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Mahad Aziz Gouges Out Elderly Relative Eyes in Minnesota

Mahad Aziz Gouges Out Elderly Relative Eyes in Minnesota --- ===

July 27, 2018 Mahad Aziz Gouges Out Elderly Relative Eyes in Minnesota  18 year old Mahad Aziz, in some headlines described as a "teen"  is accused of assaulting a 74 year old man who was his elder relative by gouging his eyes out with his hands and beating him breaking out nearly all of his teech. He was arrested and put into mental health treatment. He may have been angry about his family putting him into mental jealth treatment.  Aziz told police he “believes (himself) to be possessed by the devil” and at the ...  Aziz “saw the devil” in the 74-year-old's eyes when he  assaulted him.(1) A woman in the community which has a large muslim Somali community said that Somali cultural stigma surrounding mental illness may be part of the problem (2)



Minnesota teen ripped out relatives eyes with his bare hands - Daily Mail 1, 2018 - Mahad Aziz, of Rochester, Minnesota, has been charged with first-degree assault. ... was non-verbal during his arrest and was sent for a mental health evaluation ... Authorities said Aziz was combative with police and had to be put in ..was non-verbal during his arrest and was sent for a mental health evaluation ... Authorities said Aziz was combative with police  Aziz later told investigators that he had not used any weapons against his relative, only his hands,

Rochester man to be held pending final commitment hearing | Crime › News › Crime & Courts
8/3/2018 Judge Lisa R. Hayne ordered that Mahad Aziz, 18, continue to be held in a facility and receive mental health treatment pending the final ...

Olmsted County Attorney's Office to seek civil commitment in assault ... › News › Crime & Courts
Aug 1, 2018 - ... and pursuing an involuntary commitment for Mahad Aziz's mental health ... Hjerleid said defendants are usually placed in the county's adult ... Police were called to the building for a report of what sounded like fighting from inside an apartment. Police said they found Aziz sitting on top of a 74-year-old who had his eyes removed and most of his teeth beaten out.

“It was pretty clear that based on the nature of the assault and based on information from family members and our own officers’ observations that there was a significant mental health aspect,” Hjerleid said.

police do not believe drugs were involved and it is unclear what lead up to the incident. Sherwin said police had no prior contact with Aziz other than a possible medical call and a crash.

Aziz is in “a safe place” and “a placement that best meets his needs at this point.” He is not considered a threat to the public at this time

Man gouges out relative's eyes with bare hands, police say | Fox News 2, 2018 - Mahad Aziz, 18, allegedly gouged out a relative's eyes with his bare ... "In Africa, we don't really put it in consideration that mental illness is a
Urban Dictionary: Mahad Nice Kid, usually quiet, smart and does good for his community A Name used for Somali boys

The name Mahad is a Muslim name from the Arabic origin. In Arabic the meaning of the name Mahad is: One who is great. Mahad - Muslim baby names

Authorities: Man has eyes ripped out during domestic incident in ...
Authorities say a 74-year-old man had his eyes gouged out of their sockets during a domestic incident Friday afternoon. ... Authorities say the eyes were “nowhere to be found” and the victim also had teeth knocked out. Mahad Aziz, 18, has been charged with first-degree assault in ...

Teen ripped out relatives eyeballs, knocked out teeth: cops | Miami ... 31, 2018 - Rochester Police in Minnesota say Mahad Aziz, 18, was found on top of his ... gouged out both of the relative's eyes and knocked out his teeth.

Documents detail circumstances of July 27 assault | Crime & Courts ... › News › Crime & Courts
Mahad Aziz, 18, has been receiving mental health treatment since shortly ... Aziz “saw thedevil” in the 74-year-old's eyes and assaulted him.

Teen ripped out relatives eyeballs, knocked out teeth: cops | Miami ... 31, 2018 - Rochester Police in Minnesota say Mahad Aziz, 18, was found on top of his ... gouged out both of the relative's eyes and knocked out his teeth.

There's a Devil Loose: Teen Rips Out Relative's Eyes With Bare Hands
Aug 1, 2018 - Mahad Aziz, 18, is accused of completely gouging the 74-year-old man's eyes, which have not been found since the Friday afternoon attack in ...

Police: Teen Ripped Out Elderly Relative's Eyes « CBS New York
Aug 1, 2018 - (CBSLocal) – A Minnesota teen has been arrested after police say he tore out his elderly relative's eyes with his bare hands. Mahad Aziz, 18 ...

Test Ordered for Rochester Teenager Who Attacked His Father
The proceedings held Friday for 18-year-old Mahad Abdi Aziz set the stage for a ... His father lost both eyes and most of his teeth in the attack. ... The victim said “the devil is inside my son” and that he had “experienced mental ...

18-year-old teenager pulls out eyes of 74-year-old relative - Metro ... 1, 2018 - 18-year-old Mahad Aziz has been arrested for allegedly pulling out the eyes of his 74-year-old relative. According to local media reports, Aziz ...

Minnesota teen accused of ripping out 74-year-old man's eyes ... › Forums › Discussions › Topical Discussions (In Depth)
sMinnesota teen accused of ripping out 74-year-old man's eyes, teeth with ... Rochester police arrested 18-year-old Mahad Aziz after officers found .... Demon Possessed Woman Attacks Man On The Train - Caught On Camera.

Wickedness Abounds: Teen Rips Out Elderly Relative's Eyes With ...
Aug 1, 2018 - A 74-year-old man's eyes were gouged out during a Friday assault in ... Mahad Aziz, an 18-year-old relative of the victim, was charged in ... Siblings Gouge Out Mother's Eyes, Bathe In Blood To 'Invoke The Devil'In "Occult".

National Mainstream Media Is Ignoring an Attack by A Somali Man in ... › GEG Commentary
The mainstream media is ignoring a vicious attack in which Mahad Aziz, 18, ... ... Neighbors, who are immigrants from Somalia, report that Aziz was likely mentally ill. The media has declined to disclose Mahad Aziz’s immigration status, or how he arrived in the US, or even whether he has a criminal history. [A gruesome attack of this kind normally would have been amply reported in mainstream media. The fact that the story was buried is, itself, a story just as disturbing as eye-gouging. The only conceivable reason the story would be ignored is that the attack was committed by a young man from the Somalian immigrant community, and mainstream media is committed to manipulating the news in such a way as to avoid creating public opposition to immigration from countries with cultural values that differ widely from traditional American values.] -GEG  described as a “teen” instead of an adult by some news sources, is in a mental hospital  The eyes are missing and, according to police, may have been eaten by Aziz or forced into the victim’s body. Police found Aziz straddling the victim, who was lying in a pool of blood at the scene.

William Barnaba, a neighbor and friend of the victim, called attention to the fact that, in Somali culture, parents are not usually attacked. He went on to say, “in Africa, we don’t really put it in consideration that mental illness is a problem.” Another neighbor, Nasa Abdelrahman, said, “in our culture, if someone has a something like that and he needs help, their families hide it.”

No one has reported if Mahad Aziz has a prior criminal record or what his immigration status is or how he arrived in the US.

UPDATE: Rochester Man Accused of Gouging Another Man's Eyes Out
Jul 30, 2018 - According to Rochester Police Interim Chief John Sherwin, police found 18-year-oldMahad Aziz of Rochester on top of a 74-year-old bloodied ...

What's In A Name? Mahad Aziz Gouges Out Eyes Of 74 Year Old ..Twin Cities Media Blackout Ensues By John Gilmore - August 3, 20180  ghastly news story out of Rochester, Minnesota made international headlines this week:Mahad Aziz gouged out the eyes of a 74 year old ...Later, conflicting reports said only one eye was lost and the other badly damaged. 

Twin Cities news media didn’t run a single story about it. Why not? Clearly this is one of those stories you wish you hadn’t read but the sheer horror makes for instantaneous transmission around the world because of its depravity and infrequency. Rochester media naturally covered the story widely and, for the most part, responsibly.

Why the Twin Cities media blackout? Why is the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail covering the story just south of us but our brave Daniel Pearls make a point of not covering it? And make no mistake: the media blackout is a conscious decision and because of the perpetrator’s name. There is no other reason. Diversity is our strength; refugees and illegals are better than you. Only gauzy puff pieces that refuse to admit reality will be produced for you to consume.

comments: Bob Enos  I would not rush to brand this a mental health issue at all. In societies where the mutilation of female genitalia as rite of passage; the amputation of limbs as punishment for alleged crimes; the stoning to death of people accused of adultery, homosexuality, and apostasy; who can say that the blinding of a man and the removal of his teeth was not condoned by "the community" as a sentence befitting some alleged wrong under Sharia law? No doubt, the involuntary confinement in a psychiatric ward was for the public's benefit, as much, if not moreso, than the attacker's.

18 -Year-Old Mahad Aziz Rips Eyes Out of 74-Year-Old Rochester ...  Jul 31, 2018 - 18-year-old Mahad Aziz was arrested Friday after ripping the eyes out of a ... Authorities say a 74-year-old man had his eyes gouged out of their ...  hateful commenters: Aziz is probably a Muslim. The general media won't report anything against them. would bet 1000000 to one that he is muslime, why an 18 year old piece of human debris would attack a 74 year old man in his apartment is beyond me. Sam Doc Farmer✔ᶜᵒᵛᶠᵉᶠᵉ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ He's Somali. I grew up in that town, and it was very low crime. Not sufficiently "vibrant" and "diverse" for some folks, though, so Somalis had to be brought in from Africa.  Somali, sounds like.   Such vibrant diversity.  IQ 68  and of 10,000 lakes is now home to at least 100,000 potential Somali terrorists.   

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