Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dreams of My Real Father

Dreams of My Real Father --- ===

How a film about Obama’s communist ‘real father’ won at the FEC  washington post
header: By David Weigel April 8, 2016 A "Dreams From My Real Father" advertisement that ran in the New York Post. (Joel Gilbert) A "Dreams From My Real Father" advertisement that ran in the New York Post. (Joel Gilbert) Four years ago, voters in Ohio and a few other swing states opened their mailboxes to discover a documentary they’d never ordered. “Dreams From My Real Father” posited that the president of the United States was not the son of Barack Obama Sr., but of Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist activist and poet who moved to Hawaii late in life. An Obama soundalike narrated the film, describing how Davis’s radicalism — mentioned occasionally in the real “Dreams From My Father,” referred to as “Frank” — influenced the man then seeking a second presidential term.
 2016, the three Democrats on the FEC voted to punish filmmaker Joel Gilbert for distributing a film critical of President Barack Obama during the 2012 campaign. That film was titled, “Dreams from My Real Father.” In that film, Gilbert cited evidence that Obama’s mentor, Communist Party operative Frank Marshall Davis, was his biological father, and that the media conspired with Obama to conceal the truth. For his efforts, Gilbert’s personal financial affairs were investigated by a George Soros-linked journalist and he was targeted by the IRS. Joel’s research has uncovered evidence that Obama was “likely” a member of the May 19th Communist Organization, an above ground support group for the terrorist Weather Underground that was based in New York City from 1978-1985, during Obama’s time at Columbia University in the early 1980’s.

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