Friday, May 18, 2018

Ukrainian Suspect

Ukrainian Suspect --- ===
Also see Russian suspects

Not many Ukranians who act like terrorists but there are a few. 

50,000 acres burned 2017 Eagle Creek Fire Columbia Gorge Teen Illegal Fireworks Eagle Creek Fire was a destructive wildfire in the Columbia River Gorge in the U.S. states of Oregon and Washington. The fire was started on September 2, 2017, reportedly caused by teenagers igniting fireworks during a burn ban.[2] In Suspect is he is from a church-going large Ukrainian family [4] The boy had to write more than 150 letters of apology to those affected by the fire that burned 50,000 acre 75 square miles. The teen said he threw one firework that exploded in the air along a trail and a second one that had a longer fuse and ignited brush when it hit the ground. Eleven requests for restitution totaling almost $37 million have been submitted to a court. .. [3] with no evidence of criminal intent, prosecutors declined to charge him with felony arson.[1]  Authorities withheld his name to protect his safety. He's listed in court papers as A.B. He was sentenced to 1,920 hours community service and five years probation. He will spend his community service volunteering with the U.S. Forest Service. In his apology he said "I sincerely apologize to everyone who had to deal with this fire, I cannot imagine how scary it must have been for you. I know I have to earn your forgiveness and I will work hard to do so and one day, I hope I will. "

Minneapolis Ukrainian Daycare Worker Hangs Child Two ... Nov 21, 2016 - Her name is Ukranian, which connects her to Russian bad things, and sounds oddly similar to Uzbek nanny Gyulchekhra Bobokulova who told ...

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