Friday, October 24, 2014

Hit and Run Crash

Hit and Run Crash ---
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30 injured, train derailed, driver arrested  February 24, 2015 Oxnard CA Commuter Train Crashes Into Hit and Run Truck Parked On Tracks A Los Angeles-bound Metrolink train derailed near the city of Oxnard, about 75 miles after hitting a tractor trailer which exploded into flames that was parked on the tracks for an unknown reason. Police detained the driver of the truck, who attempted to run from the accident site.

2 injured 1 convicted July 1, 2014  crash January 26, 2015 sentence Earl Ward Crashes Van Abandons His Injured Children in St Paul   Earl Lionell Ward sentenced 10 years in prison for crashing his family van and leaving 14 year old daughter paralyzed and 9 yr old son broken leg. He was drunk and possibly on cocaine after a night at a drive in movie with girlfriend Della Svenningsen. She got out of the driver seat after Ward demanded she sit in back, and drove off with their two children, crashed the van and abandoned the two seriously injured children.

1 killed, 1 convicted August, 23, 2011 Amy Senser Hit and Run Death of MN Thai Chef 38 yr old Minneapolis restaurant True Thai chef Anousone Phanthavong was putting gas into his stalled car when he was hit by SUV driven by Amy Senser, wife of a former Viking football player. Senser claimed that she thought she had hit a traffic cone, but was convicted and sentenced to 41 months in prison.