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Year 1990

Wikipedia 1990

  • Colombia January 6: A car bomb explodes outside private offices in Bogotá. While no casualties are reported, the office belonged to the son of the personal secretary of Colombin president, Virgilio Barco.[1]
  • Colombia April 6: Colombian police defuse a truck containing more than a half-ton of explosives in a wealthy residential area of Bogotá. The truck had been parked in front of a high school and was set to go off during the morning rush.[2]
  • Colombia April 11: A bomb kills 14 and injures 100 in Medellín. The bomb was directed at a group of Elite Police and it is blamed on the Medellín Cartel, which had offered $100,000 for every anti-terrorism police killed and $ 4,500 for every regular policeman assassinated.[3]
  • Colombia April 25: A car bomb kills nine in Medellín. Authorities believe the Medellín Cartel is responsible. The next day, presidential candidate Carlos Pizarro Leongómez is assassinated while onboard a commercial airliner.[4]
  • Colombia April 25: A bomb hidden in a dump truck kills six and injures at least 36 in Bogotá.[5]
  • Colombia May 4: A bomb exploded in front of a pharmacy in Cali, killing four and wounding 20. It is blamed on the ongoing war between the two rival drug cartels in Colombia.
  • Colombia May 7: A car bomb kills one and injures five, outside a government building in Pereira, capital of Risaralda State. No group claims responsibility but the government blames drug lords who declared war on the country nine months earlier.[6]
  • Colombia May 13: Two car bombs explode simultaneously in the Quirigua and Niza shopping malls during Mother's Day in Bogotá killing 19, including six children, and wounding 140, while another bomb exploded in a restaurant in Cali, killing six and injuring 20. Authorities say the Medellín Cartel is to blame for the attacks.[7]
  • United Kingdom May 16 The IRA detonate a bomb under a military minibus in London, killing Sgt Charles Chapman, and injuring four other soldiers.[8]
  • Colombia May 17: A bomb inside a shopping mall in Cartagena wounds 22. The Medellín Cartel is blamed.[9]
  • Colombia May 25: A suicide bomber detonates a car bomb when stopped by police, killing himself and three others in Medellín.[10]
  • Israel May 30: PLF attempts an attack on Nitzanim beach, near Tel Aviv. The attackers are intercepted, and four of them are killed.
  • Colombia June 15: A car bomb kills four near a police station in Medellín. Authorities blame the Medellín Cartel which had previously pledged to murder police in retaliation to the government's anti-drug policies.[11]
  • June 18, 1990  13 killed 8 injured in spree including previous day GMAC massacre: Jacksonville, Florida James Edward Pough, 42, opened fire at a General Motors Acceptance Corporation office that repossessed his car. He killed 11 people, injuring six  He fired on two customers and firing at every employee he could find. before he committed suicide.before committing suicide. (The day prior, Pough killed a pimp and prostitute and injured two others. Those victims are not included in the mass murder count.) Total injured and killed: 14 motherjones A terrorist attack by effects with no apparent political motives.
  • Colombia June 29: A car bomb kills 14 and injures 30 in Medellín. The Medellín Cartel is blamed by authorities.[12]
  • Colombia July 15: A round of terrorist attacks leaves 40 dead in Medellín. Another bomb exploded in Puerto Asís, killing six and injuring five.[13]
  • United Kingdom July 20: The IRA detonate a bomb at the London Stock Exchange causing damage to the building. Nobody was injured in the blast.[14]
  • United Kingdom July 30: Ian Gow MP killed by a car bomb planted by the IRA while at his home in Sussex.
  • Sri Lanka August 3: In the Kattankudy mosque massacre, 30 members of the LTTE raided four mosques in Kattankudy and killed 147 men and boys. The LTTE later denied involvement in the massacre and have never detracted it.
  • Soviet Union August 10: A bus going from TbilisiGeorgia to AgdamAzerbaijan is blown up. Twenty people die and 33 are injured.
  • Sri Lanka August 13: Armed attack by Division 3 of 6 Eravur LTTE on Div. 3 or 6, Eravur. 116 Muslims die and 20 are injured.
  • United Kingdom October 24: A series of car bombings directed by the IRA in Northern Ireland leave six British soldiers and a civilian dead and 37 wounded.
  • Colombia September: Rebels bomb two sections of Colombia's Caño Limón pipeline. It is the fourth attack against the pipeline in two weeks, and rebel group ELN claims responsibility.[15]
  • United States November 5: Assassination of Meir Kahane head of Israel's Koch party and founder of the American vigilante group the Jewish Defense League in a ManhattanNew Yorkhotel lobby by early elements of Al Queda.
  • Colombia December 13: A remote control bomb kills seven police officer and injures 23 more in Medellín. Authorities blame the Medellín Cartel for the attack.[16]
Nov. 1990: David Gray conducted the Aramoana massacre in Aramoana, New Zealand. Gray went on a shooting rampage and killed 13 people, before Gray himself was shot by police.

Year 1991

Aug. 1991: Wade Frankum killed 8 people when he open fired his Chinese assault rifle in a suburban shopping mall in Strathfield, Australia. Then he killed himself.

Oct. 1991: George Jo Hennard Drove a Ford pickup truck into the windows of Luby's Cafe in Texas and then open fired at people throughout the cafe killing 23 and wounding 20. After running low of ammo he shot himself.

November 1, 1991 University of Iowa shooting: Iowa City, Iowa Former graduate student Gang Lu, 28, went on a rampage on campus and then committed suicide at the scene. Total injured and killed: 7

November 14, 1991 Royal Oak postal shootings: Royal Oak, Michigan Laid-off postal worker Thomas McIlvane, 31, opened fire at his former workplace before committing suicide. Total injured and killed: 10

Year 1992 

This is a timeline of incidents in 1992 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).
  • United Kingdom Omagh, January 17: Eight Protestant British army contractors are killed by an IRA bomb on their way to work at an Army base near Omagh.
  • China Urumqi, February 5: Three civilians were killed and 29 injured by East Turkestan Islamic Movement two bus bombs in Urumqi (see: 5 February 1992 Urumqi Bombings)
  • United Kingdom London Bridge Station, February 28, 1992: A bomb explodes at London Bridge station injuring 29 people.
  • Denmark Nørrebro, March 16: A bomb goes off in the office of Internationale Socialister (International Socialists), Søllerødgade in NørrebroCopenhagen, killing party member Henrik Christensen. The case remains unsolved, but the act has been attributed to Neo-Nazi movements.
  • Argentina Buenos Aires, March 17: Israeli Embassy bombing by "Islamic Jihad" in Buenos Aires, Argentina; 29 killed, 242 injured.
  • Canada Ottawa, April 5, 1992: The Iranian embassy in Ottawa is stormed by members of MEK, an Iraq-supportedreligious right group.
  • United Kingdom London, April 10, 1992: The IRA detonate a massive bomb in St Mary Axe in the City of London killing three people and injuring 91. Many buildings are heavily damaged and the Baltic Exchange is completely destroyed.
  • Italy Palermo, May 23: A bomb explodes on the A29 highway near Palermo, Italy, killing the anti-mafia magistrateGiovanni Falcone, his wife and magistrate Francesca Morvillo and three police escorts. One driver and other three police escorts are injured. The act has been attributed on Italian Mafia group.[1]
  • Peru Lima, July 16: A dynamite bomb blast in Miraflores District, Peruvian capital of Lima, where damaged in ten-story apartment building and many vehicles with kills 18, injures 140. Which blame on Maoist of Shining Pathguerrilla group.[citation needed]
  • Italy Palermo, July 19: A simulation time bomb blast in downtown PalermoSicily, Italy, which kills the anti-mafia prosecutor Paolo Borsellino and five police escorts, injures 20, where blame on Italian Mafia group.[2]
  • Algeria Dar El Beida, August 27: A bomb exploded in Houari Boumediene AirportDar El Beida, Algeria, where damaged widely, include Air France and Air Algérie counters, kills nine and injures 128. Some of Islamic Salvation Front members arrested by suspiction of this case by few days ago.[citation needed]
  • Colombia St. Louis, September 1: Nine die, including a six-month-old baby, and seven are injured when a bomb explodes in a suburb of Medellín.[3]
  • United Kingdom Covent Garden, October 12, 1992: A device explodes in the gents' toilet of the Sussex Arms public house inCovent Garden killing one person and injuring four others.
  • Colombia Colombia, November 11: Bombs explode in nine Colombian cities, leaving one person dead and 35 injured. The Medellín Cartel is held responsible for the attacks.[4]
  • Colombia Medellín, December 3: Ten police officers and four civilians die when a bomb planted by drug traffickers explode in Medellín.[5]
  • Colombia Medellín, December 29: Two police officers and 50 civilians wounded when a car bomb explodes at a party in a suburban area of Medellín.[6]

August 22, 1992 Tupac Shakur 1992 Shooting in Marin City, Shakur performed at an outdoor festival, and stayed for an hour afterwards signing autographs and pictures. A confrontation occurred and Shakur drew a legally registered Colt Mustang, and allegedly dropped it. As it was picked up by a member of his entourage, a bullet discharged. About 100 yards away, Qa'id Walker-Teal, a 6-year-old, was pedaling his bicycle at a school playground nearby when a bullet struck him in the forehead and killed him. Although the gun was matched by police to a .38-caliber pistol registered to Shakur, and his stepbrother Maurice Harding was initially arrested on suspicion of firing the weapon, no charges were filed. Marin County prosecutors have said they were stymied by a lack of witnesses. Charges were dropped when Shakur agreed to pay a $300,000-$500,000 settlement to the parents.[101][102] The police "rescued" them and took the two into custody, who were soon released without charge for lack of evidence. In 1995, a wrongful death suit was brought against Shakur by Qa'id's mother. The defense attorney acknowledged that the bullet that killed Qa'id was traced by authorities to a gun registered to Shakur.[103] Shakur's record company settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount, reportedly between $300,000 and $500,000.[104]

Demolition of the Babri Masjid From Wikipedia On December 6, 1992, a large crowd of Hindu Kar Sevaks ("volunteers") entirely destroyed the 16th-century mosque Babri Masjid in Ayodhya,Uttar PradeshIndia, in an attempt to reclaim the land known as Ram Janmabhoomi (the supposed birthplace of the Hindu god Rama). The demolition occurred after a rally supporting the movement turned violent and resulted in several months of intercommunal rioting between India's Hindu and Muslim communities, causing the death of at least 2,000 people.[1]

Misfortune Timeline Year 1993 --- ===

January 1993, Denver CO Robbery and murder of a grandmother in her home,

January 1, 1993 The Zrinski Topolovac shooting was a mass shooting that occurred in Zrinski TopolovacCroatia when 28-year-old soldier Vinko Palić killed nine people and wounded at least five others at a New Year's party, before committing suicide.[1]

January 8, 1993 Brown's Chicken robbery and massacre No obvious links to any political motive, but there is no other possible motive for using robbery as cover story. It was a mass murder that occurred at a Brown's Chicken restaurant in PalatineIllinoisUnited States, a northwest suburb of Chicago, on  when two assailants robbed the restaurant and then proceeded to murder seven employees. The case remained unsolved for nearly nine years, until one of the assailants was implicated by his girlfriend in 2002. Police used DNA samples from the murder scene to match one of the suspects, Juan Luna. Luna was put on trial in 2007, found guilty for seven counts of murder, and sentenced to life imprisonment. James Degorski, the other assailant, was found guilty in 2009 on all seven counts of murder, and also sentenced to life imprisonment.  Man convicted in 1993 massacre at Brown's Chicken claims new evidence faulty testimony ... Sep 8, 2016 eeking a court hearing into allegedly newly discovered evidence, saying a star prosecution witness repeatedly lied in order to obtain a reward worth tens of thousands of dollars.  The petition on behalf of James Degorski slammed the key witness, Anne Lockett, as "a troubled woman, prone to dishonesty," and alleged that she had implicated another former boyfriend in addition to Degorski in the killings of seven workers. Jury awards Brown's Chicken killer $451K in civil rights case .beating by jail guard Mar 8, 2014 -nearly a half-million dollars in his civil rights lawsuit against a former Cook County Jail guard accused of beating him in 2002.  When told by the Tribune Saturday of the jury's decision in favor of James Degorski the day before, the families of the victims expressed outrage. Richard and Lynn Ehlenfeldt owned the restaurant and were shot to death along with five employees on Jan. 8, 1993, in one of the most gruesome and infamous mass killings in the Chicago area. All seven victims were found the next day in the restaurant’s cooler and freezer. Degorski and Juan Luna were charged with the murders in 2002. Luna was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 2007; Degorski in 2009.
May 1993 Denver CO shooting in May at the Denver Zoo where a "stray" bullet nearly killed a 10 year old,

January 18, 1993 East Carter High School shooting - Wikipedia The East Carter High School shooting occurred on January 18, 1993 in Grayson, Kentucky, United States. The incident occurred when 17-year-old Gary Scott  Gary Scott Pennington walked into an English classroom and fatally shot his teacher Deanna McDavid and head custodian Marvin Hicks with a  .38-caliber revolver, and held classmates hostage for fifteen minutes before surrendering to police. Pennington had excelled academically and taught himself calculus during his freshman year. He became angry after a teacher gave him a C on a paper after concerns that his writing focused on "violence, death and dying". Pennington entered a plea of guilty but mentally ill, and was subsequently sentenced to life in prison . On April 12, 2014, a contract food service employee at the Kentucky State Penitentiary was seriously assaulted by Pennington

January 25, 1993 (Islamist terrorist) 1993 shootings at CIA Headquarters (Wikipedia)  A sniper attacked outside the premises of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters in Langley, Virginia where two CIA employees were killed and three others wounded. The perpetrator, Mir Qazi (also spelled as Kasi or Kansi), shot CIA employees in their cars as they were waiting at a stoplight. He reportedly got angry watching news reports of attacks on Muslims and stated his motive was that he was "angry with the policy of the U.S. government in the Middle East, particularly toward the Palestinian people".

6 killed, 1,042 injured in Islamist terrorist attack February 26, 1993 World Trade Center bombing - Wikipedia On February 26, 1993, a truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.

Brutal Murder by Teen-Age Girls Adds to Britons' Shock March 11, 1993| Los Angeles Times  Associated Press LONDON — Two 17-year-old girls have been sentenced for torturing and butchering an elderly woman, less than three weeks after a pair of 10-year-olds were charged with murdering a toddler. ...  Edna Phillips, 70, was throttled with her dog's leash and stabbed or slashed 86 times. The mental images of the crime have shocked the nation just as the video pictures of little James Bulger being led to his death did last month.

 12 February 1993 Murder of James Bulger - Wikipedia  James Patrick Bulger (16 March 1990 –) was a boy from Kirkby, Merseyside, England, who was murdered on 12 February 1993, at the age of two. James Bulger's killer Jon Venables blamed toddler's MOTHER ... Killer Jon Venables has blamed the mother of James Bulger for the toddler's murder saying that she should never have left him on his own, according to reports.  pair of 10-year-olds were charged with murdering a toddler. .. shocked the nation just as the video pictures of little James Bulger being led to his death did last month.

Islamist:  12 March 1993 350 killed, 1200 injured (Islamist terrorist) 1993 Bombay bombings - Wikipedia The 1993 Mumbai bombings were a series of 13 bomb explosions that took place in Bombay (now Mumbai), Maharashtra, India on Friday, 12 March 1993.were a series of 13 bomb explosions that took place in Bombay (now Mumbai), Maharashtra, India on Friday, 12 March 1993.[3] The coordinated attacks were the most destructive bomb explosions in Indian history. The single-day attacks resulted in over 350 fatalities and 1200 injuries.[4] The attacks were coordinated by Dawood Ibrahim,[5] don of the Mumbai-based international organised crime syndicate named D-Company.[6][7]  The Indian authorities alleged the involvement of the Pakistani intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), in the blasts.[7] Several of the terrorists received arms, ammunition and explosives training in Pakistan or were recruited from Dubai, UAE. The attacks were initially planned coincide with Hindu Shiv Jayanti celebrations  Two Pakistan based Islamic terrorist groups, Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Toiba, were found to be responsible for the attacks. Along with the July 2006 train bombings in Mumbai, these attacks are believed to be in retaliation for the 2002 Gujarat riots.  Dawood Ibrahim, believed to have masterminded the terrorist attacks, is the Don of the Mumbai organised crime syndicate D-Company, largely consisting of Muslims. He is suspected of having connections to several Pakistan based terrorist groups,[34] such as al-Qaeda and its leader, Osama bin Laden,[35] as well as Lashkar-e-Toiba[36] and was declared a terrorist by the governments of India and the United States in 2003. According to the United States, Ibrahim maintained close links with al-Qaeda's Osama Bin Laden  Indian and Russian intelligence agencies have pointed out Ibrahim's possible involvement in several other terror attacks, including the Islamist terrorist 2008 Mumbai attacks, as per Interpol. He is now believed to be living in the United Arab Emirates.

16 April 1993 Trusina killings occurred in the village of Trusina, located in the municipality of Konjic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where 22 people, four Croat soldiers and 18 Croat civilians, were killed by the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH) during the Croat–Bosniak War.
Mafia: The via dei Georgofili bombing (Italian: Strage di via dei Georgofili) was set by the Mafia very early in the morning of 27 May 1993 in FlorenceItaly.  The attempt was carried on with a Fiat Fiorino full of explosives, parked near the Torre dei Pulci, between the Uffizi and the Arno River. The edifice was the seat of the Accademia dei Georgofili. The large explosion caused the death of five people: Angela Fiume (36 years old), employee and caretaker of the Accademia, her husband Fabrizio Nencioni (39 years old), policeman, their daughters Caterina Nencioni (50 days old) and Nadia Nencioni (9 years old) and Dario Capolicchio (22 years old), junior student at the architecture class at the university; 48 other people were wounded. The tower and other buildings were destroyed and others damaged, including the Uffizi Gallery, where three paintings were heaavily damaged or destroyed, including an Adoration of the Shepherds (1620) by Gerard van Honthorst (later partially recovered).[1] The massacre was ordered by the Corleonesi mafia clan, led by Totò Riina, in response to the application of the article 41-bis law,

May 28 to May 29, 1993 Xenophobia attack against Turks: The Solingen arson attack of 1993 was one of the most severe instances of xenophobic violence in modern Germany. On the night of May 28 to May 29, 1993, four young German men (ages 16-23) belonging to the far right skinhead scene, with neo-Nazi ties, set fire to the house of a large Turkish family in Solingen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Three girls and two women died; fourteen other family members, including several children, were injured, some of them severely. The attack led to violent protests by Turks in several German cities and to large demonstrations of Germans expressing solidarity with the Turkish victims.[1] In October 1995, the perpetrators were convicted of arson and murder and given prison sentences between 10 and 15 years. The convictions were upheld on appeal.

June 1993:  Haximu Massacre (Portuguese pronunciation: [mɐˈsakɾi ðw aɕiˈmu]), also known as the Yanomami Massacre, was an armed conflict in Brazil in 1993. The conflict occurred just outside Haximu, Brazil, near the Venezuelan border, beginning in mid-June or July of 1993. Approximately 16 Yanomami people were killed by a group of garimpeiros, or gold miners who mine the land illegally. In the first attack, the garimpeiros killed four or five young men of the Yanomami Haximu-teri. In response, the natives made two raids against the miners, killing at least two of them and wounding two more. Following this raid, the garimpeiros attacked again, killing about 12 Yanomami (almost all of them were elderly, youths or infants) and burned down the Haximu village.This massacre was the result of tensions surrounding the 1987 gold rush in Brazil, with conflict between Brazilian miners and the Yanomami people

The Madrid bombings were car bomb attacks carried out by the armed Basque separatist group ETA in MadridSpain on 21 June 1993, which killed 7 people and injured a further 29. The target was an army vehicle transporting members of the army. The dead included four Lieutenant colonels, a Commander, a Sergeant and the civilian driver of the vehicle. This was ETA's deadliest attack of 1993.[1]

July 1 1993: Gian Luigi Ferri rampaged through the Pettit and Martin Law offices in San Francisco killing eight and wounding six then turned the gun on himself July 1, 1993,  101 California Street Shooting was a mass shooting that took place July 1, 1993, in San FranciscoCalifornia, killing nine people, including the shooter, Gian Luigi Ferri. The killings sparked a number of legal and legislative actions that were precursors to theViolent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.   55-year-old failed entrepreneur[1] Gian Luigi Ferri entered an office building at 101 California Street in San Francisco, to the offices of the law firm of Pettit & Martin on the 34th floor. Ferri's reason for targeting the firm is unknown; it had advised him about some real estate deals in the Midwest in 1981, but had no contact with him ever since. Ferri donned ear protectors and opened fire with a pair of TEC-9 submachine handgun and a Norinco NP44 (copy of Colt M1911 pistol) with deadly hollow point Black Talon and standard ammunition, and used Hellfire trigger systems for the TEC-9 pistols. After roaming the 34th floor, he moved down one floor through an internal staircase and continued shooting. The attack continued on several floors before Ferri committed suicide as San Francisco Police closed in. Eight people were killed in the attack, and six others injured.[2]  The reason for the shootings was never determined. A typed letter left behind by Ferri contained a list of complaints.  Ferri claimed he had been poisoned by monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor enhancer in food, and that he had been "raped" by Pettit & Martin and other firms. The letter also contained complaints against the Food and Drug Administration, the legal profession (which he claimed gave "allegiance to the monarchy"), and a list of over 30 "criminals, rapists, racketeeres [sic], lobbyists", none of whom were among his actual victims.[4] Subsequent reports claimed that Ferri's issues related to a conference he had at a law firm on the 35th floor, and targeted Pettit & Martin by mistake. (more on TEC-9)

July 23, 1993 Assassination of Michael Jordan's Father Staged As Bungled Carjacking Robbery James R. Jordan Sr. while returning home from a funeral in a distinctive new Lexus car pulled over to take a nap when  Daniel Andre Green and Larry Martin Demery spotted the car. They shot Jordan to death while he slept in his car, then stole the vehicle.  Green and Demery claimed they only realized that Jordan Sr. was the father of Michael Jordan after going through items in the car and stole what they found including two NBA championship rings given to Jordan Sr. by his son. Calls carelessly made from Jordan's cell phone resulted in their immediately capture. Their cover story was that they had planned only to tie up their victim and that Green pulled the trigger for no reason, which implies their true reason was they knew their target and had had planned to murder him. Both were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for this and other violent crimes  The victim's body was only found on August 3 in a swamp in Bennettsville, South Carolina, and because it was extremely decomposed, it was not positively identified until August 13 with the help of dental records. Alternative theory: Nothing indicates the real motive was terrorist attack on American sports hero family.  Is it possible the two killers were targeting father of sports star as terror attack staged as botched robbery?

11 killed 58 wounded by communist insurgents 25 July 1993 Saint James Church massacre was a massacre perpetrated on St James Church in Kenilworth, Cape TownSouth Africa,  by four cadres of the Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA). 11 members of the congregation were killed and 58 wounded. In 1998 the attackers were granted amnesty for their participation by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.   Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA), formerly known as Poqo,was the military wing of the Pan Africanist Congress, an African nationalist movement in South Africa. After attacks on and the murder of several white families the APLA was subsequently classified as a terrorist organisation by the South African National government and the United States, and banned. It was modeled on the communist Chinese People's Liberation Army. APLA operatives  regarded all whites as legitimate targets but they were unaware that the selected target was a church until they arrived in Kenilworth. APLA saying they had assumed all congregants would be white as the church was in a white area.
August 6, 1993  Luigi's shooting: Fayetteville, North Carolina Army Sergeant Kenneth Junior French, 22, opened fire inside Luigi's Italian restaurant. He hinted at a political terrorist motive by ranting about gays in the military before he was shot and arrested by police. Total injured and killed: 12 (Mother Jones)

The Vigário Geral Massacre (Chacina de Vigário Geral in Portuguese) occurred on August 29, 1993 at the favela of Vigário Geral, located in the north of Rio de Janeiro city. A death squad composed of Rio Military Police was responsible for carrying out this act of violence. The group supposedly did so out of revenge for the killing of four police officers two days prior, who were allegedly involved in the extortion of drug traffickers.
October 31, 1993 Rapper Tupac Shakur Charged in Shootings of Off-Duty Officers The New York Times Nov 2, 1993 - Tupac Shakur, whose rap recordings sketch what he calls the "thug life" of inner-city violence, was charged on Sunday with shooting two off-duty suburban policemen. The Atlanta police said the shooting occurred after two cars carrying Mr. Shakur and his party almost struck the two officers who were crossing the street with their wives, and an argument broke out, ending in Mr. Shakur firing a gun after one of the officers pulled out his gun.. Mr. Shakur's lawyer, said that it appeared from investigators' descriptions of the incident that the two officers started whatever gun play occurred. He is the son of Afeni Shakur, who in the early 70's was among the New York 21, a group of Black Panthers accused of plotting bombings in New York; all were acquitted. 

December 7, 1993 "Black rage" not classified as domestic political motive terrorist  Long Island Rail Road massacre (Wikipedia) Colin Ferguson murdered six people and injured nineteen others on the Long Island Rail Road in Garden City, New York in a racially motivated "black rage" incideent. Ferguson open fired as people began to exit from the train as it pulled into the Merillon Avenue Station. As an LIRR train pulled into the Merillon Avenue station, Ferguson pulled out his gun and started firing at passengers. He killed six and wounded nineteen before being stopped by three of the passengers: Kevin Blum, Mark McEntee, and Mike O'Connor.  Ferguson was convicted on February 17, 1995, of murder for the deaths of the six passengers who died of their injuries. He was also convicted of attempted murder for wounding nineteen passengers. As of 2014, he is serving his sentence of 315 years and 8 months to life at the Upstate Correctional Facility in Franklin County, New York.[1] Police found pieces of notebook paper in Ferguson's pockets with scribbled notes with the heading "reasons for this".[10] One of the notes referred to "racism by Caucasians and Uncle Tom Negroes".[2] They included a reference to "the false allegations against me by the filthy Caucasian racist female on the #1 line", a reference to his February 1992 arrest. Ferguson's notes expressed anger toward the New York State Workers' Compensation Board, Asians, Governor Mario Cuomo,[11] and "so-called civil right leaders such as the Rev. Herbert Daughtry, C. Vernon Mason, and Calvin Butts".[2]

December 14, 1993 Chuck E. Cheese Shooting Rampage Nathan Jerard Dunlap was 19 years old when he was identified by a survivor as the rampage shooter of Chuck E. Cheese employees  in the Denver Colorado suburb of Aurora. Killed were Margaret Kohlberg, 50; Ben Grant, 17; Colleen O'Conner, 17; and Sylvia Crowell, 19, all shot in the head. A fifth Bobby Stephens was shot in the jaw, but  he survived and later identified Dunlap as the murderer. Dunlap was convicted of first-degree murder, attempted murder, robbery, theft and burglary. The attack occurred after closing time after he had been recently fired, leading police to suspect he had a grudge. being held for investigation of four counts of first-degree murder in the slayings at the Chuck E Cheese restaurant in this Denver suburb. He was sentenced to death but Democratic Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a "temporary reprieve".  The attack was seen as a part of a pattern of local violence by young criminals starting in a January robbery and murder of a grandmother in her home, a shooting in May at the Denver Zoo where a "stray" bullet nearly killed a 10 year old, and robbery and murder by two gang members who beat a woman and killed her husband in Capitol Hill 1993 Aurora shooting - Wikipedia Mass shooting, armed robbery. Weapon .25-caliber semiautomatic pistol. Deaths, 4. Non-fatal injuries. 1. Perpetrator, Nathan Dunlap. Motive, Revenge cover story  for firing from Chuck E. Cheese. On December 14, 1993, four employees were shot and killed and a fifth employee was ...

Year 1994

March 1, 1994 Brooklyn Bridge shooting In New York City Lebanese-born immigrant Rashid Baz was driving when he shot at a van of 15 Chabad-Lubavitch Orthodox Jewish students that was traveling on the Brooklyn Bridge. Shooting out of the passenger window of his car, Baz initially opened fire with the Cobray machine gun on the students sitting at the rear windows and right passenger side windows of the van. Holding the gun outside of the driver’s side window, Baz pursued the van across the span of the bridge, and strafed the driver’s side of the van with machine gun fire until its firing mechanism jammed. Baz then picked up the Glock semi-automatic pistol, the second weapon that he had placed on the floor of the front seat of his car. He opened fire for a third time and continued to shoot at the students until that weapon became jammed as well(9). A third weapon that Baz had taken with him in the trunk of his car was a 12-gauge Streetsweeper shotgun that was not used in the attack Four students were shot. The two most seriously wounded included Ari Halberstam, a sixteen-year-old, who died four days later from a shot to the head. The other student, also shot in the head, suffered permanent major speech impediments. Initially, Baz claimed a traffic dispute led him to commit the shootings, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation initially classified the case as road rage.[3] However, at the trial, Baz pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. His defense team also offered the theory that Baz was reacting to events in the Middle East.[4] The jury rejected both defenses, and Baz was convicted of second degree murder and 14 additional counts of attempted murder in New York Supreme Court on December 1, 1994. He was sentenced to 141 years to life in prison.In 2000, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan) Mary Jo White and the Federal Bureau of Investigation re-classified the attack as "the crimes of a terrorist." Defense team portrayed him as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to his childhood exposure to violence during the Lebanese Civil War. They argued further that Baz's actions were triggered by the terrorist killing of 29 Muslims just four days earlier by Baruch Goldstein in Hebron. tags: ptsd defence, road rage cover story ajc

Feb. 1994: Baruch Kappel Goldstein in the city of Hebron, killed 29 Arabs at prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque and wounded another 150 in a shooting attack. This attack is now known as the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre.

June 1994: Mattias Flink used a AK5 rifle in Falun, Sweden to kill bystanders in the streets. He shot a total of 47 times and hit his target every time. Unltimately he killed 7 people and wounded many others.

1994 Fairchild Air Force Base Hospital Shooting On 20 June 1994, Dean Mellberg, an ex-Air Force member, entered the base hospital and shot and killed five people. . Mellberg had recently had been discharged from Cannon AFB, NM as unfit for duty, and travelled to Washington State from New Mexico to purchase weapons and plan his attack on the base. No motive has been established other than mental issues for targeting this particular base.

September 12, 1994 Frank Eugene Corder  flew under radar and crashed a stolen Cessna 150 onto the South Lawn of the White House at 1:49 AM early on September 12, 1994, apparently trying to hit the building; he was killed, and was the sole casualty nytimes  a 38-year-old truck driver from Maryland. His relatives said he had struggled with vertiginous moods, alcohol, a drug conviction, financial problems, the recent rupture of his third marriage and the death of his father. Associates said that Mr. Corder, who was killed in the crash, even told a friend last year that he felt so hopeless he might fly a plane on a suicide mission to the White House. Another say he was inspired by a plane on Red Square in Russia.  abcnewsvideo

Air France Flight 8969 Air France Flight 8969 was an Air France flight that was hijacked on 24December 1994 by the Armed Islamic Group (AIG) at Houari Boumedienne Airport, Algiers, Algeria, where the terrorists murdered three passengers, with the intention to blow up the plane over the Eiffel Tower in Paris. GIA’s terrorist activities include: hijacking an Air France flight in Algiers in December 1994 with the intention of crashing it over Paris; one passenger was executed by the GIA; 17-minutes long attack had ended successfully. Over 1500 rounds had been fired, while four hijackers were killed. In total, three passengers were executed while the 173 people were saved. As a result of the damage to the aircraft, the A300 was written off.
Misfortune Year 1995 ---

Misfortune Year 1996 ---
  1. February 2, 1996, in Moses Lake, Washington, a fourteen-year-old named Barry Loukaitis walked into Frontier Middle School dressed in a black duster and carrying two handguns, seventy-eight rounds of ammunition, and a hunting rifle. He killed two students and wounded a third before shooting his algebra teacher in the back. (New Yorker) 
  2. 32 shot, 16 killed, suspect suicide March 13 1996 Dunblane Scotland school massacre
  3. Port Arthur massacre (Australia) The Port Arthur massacre of 28–29 April 1996 was a mental illness fueled killing spree in which 35 people were killed and 23 wounded in a shooting, stabbing, arson and carjacking spree armed with 2 rifles. 
  4. June 25, 1996. Khobar Towers Iran-sponsored Islamist bombing terrorist attack 
  5.  July 12, 1996 Fourth Bomber Convicted Ratigan Found Guilty Of Bank Robbery And Attack On Planned Parenthood Clinic Domestic terrorist
  6. July 27, 1996 Centennial Olympic Park terrorist bombing 

Year 1997:
1 attack in the USA
1 mental illness terrorist in Canada

Wikipedia 1997

  • Pakistan Pakistan, January 19: When a Sipah-i Sahaba leader Zia-ul Rehman Farooqi and Mauiana Azam Tariq arrive on trial for murder charges in Lahore Session Court, following bomb blast nearby area, LahorePakistan. Blame placed on the Guardian of the Friends of Prophet extremist group, which kills 25 people and injures 100.[citation needed]
  • Cuba CubaLuis Posada Carriles organized a string of bombings at luxury hotels in Cuba in 1997 in order to discourage the growth of the tourism industry. One Italian tourist died.
  • February 20, 1997 Edmond Yu - Wikipedia (mental illness terrorist) Wikipedia Edmond Wai-Hong Yu was a Hong Kong Canadian former medical student whose death at the hands of the Toronto police raised issues of police misuse of force. In 1985, the police arrested Yu and took him to the Clark Institute of Psychiatry, where he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. On February 20, 1997 Edmond Yu allegedly assaulted a woman at a bus stop, then boarded a bus. Police attempted to board the bus, then Yu, according to witnesses, raised a small (perhaps toy) hammer. Constable Lou Pasquino fired six shots, hitting Yu three times. An official inquest in 1998-1999 cleared the police of wrongdoing and blamed the absence of decent housing. Sammy Yatim, Edmond Yu, Michael Eligon...the List Continues The Agenda Jul 29, 2013 It’s a haunting look at how so many things went wrong for Yu, the former medical student who lived with schizophrenia. While there have been no reports of Yatim having a mental illness, it’s hard to imagine that he would have been in the right frame of mind during that police confrontation.
  • China China, February 25: Three bus bombs in Urumqi destroy the No. 2, 10, and 44 buses, killing nine people.
  • Colombia Colombia, February 27: A car bomb kills seven and injures 49 in the town of ApartadóAntioquia. No groups claim responsibility.[2]
  • Israel Israel, March 21: A Hamas suicide bomber detonated at a Tel Aviv sidewalk café, killing 3 and wounding 46.[3]
  • Russia Russia, June 28: A bomb explodes on a train traveling from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, killing three and injuring seven.[4]
  • Colombia Colombia, June 17: Eight elite police officers die after a truck bomb explodes in Bogotá. Authorities say FARC is responsible for the attack.[5]
  • India India, July 8: A five cars of commuter train, carrying 500 people on board left Bhatinda railroad station, following blast in Punjab, India. Which blame for Sikh separest group, with kills 36 people and injures 70.[citation needed]
  • Israel Israel, July 30: Two suicide bombers detonated at Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda open-air market, killing 16 and injuring 148.[3]
  • Israel Israel, September 4: Three Hamas suicide bombers detonate in Jerusalem, killing 5 and injuring 180.[3]
  • Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, October 4 LTTE attack in Colombo on Hilton Hotel and Parliament kills 17, 100 wounded. Running gun battle on streets with government forces.
  • Egypt Egypt, November 17: Luxor Massacre – Islamist gunmen attack tourists at Deir el-Bahri in Luxor, killing 62 and injuring 24 people, most of them European and Japanese holidaymakers.
  • India India, November 19: A car bomb blast nearby D. Rama Naidu Film Studio, HyderabadAndhra Pradesh, India, which responsibility for Paritala Ravi guerrilla group, and kills 23, include six local television journalist with injures 31 people, include local film star, Mohan Babu[6]
  • Pakistan Pakistan, Karachi, November 12, 1997, Four Americans were killed this morning when unidentified gunmen opened fire on their station wagon. The vehicle's Pakistani driver was also killed in what police described as a deliberate attack. According to police reports the car carrying the Americans was forced off a road in Central Karachi, then riddled with bullets at close range. The driver and the four passengers died instantly, according to the police. The four Americans worked for the Union Texas Petroleum Company--the largest international oil firm in Pakistan

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Year 1998 ---

USA: Nothing in  Terrorist incidents in the United States category
  1.   United States, January 29: The anti-abortion Army of God bombs a health clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, killing a police officer and injuring a worker at the clinic
  2. March 24, 1998 massacre at Westside Middle School in Arkansas, United States Five people, four female students and a teacher, were killed. Ten people, nine students and one teacher, were injured. (no connection to terrorism)
  3. 5 killed 5 wounded Trang Dai massacre Tacoma WA The Trang Dai massacre in Tacoma, Washington occurred on July 5, 1998 (no connection to terrorism)
  4. 2 killed November 27, 1998 Seattle Bus in 1998 Carrying 31 People Plunges From Aurora Bridge After Driver Is Shot by Terrorist Passenger 2 Are Dead  (no connection to terrorism)
World (wikipedia) 
  1.  India, JanuaryWandhama Massacre - 24 Kashmiri Pandits are massacred by Kashmiri militants in the city of Wandhama in Indian-controlled Kashmir.
  2.  Algeria, January 11: Sidi-Hamed massacre Between 120 and 400 people are killed when the Armed Islamic Group bombs a mosque in Haouche Sahraoui and opens fire on civilians in a cinema in Sidi Ahmen.[1]
  3.  Sri Lanka, January 25: LTTE bombs the sacred Buddhist shrine Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, killing 17.
  4.  United States, January 29: The anti-abortion Army of God bombs a health clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, killing a police officer and injuring a worker at the clinic.
  5.  Sri Lanka, February 7: A LTTE suicide bomber detonates at a check-point in Colombo, killing 8.[2] India, February 14: 1998 Coimbatore bombings - Bombings by suspected Islamic Jihadi groups on an election rally in the city of Coimbatore kill about 60 people.
  6.  Latvia,  Russia, April 2/April 6: Two bombs explode in Riga targeting a Synagogue and the Russian Embassy building; the attacks are linked to Fascist extremist movements. See also 1998 Riga bombing.
  7.  Russia, May 13: A bomb blast destroys the outer wall of the Marina Roscha Synagogue in Moscow. The third time the building has been attacked.
  8.  Sri Lanka, May 14: A female LTTE suicide bomber detonates at Vadamaradchchi, killing a general and 2 guards.[2]
  9.  Colombia, August 5: Rebel groups ELN and FARC attack police and army bases, a major dam, oil pipelines and other targets in 17 of the 32 departments, killing at least 26 police officers.[3]
  10.  Tanzania,  Kenya  United States, August 7: U.S. embassy bombings in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi, killing 225 people and injuring more than 4,000, by al-Qaeda, see FBI Most Wanted Terrorists
  11. Northern Ireland, August 15: Omagh bombing by the Real IRA (an IRA splinter group) kills 29
  12.  Colombia, October 18: The rebel group ELN blows the Ocensa pipeline near MachucaAntioquia. The resulting fire kills 84 civilians, most of them burned alive, and injures at least 100. Initially, ELN denies responsibly but then accepts it as a "military error". The heads of ELN have been sentenced to 40 years in prison for this action. During the following years, ELN and FARC conduct over 600 attacks with explosives on pipelines in Colombia, mostly targeting the Caño Limón line, according to the Colombian Ministry of Defense.[4]
  13.  Israel, October 29: A Hamas suicide car bomber detonates by a school bus killing 1 and injuring 3.[2]
  14.  Israel, November 6: Two suicide car bombers detonate in a Jerusalem market wounding 25. Palestine Islamic Jihad claims responsibility.[2]

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