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Murder of Nils Horner Swedish Journalist in Afghanistan

Murder of Nils Horner Swedish Journalist in Afghanistan
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Was it just some crazy person picking a random target, or a targeted assassination?

March 11, 2014 Murder of Nils Horner Swedish Journalist in Afghanistan Nils Horner, a Swedish journalist investigating the recent bombing of a restaurant was shot as two men walked towards him pulled out a pistol and shot him execution style with a pistol with a silencer while he was talking to a translator on a street in Kabul. The British citizen had worked for Swedish Radio SR The motive was unclear as the Taliban denied responsibility. It was two months after a suicide bombing and shooting attack against a Lebanese restaurant that killed 13 foreigners and eight Afghans that Karzai blamed on the United States. Fidai Mahaz, a small splinter group linked to the Taliban-led insurgency later claimed credit, calling him a spy for the UK.


  • Dawn: Splinter group claims Swedish journalist's murder in Kabul Mar 12, 2014 - Tuesday's killing was claimed by Fidai Mahaz, a small splinter group linked to the Taliban-led insurgency that fights against the US-backed ...
  • Guardian: Guardian: A Taliban splinter group linked to the kidnapping of a New York Times journalist six years ago has claimed responsibility for killing a British-Swedish reporter in KabulThe Fidai Mahaz group said it had killed the radio journalist Nils Horner, 51, and accused him of being a spy for the UK government, in a statement posted on its website"[Horner] was not a journalist, he was a spy of MI6, he was a special worker of MI6. He was targeted by Fidai movement," said the brief English-language statement attributed to the spokesman Qari Hamza. The group has only weak ties to the mainstream Taliban.

Nils Horner

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Nils Horner (5 December 1962 – 11 March 2014) was a Swedish journalist and correspondent for Sveriges Radio. He was the station's chief correspondent in Asia.
Horner was born in Borås. He reported from several wars and disaster areas. In 2001, he received the Marcus Ölander award for foreign correspondents, by the Public Service association at Sveriges Radio and Sveriges Television.[1]
Author Scott Taylor, who describes himself as a “maverick war reporter”, described working beside Horner while they investigated the killing of civilians in Kosovo, during its civil war with the former Yugoslavia.[2]
On 11 March 2014, Horner was shot dead in a street in Kabul in execution-style.[3][4] The Washington Post quoted another Swedish journalist, Terese Cristiansson, who described Horner as a “a legend,” and “one of the best we have ever had.”


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  • Nils Horner shooting: Fidai Mahaz group does have some history of targeting foreign journalists. Its leader, Haji Najibullah – who shares his name with Afghanistan's last communist president – is believed to be behind the 2008 kidnapping of the New York Times journalist David Rohde, who was abducted as he travelled with Afghan colleagues to interview a Taliban commander.
    Other insurgent groups strongly denied any link to Horner's assassination on Tuesday, with one even telling the Guardian that although it targeted foreigners it did not include journalists on hit lists.
    Afghan analysts were also puzzled by the staging of such a brazen attack in the heart of Kabul, just days after Horner arrived.

    He had hoped to speak to survivors of a Taliban attack in January inside a nearby restaurant popular with foreigners, 

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