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airbnb terror

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Airbnb guest allegedly assaulted young girl in Minnetonka home pioneer press Sep 26, 2017 - A 28-year-old Michigan man has been charged with criminal sexual conduct after authorities say he tried to assault a 7-year-old girl in the Minnetonka house where he was staying as anAirbnb guest. Derrick Aaron Kinchen, who was in town for a wedding, has been charged with second-degree criminal ...
Airbnb guest tried to sexually assault host's 7-year-old daughter - NY Daily News .Sep 27, 2017 - An Airbnb guest was arrested after a Minnesota host found the man naked in bed with his young daughter. The homeowner, who was not identified, called police Sunday night to report that Derrick Aaron Kinchen had allegedly tried to sexually assault his 7-year-old daughter. According to KARE, a criminal ...Man renting Minnetonka Airbnb charged with attempting to sexually tribine Sep 26, 2017 - A man renting a bedroom as an Airbnb guest at a Minnetonka home is charged with attempting to sexually assault a 7-year-old girl who lived there, according to Hennepin County prosecutors. Derrick Aaron Kinchen, 28, of Michigan, is charged with felony second-degree criminal sexual conduct of a victim ...  airbnb terror

Airbnb sued by woman who says she was sexually assaulted by host   Jul 27, 2017 - Lawsuit filed by Leslie Lapayowker accuses Airbnb of negligent after she said she was attacked by a host who was not properly screened.  Airbnb Sued by Guest Who Says a Host Sexually Assaulted Her - New York Times  Aug 2, 2017 - An Airbnb guest has filed a lawsuit against the company, saying it failed to do a background check that would have uncovered the previous arrest of a host who she said sexually assaulted her. The property owner, who had earned the upper-tier status of “superhost” and had never been convicted of a crime . lawsuit, filed by Leslie Lapayowker and first reported in The Guardian, contends that a background check would have uncovered the fact that the owner had been arrested and charged with battery, and prevented him from listing property on Airbnb. ...July 2016, Ms. Lapayowker rented a studio apartment in Los Angeles that was attached to the home of Carlos Del Olmo, listed as a superhost...stayed only three nights because Mr. Del Olmo’s behavior — making sexually suggestive comments, using drugs in front of his underage son, pounding on her windshield while she was sitting inside her car — made her uncomfortable. background check had been done on Mr. Del Olmo and showed no prior convictions... .. returned to retrieve belongings... held in a chair, against her will, as he proceeded to mas front of her, ... she fled the scene, the suit charges, he said to her, “Don’t forget to leave me a positive review on Airbnb.”referred to an anger management program after the arrest, but was never convicted. tags: airbnb terror

July 4, 2015 American tourist Jacob Lopez Claims Transwoman Madrid airbnb assault American tourist Jacob Lopez claims that he was locked in by his host who was born man but lives as woman and forced into sexual acts. He called his mother who was unable to contact police or get an address from airbnb. The host says it was consensual and Lopez is obviously transphobic.  tags: LGBT Incident airbnb terror 

A host in Fukuoka, Japan, was arrested and charged in the assault of a Korean tourist staying there.  Korean Tourist Sexually Assaulted by Airbnb Owner in Japan By Lee Dong-hwi  July 18, 2017
A Korean tourist was sexually assaulted by the owner of an Airbnb rental in Fukuoka, Japan on Sunday. owner offered his two guests alcoholic drinks around midnight, and the victim said she lost consciousness after just two drinks. The owner sexually assaulted the woman until her friend recovered enough to stop him tags: airbnb terror

June 28, 2017 a Korean couple in their 20s who were staying at another Airbnb in Fukuoka discovered a camera hidden in the fire alarm on the bedroom ceiling. It contained footage of the couple. chosun tags: airbnb terror

Feb 2017 February, a Korean tourist in Fukuoka discovered the dead body of the owner of a home he had rented, who had apparently committed suicide. The spate of incidents is fast damaging Japan's reputation as a safe travel destination. chosun tags: airbnb terror

12 October 2012 In England, a prosecutor charged a Couchsurfing host in Leeds with the rape of a Chinese tourist.  Chinese tourist 'raped' after being offered free bed for the night from man on 'couchsurfing' website   By Chris Brooke for the Daily Mail  12 October 2012  Attack horror: Abdelali Nachet allegedly raped a tourist twice during a 'degrading and humiliating' ordeal that lasted throughout the night  A woman of 29 was raped by a man who offered her f ree accommodation through a website aimed at helping travellers, a court has heard. She arranged to stay with Abdelali Nachet through af tags: airbnb terror

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