Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Daily Misfortune Tuesday July 14, 2015

Daily Misfortune Tuesday July 14, 2015 ---
Month Misfortune July 2015 ---




  1. 2 tanks destroyed by explosion July 14, 2015 Twin petro plant blasts: Foul play suspected as ‘electronic device’ found at the scene RT smoke billows into the sky from one of two fires that started overnight on a petrochemical facility owned by American firm LyondellBasell at the refineries around the Etang de Berre, near Marseille, southern France, France, July 14, 2015. An electronic device has been discovered by investigators next to a petrochemical facility in southern France, where two tanks caught fire on Tuesday. Sources say it might confirm earlier suspicions that the blaze was started on purpose. "The simultaneous explosion of the tanks, which are spaced about 500 meters from each other, is not the result of a technical accident. The thesis of criminal intent is clearly being considered," an anonymous source told Reuters.
  2. At least 27 people are killed in a stampede at the Godavari Maha Pushkaram Hindu festival in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. (NY Times)
  3. A helicopter belonging to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) with four people on board (two crew members, a patient, and a person accompanying the patient) crashes in the Persian Gulf. (Tasnim)
  4. Two people are dead and six are missing due to flash flooding in Kentucky. (NBC News), (Fox News)
  5. Scientists at Northumbria University in northeast England develop a computerized statistical model of the Sun's solar cycle (a measurement of the number of sunspots and solar flares, in this case between 1976 and 2008, and their intensity and activity). While preliminary, and not yet peer-reviewed, the data predicts irregularities in the cycle: the Northern Hemisphere could experience a slight lowering in temperatures in the 2030s. (CNN) (Washington Post)