Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Asad Ismi Anti-Imperialist Conspiracy Theorist

Asad Ismi Anti-Imperialist Conspiracy Theorist --- ===


  • Asad Ismi website anti-imperialist=communist details destructive impact of U.S. and Canadian imperialism

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    • Aangirfan: 'WE CAN' - CHANGE IN SPAIN Jun 3, 2015 - Asad Ismi writes the following about Spain's Podemos' Irresistable Rise: also posts that Dylann Roof attack on black church was a hoax "we have not seen one photo or image of an actual crime."
    • Africa - aligned against west, pro-russia  DR Congo - The Heart of Western Darkness article 9 September 2011 Rwandan Genocide DR Congo A compelling introduction to the loyal and murderous US-Western allied Regimes of DR Congo, Uganda and Rwanda and the genocidal exploitation of African resources by the west
    • Asad Ismi anti-imperialist=communist details destructive impact of U.S. and Canadian imperialism
    • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives  
    • Global Research: pro-russian  Who Killed Martin Luther King? The Cover-Up of the Century Asad Ismi Global Research, January 13, 2018 
    • KeyWiki Asad Ismi (leftist and communist database)  Feb 2, 2011 - Asad Ismi is co-author of Informed Dissent: Three Generals and the Vietnam War (1992). Centre for Social Justice. In 1998 Asad Ismi was a Research Associate at the Centre for Social Justice in Toronto. Democratic Left. In 1999 Asad Ismi wrote for Democratic Left from Toronto. References. Jump up ...
    • Venezualaq The Latin American Revolution  Destabilization campaign continues in Venezuela (he opposes protests  carried out by right wing political parties opposed to the Maduro government’s progressive program of socialist President Nicol√°s Maduro ) 

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