Monday, December 28, 2015

Lance Leeroy Arellano Utah Park Ranger Shooting Case

Lance Leeroy Arellano Utah Park Ranger Shooting Case ---  ===

1 injured, suspect found dead November 20, 2010 Lance Leeroy Arellano Utah Park Ranger Shooting Case  On November 19, Lance Leeroy Arellano's mother told him to move out. The next day he allegedly fired multiple shots and was likely wounded in a gunfight with Utah state park ranger Brody Young who found Arrellano in his car and told him it was a no-camping area. When he attempted to verify the man's name and birthdate, he was shot in the back and returned fire.Young was shot nine times but survived. Arellano, 40, was charged with attempted aggravated murder, but 150 person manhunt with helicopters and dogs for months over 15 square miles could not find him, only his car, a rifle, backpack with canned food and a tattered bloody T-shirt.  Suspect had a criminal history that included assault and drug charges. On Christmas eve December 24, 2015, Eagle scout and college student Caleb Shumway seeking a $30,000 reward tracked down the suspect and with a brother found a bone of his remains along with bags and two guns in a cave.


  • Backpack
  • Domestic cover story
  • First responder targeted shooting at police
  • Long guns
  • Multiple guns
  • Suicidal attack


December 24, 2015

Police: Eagle Scout Student Seeking Reward Tracks Down Remains of Lance Leeroy Arellano Suspect in '10 Utah Park Ranger Shooting ABC News Shumway, a 23-year-old Eagle Scout who grew up exploring the desert areas near his home in Moab, had discussed the manhunt at length with his father—one of more than 150 officers who scoured a 15-square mile area in 2010 looking for Lance Leeroy Arellano. ...motivated by an outstanding $30,000 reward Remains of a man police believe shot and wounded the state park ranger in 2010 and eluded more than 100 officers in a desert manhunt were found Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015 ...

Bones of Utah outlaw who shot park ranger found in cave by ... The Guardian UK  Student Caleb Shumway, 23, discovers remains of Lance Leeroy Arellano, 40, who wounded ranger Brody Young in 2010 encounter at ...  

Police: Man accused of shooting park ranger angry over ... KSL Nov 24, 2010 - MOAB — ..Early on Friday, Nov. 19, Lance Leeroy Arellano got into an argument with his mother when she told him to move out... fired multiple shots at state park ranger Brody Young. Arellano, 40, was charged Tuesday with attempted aggravated murder, a first-degree felony, in the Nov. 20 shooting of Young and a warrant was issued for his arrest. But a swarm of searchers — their numbers, at times, swelling well over 100 — have been on the hunt for the man since Friday, though they didn't have a name or face until Sunday when Arellano was named as a suspect in the shooting.

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