Friday, November 4, 2016

Fadel Jabado Kills Wife and Son Shoots Lawyer and at SWAT Police

Fadel Jabado  Kills Wife and Son Shoots Lawyer and at SWAT Police --- ===

November 2, 2016 2 killed 1 injured Fadel Jabado  Kills Wife and Son Shoots Lawyer and at SWAT Police  An man with an Arabic name shoots and kills his wife and son, shoots and injures his lawyer, then shoots at police in a SWAT standoff before being arrested. Authorities say there is no clear motive for the attacks.

Alternative conspiracy theory: Arab man shoots wife and son as domestic violence cover story plus shoots his lawyer as disgruntled client motive cover story to hide that a SWAT standoff shooting at police is actually motivated as a terrorist attack. Fadel is an Arabic name, Jabado is a name common in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates on Linked.


November 2, 2016 2 killed 1 injured  Police say Arabic man who killed his wife, son, shot real estate lawyer wanted cops to shoot him just an upset ice cream truck guy or a Arabic terrorist? Fadl. Means "grace, generosity" in Arabic. This was a name of both a cousin of Muhammad and a son of Abbas. An ice cream truck driver suffering financial woes and frustrated that his wife wanted to move back to New Jersey, shot and killed her and his son and badly wounded an attorney before police ended a three-hour standoff Wednesday afternoon when they shot him. Police said as Fadel Jabado sat in his car surrounded by law enforcement in a South Miami-Dade field, he fired his weapon at them and agitatedly begged officers to take his life. "He wanted suicide by cop. That was his intent," said Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez. police did shoot but did not kill Jabado several times after they said he pointed his gun at them. relatives say wife badly wanted to leave South Florida, a son who wanted to move out and buy his own home and that he badly wounded a real estate attorney who did the paperwork on a property Jabado lost in a short sale three years ago... Alsaidi said the Jabados had six children, four sons and two daughters. Fadel Jabado hadn't been charged with any crimes.  Suspect tied to 2 shootings in SW Dade in custody after 4-hour ... He had previously barricaded himself in an agricultural section of the southern part of the county According to officials, 58-year-old Jabado told Miami-Dade Police that he wanted to commit suicide by cop. During the standoff, police said, Jabado shot at officers.  . Police: Man wanted 'suicide by cop' after killing family - Yahoo  Fadel Jabado wanted "suicide by cop" when he fired his weapon at officers while sitting in his car in a field .  Fadel Jabado kills wife, son, shoots attorney - Glock Talk The first name is arabic. The last name is usually white or hispanic. You're supposed to assume it's a muslim so you can let your prejudices fill ... He shot an attorney and appears to have killed his wife and son. Other than the usual cheese slipping off the cracker, I wonder what was his motivation. Southern Baptist ??? The name might be what is succinctly referred to as a "clue". I don't care what the reason was the OP posted the name above, but I did a quick Bing search on "Jabado." It does appear to be an Arabic type name as is the first. Jabado is  common name Linkedin in Arab countries   Shooting Suspect Shot During SWAT Standoff in SW Miami-Dade NBC 6 South Florida‎