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Fire Jihad History

A history of 'FIRE JIHAD' 

2009 - fire jihad - Australia 

Bushfire Jihad by Daniel Pipes Mar 26, 2009 updated Jul 
4, 2015 

As fires swept through a hot and dry Victoria State, 
Australia in February 2009, some observers (including 
myself) wondered if this might not be an Islamist attack 
on the country. But one stayed quiet, not having proof. 

Now, Mervyn F. Bendle, a senior lecturer in History and 
Communications at James Cook University, Queensland, has 
come out and made the argument in a 6,000-word article, 
"Australia's nightmare: bushfire jihad and 
pyroterrorism," in the National Observer. Bendle marshals 
an impressive body of evidence. But first, a review of 
what happened... 


2012 - fire jihad - Europe 

Al-Qaeda blamed for Europe-wide forest fires - ...  ...  Al-Qaeda Oct 3, 2012 - Al- 
Qaeda has been blamed for a recent series of forest fires 
across ... were set by arsonists as part of the group's 
low-cost attack strategy 


2013 - fire jihad - US 

Fire Wars – Forest Jihad in America - Algemeiner 

Follow @Algemeiner June 17, 2013 10:40 AM 11 

By Rachel Ehrenfeld 

Smoke rises from fire in Israel in early July, 2012. 

American focus on the NSA "leaks" diverts attention from 
real existential threats and economic devastation that 
for now affects mostly the West. 

The fire raging in Colorado Springs forced William (Bill) 
Scott and his wife Linda to evacuate their home. Last we 
spoke, Bill didn't know if they'll have a home to return 

As of Saturday afternoon, June 15, the apparent arson 
that set Colorado's Black Forest on fire last Tuesday 
killed at least two people and destroyed and damaged more 
than 388 homes. The fire that burned 15,500 acres led to 
the evacuation of 38,000 people. The six-hour delay of 
federal air tankers to help extinguish the fast spreading 
fire didn't help. All the while, local law enforcement 
and firefighters have been collecting whatever evidence 
they can find to identify the arsonist(s). 

Bill Scott, a senior fellow at ACD, warned about such a 
scenario last July, speaking at the ACD/EWI Economic 
Threats briefing on Capital Hill. An expert on aerial 
firefighting, he presented a sobering analysis of the 
devastating Waldo Canyon Fire, pointing out that the 
striking rise Western U.S. wildfires may be caused by 
elements other than nature. 

He noted that in spring 2012, al-Qaeda's English-language 
online magazine, Inspire, published an article called "It 
Is of Your Freedom to Ignite a Firebomb," which featured 
instructions on how to build an incendiary bomb to light 
forests on fire. 

A few months later, Russia's security (FSB) chief, 
Aleksandr Bortnikov warned, "al-Qaeda was complicit in 
recent forest fires in Europe" as part of the terrorists' 
"strategy of a thousand cuts." 

Bortnikov spoke of "extremist sites [that] contained 
detailed instructions of waging the 'forest jihad' and 
stressed that such a method had proved itself effective 
as it inflicted both physical and moral damage, needed 
little training or investment and it was extremely hard 
for police to find and apprehend the arsonists." 

Since then, more fatwas advocating that "Fire is cheap, 
easy and effective tool for economic warfare" have been 
issued. They've included detailed instructions for 
constructing remote-controlled "ember bombs, and how to 
set fires without leaving a trace." 

Fire wars are not limited to Europe and the U.S. 
Palestinan jihadists have been setting fire to Israel's 
modest forests for many years. However, political 
correctness seems to override Israeli and Russian 
warnings of that jihadist modus operandi. How many 
Tzarnaevs are hiding in Colorado's woods? 

While many of the fires that have scorched millions of 
acres and destroyed thousands of homes in Arizona, 
California, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and other states 
have been identified as arson, none have been publicly 
attributed to criminal or terrorist groups, despite the 
presence of Mexican gangs and large number of other 
illegals in our Western states 

Bill Scott's "Fire Wars" presentation on YouTube led 
several Colorado legislators to propose a bill to allow 
the formation of Colorado's Firefighting Air Corps. "In 
military terms, Colorado is a target-rich environment – 
an arsonist's dream-come-true, and the U.S. Forest 
Service's worst nightmare," Scott said while giving a 
riveting testimony before the state Senate a few months 
ago. He went on to say that "Colorado wildfires took six 
lives, destroyed 647 homes and consumed $48 million in 
fire suppression costs. And we are one match or lightning 
strike away from a disaster that will make 2012 look like 
a GOOD year. 

"Consider this scenario: A hot day with humidity levels 
below 10 percent. High winds, blowing into a dead-end 
valley, toward a picture-perfect town on the shore of a 
large mountain lake. Also watching the weather, an 
Islamic jihadist decides, 'Today's the day.' He takes off 
in a rented Cessna 172 and flies across the mouth of that 
valley, pitching lighted road flares from the airplane. 
In a matter of minutes, a wall of fire with flames 
topping 200 feet roars up that valley, trapping hundreds 
of tourists and citizens. 

"The local U.S. Forest Service district ranger issues a 
top-priority emergency call for fire-fighting air 
tankers, noting that lives and property are in imminent 
danger. A harried federal dispatcher responds with this 
chilling truth: 'We're out of air resources. We're 
fighting fires all over the nation, and all federal 
assets are committed. You folks are on your own.' 

"Within hours, the small Colorado town burns to the 
ground and hundreds of trapped people die horrific 
deaths. After-action reviews conclude that the deadly 
fire was ignited by an al Qaeda terrorist – who was never 
caught – and all fatalities were attributable to 
'insufficient firefighting resources.' If large air 
tankers had been deployed in a timely manner, a 
protective corridor through the conflagration could have 
been created, providing an escape route. 


2015 - fire jihad - US 

"Man, 56, arrested in connection with downtown Da Vinci 
arson, officials say,"LA Times, May 28, 2015 Dawud 
Abdulwali was detained Tuesday morning by the Los Angeles 
Police Department's anti-terrorism division .. 


2016 - fire jihad - Israel 

'Arson is Terror,' Netanyahu Says; Several Arabs Arrested 
for ... - United with Israel Nov-24-2016 - "Every fire 
that was the result of arson or incitement to arson is 
terror in every way and we'll treat it as such. Anyone 
who tries to burn parts ... 

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