rights violation 
  • Lawsuit warfare against police 
  • Mental Illness suspect
  • Muslim Mideast suspect / victim 
  • Police involved shooting 
  • Unarmed suspect (had pen) 


  1. April 30, 2015 crime: shooting by police Police practices criticized in lawsuit over man killed by officer The San Diego Union-Tribune The family filed a civil rights suit against the city alleging the shooting was unnecessary and also contending the city has a longstanding practice of on behalf of the family of Fridoon Nehad, an unarmed man who was shot to death by San Diego Police Officer Neal Browder in an alley in the Midway district near midnight 
  2. The Tragic Life and Death of Fridoon Rawshan Nehad Dec 29, 2015 - After Nehad's Afghan military unit went missing during the country's wars in the 1980s,Nehad's father checked the lists of dead at hospitals. Fridoon Rawshan Nehad’s family always feared that he would die a tragic death. family discovered that mujahedeen rebels had captured Nehad, his mother went into enemy territory to rescue him. Soon after, Nehad’s parents smuggled him out of Afghanistan with the rest of his family following months later...  new threat. Nehad was mentally ill and his violent outbursts had at times threatened his immigration status. Nehad’s sister, Benazeer Roshan, worried he’d be deported back to Afghanistan and killed by the Taliban because of his mental illness. 
  3. Man Shot by SDPD Officer Held Pen, Not Knife: City | NBC 7 San Diego Nehad held a metallic pen “that appeared to be a knife,” according to the city. Browder got out of his patrol car with his weapon drawn, yelling at Nehad to "drop ...
  4. Fridoon Rawshan Nehad - NBC San Diego May 15, 2015 - Documents: Man shot and killed by officer had history of mental illness, mother filed restraining order days before shooting. ... Fridoon Zalbeg Rawshan died when the officer, responding to a report of a knife-wielding man, encountered Rawshan in an alley and fired at him.
  5. EBWiki tracking the case of Fridoon Rawshan Nehad  Aug 25, 2016 - In a sworn deposition in the civil case brought by Fridoon Rawshan Nehad's family, obtained by Voice of San Diego, Browder said he did not ...
  6. San Diego, We Have a Use of Deadly Force Problem - OB Rag  Nov 18, 2015 - ... Diego Police officer who shot and killed Fridoon Rawshan Nehad in the Midway District last April. ... The killing of Fridoon Nehad, justified or not, points out the many flaws existing in checks 
  7. The Origins of the War on Cops | PJ Media  Jul 19, 2016 anti-cop comment: Fridoon Rawshan Nehad, San Diego, PTSD veteran gunned down because he was walking to a police officer in his cruiser. All he had as an alleged weapon was a pen. Ever since then more and more innocent people have been shot by law enforcement officers. Here's a short list of examples...