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Pavel Pavlovich Kosolapov

Pavel Pavlovich Kosolapov --- ===

Pavel Kosolapov is a suspect in two deadly Russia train bombings is a an ethnic Russian convert to radicalized militant Islam.  Russian officials believe that Islamist terrorists are radcalizing more recruits who are ethnically Russian, but have converted to Islam.  become a close associate of Shamil Basayev, the terrorist mastermind behind the Beslan school siege, who was finally killed by Russian forces in 2006.



Pavel Kosolapov

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Pavel Pavlovich Kosolapov (RussianПавел Павлович Косолапов) (born February 27, 1980 in Serafimovichsky DistrictVolgograd Oblast, Russia) is an alleged ethnic Russian islamic terrorist sometimes referenced as "Russian Bin Laden".[1] According to Russian security agency he was the main organizer of the February 2004 Moscow Metro bombing2007 Nevsky Express bombing and many smaller terrorist acts in SamaraVoronesh and Moscow Oblast.[1][2] According to some versions he is also responsible for the 2009 Nevsky Express bombing.[3]


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The Coming of the Russian Jihad: Part I - War on the Rocks
Sep 23, 2016 - With an estimated 20 million Muslims (14 percent of the population), ... An ethnic Russian Pavel Kosolapov was one of the organizers of the February 6, 2004, suicide bombings in the Moscow Metro (41 killed) and of the August 13, 2007, explosion on the Moscow-St. Petersburg express railroad (360 injured).

The Problem Isn't That Russians Are Converting to Islam; the Problem ...
Jun 11, 2015 - These are the issues of the radicalization of ethnic Russian Muslims These are the issues of the radicalization of ethnic Russian Muslims and the gender aspect of radical Islamic movements. The first has long attracted attention given the activities of Said the Buryat, Pavel Kosolapov, Mariya Pogorelova, and Vitaly Razdobdko, but the issue must not be oversimplified or overdramatized.

Violent Converts to Islam: Growing Cluster and Rising Trend ... 
The role of Muslim converts in the context of Islamist homegrown terrorism 
notable convert, Pavel Kosolapov, a cadet who dropped out of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces' Military Academy and joined the insurgency, allegedly has served as the mastermind behind several major terrorist attacks in mainland Russia.
Russian-Cossack convert Vitaly Razdobudko allegedly had a role in the January 2011 suicide terrorist attack in the Moscow airport. Two months later, Razdobudko committed a suicide attack against a police checkpoint in Dagestan together with his wife, Marina, also an ethnic Russian convert. Notably, Razdobudko was converted and indoctrinated by an imam who was also an ethnic Russian convert.[21]

Moscow airport bombing: why a terrorist mastermind is sending chills ... › News › World News › Europe › RussiaJan 29, 2011 - Another famous Islamist terrorist, Pavel Kosolapov, who has been implicated in two deadly train bombings, is also an ethnic Russian. Experts estimate that there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of ethnic Russian converts to Islam,

Russia fears increasing domestic radicalization | Homeland Security ...
Feb 8, 2011 - “Less than 3,000 ethnic Russian have converted to Islam for the last 15 years ... increasing trend, the suspected mastermind behind the recent Russian airport bombing is an ethnic Russian who converted to radical Islam; terrorists are increasingly recruiting more ethnic Russian Muslim converts to their cause; Some Russian officials believe that terrorists are recruiting more and more people like Razdobudko who are ethnically Russian, but have converted to Islam.Another prominent Islamic terrorist, Pavel Kosolapov, is also an ethnic Russian. Kosolapov is believed to have been involved in two deadly train bombings.

Former soldier suspected of train bombing | The Independent › News › World › Europe
Nov 30, 2009 - According to news reports yesterday, the Russian security services have marked Pavel Kosolapov, a Russian soldier turned Islamic militant, ...

Conflict and Peace in Eurasia - Page 118 - Google Books Result
Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra - 2012 - ‎Political ScienceWeir, Fred (2002) 'Chechnya's Warrior Tradition', Christian Science Monitor, 26 March. (2007) 'Novosti v strane: Pavel Kosolapov “russkii Ben ...

17-Year-Old Widow Identified as Park Kultury Bomber | News | The ... 5, 2010 - Abdurakhmanova is wearing a black Muslim headscarf and clutching a ... of the suicide bombers might be Pavel Kosolapov, a Volgograd native ...

[PDF]Islam, Islamism and Politics in Eurasia Report No. 4, 10 December 2009
Dec 10, 2009 - author of two well-received books, Russia's Islamic Threat (Yale .... Pavel Kosolapov with organizing the Nevskii Express attack on CE amir ...

Muslim convert suspected in Russian train bombing - Militant Islam ... › ArticlesNov 30, 2009 - According to news reports yesterday, the Russian security services have marked Pavel Kosolapov, a Russian soldier turned Islamic militant, as one of the top suspects in the train derailment, which appears to have been caused by a bomb. Little is known about Mr Kosolapov, and there is only one grainy photograph of him in public circulation. He is believed to have converted to Islam during the 1990s and become a close associate of Shamil Basayev, the terrorist mastermind behind the Beslan school siege, who was finally killed by Russian forces in 2006. Mr Kosolapov is wanted in connection with a bomb incident that took place on the same line and derailed a similar Nevsky Express train two years ago. On that occasion, nobody was killed. Two men from Ingushetia, the restive province that borders Chechnya, are standing trial for the earlier incident, and one of them admitted his guilt in court last week.  Russia's Interior Minister, Rashid Nurgaliyev, previously said that there were several clues in the area of the explosion that could lead to the solving of the case. He also said that a search was under way for a man of around 40 with red hair, who had been spotted acting suspiciously by local villagers preceding the attack. Whether or not this was Mr Kosolapov was unclear 

Russia train bombing: sign of new terror tactics? -
Nov 30, 2009 - there has been no major terrorist attack on the Russian heartland since Beslan five years ago – until last weekend. But the main suspect from the 2007 attack, a former Russian soldier-turned-Islamic-extremist, Pavel Kosolapov, remains at large. He is believed to have been a close associate of Chechen terrorist Shamil Basayev, killed by Russian security forces in 2006, who was the main mastermind of several spectacular terrorist attacks, including the horrific 2004 Beslan school siege, which left 330 people dead, mostly children.  Police have issued an all-points bulletin for a middle aged “stocky, red-haired man” seen in the vicinity of Friday’s blast, who may be Mr. Kosolapov.

Riyad-us Saliheen Brigade of Martyrs - Wikipedia
Riyad-us Saliheen (Russian: Риядус-Салихийн, also transliterated as Riyadus-Salikhin, Riyad us-Saliheyn or Riyad us-Salihiin) is the name of a small "martyr" (shahid) force of Islamic suicide attackers. Its original leader (amir) was the Chechen separatist commander Shamil Basayev. In February and March 2003 the group was designated by the United States and subsequently by the United Nations[1]as a terrorist organization. After several years of inactivity, Riyad-us Saliheen was reactivated by the Caucasus Emirate in 2009[2] under the command of Said Buryatsky;[3] following his death, Aslan Byutukayev became its new leader.[4]

The Caucasus Emirate | Stratfor
Apr 15, 2010 - He called for the creation of an Islamic power that would not ... the militant group Riyadus Salihin, founded by Basayev, seems to have been folded into the Caucasus Emirate. Umarov himself issued a statement confirming the union in April 2009. When Basayev was killed in 2006, he was serving as vice president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria under Umarov. Significantly, Riyadus Salihin brought Basayev together with Pavel Kosolapov, an ethnic Russian soldier who switched sides during the second Chechen war and converted to Islam. Kosolapov is suspected of being an expert bombmaker and is thought to have made the explosive device used in the November 2009 Moscow-St. Petersburg train attack (which was similar to an August 2007 attack in the same location that used the same amount and type of explosive material) as well as devices employed in the March 2010 Moscow metro attack....advantages.. he also served in the Russian military,...Caucasus Emirate has an operator who is able to more aptly navigate centers such as Moscow or St. Petersburg