Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Animal Rights Terrorist Attacks and Incidents

Animal Rights Terrorist Attacks and Incidents --- ===

Year 2008

The War on Animal Research What it's like to be hounded by activists who will stop at nothing to stop your research. By P. Michael Conn Photographs by Bill Cramer Related Articles 1,2 I believe in the value of animal research in basic science. I have spoken and written about the importance of humane animal research and how it benefits both humans and animals. By P. Michael Conn | April 1, 2008

October 1999 The War on Animal Research  I saw a startling message on one of the listservs: A group calling itself the Justice Department said it had sent razor blades to about 80 animal researchers. The blades had been fastened near the top of each envelope so that opening them by inserting a thumb under the flap would result in a severe cut. The blades, the letter announced, had been armed with rat poison. The enclosed letter called on scientists to abandon their research within 12 months or "your violence will be turned back upon you."

On May 3, 1996 The War on Animal Research That day, I arrived at work early in the morning to find two cars blocking the only entrance to our primate center. The drivers had fastened their necks to the steering column of each car using bicycle locks, and the keys to the cars and the locks were "lost." After firefighters sawed off the steering columns, found the keys, liberated the drivers, and towed the cars, ONPRC officials signed complaints for second-degree criminal trespass against Craig Rosebraugh and his associates, who identified themselves as members of the Liberation Collective.